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It was strange, really.

Two members who rarely interact with each other; in fact, that hadn't really interacted since they were human.

The two biggest members of the Organization; and most silent and the most prideful.

They had been carrying groceries to Xemnas for some strange reason and they dared not look in the bags, slightly afraid of what they might find. Then dropped the bags in front of the Superior.

"Ah, thank you Xaldin, Lexaeus!" He acknowledged.

"Welcome, Xemnas," Xaldin said. Xemnas opened a bag and pulled out something. Lexaeus and Xaldin averted their eyes without meaning to for a moment before they heard Xemnas say,

"Thank goodness! I've been craving ramen for weeks." They looked curiously at each other. They sighed quietly in relief.

"Ramen." Xaldin said.

"Yes. I've been wanting some spicy ramen for a while. Thank you for bringing the bags. You can take the rest of the day off." Xaldin nodded his thanks and Lexaeus followed him out. As soon as the door closed, Xemnas grinned widely, resembling that of the Cheshire Cat. He reached into the bottom of the bag and pulled out a stringy piece of clothing; a leopard printed men's underwear. He grinned and stood, and Saïx came out from the shadows behind him. "Hello, Saïx. Here." He handed Saïx the piece of clothing, to which Saïx grinned widely, the sound of a zipper heard.


Lexaeus scratched the back of his neck, walking in step next to Xaldin.

"So." Xaldin said. Lexaeus was quiet. "How goes it?" Lexaeus shrugged. "You know I haven't heard you say anything since Radiant Garden." Lexaeus shrugged again, to which Xaldin sighed.

"How are you?" He asked. Xaldin snapped his head towards the man.

"Hah? Uh, fine." There was a long, awkward silence. Xaldin stared at the floor, Lexaeus ahead. Xaldin was about to say something like a goodbye, when suddenly they felt a huge burst of power. They both looked to each other and suddenly were thrown aside by a huge burst of wind. Then were thrown into a room and a rock wall burst out of the ground and they slammed into it and the wind carried them to the side, and unfortunately, into it.

The cursed closet.

Zexion had been stuck inside it twice, and when he came out of it once, he was angry and had lost his ability to use a Corridor of Darkness correctly, and the second time he 'came out of the closet'. Unfortunately, Xaldin and Lexaeus were thrown inside, and the door slammed shut. Lexaeus and Xaldin could feel their power draining, and then heard the slam of a rock wall up against the door. They frowned. Who had planned this much? Then they both looked to each other.


Zexion wiped his hands. He had not realized what he had done at first. He had meant to drive the Superior in the room by stealing Xemnas' powers over nothingness to drive him into the closet, but it didn't work. For some reason Xaldin and Lexaeus came out of Xemnas' office, and were now stuck in the closet. The only reason Zexion knew this was because when he had stolen powers, he stole earth and wind powers. Too late now. He thought. He turned to walk away, hearing a quiet slam inside the room. Zexion turned around and for some reason, felt the urge to do something in particular. So he walked over and closed to door, closing off all sounds. He smiled and walked away.


"Now why would VI do that? The traitor." Xaldin said. "I need to go on a mission and find the Beast again." The random thought was ignored by Lexaeus.

"He probably thought we were someone else." Lexaeus said. Xaldin nodded. Unfortunately, it was a tight and dark closet. Lexaeus had his back up against one wall and his legs folded in front of him, his arms wound around them. Xaldin sat to the left and in front of him, facing his direction, mirroring his position. They were squished tightly and awkwardly, and had perma-frowns staining their face, not that they could see the other, anyway.

"So." Xaldin said.

"So." Lexaeus said. They looked around, making sure no one was around, although it was a dumb gesture.

"Let's play something."


Lexaeus tapped Xaldin's finger. Xaldin added two more fingers, so he now had three. Lexaeus was holding out his hands in front of him, one hand having two fingers, the other having one. Xaldin now had three fingers in one hand and four in the other. He tapped Lexaeus' single finger, and Lexaeus dropped the hand. For his turn he split his other hand so now he had one finger in each. Xaldin tapped one finger again, and Lexaeus dropped it. Lexaeus then proceeded to tapping Xaldin's four fingers, and they fell. Xaldin sat staring awkwardly at his three fingers. He then proceeded to splitting them so he now had one and a half fingers on both hands.




"… What, V? It's your turn."

"You can't split odd numbers."

"Says who?!"

"We'd have a fraction game, Xaldin! How many fractions can you make on one finger?!"


"Damn." Xaldin was trying to make a sixth out of one finger, while Lexaeus had two and a half fingers on one hand, one and a half on the other.

"You know you brought this on yourself, right?"

Here's where it got interesting.


Lexaeus was holding up nine fingers, Xaldin six.

"Never have I ever…" Xaldin started. "Never have I ever had earth powers." Lexaeus dropped a finger.

"That's low." He said. Xaldin smirked. "Never have I ever had to wear a hair net." Xaldin growled and dropped a finger, and then dropped one hand entirely.

"Never have I ever… Dated more than one person." Xaldin said. Lexaeus didn't move. "Seriously?!" Xaldin asked.

"Yup. Only one." Lexaeus said.

"Who? Who?"

"Oh, I can't tell you…"

"Tell me! Come on, this was probably forever ago!"


"Just tell me!"

"Alright! It was Anne,"

"That girl who worked in the bookstore when we were humans?!"


"Hahaha! That's kind of sweet!"

"Shut up!"


"Would you rather have to sleep with Xemnas or Demyx?" Xaldin asked. Lexaeus shivered.

"Either I lose what innocence I have or cause someone else to lose their innocence. And I would taste the wrath of some powerful person afterwards for either one." Lexaeus thought for a moment. "Demyx. Zexion couldn't be mad at me for long. Saïx could be very mad, and then Xemnas is our leader." Xaldin nodded.

"True enough." He replied.

"Would you rather…"


Zexion suddenly slammed his hand on the dinner table. "CRAP!" He yelled loudly. The other organization members stared at him. Quickly he formed a Corridor of Darkness and all of the Organization members looked at the spot where he was, and then looked over when he suddenly appeared in the middle of the floor of the living room, still in his sitting position, where he fell. He stood up and growled. "Demyx, accompany me to your room." Larxene whistled, but Zexion ignored it. He was holding onto Demyx's hand, dragging him away.

"Zexion, I don't mean to press into matters or anything, but why are you taking me out in the middle of dinner?"

"I accidentally locked Xaldin and Lexaeus in the closet." Zexion said shamefully. Demyx gaped.

"What?! Can they fit in there?! How long?!"

"About eight hours."


Zexion broke away the rock in front of the door with Lexaeus' still barely stolen rock powers. He yanked open the door.

"You totally like him."

"I do not!"

"Uh, yeah you do. It's obvious."

"Don't you go there, Xaldin!"

"Watch me."

"It's not like you don't like him, either!"

"What did you say?!"

"It's just as obvious! You probably have already been sleeping with him!"

"W-what?! No I haven't!"

"Hahaha, that proves it!"

"Why you…!"

"HEY!" Zexion yelled. Both men turned to Zexion. They were both blushing and Lexaeus looked smug, Xaldin angry. Zexion put a hand to his head. "Now before you two begin to make up excuses for what just happened, stand up and go eat dinner." He said, rubbing his temple as he pointed out the door. The two men frowned and stood up, shuffling out the tight doorway. As they left, Demyx sniggered.

"Who do ya think they were talking about?"

"I don't want to know."


"So, Lexaeus… You totally like Zexion."

"It's not like you don't like Xigbar."

"… Shut up."


XD In which Xaldin and Lexaeus play girly games!

. God, I canNOT write Xaldin for the life of me! He's OOC in this . Sorry 'bout that.

XD The first game they play is a finger game, where you start with one finger on each hand, then you tap the other person's hand, and however many fingers that person has plus the amount on your hand is how much they end up with. When a person has all five fingers out on one hand, then that hand is dropped. The person with no more hands loses. XD

The second game played was Never Have I Ever. You just say things you have never done and if someone has done it, they have to put a finger down. Person left wins.

The last game was Would You Rather? It's self explanatory.

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