HiWHE is an abbreviation of "How it Would Have Ended", and if you're familiar with How it Should Have Ended on YouTube, you should be able to piece together where this is going.

I'm Discontinuing this story.

I was writing this story by the seat of my pants back when I wrote it, back when I was only creative-enough to write Naruto crossovers, and I just can't bring myself to continue this train wreck. And yes, I'm willing to acknowledge that my earlier works were complete, unmitigated, disasters.

Looking back at it now, the "Naruto insert" in particular was exTREMELY cringe-worthy.

So yeah… sorry… but no Ninja World episode.

Daemon Sage aka "The Meda-Rogue" in hindsight is ESPECIALLY cringe-worthy, with a bit of a convoluted storyline and shoehorned-in cameos as his Medabots, but then again, I wrote this story back in 2009, so of course my early work's going to be complete shit.

So yeah… I'm finally putting this cow to pasture, and I apologize to my readers who were with me from the very beginning and were really hoping for that "Ninja World Episode".

If you want to check out some of my other works like Giant-Slayer, Young Justice: The Hunter, Vigorous Vitality, or others, I think you'll agree that my more-recent works are marked improvements over what I made back in 2009.