Max Pov

They had wings. They could fly. His smile. It all seemed to add up. Cameron then came out and so did Ella. What happened in there seemed to awaken part of my mind.


I was drifting in the air and then suddenly I dove because behind us were Flying Erasers.

End of short flashback

Erasers? Erasers! Erasers!!??

I was freaking out still. Ella put a hand on my shoulder and I said,

"I want to go home!"

With that Ella called Mom and she came and picked us up.

"Hi girls why did you want to come home so early?"

I didn't answer so I looked out of the window to see the flashing lights.

Suddenly a face appeared on the window, a wolf sort of face. I screamed. Mom jammed on the brakes and our car went rolling down a hill of the side of the freeway. I went round and round. Ella was screaming. Mom was screaming. I on the other hand was freaked out. The car stopped and we dragged ourselves out. Blood spurted from my cheek and lip. Ella was bleeding on her leg and Mom was bleeding from her forehead. Then we heard a yelp. The wolf things were coming for us.

We all ran into the forest off the side and we hid. They came in the forest too. The sniffed out our scent and when we thought we were dog meat. Fang and that gang of people appeared. He did a roundhouse kick in the nose of one beast. The older girl was throwing branches and leaves. The other two dudes had placed a bomb on the ground. All the monsters dropped dead. The group looked at me.

Flash Back:

I did a roundhouse kick and they caught it. The monsters were here too. Then I started screaming out. "Angel!!" "Angel!!" ANGEL!!"

End of ridiculous flash back

Then I passed out. All I could remember is being in someone's arms and my mom and Ella in everyone else's. Then I was plopped on the couch and a blanket was placed on me. Ella was put in her room and Mom was put in her own room. What a night??