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Once again, this story may or may not be considered non-canon. I don't know. I'd have to wait and see how the story progresses first, as well as how Negima Uzumaki's character is received. If I do decide to count it as "story canon", then this event will be told out-of-sequence from the rest of the story.

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"Why'd we have to come all the way out here and help Henry get caught up on his work again?" Erika asked as she and Naruto trudged back home through the sudden foot-deep snow towards home.

"Come on, you and I both know he's been a big help. To both of us. Plus without him I wouldn't have Metabee now would I?" the blond asked as he trudged his way through the snow, feeling somewhat warmer than he thought he would've.

"Doesn't mean we have to suffer through this. My servos're gonna seize in a few minutes unless we get back home soon," Metabee grumbled, currently using Naruto as a human shield to ward off some of the cold, given that Medabots didn't generate body heat and could freeze over if too much ice accumulated.

"Now now Metabee, If Naruto were in Henry's position, wouldn't you want someone to help him too?" Brass asked, currently using Erika for the same purpose, making the affair somewhat less depraved than some would think. At the moment she was wearing a blue and pink scarf around her neck to ward off some of the cold, but most likely because it was a girl thing to dress up their medabots.

"I guess. Still, I bet Rokusho has the sense to get somewhere warm in this weather," Metabee grumbled to himself. At the same time across the city, as he was hiding amidst the hydroelectric generators just outside of town, Rokusho sneezed, prompting him to run internal diagnostics for however that happened. Back with the rest of the group, Metabee was about to rant some more, but something sticking out of a snowdrift suddenly caught the group's eyes.

"Naruto! Guys! Come look at this!" Erika cried as she began brushing snow out of the way.

Half-buried in the snow was a kid close to their ages if not a year or two older, brown skin and dark brown hair –styled in a Duo Maxwell hair style-, now colored an off-white because it was covered in ice crystals. He was wearing a red shirt, blue jeans, steel-toed shoes, and a black hoodie with a shield design on the back reminiscent to the Legend of Zelda series. What also stood out about him was that he was extremely thin, as though he hadn't eaten for several days.

Beside him was a KBT-Type medabot similar to Metabee, though where Metabee was yellow, this one was black, and where Metabee's "muzzles" were black, this medabot's "muzzles" were silver. Looking to the kid's wrist, he saw that the medawatch he was wearing was black with silver trim, definitively signaling him as the medabot's owner. The medabot's eyes were out like a busted bulb, showing some of its electronics had failed due to the cold weather, making it resemble a medabot corpse.

"We have to get these two out of the snow and back inside. We can get home in a couple minutes if we rush it," Naruto said as he began tapping buttons on his medawatch.

"Naruto! This isn't any time to be messing with your user settings!" Erika cried.

"I know what I'm doing!" Naruto cried out as he pressed the last button. Next moment, Metabee's arms glowed brightly before his Submachingun and Revolver had been swapped out for the fire-type medaparts, Fire Gun and Flame Gun.

"You want me to thaw them out?" Metabee asked looking down at his arms, trying to get used to the fact that he didn't have fingers.

"Just enough to get them out of this snow and back home before they get pneumonia," Naruto answered as he began turning down the two medapart's power. "If we raise their temperatures too quickly, it could end up very badly."

"Got it. Nice and slow," Metabee said as he held his arms off to the two's sides, gouts of flames being let out, steam forming in the air as the cold ice crystals met the somewhat-searing flames. The now around the kid was melting, showing him to be in the fetal position with a ratty tarp wrapped around him, and the medabot slowly thawing out. As the last of the ice thawed of the medabot however, its optics, colored red, suddenly flared to life, a demonic edge to its visage as its right arm suddenly jerked up, gun barrels pointed right at Metabee.

"Back… off…" the black-and-silver medabot said in a coarse tone, almost as though his voice synthesizer had been worn out.

"Whoa whoa whoa! Calm down!" Erika said in a slight panic. "We're only trying to help you out. Your medafighter's gonna freeze solid if we don't get him some help soon!" she said pointing to the partially frozen-over medafighter off to the side. Given the added heat, he was starting to stir from his cold sleep, eyes moving beneath the eyelids with some movement, though no enough for it to be considered healthy. Especially given he was mainly dressed for early fall, not the dead of winter.

"Don't need… you… help…" the black-and-silver medabot groaned before falling forward, his medal popping out with an audible -cling- before Naruto quickly caught it in his hand.

"Metabee, you take the front and give us a warmer path," Naruto said throwing the downed medabot over his shoulder after stuffing the Kabuto medal in his pocket. "Erika, Brass, take this kid once he's warm enough, but don't move him around too much. After we get him to my house, we'll call the hospital. Maybe the police for a missing person's notice."

"Right," everyone said simultaneously, nodding curtly before getting to their appointed jobs.

Five minutes later, the unknown kid and his medabot were set out before the fireplace, flames slightly stoked giving off a low, but comforting heat. After calling the hospital, Naruto was given a set of instructions to ensure the kid hadn't gotten any frostbite. Erika after calling the police, found that no missing persons notices were set out for a person of the kid's description, though they should keep the kid around in case he was from out of town.

"How's he doing?" Naruto asked his mom as the kid stirred slightly by the fire, the black-and-silver medabot's medal set on the coffee table so he wouldn't flip out too soon.

"Thankfully, you four got to him just in time," Hikari sighed as she turned the thermostat up another degree, easing the kid back into warmer temperatures. "And you say you found him just buried in the snow?"

"Yeah. If we'd gotten to him a minute or two later, we might not've even seen him," Erika shuddered.

"Well I'm glad you all kept your wits about you," Kyuubi said stoking the fire slightly.

"Maybe. But still…" Naruto trailed off. "What could drive someone to be out in this weather?"

"Hey look! He's moving!" Metabee said as the kid rolled over from his side to his back, eyes blearily opening before he sat up, shaking his head to get some of the melted snow out of his hair.

"Where… am I?" he asked.

"You're at my house," Naruto said sitting across from him as he rubbed his eyes.

"What's your name?" Erika asked.

"My name… is Aono Shingo," the brunette answered. "Where… Where's my medabot?" he asked as he began looking around in a panic.

"He's off to the side, and his medal's over there at the coffee table," Naruto said pointing to the table, Salty poking at it with his paw.

"Why… are his medal and body separate?" the boy demanded, albeit weakly.

"Oh I don't know. Maybe because as soon as the guy could move, he pointed his laser cannon right in my face?" Metabee demanded angrily, causing the kid to flinch back slightly at the sight of the medabot's clenched fist.

"A KBT-Type?... I thought mine was the last," the kid said after getting a good look at Metabee.

"Pompous little brat ain't ya?" Metabee grumbled.

"Shush," Brass chastised.

"Uh… Sorry," Shingo apologized. "I just thought that line had been discontinued due to the… drawbacks."

"Yeah well… at least I never pointed my gun at Naruto after just waking up," Metabee said jabbing a thumb at Naruto.

"*cough* Bogus *cough*" Naruto coughed out, Metabee glaring lightning bolts at the blond.

"Anyway… What were you doing out in this weather? And in fall clothes no less?" Erika questioned. Surprisingly she wasn't treating this like a scoop, given her penchant for doing that for just about anything interesting.

"It isn't any of your business," the kid grumbled with crossed arms.

"Considering we brought your half-frozen ass into our house, I think it is our business," Metabee grumbled.

"Yeah, you aren't exactly being grateful for the help we've given you," Naruto said with crossed arms and narrowed eyes.

" . . . Sorry," the kid apologized with a sigh. "I guess… after what happened, I just grew to stop trusting people," he sighed as he hugged his knees to his chest.

"What happened?" Hikari asked sitting down beside him.

"Long story short… I caught my parents talking about just dropping me off at a home or something somewhere. About how much easier their lives would be without me around," he grumbled, a few in the room gasping at the information. "I didn't give them a chance, since that night I packed everything I could into my backpack, got my medabot, snuck out the window, and never looked back."

"How long have you been… on the run then?" Erika asked.

"Two years?" he wondered. "I'm not really sure anymore. I guess I should be thankful that people are as wasteful as to throw entire meals in the trash only after taking one bite, otherwise I would've starved to death ages ago."

"And short, dark, and gruesome?" he asked pointing to the medabot chassis off to the side.

"After I told him what happened, Mechabee was furious," Shingo answered. "It was all I could do to stop him from launching his Tracker Missiles into the gas tank and blow them to Kingdom Come."

Mechabee? Tracker Missiles? This guy sounds like one big knockoff of me if you want this bot's opinion, Metabee grumbled to himself.

"So that's it? You left home because of that?" Naruto asked simply.

"It was better than being stuck in a house where no one loved you, or being stuck in foster care where no one cared about you at all," he grumbled. "Besides, they were going to sell MechaBee off to a collector for a quick buck, so there wasn't any way I was going to leave him behind. Not after I saved every last penny to get him."

"Well I can see why he doesn't trust people," Metabee grumbled to himself.

"Now if you don't mind, can I have my medabot back? I kinda want to be on my way," the kid shrugged as he got to his feet, only for Hikari to push him to the floor and stick a thermostat under his tongue.

"Not until this weather clears you're not," she stated with a smile, though you could just tell she was far from happy at the moment. "Keep that under your tongue. I want to make sure you're all better."

" . . . Awright," Shingo sighed through the thermostat.

"Man, my aching servos," Mechabee grumbled after Shingo had reset the Kabuto medal into his medal chamber.

"Probably because you were half-frozen when we found you," Metabee stated. "Honestly, what happened to your internal heating coils?"

"Not all of us can have the cushy lifestyle you do, rookie," the black KBT-Type spat.

"WHAT'D YOU JUST CALL ME?-!" Metabee demanded.

"Both of you be quiet or I'll let you settle this… outside," Kyuubi stated ominously as an ominous… wind, blew through, the two reeling back as a pair of crimson eyes seemed to glare at them from behind her three eye slats.

"How long are you going to make me stay here?" Shingo asked off to the side.

"You know you're being kinda ungrateful for a guy who's staying in my house and eating my food," Naruto grumbled, Shingo currently eating a bowlful of noodles.

"It's not your house and food, it's your mom's," Shingo said back.

"Don't be a smart alec. If we hadn't gotten your half-frozen ass off the street, you would've been a dead man," Erika said back.

"What happened to girls being sweet and innocent?" he asked.

"It's the twenty-second century! Not the eighteenth century!" the brunette growled angrily.

"Hey, I don't want your charity, nor your pity," Shingo grumbled as he drank the last of the broth. Before he could put the bowl down however, there was a loud thumping sound on the roof, soot landing in the fireplace and disturbing the fire. "What was that?"

"Don't know, but it came from the roof," Naruto said pulling on his coat. "Come on, we can get to the roof from the back yard," he said as he, Erika, Shingo, and their medabots rushed out the back door.

A minute or so later, the group of six, Hikari having gone into town to get some last-minute shopping done, were greeted by the sight of a group of jumpsuit-wearing figures on the roof, Santa hats on their heads, tarp bags over their shoulders, and one of them stuck in the chimney.

"Who the heck are you guys?" Shingo asked as he pulled himself up onto the roof.

"We're the Rubbberrobo Gang, and we're going to steal Christmas!" Seaslug shouted as he laughed maniacally.

"It's January you dopes!" Naruto and Erika shrieked.

"Then why're the Christmas decorations still up?" he asked in return.

"It's been less than two weeks since Christmas!" Metabee cried out. "You really think anyone's going to freeze their asses off and take down all the crap they put out?" he asked before Kyuubi smacked him over the back of the head.

"Don't try and fool us!" Squidguts shouted.

"Yeah! We're too smart for that!" Shrimplips cried out.

"Clearly," Mechabee grumbled sarcastically.

"Hey! We ain't takin' no lip from a Metabee knockoff!" Seaslug shouted.

"I ain't no knockoff!" Mechabee growled. "Blaster Cannon!" he shouted raising his left arm and firing out a deluge of bullets at the group, Seaslug, Squidguts, and Shrimplips tapdancing around the roof trying not to fall off while Gilgirl was still trying to get out of the chimney.

"That's totally a knockoff of Metabee's Laser Cannon!" Shrimplips cried as he dodged the bullets.

"Shut up you baby-lookalike!" Shingo shouted.

"Tracker Missiles!" Mechabee cried as he fired the blue-capped missiles at the three dancing around the roof, Gilgirl finally getting out of the chimney only to get caught up in the blast.

"Looks like we're blasting off agaaaaaain!" the Rubberrobos cried as they flew off into the distance.


"What the heck was that about?" Shingo questioned with a sweatdrop on the back of his head, Naruto and Erika grumbling about weirdos on the roof while Metabee and Brass consoled their medafighters.

A hour later after Shingo had borrowed the bathroom to get himself cleaned after however long it had been since he'd last bathed, Kyuubi found that the bathroom was empty, the bathroom window left open, and no trace of Mechabee remaining in the house, though some medabot-grade lubricant was missing from the garage. There were a few tracks leading away from the house, but they became lost after falling into the main road.

"Where do you think he went?" Erika wondered as she looked down on where the trail grew cold. Or colder as it went.

"I don't know," Naruto answered. "Maybe… he just went off on his own like before."

"You think he'll be okay?" she asked.

"Who knows?" Naruto wondered as he shrugged his shoulders. "Still, if it counts for anything, I think those two will be fine," he said looking off into the distance.

At the same time just outside of Riverview…

"Good evening," Rokusho said passing by two figures in the snow.

"Whatever," the KBT-Type medabot covered in a dark green tarp said passing by.

"Well…" Rokusho said as the medabot and his human companion passed by. "That was certainly quite rude," he said before walking off.

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