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He found her staring blankly at the wall, completely lost in thought and looking half asleep. Her knees were hugged to her chest and her head leaned on the wall beside the door to his apartment. He had seen her earlier that day at the memorial. The kunoichi had jumped out of nowhere, tugged on his shirt, yelled out his name, and then proceeded to rambling off a story that let Kakashi know she was obviously touched in the head. She had come to an abrupt stop when she noticed the strange look he was giving her. Genma had arrived just then to drag him over to the mission debriefing he was an hour and a half late to. Kakashi put up very little resistance, deciding he had nowhere better to be. Had she been waiting all day after that?

Whatever she wanted, it wasn't that important if she hadn't found him sooner.

Sakura sensed him approaching. Her head slowly turned to regard him with tired eyes. As if suddenly remembering what she was there for, she jumped to her feet, eyes now wide open and alert.


His head turned vaguely in her direction as he gave her a quiet "Hm?" He brushed past her and stopped at the door. He pulled out his key and gave her a glance, prompting her to continue. But she only stared back at him, lips parted as if about to speak.

The lock on the door gave a click and Kakashi pushed it slightly open. Sakura began talking before he could go in.

"I'm sorry about this morning," she blurted out. "I should've thought about what I said and not been so sudden, and I might have waited until you were done paying respects, but I wasn't thinking and –"

She stopped when she noticed how Kakashi's hand rested on the door, ready to bolt the second Sakura blinked. He thought she was a nut.

"I don't know who else to turn to," she said quietly.

She watched him carefully for any sign of an attempt to make a run for it.

Kakashi sighed. He hadn't had the best of days covering for Ibiki at the Konoha Detention Center. For some reason he couldn't bring himself to enjoy scarring his victims, either physically and mentally.

Ibiki swore there was something wrong with him.

And now all Kakashi wanted was to get some rest. He had better things to do than to deal with girls who claimed to come from the future, so he finished pushing the door open and walked inside. Sakura took a step inside to keep him from closing the door.

"Kakashi-sensei, please!"

He looked irked. "I really don't have time for this."

Sakura saw him looking at her like a lunatic again. She had to convince him fast before he locked himself inside.

"I'll prove I'm telling the truth!" she was desperate. This wasn't a good idea. Even after knowing him for so many years, she still felt she knew next to nothing about Kakashi. It wasn't like he ever told anyone much about himself. But she had no other choice.

"You can ask me something and I'll prove I am who I say." she offered. "Ask anything."

Kakashi was looking at her warily, but he hadn't pushed her out yet. This was a good sign. It meant he was actually considering it! She had been expecting him to slam the door in her face. Kakashi put his hand to his chin and gave a thoughtful hum. Sakura braced herself, already going through everything she knew about him and hoping the little information she had gathered over the years would be enough to help her through this.

Unfortunately for her, it wouldn't.

"Black or white?" he asked.

Sakura's mind drew a blank.


"Just answer my question. Black.... or white?" he repeated slowly.

Was this a trick question?

"Black?" she guessed.

"Okay." he said. Sakura's eyes lit up. Had she gotten it right? Was he going to help her? "But I don't see how that helps."

Sakura's face fell.

"You idiot! You know what I meant!"

"You did say anything."

"But- "

"Any information about me can be found simply by asking around. A question and answer session isn't going to prove anything." he said with reserved calm.

"Well, what else do you want me to do? Get a signed statement from the Hokage?" Sakura's face was becoming red with anger, and her muscles tensed. He was such an asshole!

"There's an idea," he said, eyes creasing in a smile. "You get that form signed for me, and then we'll talk."

Sakura just barely managed to dodge the door to her face.

Yes, having an eighteen year old girl walk up to you claiming she was your student from the future and demanding you help her get home could be a little strange. Having her follow you home and keep you from closing the door to your own house could be a tad bit annoying. But did he really have to be so rude about it?

Sakura gave the door a sound kick. "What happened to keeping an eye out for your teammates?!"

"I'm off duty at the moment," came his voice through the door. "Maybe next time."

"Kakashi-sensei! You open this door right now!" she cried out.

No reply. Sakura heard the thud of what was probably his kunai pouch being placed on the tabletop, along with various other items being discarded from his pockets. He was really planning on leaving her out there!

"I don't know who else to ask! If it were up to me I wouldn't even think of coming to you, you lazy old pervert!"

Sakura heard Kakashi's footsteps coming toward the door.

"You're going to wake the neighbors," he said quietly, his voice muffled.

"They're all old, deaf people!" Sakura replied in a purposefully louder voice. She emphasized her statement with another kick.

"Oh," was his reply, his voice back to its normal volume. "That would explain a lot."

"Please, sensei," Sakura's voice softened. "If you help, I'll do my best to pay you back."

There was a pause. Sakura could still sense him standing near the door. She felt her heart leap when he cracked it open. She, Haruno Sakura, had gotten through to the great Hatake Kakashi! This was a moment to remember.

Kakashi peeked out through the door, his vest now removed and his hitae-ate no longer covering his sharingan. He gave Sakura a good, long look. She held her breath, afraid of making him change his mind and scaring him off.

"No offense, but I'm a bit tired tonight, and you're really not my type."

It took Sakura a full minute to understand the implications of his words. Her face turned a deep shade of red.

"You PERVERT!" she finally bellowed.

In a smart move, Kakashi reshut the door.

"Of course that's the first thought that would come to your dirty mind at the mention of payment!" She hammered her fists against the wooden surface. "I can't believe I came to you of all people!"

"Then go away," he said simply.

That was it. She was fed up with everything. She was tired, hungry, hadn't slept for days, and she really hadn't done anything to deserve this. At least nothing that warranted having her taken away from her friends and life, just so she could be thrown into another time. With this bastard.

Sakura charged her hand up with chakra, and placed it on the doorknob. She gave it a sharp turn. The metal broke. Kakashi was on her in an instant.

Sakura felt the air knocked out of her lungs as her back hit the wall. She sucked in a breath and looked up to see Kakashi's more than irritated face, his hands pinning her arms and keeping her from moving.

She really wanted to go back home.