Arthur had every intention of following through with his bold promise and reluctantly moved back to begin pulling roughly at his shirt uncaring if it was torn as a result. His priorities lay elsewhere, like right in front of him, spread over pale sheets.

He indulged shamelessly, sweeping his eyes over Merlin leaving no part of that pearly skin untouched by his heated stare.

The shirt ended up somewhere on the floor, probably beside Merlin's, it was not important. Reaching to unfasten his trousers he wondered why he had ever believed that he would be able to simply walk away. Merlin was watching him with wide eyes, scanning his body thoroughly in return. Arthur's body clenched with need in response and it was in great haste that his trousers were added to the growing pile on the bedroom floor.

Merlin swallowed as he darted a glance at Arthur's fully aroused cock that was straining up towards his belly and had been doing so with some impatience since he had dragged Merlin here earlier. Then their eyes met and for a split second Merlin seemed conflicted. A shaky hand pressed against Arthur's stomach to forestall him and he instantly grew anxious wondering if Merlin was unwilling to continue.

"I need to… tell you…"

Arthur gently placed a finger over Merlin's mouth certain he knew what the other man was hesitantly trying to say. "If it's because you've remembered what a jerk I was and are unsure of me I understand. I don't know why you haven't gone mad and stormed out but all I want is a chance to prove myself to you."

"I…I love you." There he had said it, leaving himself open to rejection and provided Merlin with the perfect opportunity to tell him to go to hell and extract revenge. It may not be in as public a setting as he had planned but the vulnerability he felt was real.

Of course he had realised that the effects of the alcohol were wearing off and that Merlin's words were becoming less slurred. He hadn't wanted to spoil the moment by bringing it up, recognising that Merlin obviously felt similarly as he had been complicit until now. For his part he hadn't wanted to say anything as he was ashamed of his behaviour and somehow saying it out loud would make it more real. He had been expecting the appearance of an outraged Merlin at any moment but it hadn't happened.

When no response was forthcoming Arthur's heart sank and he moved to sit on the edge of the bed with his back to Merlin. "You hate me, don't you?" The flatness of his whisper was succeeded by a weary sigh.

The slow drag down his back sent shivers running though him and a tingling which was joined by a flutter of excitement and relief. The brush of hair against the nape of his neck tickled and Merlin slid his hands slowly up his spine to move round and wrap around his torso. A heated firm wall pressed against him and Arthur could feel Merlin's cock hard against his back.

"I don't hate you although I know I should, but that wasn't what I was going to tell you before you so rudely interrupted me. This may be a shock and seem unbelievable."

Merlin's lips now brushed against his ear and his arms tightened urgently, fearfully as he softly whispered in Arthur's ear what he had been about to reveal.

What?! God no, Stay…

Merlin's stomach had been churning as he made the move to entrust his deepest secret and he was aware that it may be foolish to do so considering his history with this man. The behaviour Arthur had been exhibiting towards him though, the gentle loving looks as well as the smouldering ones all told him that he was cared for. Despite everything he felt that he could believe Arthur even if he was an idiot to do so-to be honest he felt helpless not to.

Arthur had stood up and remained there, still with his back to Merlin in complete silence. For a terrifying moment Merlin allowed all of his fears to rush to the fore as he wondered if he had again made an error in judgment in believing that Arthur cared. He had been so sure that things had changed, that Arthur regretted his past actions and that this was not a lie.

He felt sick and scanned the room for his clothing. "I'll just go then…"

Merlin's cry of shock was partly surprise and yet also a fear of what Arthur was thinking and intending to do. He was pressed deep into the mattress with Arthur's mouth hovering a scant millimetre away from his own.

"I knew already." Arthur murmured.

Merlin's jaw dropped as this sunk in. How did he know and why if it didn't matter had he turned away from him?

Arthur kissed his nose and smiled hesitantly at Merlin's dumbstruck expression. "Don't be mad but Morgana told me recently, she thought it better to fill me in encase you told me and I reacted badly. She cares a lot about you and didn't want to see you get hurt more than you already have."

Merlin let this sink in and puzzled over something. "Why would Morgana think that I would tell you, after all we had broken up?"

Arthur smiled. "Let's just say that I hadn't given up and Morgana was well aware of that fact and knew that I loved you."

This drew forth a pleased blush but Merlin still looked unsure. "So you don't think that I'm a freak?"

The gentle kiss and hard pressure against his groin ensured his silence. "Does it feel like I do… idiot." .

Arthur watched him intensely for a second and traced a finger over Merlin's pronounced bone structure as if to memorise every groove. "I won't deny I initially thought that she had lost her mind but a few memories of our dates came back to me and God knows Morgana isn't one for fanciful tales."

Curious, Merlin asked what he meant by this mention of their dates.

"There was the time I challenged you to a race in my pool, you seemed to catch up supernaturally fast and I could see that you weren't a very strong swimmer. Or when we kissed at the Zoo and your eyes flashed golden exactly like the neckerchief you were wearing at the time, flashing from blue to gold."

Arthur smiled and stated that these incidents had been explained away at the time but that they had sprung into his head when Morgana had informed him warily about Merlin.

"So you don't mind then?"

Arthur growled "I'm just interested in how I can work this to my advantage."

He rolled his hips as he said this and Merlin flushed crimson as all sorts of interesting ideas popped into his head.


God he was turned on. Arthur wondered how he had ever believed himself to have been satisfied during his previous sexual encounters.

"Do you want to?" His pulse quickened as Merlin nodded and blue met blue as a silent agreement was forged. Merlin moaned as Arthur moved away, but with a whispered reassurance that he would be right back Arthur reached to open the bedside drawer.

The sound of breathless moans and urgent cries filled the room and when both men were impatient of waiting and desperate to reach some pinnacle Arthur moved to satisfy their need.

With careful movements, adjustments he was fully seated and gathered Merlin in as close as was possible placing comforting kisses on his face as he watched the other man fight to control his reactions to the incredible tightness. Arthur knew that initially he had to take his time, so he waited, for Merlin.


"Yes Arthur…now."

Using one hand to stroke and caress Merlin's cock and the other to grasp hold of a slender hip Arthur began to move determined to make this something neither of them would forget. Oh God. Head falling back he was gradually losing control and the sounds Merlin was making affected him powerfully and stoked the flames until he couldn't think only feel.

"Love you." He stuttered as best he could, body arched like a bow and welcoming Merlin's desperate mouth.

"Fucking love you more." Merlin's eyes were ablaze, golden, watching him with a look of such need that for a second Arthur faltered before regaining his rhythm.

He then found himself laughing joyously as he registered Merlin's words and moved with more vigour until Merlin was being jolted hard and screaming out his name. He barely had time for a smug smile before he was coming with a roar of satisfaction, Merlin closely behind himself, sweaty and shuddering through an orgasm.

It was a damp, quivering entangled heap of limbs that settled into mangled sheets.

Arthur reached for the duvet and pulled it over their now cool bodies and curled a muscled arm around Merlin to tug him tight. A leg was instantly swung over Arthur's hip and Merlin blinked sleepily over at him with a residual spark of passion in his eyes. Arthur couldn't prevent the idiotic grin that stole onto his face as he felt the weight on his hip and realised that Merlin was as possessive in his own way as he was himself.

"Go to sleep honeykins." Arthur smirked but his expression was tender.

One eye peeked open. "Huh, honeykins?"

Arthur rubbed a hand through ebony hair and murmured that he would tell him later.

Once he was certain that Merlin was asleep he cuddled close and let his own lashes fall to settle in the best night's sleep he had experienced in a long time.

His dreams were sweet.


"Good morning to you too."

The sound of the doorbell ringing interrupted the beginnings of a rather delightful good morning kiss. With a groan of dismay, which rapidly became one of appreciation, Merlin watched Arthur slide from the bed to stride towards the door, only pausing to yank on some boxers. That was hot; perhaps he should get Arthur to parade around for him later?

Merlin smirked to himself as he lay back revelling in the fact that he was in Arthur Pendragon's bedroom and that they were soon going to have fantastic wake up sex. How perfect.

He watched the door, impatiently awaiting Arthur's return, who was calling at this hour?

"Could it be possible for one person to look any smugger?" Arthur stood in the doorway looking rather self satisfied himself as he grinned at Merlin. His possessive smile and wicked gleam were encouraging but to Merlin's dismay he turned away to walk towards his plasma screen-it was certainly impressive but hardly more diverting than a naked man on a bed waiting for a thorough ravishment, surely?

Merlin pouted without realising and his eyes narrowed as Arthur burst out laughing as he finally noticed his disgruntled expression.

It was then that he noticed that Arthur was holding a disc which he was putting into a DVD player which sat alongside the television.

"I'm not really in the mood for a film," Then remembering belatedly, "Who was at the door?"

Arthur glanced his way as he hunted through a drawer and withdrew his hand triumphantly with a remote control. "It was Gwen; she says she hopes you are feeling better and looks forward to finally meeting you properly once I've had my wicked way with you."

Merlin blushed and was rewarded with a snort of laughter. Arthur remarked that he was just too easy which in turn had him turning pink as Merlin winked suggestively that for him always.

Arthur swallowed and counted to ten, Merlin had to see this. "She brought over this disc for us to watch courtesy of Morgana."

As an after thought he added that she was his secretary knowing that Merlin was unlikely to remember who Gwen was as he had only held a few brief conversations on the phone with her when they had been arranging their dates. He had also been drunk on the only occasion they had met.

Merlin frowned slightly at the thought that his secretary had the right to turn up at Arthur's personal address. What was she like, was she pretty? Humph.

Arthur's eyebrows rose in amusement and his smile widened as Merlin just lay there sulkily not believing that Arthur hadn't responded to any of his blatant invitations.
He shouldn't bloody need them and what was so fantastic about this film anyway?

He huffed as Arthur joined him in the bed once more, finally, only to wrap an arm around him and focus on the screen. Damn it.

A soft kiss was pressed to his neck and a whispered "Just watch." into his ear.

Arthur pressed play on the handheld controller and encouraged Merlin to snuggle in making sure to trap the hand which began to edge beneath the duvet. Merlin gave up, deciding to make the most of the situation by cuddling in and looked reluctantly towards the screen.



God he couldn't remember ever feeling this nervous and anxiously waited for Merlin's reaction. He kept his gaze on the television waiting on whatever was coming next.

"So that is why you called me honeykins?"

Arthur closed his eyes wondering if that was all Merlin had to say about what he had just seen. Dragging in a breath he slowly swivelled to face him and gasped as he saw tears running down Merlin's face.

"Merlin, fuck, I didn't mean to make you cry." Arthur pulled him in and rubbed his back frantically trying to provide comfort. Morgana would know what to do. He just felt helpless.

"I'm not upset you prat, I'm in bloody awe. That you would do something that utterly wonderful for me and I wasn't even aware."

Merlin looked at him sorrowfully. "I'm sorry Arthur that I missed it."

With a shake of his head Arthur brushed his apology aside. "Don't. It was the least I could do after all the pain I caused."

With a beaming smile Merlin brushed his cheek with a kiss and murmured that maybe they should look ahead rather than to the past. Arthur was nodding in affirmation when the sound of a shriek brought their attention back to the screen.

It was Sophia; she lay sprawled on the stage completely drenched in water with a pile of flowers lying behind her. A man was standing beside her with a gleeful expression on his face and Merlin recognised him as the "Romeo" whom Sophia had been paired with at the Easter Parade. They both chuckled as they saw Morgana curiously pass a small envelope over to the man as he paused by her as he left the stage. She was grinning as she enjoyed the sight of Sophia dripping and scowling on the floor.

Obviously Sophia had rebelled by turning up and had been on the receiving end of Morgana's wrath.

"We have to rewind that." Arthur grinned as he reached for the control and rewound the film back to the point where Sophia and her partner stepped onto the stage.

Both men laughed as her date proclaimed her to be the worst person he had ever had the misfortune to know, never mind date. He had a vase of flowers in his arms and Arthur nudged Merlin as they grinned realising what was coming. Merlin snorted as the man tipped the vase over Sophia's head after she made a particularly vindictive comment. He grabbed hold of Arthur who was also shaking and after a moment they had to switch it off as they were becoming slightly hysterical.

"That was amazing, thank you Morgana."

Merlin shot a glance at Arthur. "Do you know about her?" He was deliberately vague unsure if Arthur would know or if he should tell.

A nod then "You mean the visions?"

Merlin wondered how he could be so relaxed and then decided that it wasn't exactly a problem. "She has dreams that foretell the future but they are only guidelines and don't always come to pass so she rarely talks about them."

Arthur nodded. "According to Gwen, Lance is treating Morgana to a well deserved break in the Caribbean for a month."

It was good to hear that it had worked out well for the pair and Merlin was positive that Lance truly cared for Morgana.

"What about Gwen, you seem close to her for a secretary?" He knew he sounded jealous, which in the circumstances was ridiculous, but he couldn't help the possessive feelings which arose when he thought of the woman who worked so closely with his Arthur. God, he was sure she was a lovely person and Arthur had not given him any reason to think that anything was or had ever gone on between them.

Arthur placed a finger to his lips, silencing him effectively. "Gwen has been a good friend but friend is all she has ever been and actually I gave her a colleague's number the other day who I think she'll like."

"I'm being an idiot again?"

A smile and nod made him punch Arthur's arm in mock annoyance. He soon realised his mistake as he watched Arthur's eyes narrow. Without warning he pounced to roll Merlin beneath him and braced his weight on powerful arms with a hand at either side of Merlin's head.

"I want to explore the possibilities of this magic of yours Merlin, what do you think?"

Merlin's eyes sparkled as he reached up to stroke back the lock that was perpetually falling over those piercing eyes. "Sounds like a plan," he shrugged as if not bothered.

"I think that we should explore other possible avenues as well."

Merlin watched him apprehensively wondering what he could be hinting at.

"I quite liked you in that dress for instance, very fetching."

A scowl "I'm not a girl…well alright, but only if you listen to my ideas."

Arthur frowned. "What kind of ideas?"

Merlin whispered into Arthur's ear and a look to rival one of Morgana's most evil grins twisted his lips.

"Um, yes, okay and where would I get that and it goes where?"

Merlin burst out laughing and smirked as Arthur scowled down at him. "You're just too easy Arthur."

A knowing grin. "For you Merlin, always,"

End x


Author: That's it once more *hugs* Hope it wasn't too out there. x