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Demyx decides to make his own special closet with a secret window, with which he can spy on others with. But it seems the window itself isn't the problem. For some reason, as though there is a curse on the closet itself, several accidents occur with it. The closet not only traps someone inside it, but locks them in as well, and seals their magic. But is it purposeful, or not? Is there actually someone behind the door-locking? These are the tales of those who became trapped in the closet.

Hi! This is my 'I'm bored so I think I'll shove someone into a closet' story. This starts out slow, but later on it gets fast and then kind of ends XD Review! I might make more chapters because I feel like trapping Zexion in a closet with someone else. XD Thanks, and here we go!


The blindingly white halls of the Castle That Never Was were nearly silent. It was evening, and many of the Organization had retired to their rooms or were still finishing the dinner Xaldin had prepared. Zexion, still awake and walking through the quiet halls, was flipping through the pages of his Lexicon. For once he found no interest in anything that lay in the pages- for once, he closed the book and let it disappear from his hands. Zexion was rarely this bored- mostly because being bored was considered feeling something, or at least, in the Superior's opinion.

"You know, anything that involves anything is feeling something in the Superior's opinion. You remember that one time when Demyx said he was hungry? Yes, Xemnas also said that was a feeling." Axel had said. Though Zexion disliked contradicting the Superior, he agreed that the statement was true. Then again, Demyx always was a little odd; his 'love' for music, his strange personality, the way he looks at every ham and cheese sandwich…

"OUT OF MY WAY, SHORTY!" The call interrupted Zexion's thoughts, and thunderous crashing was heard. "Move, move, move!" Zexion whirled around to see-


He didn't even have time to see whom it was someone crashed into him and he, being one of the smallest of the entire Organization, was soon hitting the ground, hissing angrily. Inhaling sharply, he groaned at who it was.

"II! Control yourself!" Zexion yelled at the retreating figure. Xigbar disappeared around the corner. Zexion sniffed the air again and then flattened against the wall. Suddenly, a bright pink blur shot past him at ridiculous speeds. Zexion wouldn't have been able to tell who it was, if not for the pink. Good thing, too- it seemed Marluxia had been playing strip poker with Xigbar.

"Xigbar! Get you butt back here with my pants!" The pink man yelled, his voice carrying up the hall. Zexion smirked to himself. As soon as the noise quieted down, Zexion realized that he was still alone, and that he was still bored. As he was walking, hoping, as he regretted, for more excitement, a hand shot out from one of the doorways and pulled him in. Out of pure surprise, Zexion grabbed the hand and flipped the person over his head, with some trouble- the man he had flipped was much taller than he. With a small 'oof', the man hit the ground in front of Zexion, who turned out to be Demyx.

"Z-Zexy! D-don't flip me!" He said, obviously trying to regain his breath. He got to his feet and began pushing Zexion back into the room he had emerged from, closing the door behind himself.

"What are you doing, IX?" Zexion asked testily.

"Don't call me that! I have a name," Demyx said, annoyed. "And shush! We're watching someone. Look." Demyx pulled Zexion into a small, empty closet and closed the doors. This automatically made Zexion nervous, but Demyx then tapped his finger against the wall, and a small opening was revealed; almost like a window. Zexion was impressed with Demyx for making such a device in the wall of his room, and then realized what it was probably for. "Look. Zexy! There's Xemmy and Saïx." There was a reason Demyx hadn't made a nickname for Saïx. Zexion peeked through the opening, and sure enough, Xemnas and Saïx were in the room next, discussing something.

"IX, have you been spying on the Superior?" Zexion demanded. Demyx ignored him.

"No, listen, Zexy! And quit calling me that! They were talking about something- they were talking about emotions! Xem actually said that he was beginning to feel some emotions, and he was saying how-" Demyx was interrupted when the talking suddenly stopped everywhere. Demyx went quiet, realizing that Xemnas and Saïx had stopped talking. After a moment's hesitation, he panicked and formed a quick portal. Zexion panicked as well, about to follow Demyx when the portal closed. When he tried to make his own, the closet doors opened.

"Number VI." Xemnas said with some finality, as though that were all he needed to say. Zexion winced and bowed his head. Xemnas opened his mouth as though to say more when something happened- Zexion wasn't sure what- but suddenly Xemnas was shoved into the closet and the door was shut. A click told them both the door had been locked. "What--?! VII! Let us out! VII! Saïx!" Xemnas yelled. Saïx didn't answer. Xemnas cursed to himself and then held out his hand, but nothing happened. No Corridor of Darkness formed. Whoever had locked them in the closet had also sealed the area. Xemnas cursed again. "Saïx! Vexen! Xig- wait, not Xigbar. Xaldin!" No one answered. Zexion's eyes widened; he had claustrophobia, the entire reason he was nervous about coming into the closet in the first place. Shocking the Superior into jumping backwards, Zexion slammed into the closet door with his entire body and yelled.

"SOMEONE! GET US THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" Xemnas was surprised at the normally quiet and calm young Illusionist. "DEMYX! GET YOUR BUTT BACK INTO YOUR DAMN ROOM AND OPEN YOUR CLOSET DOOR!"

'Kingdom Hearts, he's loud.' Xemnas thought. Rolling his eyes, he pushed the crazed young man away from the door. "Be patient, VI. Someone will notice us in here. Do not worry." Zexion sat down on the closet floor, hugging his knees. Xemnas rolled his eyes at the show of fear- something he knew Zexion could not actually feel. He remained standing, crossing his arms. He tapped his foot, waiting for someone to notice them.

-Six hours later-




"… Lizard."






"Superior, an octagon is not an animal."

"Q-quiet, VI! My way goes!"

-One embarrassed Xemnas later-

"So, what's your favorite color?"

"Blue. You?"

"Probably gray. I have not put thought into it."

"Hm. So what's your relationship with Saïx?"

"H-huh?! Who told you?!"

"Wha? No one! I just asked a question!"

"Who… toldyou…?!"

"Crap, fire!"

-One burned and scarred Zexion later-

"So, Superior, Truth or Dare?"

"Give me a dare this time."

"I dare you to… drop Demyx off of the Naught's Skyway."

"Gladly." Xemnas smiled, making a corridor to travel through.

"Finally, Demyx will get what he deserves. W-wait, the corridors are working?! Superior! Wait for me! Superior!" The corridor closed. "N-no! Crap! … HE RESEALED THE AREA?!"


Demyx laughed, trying to muffle himself with his gloved hand. Xemnas smirked, laughing slightly. "Good one, Xemmy!" Demyx high-fived the taller man, who returned it and smiled back, listening for the screams coming from the room.



So, this fic isn't anything like I thought it would turn out to be XD It turns out Xemnas and Demyx were planning locking Zexion into a closet. Oh and by the way, the first thing Xemnas and Zexion were playing was that game where someone says an animal, and someone replies naming an animal whose letter starts with the last letter of the animal the first person said. For example:




Tyrannosaurus Rex



And so on. It's fun- if you're bored out of your mind and you don't have anything to kill yourself with out of sheer boredom.

Anyway, review please! :D (This is a really, really weird story…)

Oh yeah, and sorry for the D word. :'(