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I'm sorry about who dies, but it was the only person I could think of to get the FBI-BAU involved.

It had been about a month since Bosco and his team had died. The team was getting through it slowly, but surely.

Lisbon was finally smiling again, though her eyes were empty.

Everyday Jane thought of what Bosco had told him right before he died: "When you catch him, don't arrest him, kill the son of a bitch." He knew that Lisbon would still probably arrest him, but she might go easier on him when she learned of the promise she might go a bit easier on him.

Cho was just being, well, Cho.

Rigsby had gotten super-protective over Van Pelt. They spent every night together and their unspoken agreement to keep their distance had dissolved into thin air.

They were all getting past it until they found another body in Los Angeles.

The young woman's body was found in the back of an old movie theater. At first it just looked like it was going to be a normal scene, but when they walked through the door and turned the lights on a smiley face appeared on the movie screen.

"Damn it." Jane said.

As the ascended the stairs to the body they all had a certain air of defeat come over them.

The woman was beautiful part Latino with long, chestnut brown hair.

Everyone looked at the body in silence, just a month ago he had taken away four people and now he had killed someone else.

Until Van Pelt broke the silence, "Another victim. I've never seen someone so immoral." She said, and then looked away in disgust.

Seeing that her youngest agent needed some air Lisbon said handing them a fingerprint card, "Rigsby, Van Pelt, head back to the office and run these prints. Right now she's a Jane Doe, no ID, no one here recognizes her, and you know how important knowing who the victims are in Red John cases."

"Yea, boss." They chorused and then left.

When they were in the parking lot behind the shield of the van Rigsby stopped Van Pelt, "Grace, what's wrong?"

"Just a month ago he killed Bosco's team because they got too close and the whole time I kept thinking: What if it had been our team? What if it had been YOU?" She said then looked up at him " I love you, Wayne. It's just like you said, I've loved you since the moment since I met you. Screw the rules. Screw the CBI. I need you."

"You really love me?" Rigsby asked still in shock.

"Of course, I do," she said smiling, "I was gonna tell you in the ambulance, but then you said it. I wanted you to know that I really meant it. That I wasn't just saying it because you said it." She then leant up to kiss him.

After a kiss they pulled away realizing that they still had a job to do.

Back in the theatre, Cho and Lisbon were talking to the detectives and Jane was staring curio

"LISBON!" Jane said yelling like he always did when he found something.

"What?" Lisbon said impatiently.

"She has defensive marks." He said, looking very proud of himself.

"Of course she does, Red John was trying to kill her." Lisbon said bored.

"But none of the other victims did. Do you remember the kidnap victim? She told us 'He said he would kill me if I fought back.'"


"So, she must have known that he was going to kill her anyway so she wanted to get her ten cents in."

"But how would she know that? You can never tell if someone is gonna kill you or not."

"Well, apparently she did."

They all walked out to the parking lot when Cho's phone started to ring.

"It's Rigsby." He said before answering.


"Hey, we ran Jane Doe's prints and we got a hit."

"Okay, that's great. Who is she?"

"That's the problem. She's BAU. Agent Elle Greenaway. Quit in 2006 after being shot earlier that year and shooting and killing a serial rapist in her first months back."

"Wait, what's BAU?"

"FBI. Cho, she's ex-FBI!"

"Okay, bye."

"Well?" Lisbon said looking at he agent.

"We have a slight problem."

"What? No ID?"

"No, we have an ID. Ex-FBI agent Elle Greenaway."

"Oh God." Lisbon said, until he had gotten Rebecca to kill Bosco's team, Red John had never gone after law enforcement or even ex-law enforcement.

"What do you wanna do?" He asked as they got into the car.

"Call her old team. They'll want to help." Lisbon said slamming her door.