Arthur lay still, trying to catch his breath.

"Emrys, shift, you'll never manage to lift him up."

Valiant shoved the other boy aside, much to Arthur's dismay. He had been savouring Merlin's worried gaze, he felt cared for and now Val's interference was rapidly extinguishing his contented glow. The sound of whispers and footsteps registered for a moment but he didn't question them, focused as he was on remembering everything from his dream like state.

Merlin was a warlock. He felt torn as he experienced a cocktail of emotions which threatened to tear him apart.

"Valerie will you shut it and move aside you great big ox!" Morgana sounded exasperated. "How do you feel love?"

He assumed that she was addressing him now as he doubted she would call Val her love. The very thought was nearly enough to make him laugh, weak as he felt. Arthur opened his eyes to enable him to see her face; she was pale with concern and observing him intently.

The overwhelming recollections of baby Merlin and himself were paramount in his mind but he supposed he should ask, "What happened?"

Her face slid in and out of focus but he could hear her voice clearly stating that he had collapsed. Gaius would be here shortly to check him over once word had reached him.

"What is taking so long, that blasted servant should have found him by now!" Val sounded annoyed and although he couldn't see him Arthur felt surprised as he heard the concern in the other boy's voice. This thought didn't linger as he tried to lift his head to search for Merlin. Where was he?

Of course, the idiot was referring to Merlin; he must be the one who had gone to inform Gaius. Arthur didn't view the other boy as a servant as they had practically grown up together since Merlin had moved to Camelot. He did assist the Prince in nearly every area of his daily life but what Val failed to accept was the bond which existed that drew them closer than mere master and manservant.

He chuckled inwardly as he heard a slap followed by a yelp of protest and presumed that it was Morgana making her disapproval known. Val had foolishly roused her protective instincts by insulting Merlin and she was like a tiger defending her cub.

Arthur decided that he needed to have time alone with Merlin to discover all of his secrets and yes damn it, it hurt that he had been kept in the dark.

"I don't need to see a physician, I feel fine and Merlin shouldn't have left me!"

Damn, a little too obvious.

He reluctantly met Morgana's eyes and saw a gleam of awareness. It wasn't the kind he had seen in Merlin's blue depths or what he had felt in his presence but was more a knowing grin that told him she had cottoned onto his needy responses to their mutual friend.

"So does this mean that I am going to have to adopt you too?"

Arthur frowned, he was aware that she was joking but for some reason he didn't like the idea that he would have to share Merlin with someone else. Even if that person was Morgana.


Oh Lord.

He peeked up at her, not sure what he would find, and stared in surprise at the soft, almost gooey look in her eyes.

"That is just too sweet. I'm going to have to say bye to my little Merlin as he's all grown up. Look after him Arthur or I won't be responsible for my actions."

He didn't pretend to misunderstand and glared as best as he could, grumpily aware that it wasn't up to his usual high standards. Another scowl as he heard her snicker and then Val was grumbling that he didn't know what was so funny.

Actually he had no idea what they were even going on about.


"Gaius!" Merlin sped into the room and almost ran into the physician who was on his way out of his chambers.

He looked concerned as he listened to Merlin's garbled account and began to follow him down the corridor at a slow run.

They came to a standstill when they arrived at the place where the Prince had fallen only to find Morgana standing there and no sign of Arthur or Valiant.

"Where is Arthur, is he okay, what's happened!?" Merlin said this in a rush of frantic worry not even thinking to ask about the other boy.

Morgana's smile reassured him that the Prince must be okay as he knew she cared for him too.

"He's fine Merlin and sorry to drag you here for nothing Gaius but he seemed better once he had a few minutes to catch his bearings. I sent for you as a precaution as it is not like Arthur to faint."

A sly grin.

"Don't tell him that I used the word faint."

She looked at Merlin with a surprisingly knowing look.

"Go to him Merlin. He wants to speak with you alone in his chambers."

Her encouraging smile had Merlin blushing in embarrassment and wondering if she was aware of the attraction which had been growing between himself and the Prince. They had both been in denial for so long but now it seemed that Arthur was ready to acknowledge it. It suddenly seemed too much and he ducked his head down bashfully to hide his rosy cheeks. A tender touch gently lifted his chin and he struggled against it not wishing to reveal too much. He knew his eyes would be open books for her to read.

"Look at me Merlin." The order was imperative but it was the underlying affection which encouraged him to meet her eyes. "I know how you feel and for God's sake this has been coming since you were kids."

Another voice interrupted, "I hate to contradict you but this has been inevitable since long before they were at school together."

Merlin felt his face grow warmer still as he understood what Gaius was angling at. He had purposely tried to forget about those drawings of himself and Arthur from when they were babies but had found himself sneaking peeks of late. Especially since he had begun to dream of the Prince. They had been older than their present ages in these imaginings and Merlin wondered if it was possible for his face to turn more scarlet as he recalled what they had been doing in them.

Morgana stared and then smirked.

"That settles it, you're outnumbered Merlin. Obey your Uncle Gas and go get your man!"

He growled in mortification at her use of his old childish nickname for the physician but did what she said. After all it was what he wanted.

Morgana smirked at the other lone person in the hall.

"I think we should have a chat. I want to know what you meant by your earlier comment and why it caused Merlin to blush."

Gaius nodded and grinned in response.

"How do you feel about seeing some drawings Morgana and hearing tales from the past?"

An arm looped through his own.


He walked right in, as was his way and stopped as he saw the figure standing in front of the window, still as a statue and looking out at the dark night sky.

"Come here."

He gulped, trying to feel confident and wondering how Arthur had known it was him. Then he saw his reflection in the window and realised that his nervous approach was being observed.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

Now he was confused.

"Tell you what?"

Arthur swivelled, marched over to take hold of his shoulders and then led him to a chair where he forced him to sit.

"That you can do magic, why didn't you trust me?"

The warlock swallowed as he realised that it was hurt the Prince felt, there was probably anger mixed in there too but the overriding emotion was upset that Merlin hadn't shared this part of himself.

"How did you know?" The only people who were privy were his mother and Gaius. Merlin was confident that neither of them would have betrayed his trust.

Arthur seemed to be having difficulty in answering but then he muttered something, so quietly that Merlin wasn't sure that he had heard correctly.

"In my dreams."

He watched the Prince in confusion as he repeated himself but at the same time the memory of his own dreams swam into his mind.

"We were but babes and I watched over you and protected you even then."

Merlin gaped and then locking eyes mouthed a single word. "Mine."

His eyes widened as Arthur gruffly, helplessly responded "Yours."

They had much to discuss but somehow right now all that mattered was being close. Merlin groaned as he was pulled into a hard, compact body which tensed at the first point of contact before the Prince exhaled sharply. Muscled arms bound him tight and the chest his cheek pressed against heaved with each breath Arthur took. Merlin moaned as Arthur pulled back, only to understand why when the sound of knocking penetrated through the fogginess in his head which seemed to have slowed down his thought processes. He smiled goofily when he wasn't released despite the impending entry of a third party to the room.

Arthur rasped out "enter" and the tone sent shivers up and down Merlin's spine.

Then he was staring in mingled disbelief and annoyance.

Valiant? What did he want?

The other boy stood open mouthed in the doorway as he took in the intimacy of the scene.

"Why the fuck have you got hold of Emrys, did you completely lose your mind when you fell?"

"I thought I warned you before not to call him..."

Arthur didn't get the opportunity to finish as Merlin stepped forward, well as much as he could with an arm wrapped around his middle.

"Back off Valiant, I know what you want but it's not going to happen. When it comes down to it you have to knock."

Valiant glowered as he realised that Merlin was aware of his attraction to the Prince and he fumed as he took in the way the other boy was being held against Arthur. He fought and challenged Arthur constantly, trying to rile him into some sort of response but he had continued to show a marked preference for his bloody servant of all people.

"What does knocking have to do with anything?"

Merlin grinned at him, infuriating him more than ever; as he sweetly pointed out that he had never had to knock to enter these chambers. A red mist descended and Valiant was ready to attack.

"Don't even consider it for a second." Icy eyes watched him, warning him off and a protective arm drew Merlin nearer.

Merlin flushed with pleasure and narrowed blue eyes.

"He's mine!"

Laughter erupted beside him. "I thought that was my line?"

Then they were leaning in to passionately kiss much to the on looking Valiant's disgust and envy. Realising that they had completely forgotten his presence he sidled out telling himself that he could always attempt to aim higher.

Wasn't Uther looking for a new manservant?


They were finally alone. Thank the Lord.

Merlin lay down on the bed cuddling in to the warm solid body which refused to allow him to move an inch. He couldn't resist teasing the Prince about the details which he had just shared.

"So you've been having erotic dreams about me, interesting." He grinned as he watched the pink tinge creep into Arthur's cheeks. He should really reveal that he had been having similar ones of their future selves too.

Nah, he'd tell him later.

"There's something that I would like you to do for me Merlin."

Arthur actually appeared nervous, what was he going to ask? Merlin's pulse quickened for a moment and then his jaw dropped.

"You want me to blow a bubble in the shape of what?"


Four years later.

Two bodies writhed on silken sheets, caught up in the moment.

Merlin groaned as an expert hand ran down his spine, stroking the areas which were known to be the most sensitive from previous forays over dampened skin.

It was exciting to find themselves in scenarios which they had dreamt of several years ago as teenagers. They were coming true and not as a result of either Arthur or himself instigating them. Somehow they just seemed to happen as if fate was lending a hand by creating the opportunities and anyway it wasn't as if they were lacking in ideas of their own.

Oh yes, Merlin smirked, his lover could be highly imaginative.

A sharp nip to his lip refocused his attention onto Arthur who was looking at him enquiringly, as if to say, why the hell aren't you concentrating on me when I'm naked here and so are you?

Merlin moved eagerly, to invest himself fully and decided that life couldn't be more perfect. He had his man and Camelot had a wonderful ruler in Arthur, now that King Uther had passed away.


Merlin came undone, as he always did, he couldn't help himself. The husky claiming never failed to arouse.

Quivering in reaction he whispered, "Yours."

Arthur shuddered in response.

Finis x


Author: Thanks guys for reading and reviewing and I hope you liked the fic. It was a response to a prompt for possessive baby Arthur and I love that type of fic. Sorry for any mistakes as I said before this isn't beta'd.