Jessica rolled over, colliding with something hard and warm. She continued to keep her eyes closed, not wanting to lose the dream of Lucius's arms around her. When she heard a quiet chuckle she opened her eyes.

"Good morning" Lucius smiled down at her. One hand moving too slowly move up and down her back. She lay quietly next to him on the couch, drinking the sight of him in. She let a soft smile play on her lips.

Lucius bent his head down to kiss her, their lips meeting softly. He rolled over so he was lying on top of her. Her hands moved to twine in his hair and one of Lucius's hands slipped down to her waist as the other supported his weight. He ran his tongue along her bottom lip, begging entrance to her mouth she complied immediately. As the soft kiss quickly turned passionate Lucius tore his mouth away from hers, lowering it down to her neck. His fangs softly scratching against the mark he had made the night before, Jessica whimpered. Her fingers tightened in his hair. She could feel him smiling against her neck, enjoying what he was doing to her. She felt his fangs grow even more and waited in anticipation for the moment when they would sink into her skin. She felt the pressure on her neck growing when the door was flung open.

Lucius's leapt up, quickly grabbing a blanket to cover him and standing in front of Jessica.

"What do you want" he thundered at the poor man cowering in the door way.

"The P-p-p-princesses family is w-waiting at the g-gates, wanting entrance to the c-castle." The man managed to stutter out.

Lucius's eyes hardened. "Get out" he ordered. Not needing any prompting the man fled. Lucius turned to Jessica, his eyes softening. "What have you done this time my dear?"

Jessica met his eyes. "I have no idea; I left a note saying where I was going. And why" she smiled cheekily at him. Lucius seemed to clue on to what she was trying to say, he climbed back on to the couch, his mouth lowering back down to the mark on her neck, his fangs growing. She wrapped her arms around his neck, holding her breath. His fangs punctured her neck easily. Sending shivers down her spine, goose bumps growing on her arms. Her arms tightened around his neck. She clung to him as she felt the blood from her body being drawn into his. When he finally took his mouth away his lips were red, he softly licked her neck where a trickle of blood was making its way down to her collarbone. Jessica pushed Lucius so he fell to the floor. She slowly climbed down onto him. She leaned down to kiss him, tasting the tang of her blood on his lips.

She took her mouth away from his and moved to his neck, the two puncture wounds she had made the night before daring her to reopen them. Her fangs grew; she nipped softly at his neck, teasing him. Sinking her teeth into his neck she felt his warm blood flow through the two small holes, trickling down her throat. She moved against him, feeling complete bliss. When she was finished she bought her mouth away from his neck, staring into his eyes. His eyes were filled with love, lust and power. She kissed him again, their tongues fighting for dominance. They both knew it would be a while until they went down to sort out the mess Jessica had made now.