Hello. I wrote this because I feel Tai and Sora are a better couple. I felt this when I was a kid, and I feel the same way now. I realize in the end that Sora and Matt got together, but it doesn't mean i have to like it or agree with it. Actual Canon can suck it. Ah well. I suppose that's why we all have fan fiction. I hope you enjoy. The majority of the story is based on the storyline.

Tai Kamiya, age six, was going to soccer practice. That day was the day he was going to meet his teammates, and he was very excited. His mother held his hand firmly, like she did when she was taking Tai to his first day of Kindergarten.

"Mom!" Tai whined. "You're squeezing my hand!"

"Sorry, Taichi, I'm just nervous. First day of school, and now first day of actual league soccer. What if you get hurt?" Mrs. Kamiya sighed. "Soccer is a dangerous sport, and you could get boo-boo's, and..."

While Mrs. Kamiya was rambling on, Tai caught sight of the field, where he was to meet his team. He quickly became loose of his mother and ran over to the field. His teammates were all looking up to a young man with glasses, all accept one, who happened to be a girl.

"Welcome to the first day of soccer practice." The man said happily. "My name is Coach Andy. I have a good feeling that this is going to be a good team."

"Yeah!" one tall boy shouted. "Except we have a girl on the team!"

Coach Andy gave the boy a stern look. "Timo, that comment really was not needed."

Tai glanced over to the girl Timo was talking about. She had auburn eyes and reddish-brown hair, and looked rather appalled at Timo's comment.

"Now, for today's practice, we are going to play a soccer game! We have exactly twelve people, so we're going to split up in six. Go ahead and do that, and the game will begin!"

Tai ended up being on the same team as the girl and Timo. Timo sneered at the girl, but stopped after a glare from Coach Andy.

The girl ended up being very good, and out of the eight points scored, she scored three. Tai scored the other three, Tim scored one, and another boy named Cyan scored the last.

"Nice job, Sora!" Coach Andy cried out happily. Sora smiled, and gave the coach a high five.

Tai, now knowing her name, said good job as well. Sora smiled at him, and practice ended.

"I can't believe a girl is doing better than me." Timo said to Tai. "Girls in soccer are so stupid."

"No they're not!" Tai exclaimed. "She's doing good, really!"

"Whatever Tai. Go over and join your girlfriend."

Tai blushed. "She's not my girlfriend."

While everyone was leaving to their cars or families, Timo "accidentally" tripped Sora, who started to tear up. Tai helped her up, then turned to Timothy.

"Why did you do that for, you big jerk?" Tai asked angrily.

"Calm down! It was just an accident."

"No it wasn't! Quit being a jerk, just because she's a better soccer player than you!"

Timo turned red and walked away. Tai turned to Sora.

"Are you ok?"

"Yeah. Thank you." Sora replied, giving a half smile.

"Anytime! I think you're a good player, no matter what those jerks say." Tai rolled his eyes.

"Thank you, Tai. I think you're good, too."

Tai looked around to see who was left, and it was only Mrs. Kamiya chatting away to Coach Andy, as well as Sora and Tai.

"Where is your mommy?" Tai asked.

"I walk home, 'cause my mommy is too busy too get me now."

"My mommt and I'll walk back with you!" Tai jumped up excitedly. "Hey, wanna play volleyball with the soccer ball for a while? My mom talks forever and eternity....whatever that means."

Tai Kamiya and Sora Takenouchi became best friend that night. They both always hung out after practice at the park, and even met up at the park whenever they had no practice. Sora came over to Tai's to play video games, and Tai came over to Sora's to draw and sometimes have dinner. When school started for Grade 1, the two had the same teacher, and almost became inseparable.

The night after the strange destruction at Highton View Terrance (which we later find out was between Greymon and Parrotmon) , there was a knock on the Tai's door. His mother told him to never open the door, especially late at night, but the Kamiya parents and Kari were not home, and he decided that night it wouldn't matter. The knock on the door was Sora, holding a blanket. Sora had been upset earlier because he had puked in her hat, but now she looked frightened.

"Tai, I don't care if you puked in my hat, I'm scared! My mom is has not been home."

Tai let Sora in, and closed the door behind her. "Whaddya mean, Sora?"

"My mom has not been home since this morning. My babysitter left, and I've been by myself since dinnertime. I'm scared, and what if my apartment almost falls apart again?"

"Sora, do you want to just stay the night here tonight? My parents will be back soon, and will let you. And they can find your mommy, too!"

Sora nodded, then started to cry.

"Don't cry!" Tai assured. "You're just tired. That's what Mommy tells me when I cry. Here, you can have my bed tonight!"

Tai led Sora to his room, and to the bunk where he slept. "Where are you going to sleep, Tai?" she asked.

"I can just take Kari's spot. She sometimes sleeps with mom and dad anyway. She still wets the bed sometimes, too."

Sora giggled, then glanced at Tai. She then looked out the sky, which had the perfect view of stars. "Come up here and look at the stars with me, Tai!"

Tai climbed up the bed, and saw the view. The sky was very dark, and the stars were very aluminous. Tai then wondered about his hero, the thing that called itself "Greymon". He frowned, and Sora asked him what was wrong.

"Oh, nothing. And Sora?"


"....I really didn't mean to puke in your hat."

"I'll get you back for that, loser."

Sora punched Tai in the arm, and laughed. They soon both fell asleep on the bed, Sora drooling on Tai. (I suppose she did get her payback.)

So this is only the beginning. If it sounds rushed, sorry. I was going for the Forrest/Jenny-early-kid relationship. I think the other chapters will be better. Hope you enjoyed.