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Winter was my favourite time of year. I loved the dark, early evenings and the frosty, fresh mornings.

I never used to like the winter. When I lived with my mother back in Arizona, I loved the sun. My wardrobe consisted of shorts, tank tops and flip flops. But after living with my dad, Charlie, for two years now in Forks, I've grown closer to the coldness and rain.

I used to hate it at first, I would complain about how the rain made my hair go curly and how the sun never appeared. But believe it or not, when I visited my mother not long ago, I found myself missing the freezing weather.

I slipped into my coat and picked up my bag from the bottom of the stairs. It was eight o'clock already and I knew that even though it was Friday night, Charlie would still want me back by ten.

"Dad, I'm going out now. I'll be back in about an hour or two." I called from the hallway to the living room.

"Ok. Be careful driving, Bella." Charlie called back as I picked up my keys from the table.

My father was the Chief of Police here in Forks and was very protective of me. I knew he didn't really like me driving when it was late but it didn't stop me.

I pulled open the front door and felt the cold breeze bring Goosebumps to my skin. I walked towards my truck and opened the door. I got into my seat and placed my bag next to me, I then started my truck and turned on the heaters.

I made my way steadily along the roads, tapping my finger on the steering wheel along with the quite music coming from the radio.

I pulled into the parking lot of the little coffee shop I had been going to every school evening since I had started to live at Forks. I came here to do my homework, study, read, or even just to have some peace and quite.

I turned off the engine and picked up my school bag full if homework. After locking the Truck, I stuffed my hands into my pockets and made my way to the Coffee shop.

I pushed open the door and inhaled the rich smell of coffee. There wasn't that many people there, about six or seven. I noticed the old man, with the grey beard, who always came in on Fridays. I didn't know him but he would always give me a smile when I arrived.

I smiled back at him and walked to the booth I normally sat at. I slid in while unzipping my coat and placed my bag on the table. Once I was comfortable, I pulled out my homework and my purse. I found the right amount of money before getting back up and walking up to the counter. I leaned on the counter top and waited for someone to serve me.

I looked up and down, searching for Angela who normally served me. Angela and I went to the same school and to be honest, Angela was one of my only friends, the only other person in school I was close to was Ben, Angela's boyfriend. We didn't have a very close friendship but we would talk to each in school and sometimes sat together at Lunch.

At school I kept to myself, everyone thought I was weird anyway because I would rather do my homework with a nice warm cup of coffee instead of going out and getting trashed like the rest of the school. But I was fine with that, my education and future was much more important than friends or boys. I would be the one in the best college of the country while everyone else was working in a gas station or some fast food restaurant.

"Hi, can I get you anything?" I velvet voice said from behind the counter.

I looked up and instantly stopped breathing.

There, standing in front of me, was the most gorgeous boy I had ever seen. I couldn't help but stare at his beautiful pale skinned face. He had the most, unusual coloured hair, it was a deep reddish brown, kind of bronze and it was in that messy 'I just got out of bed' look. I then looked at was his piercing green eyes. They looked like they were somehow glowing and as if they were starring right into my soul.

"Hello?" His velvet voice broking my day dream and I quickly looked down at my hands to hide the burning blush that was starting to form on my cheeks.

"Uh, the usual please." I said quietly. I glanced up at him to find him starring down at me.

"Ok, what would that be? I just started today." He asked with a lazy smile on his face.

My blush burned again and I mentally slapped myself for being so stupid. Of course he was knew, I would remember seeing someone so breathtaking.

"Sorry, can I just have cappuccino, please." I said and pushed my money towards him along the counter.

"Sure." He said, taking my money and collecting a mug.

Even though he was knew, he obviously had experience working in a café or diner before. He was very quick at getting my order, maybe even faster than Angela.

He placed my mug on the countertop with a crooked smile. If I wasn't holding onto the counter, I swear my knees would have given way and I would be on the floor

"There you go, enjoy." He said.

"Thanks." I said quietly, trying to avoid his eyes so I wouldn't stop breathing again.

I picked up my mug and walked back to my booth. From my seat I could still see him. He glanced in my direction and shot me another crooked smile. I quickly snapped my head down and looked at my homework.

I tried as hard as I could to not look back up at him and concentrate on my homework instead but I couldn't help it. Now and then I would look up find him looking in my direction. Sometimes he would smile at me but at other times it looked like he was in his own little world. Each time I would look away as fast as could but I still found my self looking back up not long after.

I drank the rest of my cappuccino and closed my book shut. I glanced at my watch and found that it was half nine. I was finished with my homework and if I was honest to myself, I was too scared to go back up and order another coffee, I didn't want to look like an idiot again and I stop breathing.

I slid out of my booth and zipped up my coat. I turned back to collect my bag and then went to leave but froze instead.

"I hope you come back soon." He said.

He was standing right in front of me, I hadn't heard him walk up to me.

I was lost for words so instead I just nodded and added a small smile that hopefully didn't make me look too goofy.

He gave me one last smile and then stepped out the way so I could leave. Before walking out of the door, I turned back and found him collecting my mug. As if he could feel me watching him, he looked up and waved slightly.

I quickly pushed open the door and into the freezing cold that would hopefully clear my mind.

I climbed into my truck and turned on the heaters. I sat there for a while and waited for the cab to warm up.

I couldn't help but wish for the weekend to hurry up and go so I could come back on Monday, just to see his eyes again.

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