Remember in New Moon when Alice returns once she saw the vision of Bella leaping off a cliff? She leaves, and Jacob comes to ask Bella about the Cullens. He's bitter and angry, and Bella puts her face in her hands in resentment. Jacob hadn't offficially left, so he saw her pain, and...

"Bella?" Jacob's voice asked. I looked up from my hands, realizing he hadn't left. His eyes were sad. "I did it again."

"Did what?" I sniffed.

"I broke my promise." he murmured in his low, gruff voice. "I'm sorry. I don't mean to hurt you."

"It's okay." I bowed my head. After all, I had hurt him first; I had practically chosen Alice over him.

"Bella." he breathed, taking one long stride to reach me. He wrapped his arms around me, placing his lips on my forehead. My breathing hitched; I wasn't ready to make this decision. At least, not so soon. "Bella…you mean so much to me."

I sighed, "Jacob, you know how I feel about you."

He cupped his burning hands around my chin, gazing into my eyes with his brown, troubled eyes. Dipping his head down, he closed his eyes.

"I---" he began, but the phone rang shrilly, interrupting his words. "Swan residence." he said into it.

I stared at the phone dully, waiting for Jacob to tell me who it was. Meanwhile, his fingers brushed across my cheeks, causing me to blush.

"Charlie's not here." he spat, removing his hand from my face, "He's at a funeral right now." He slammed the phone into the receiver, glowering at it.

"Who was it?"

"The head of the Cullens."

The name knocked the wind out of me as usual, along with shock. "What did he say?"

I bit my lip worriedly, attempting to tame the hope that was beginning to flame in my chest. I did not want to believe that they were all, including him, coming back.

Jacob scrutinized my anxious expression, speaking slowly, "He wanted…to know if Charlie was here."

"That's it?" My bubble of hope burst. Stupid, stupid hope.

"Yes." he narrowed his eyes, "Why?"

"Nothing." I mumbled, keeping my gaze downwards. Suddenly, Jacob stiffened, looking away from me to the kitchen door.

A string of profanities ran from his lips. I shook my head at his language, lifting my head to see what he was staring at.

Alice was back.

"Oh, Alice!" I brightened at the sight of her, stumbling across the room to where she stood. Her golden eyes were tight as she looked daggers at Jacob. "You're back."


I swallowed as the hole in my chest tore open, the edges aflame at the sound of his name. "What?"

He's not coming back, he's not coming back, I chanted the hope away.

"He's…" Alice closed her eyes in anguish, "heading to the Volturi. Oh, god."

"What?" I repeated, swaying on my feet. I remembered when he had told me of the Volturi. They were the self-appointed royal vampire family that resided in Volterra, Italy. Their duty was to keep vampires in line with their force, and to ascertain that they don't reveal their secret. "Why?"

"He's going to commit…" she trailed off.

"Suicide." I finished for her flatly, recalling the conversation.

"I only told Rose and Emmett about my vision, so they must of told him." she gushed rapidly, "And he thought you had gone and killed yourself, like I had."

"What can we do?" I whispered in horror.

Alice's lips quivered as she spoke, "The only way we can convince him you're alive is if I bring you to him." She eyed me warily.

"Of course I will." I gasped as the room began to spin. I would have to see him again, and that would only crush what little peace I had in my life now.

"Thank you." she glanced at the kitchen clock. "We must get going. Please tell me you have a passport?"

"Yes. It's all in order."

"Oh, good." Her eyes flicked towards Jacob unwillingly, realizing her was still there.

"I'll go get it." I said, my heart pounding in my chest.

"Don't worry about clothes. I'll take care of that. Hurry." she instructed. When I returned downstairs, Jacob was quivering head to toe, rattling the pots and pans that were stacked across the counter.

"Mutt." Alice scoffed at him. "You have no idea who the Volturi are."

"They're leeches, that's what." Jacob snarled, "And you're taking lovely Bella as a side-dish, aren't you? Just so you can save your precious Edward. He hurt her." He turned to look at me. "He hurt you."

I froze. "Jacob, please."

"No!" he banged his fist against the counter, creating a fist-sized dent in it. "Do you care about yourself? Your life?"

I didn't answer.

"I'll be going." Alice flitted out of the house.

Softly, Jacob whispered, "Please."

"What do you want me to do?" My voice cracked.

"Stay." His eyes were pleading. "For me. For your best friend. For everything we've done together."

"But he's Edward." I mouthed.

Jacob coiled away from me, as if I'd slapped him. "Bella, I'm begging you." he tried again.

A hasty horn honked outside.

He continued to speak quietly, "Edward Cullen hurt you, Bella. He left you, he tore you apart, and he ruined you. He doesn't care about you anymore. Don't you remember?"

His words clawed at the gaping hole in my chest.

"He left you because he didn't want you anymore." he whispered, "And you're going to save him?"

"I'm so sorry." I wrapped my arms around him as his face turned into a mask of disgust. "No, you don't understand!"

"Bells, you're wrong." his face was contorted with angst. "You don't understand. I love you."

"Jake, I love you too, but---"

"Love has no buts." he stepped away from me. "You either care about someone, or you don't."

"I care for both of you!" I cried. "I love both of you. I never stopped loving him, Jacob, and I'll always love you."

"Don't leave me." he whispered. "Don't go. Please."

"Oh, Jacob." I choked out.

"And he'll leave you again after you save him…" he continued, his voice cracked. "I don't want to see you fall apart again."

My heart stopped. I hadn't considered this. All the progress I had made in the past months, pulling myself into a somewhat human state…would disappear once I saw him again. Edward would reopen the wound, and make it deeper.

"I'll stay." I threw my arms around him, pressing my face to his warm chest.

In a flash, Alice appeared beside us. "Bella?"

"I'm sorry." I stuttered, "I…don't think I'll be able to take seeing him again. I…can't stand the memories…Alice, you don't, and can't, comprehend the abyss I plunged into when he left…seeing him again would…kill me. And…I love Jacob."

Alice gasped quietly, eyeing me with disbelief. "Bella." Her lips parted, "I…"She closed her eyes, and in a second, she was gone.

"Oh!" I collapsed on the floor, tears streaming down my face. "What did I do?"

"Bella, Bella, Bella." Jacob lifted me off the floor, crushing me to his chest, keeping me in one piece. "Hush, you'll be fine. He'll be fine." I looked up at Jacob, his worried eyes scanning my face. Slowly, he kissed the tears that remained.

"Don't worry." he breathed, scooping me up in his arms with ease, taking me to the living room.

"H-he's g-going to d-die." I blubbered in a tone of hysteria.

"I never thought I'd do this." he groaned, returning to the kitchen with me in his arms. He pulled out the phone warily, and gazed at me. "What's Alice's number?"

This is how it should have gone. Unfortunately, ridiculous Bella went for Edward in New Moon and saved his life. She took back the one who destroyed her. In my version, the plot goes in a different direction. I'm obviously on Team Jacob, and this will span out into how it should have been.