You are my reason for being.


I didn't know what I was going to do with myself now.

My three best friends - and roommates - had moved to stupid Edinburgh for college. Leaving me behind in frigging London.

It was an emotional goodbye. I had caught the train up there with them. I knew it was a long train journey and cost me hell of a load of money. But I didn't really care. That's what you did for friends, right?

So now here I am, sitting my grumpy arse on a public train seat back down to London. Back down to my empty three bedroom house. And now back down to my pitiful and sorry social life.

I sighed as the train came to a stop at the next platform. I watched the automatic doors open and a load of people pile in. I scooted over to the corner of the six seat I was occupying so that people could sit together. I stared out of the train window, watching a mother being embraced by what looked like her two children.

"Excuse me? Is anyone sitting here?" A man's voice asked me. I turned to him…

And froze.

There standing in front of me, was an extremely good-looking man. He had crow black hair, spiked up in his own personal style. His warm chocolate brown eyes bore into mine as I watched his lips pull back over his teeth, exposing two rows of straight, white teeth. The contrast between the whiteness of his teeth and the darkness of his russet, bronze coloured skin was beautiful.

Suddenly realisation hit me.

Was it just me, or was Taylor Lautner standing in front of me?

It was only when I heard someone cough behind him that I noticed he was not alone. I unwillingly averted my gaze to where the noise came from.

You have got to be serious.

Behind him stood some of the biggest acting sensations in the world.

Nikki Reed.

Kristen Stewart.

Oh, and don't forget Robert Pattinson.

Holy Jesus.

I finally managed to decide that the best thing for me to do, was not to act like a crazy fan girl. Because really, underneath the fame and fortune, they were just normal average people. Maybe not Taylor.

I should probably answer them. Staring at them was ruining my 'I'm not crazy' façade.

"Yeah. Sure." I turned back in my seat, but out of the corner of my eye, I watched them take their seats. Taylor sat opposite me, Nikki next to him and Kristen next to her. Robert sat next to me. As I tried to turn my full attention on back out the window, I noticed Taylor staring at me out of the corner of his eye, trying to act inconspicuous about it. Of course, this made my skin heat up to an abnormal temperature and my heart thud erratically beneath my ribs. I met his gaze as he met mine, his deep chocolate brown eyes were unbearably soft. So soft, I felt like I wanted to melt. Even more, when he gave me a gentle nervous smile, probably embarrassed by the fact that I had caught him looking at me. I returned the smile - just as timid - before turning my head back towards the zooming countryside out the window, trying very hard not to hyperventilate.

A few tense moments later, a shrill ringing made me jump as well as everyone else. I watched - still out of the corner of my eye - as Taylor quickly pulled his expensive looking phone out of his jean pocket. He checked the caller ID briefly before producing a dramatic groan, Nikki and Kristen exchanged worried glances.

"What?" He answered in a harsh, yet beautiful voice. To my ears anyway…

"Uh-huh. Yeah. Whatever." He said before hanging up. Rob snickered beside me.

"Girl trouble Taylor?" He asked half-amused, half-serious in his flawless British accent.

"Like you would know," Taylor muttered. For one brief moment, his eyes flickered over to my curious yet wary gaze. There was suddenly something extremely interesting outside that seemed to catch my attention.

"Is she bothering you again?" Either Kristen or Nikki asked him, it sounded like Kristen.

"Mmm. For about two months now. She wont leave me alone. That's probably…the tenth time she's called me today. I think I might get a new phone." I didn't know why, but I felt a surge of jealously coarse through my veins when he spoke of her.

"Excuse me?" A male British voice said. At first I thought it was Robert. But this voice was one that belonged to someone with much more flaws - I could hear it in the two words he spoke. He may not have been talking to me - he most likely wasn't, I mean, look who I am sitting next to - but I still instinctively turned my head to see if he was.

As I turned my head to where the voice was coming from, I realised I was right about how flawed and - no pun intended - common this man was. There in front of my stood a lanky man, probably in his early twenties, dressed in a pair of McKenzie tracksuit bottoms and a matching McKenzie hoodie. A Burberry placed at an odd angle on his head, hiding some of his unsightly, unnatural blonde hair.

I don't have high standards or anything, but he was just plain gross.

When he realised I was looking at him, he smirked, exposing two rows of crooked yellow teeth.

The difference between his and Taylor's?

There was no comparison.

"Are you talking to me?" I asked, my eyes rested on the celebrities sitting around me. They all seemed to have the same confused, disgusted expressions.

"Yeah," He waited, the ugly smirk returning.

"Well, what do you want?" I tried to sound polite, just encase he was only being friendly, but it still came out semi-harsh.

"Well, it weren't really me. But my mate was wondering if he could do ya," He started to snicker as I felt my cheeks flame. I now happened to notice, a couple of seats behind him, was who I presumed his 'mate', impossibly worse looking than his friend standing in front of me. When he noticed I was staring - more like glaring - at him. He puckered his lips at me and winked. I made a face and clenched my teeth, fighting the urge to hurl at him.

I turned back to his friend with narrowed eyes.

"Do you really think that, that is anyway to talk to a woman?"

I froze.

Because it wasn't my voice that said that. It wasn't my anger and fury that leaked into those words.

But it was a voice I would certainly never forget.

Taylor was standing in front of his seat, glaring at the asshole standing in front of me. His jaw was clenched and his hands were in fists at his sides. My heart lurched.

Was he really sticking up for me?

Any second now and I'll wake up from this dream.

Any second…

"Was I talking to you?" The guy asked glaring back at him, "No. So why don't you fuck off?" He finished off, turning back to me with a smirk that made me feel slightly nauseated.

Beside me, Robert stood up from his seat-much more relaxed than Taylor.

"Look mate, maybe you should just leave. She obviously doesn't want to…erm, do that. So why don't you and your mate give us all a break and back off?" He wasn't harsh, but there was a strong persuasive edge to his usually soft voice.

Literally out of nowhere his unsightly friend appeared behind him, arms folded across his chest.

"Is there a problem here?" Asked the second guy.

"Yeah. You're the problem." Taylor muttered.

"What the fuck did you say? Say it to my fucking face. Fucking dick." He said pushing his way towards Taylor. He looked pretty intimidating, but Taylor was physically bigger and more muscular so he stood his ground. Firmly.

"Hey! Look can you just leave? Please?" I asked standing up next to Robert. The last thing I wanted, was to have these guys getting into a fight because of me. Luckily, I got the attention I wanted.

"Fine. Lets go Sam." Said the first guy before turning and walking down the other end of the train. Sam followed, but paused in front of me, I thought he was just going to make another rude sarcastic comment, but instead, he grabbed me roughly by the waist and jerked me towards his body.

My fist connected faster with his face than his body connected with mine.

He stumbled backwards, his hand covering the place where I must have hit him. I flexed my fingers, which were throbbing slightly but it didn't feel like they were broken.

"Fucking hell bitch!" He spat.

"Don't you dare touch me again." I growled at him, my hands shook slightly. He glared at me.

"You're a fucking slag, that's what you are. You're going to regret you ever did that." He told me, still rubbing his jaw. I snorted and rolled my eyes.

"I doubt she is, now why don't you fuck off back to your hole?" Nikki spoke up from behind him.

"Yeah. Get." Kristen interjected making a face. Surprisingly, he didn't do anything except stalk off after his friend muttering something about 'fucking yanks'. I exhaled a deep breath and took my seat again as did Taylor and Rob. I looked round at all of them, who were all looking at me relieved. Taylor looked slightly concerned.

"Thank you for helping me," I said to all of them. Robert chuckled next to me.

"Your welcome. But with a punch like that I don't think you really needed any help," I smiled at the compliment.


"I'm Robert by the way. But you can call me Rob," He said extending his hand, I took it and smiled.

"Rae." 5,4,3,2...

"Wow, that's an unusual name. I like it though. Its different," I smiled even though I had heard that so many times I had lost count. Well, it wasn't everyday a celebrity complimented my name.

"Thanks. Its Thai."

"Oh, so are you Thai?" Kristen asked.

"Mm-hmm. Only half though," I corrected.

"That would explain your eyes," Taylor said quietly opposite me. Sigh.

I had always hated my eyes. I unfortunately inherited more features from my dad than my mum. His eyes were huge, bigger than mine. But as my mother was Thai, my eyes had an almond shape to them. My friends had always complimented them, saying that big eyes were better, but it was just a compliment I couldn't accept. I knew what Taylor meant, but I still had to ask.

"What do you mean?" I asked politely.

"Your eyes have an oriental look to them. They're really beautiful," My heart started to race hyperactively in my chest.

Okay, so I was expecting the first part. But definitely not the second. It looked like no one else expected it either.

"I…er…Thanks." He sighed in response. In my peripheral vision I saw Nikki and Kristen exchange amused glances.

"So are you guys all friends?" I asked out of curiosity. It wasn't like I didn't already know, but still.

"Yeah," Rob said from beside me, "Oh. This is Kristen, Nikki and Taylor." He said pointing to the correct people. Kristen extended he hand towards me, a friendly smile on her face.

"Nice to meet you," She said as I shook her dainty hand,

"You too." I then moved onto Nikki who sat beside her, her hand also extended towards me.

"Nice to meet you Rae." I grinned, "You too Nikki." She grinned back at me.

I didn't know why, but when I moved onto Taylor, my heart burst into a sprint faster than any world runner and a cold perspiration dewed on the back of my neck. I smiled warmly at him, he returned the smile and extended his hand. I brought my hand more hesitantly up to his. I didn't know what was happening to me, but I had certainly never felt this way before. His large warm hand, which was now curled around mine sent electric currents coursing through my veins. My heart reacted to the touch immediately, now hammering away in my chest. Like a caged animal trying to escape.

The pounding was so loud in my ears I could hardly hear him speak.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Rae," Chills rippled over the surface of my skin when he said my name. I wanted to imprint it to my brain forever.

"Pleasures mine Taylor," I got a thrill out of saying his name. It looked like he did too. I unwillingly loosened my grip from around his warm, rough hand indicating that he should let go of my-now sweating-hand.

I heard Rob clear his throat quietly, muttering something under his breath. Something along the lines of 'awkward much?'

"So…where are you heading to?" Rob asked me as I leaned back in my seat,

"London," I sighed at the thought of going home to an empty house.

"Seriously? That's where we're going too." I had kind of already guessed that.

"Really? That's cool. If you don't mind me asking. Why?" Rob looked over to Nikki and Kristen cautiously, who simply nodded in return.

"We're here for the premiers of Breaking Dawn tomorrow. We're staying here for a few months before we go back to L.A. As its our last premier, we're kind of staying here for a holiday." I could feel them all scrutinizing my calm expression. Probably wait for me to start screaming.

"Oh, cool. Are you guys in the film?" I asked in a nonchalant tone.

"Um, yeah." Perked up Taylor, "I play Jacob, Kristen's Bella. Nikki's Rosalie and Rob's Edward,"

"Oh, yeah. Now I remember. I read those books ages ago," I waved my hand, emphasizing the past tense. They all nodded warily, like they were still unsure.

"What?" I asked self-consciously. Maybe I had something on my face.

"Um. Well, its just that you're probably the first person we've met who hasn't screamed at us," Kristen explained quietly. I snorted, trying to ease the tension. It seemed to work.

"Why would I scream at you? Unless you want me to…"

"NO!" They all shouted in unison, I jumped back in my seat.

"We, um, mean that we would prefer it if you didn't." Taylor informed me gently.

"No problem. I guess you guys get that a lot, huh?" Nikki laughed,

"You wouldn't believe it." They all seemed to visibly relax around me.

"So…how come your coming back from Scotland?" Rob asked, I sighed dramatically before answering,

"Because I went with my friends to say goodbye."

"You don't seem too happy about that," Kristen noted.

"Yeah, I know. I'm upset their gone. But I'm also dreading the thought of going home to an empty house with no roommates." I twisted and untwisted my hands as I spoke. I didn't want to talk about this. It would just make me more upset.

"So where are you guys staying?" Curiosity and trying to change the subject getting the better of me.

"In a shitty hotel. And to top it off we're staying there for a three months!" Nikki told me in a frustrated tone, throwing her hands up in the air.

"I cant deal with it anymore. I hate staying in hotels. We could have stayed at Rob's place, but its too small." She shot him a dirty look. He grinned sheepishly, holding his hands up defensively.

"Hey. Its not my fault. I didn't know I was going to be accommodating for three extra crazy people." Kristen kicked his seat causing him to jump, resulting in everyone laughing. It looked like he was blushing.

Then inspiration hit me like a bolt of lightening.

Just because my previous roommates had left, it didn't mean I couldn't find new roommates. I didn't know if they wanted to stay. I mean I had only met them an hour ago. But, I wouldn't know until I asked. It wouldn't hurt to ask, would it?

"Well, I don't know if you want to or anything. But I'm going to have some spare rooms in my house now that my friends have gone and-"

"Yes!" Squealed Nikki. She clasped both of her hands together, extending them away from her body.

"Please, please, please can we stay?" She begged me. I looked around her circle of friends apprehensively.

"Please?" Kristen added when my eyes rested on her. Taylor just smiled at me sweetly making my heart lurch. I took that as a yes.

"Well…" Rob said, "I could stay at my own place. But what fun would that be? So yeah. I'm in." He looked at me, "If that's alright with you of course." I grinned in response. Well, that was definitely not the reaction I was expecting.

It was better.

"Of course its okay. Roomies." I grinned at them as did they all.

As if just to ruin the moment, Taylor's phone started to ring. Everyone groaned apart from me. I guessed that it was probably that girl that kept on pestering him. I felt anger towards whoever she was.

What gave her the right?

"Sorry," He was addressing everyone, but his eyes only seemed to gaze into mine before he got up out of his seat and walked down to the end of the carriage to take the call.

"Who's the girl that keeps pestering him?" I knew I was being nosey, but I didn't really give two shits. Kristen sighed heavily.

"Taylor Swift." My stomach lurched at the sound of her name.

So you guys know I'm a fan of Twilight. Pretty hardcore too. I've read each book about…nineteen times altogether. Maybe more. I even joined a group on Facebook, which provided me with all necessary information about the Saga.

And seeing as I was a…very big Taylor fan, I knew everything about his relationship - or should I say previous relationship - with Taylor Swift.

That was probably the reason why I loathed that girl.

"How come she keeps calling him?" I hoped that they couldn't detect the tremor in my voice.

"Because they went on a couple of dates ages ago, after we finished filming New Moon. But he finished it because his Dad said that it wasn't a good idea to date, when he should be concentrating on his career. His Dad's kinda strict about stuff like that. And, now the movies are finished, she wants to get back together with him. And he obviously doesn't. So…yeah, you kind of get the picture," I nodded thoughtfully.

"Anyway. Enough about that. Nikki and I have something to talk to you about, which is way more important." They both shifted forward in their seat excitedly as I shifted forward in mine anxiously.

"Go for it," I encouraged warily.

"Did you know that Taylor likes you?" My heart stuttered before bursting into a full blown sprint. Did I just hear her correctly?

I cleared my throat quietly.

"Um, no. I didn't know that,"

"Aw, come on guys. Cut Rae some slack. I don't think this is very fair on Taylor either," Rob defended.

"Shut up Rob." Nikki told him. He surprisingly turned very quiet beside me.

"Rae. Isn't it obvious? I mean, the way he's been looking at you. Don't tell me you haven't noticed."

I'd better stick with the truth.

"Well, I have kind of noticed. But I didn't think that he…um, liked me."

"Well he does." Kristen finished with a triumphant smile.

"Okay." I responded. There was a reason why I had only said that instead of jumping around and screaming.

He's a celebrity.

I'm not.

He's famous.

I'm not.

He can have any girl he wants.

I cant have any guy I want.

And, how the heck can I compete with Taylor fucking Swift?

What if he is just putting this on to be nice?

"You don't look as happy as I thought you would," Kristen noted with a frown. Wow, I had better keep my emotions in check around her.

"No, no, no. It's not that I'm not happy. Trust me."

"Then what's wrong Rae?" Nikki asked quietly,

"Nothings wrong," I murmured back. She raised one disbelieving brow at me.

"What?" I asked innocently.

"Do you not like him back?" She asked, glancing over her shoulder to him talking impatiently down the phone. Not like him back? How could you not like him?

"It's not that I'm not happy, it just…ah, never mind," I muttered the last part, as I spotted Taylor making his way back towards us. My gaze met with his briefly and his characteristic frown turned into a smile.

He was always so happy, it made me happy.

"Sorry about that guys. It was her again," He apologized as he re-took his seat.

"Ah, don't worry about it. We were just discussing-"

"OW!" Rob shouted, holding this place on his ribcage where I had just elbowed him.

"Jesus woman! I don't want to know what pain that poor guy is going through. But that hurt!" I laughed, Kristen gave me a thumbs up and Nikki mouth 'Nice save'.

Although I was positive it wasn't.

"What were you discussing?" Taylor asked, proving my thought right.

"Oh, we were just talking about…um…" Rob looked at me desperately.

"We were just discussing what we were going to do when we get back. Weren't we guys?" They all nodded slowly, Taylor raised one black brow unconvinced.

"Oh, okay then." Phew, that was too close.

"What are we doing then when we get back Rae?"


"Well, first of all we have to get back and that will probably take a few hours. Then we were going to…get a Chinese take-away and watch a movie." Wow, those lies were coming out better than I thought. Although, I didn't know whether the others had eaten. So if they had…

They were screwed.

"Mm. Sounds cool. I'm starving anyway." I exhaled a sigh of relief as did everyone else.

A couple of minutes later a middle-aged woman approached us with a trolley of beverages and snacks.

"What do you want Rae?" Rob asked me as the lady handed Nikki and Kristen two bottles of Coke and a bag of Haribo and a bag of Prawn Cocktail crisps.

"Can I have a water and…some gummy bears please?" He nodded and told the lady, I turned to get my purse and stopped when I saw Taylor smirking at me.

"What?" I asked. It was actually quite funny how close we had all become in such a short space of time.

"Gummy bears?" He laughed.

"What's wrong with gummy bears?" I asked defensively, but I was positive he knew that I was joking.

"I would have taken you for a…chocolate kind of person," he informed me. I made a disgusted face.

"Ugh. No way. I hate chocolate. I don't mind chocolate cake. But that it. Anything thing else is...Ugh!" I shivered at the single thought of it, he raised his eyebrows at me.

"Seriously? Well, it looks like I'm going to have to get to know you a lot better, aren't I?" My heart felt like it had just fell out of my bum.


I retrieved my purse from my bag and held my hand out to Rob as he placed my stuff on the table in front of me.

"What's that?" For a celebrity and all. He was a bit of a dumb-ass. In a hilarious kind of way.

"The money for my things," he shook his head and raised his hands like he had committed a crime.

"Uh-uh. No way. I'm getting this. Besides, your having us living in your house for three months. It's the least I could do." I was determined to make him take the money. But he looked even more determined to refuse it. So I slipped it back into my purse with a shrug.

"Thanks," I smiled. He surprised me, when I felt him sling his arm loosely around my shoulders. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something spark in Taylor's eyes. He looked…envious?

Ha, doubt it.

"Anything for my BB," he whispered into my hot ear. I blushed.

"Rob! Stop hitting on her! Jesus, your like old enough to be her dad. Disgusting." Nikki told him. Fortunately, he removed his arm from around my shoulders, chuckling.

"For one, I am not disgusting. Two, I was not hitting on her. And three, she's not that young, and I'm not that old."

"How old are you?" Taylor asked opposite me. He seemed to have controlled his facial expression, although there was still something hidden deep in his mesmerizing chocolate brown eyes.

"I'm nineteen," I told him. He smiled slightly, before taking a swig of his Sprite.

"Seriously? Your nineteen?" Rob asked me,

"Mm-hmm, my birthday is October third. So not long until I'm twenty." I replied joyfully. Only two more months…

"Oh Rob? What does BB stand for?" He chuckled.

"Just an invented term. British buds," I laughed as did he.

"I'm only quarter British," I corrected,

"And half Thai." Taylor interjected with a smirk that made me want to hyperventilate.

"What else?" Rob asked curiously, before taking a long swig from his Coke bottle.

"Um…I think I have some bits of Italian and German. But I cant really remember…"

"Taylor's part German and French. Aren't you?" Nikki nudged him playfully. He nodded, his piercing eyes on me. It made me feel slightly self-conscious.

It wasn't like I was going to complain or anything.

"Yeah. Do you speak it?" I nodded, slightly embarrassed.

"I'm better at German than French," I didn't want to brag.

"My parents would love you," I felt my cheeks re-heat. I hadn't known his a day and he was already talking about this kind of thing?

I couldn't help but feel very flattered.

"Thanks," He winked at me. Causing my blood to boil under my skin. Hopefully he couldn't see under my tanned complexion.

"Well come on then," Rob nudged me playfully, snapping me from my daze.


"Speak to us in German."

"No," I whined.

"Aw, please Rae." Taylor said in the sweetest voice I had ever heard in my life. His eyes bore into mine making me lose all train of thought.

"What?" I asked, my mesmerised gaze still locked with his.

"Please speak to us in German?" He asked in the same sweet voice, I couldn't help but nod.

"How did you do that?" Rob asked Taylor in disbelief. Taylor broke the unbearable gaze to grin at him.

"I have my ways," I shook my head vigorously before glaring at him.

"I hate you," He gasped and held his hand over his heart.

"You don't mean that. Do you?" His bottom lip trembled slightly as he spoke.

Frigging actors.

I folded my arms over my chest and leaned back in my seat, determined not to let him use his unfair powers on me. We were both joking, but I was trying my hand at acting. So far I wasn't doing so great.

"I think she does Taylor," Nikki snickered as did Kristen and Rob who were also watching.

"Do you?" Taylor asked me in a voice that made my eyes water. I groaned in defeat.

"No! I don't, okay? Better now?" His sad expression disintegrated immediately, replaced by a big fat smirk.

"Extremely," Smugness radiated off of every inch of his body. I rolled my eyes before turning too the others.

"How do you stand him?" I asked them, jerking my thumb back to Taylor. They all laughed.

"Not without great difficulties," Rob told me with a laugh.

"Hello?! I'm still here!" Taylor called.

"Oh yeah. Sorry, didn't see you there, Taylor," I smirked turning back in my seat, he glared at me playfully.

"Weren't you going to speak German?" He said changing the subject, folding his muscular arms across his chest. I shrugged, trying to act unfazed by it.

"What do you want me to say?"

"Say…Taylor's hot," he grinned at me exposing all of his dazzling white teeth. I resisted the urge to blink.

"Erm, no Taylor. Say… 'Hello, how are you?'" Rob said. Everyone stared at him.

"It's a start." He defended himself, folding his arms sulkily. I laughed.

"Okay. Its not too different from English. Guten Tag. Wie gehts?" They all stared at me. Taylor had his mouth slightly open.

"How is that even remotely close to English?" Kristen asked incredulously, I shrugged.

"Some words are,"

"Some words." Rob scoffed, I elbowed him playfully, which he surprisingly managed to dodge.

"Ah, your learning." He smirked.

"Okay. What else do you want me to say?"

"I have one! Say… 'Rae loves Kristen, Rob, Nikki and Taylor'" Kristen instructed me.

"Rae liebst Kristen, Rob, Nikki und Taylor." Taylor muttered something under his breath, too low for me to hear. But Nikki seemed to and stared at him with wide eyes. He noticed and his skin darkened.

Was he…blushing?

"Hmm. Okay I give. It is slightly like English," Kristen allowed.

"I only speak the truth." I laughed as did everyone else.

"So guys…completely changing the subject. What's you favourite movies?" I was trying to keep the conversation up, yet I also actually needed to know. Because thanks to me, we had a movie night ahead of us.

Luckily, Rob seemed to catch on.

"Do you have any movies with Jack Nicolson?" I thought for a moment.

"I think I do. Yeah, its called the Bucket List." I now remembered that I absolutely adored this movie. It was never failed in getting the waterworks going. I was determined to make a bucket list when I was older.

"Ah, that film makes me cry," Kristen admitted sheepishly.

"Me too!" I said.

"Me three," Nikki admitted, completely unashamed, "Well boys. You still up for it?" Nikki asked sarcastically.

"Sure. It's a great movie." Taylor said shrugging.

"Don't worry. If you guys cry, you can always use me and Rob as tissues." But his eyes only met mine as he spoke.

"Okay. But can we at least watch a normal movie after? I'll be crying all night otherwise!" Nikki warned us.

"God help us. Not the crying!" Rob begged, but it was obvious that he was joking.

"Crying is guaranteed if we don't watch another movie. Now stop acting like a moron!" Nikki hissed at him. Rob laughed and pulled a stupid face, resulting in us all busting up in laughter.

"Comedy? Or action?" I asked.

"Action!" Taylor shouted before anyone had a chance to blink. I looked at Kristen and Nikki who merely nodded in agreement.

"Do you have Transformers?" Kristen asked.

"Yup. All of them."

"Can we watch the on that's just come out? I haven't seen that one yet."


"I love Transformers." Taylor sighed. Rob laughed.

"Only because Megan Fox is in it." I shrugged.

"I don't blame him to be honest. She's a good-looking woman," I admitted.

Don't worry. I'm not a bisexual.

"So there." Taylor finished, sticking his tongue out at Rob before turning to Kristen and Nikki, joining in their sweet throwing game.

"I guess…" Rob shrugged indifferently.

"Okay then. Who's your type of girl then?" I asked. For the slightest second, his embarrassed gaze flickered over to Kristen. Whoa.

Okay, well I knew that loads of people had thought that something going on between these two. But this was the first time I had ever realised.

"Oh." He looked down at me from underneath his ridiculously long eyelashes.


"Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me." I winked at him and he exhaled a sigh of relief.

"Cheers Rae," he said before turning to others and complaining the 'he wanted a go'. Kristen picked out a ring from the packet of sweets and shot it straight into his mouth. I clapped my hands together. She turned to me. I grinned and opened my mouth in order to catch the flying egg.

As to be expected, the sweet managed to bounce off of my lip and land on Taylor's shoe. He laughed at my disgruntled expression, before he picked it up and brushed it with his little finger. I opened my mouth, so that he could throw it in. Surprisingly, he did.

"Whey!" I said clapping my hands together.

"Score!" He shouted throwing his arms up in the air triumphantly.

"Excuse me? Do you think you could keep the noise down? This is a public train. Not a playground-" A female train conductor scolded us. She suddenly froze mid-rant as she realised who was seated in front of her.

"Oh. I am ever so sorry." She apologized in her slightly Scottish accent. In my peripheral vision I saw Nikki roll her eyes. Rob sighed next to me.

"Don't worry about it," Taylor said unfazed.

"Well. I don't mean to bother you, but I am a huge fan. Could I have an autograph, please?"

She pulled out a scrap piece of paper from her bum-bag and a biro and handed it wordlessly to Kristen who signed it and passed it onto Nikki who quickly signed it and thrust it to Taylor who quickly scribbled his signature down and passed it to me. I gave it straight to Rob who gave me a disapproving look.

"Rae. Your meant to sign it," He told me, handing it back to me.

What the hell?

"What? No. They lady doesn't want my signature," I looked up at the lady who was staring admiringly at the back of Rob's head. I resisted the urge to shudder.

"Would you like our friend to sign it too?" Rob asked her politely. I was shocked when she nodded eagerly.

"Do you know who you remind me of? Myleene Klass, she's a beautiful woman," I blushed fiercely as I signed the scrap piece of paper. She wasn't the first person to notice that.

"Are you sure your not?" She asked me as I handed Rob the piece of paper.

"Nope. Sorry. Just a look-alike," I smiled sadly. As I watched Rob sign the piece of paper, I couldn't help but think how much my life had changed today.

Famous roommates?

Signing an autograph?

Taylor Lautner - pause for angels to sing - calling me beautiful?

It was all beyond reality.

"…cant wait to see Breaking Dawn. You guys are so amazing and talented." I heard the older woman gush.

"Thank you," Nikki said.

"Okay. Well, it was so good to meet you!" She said backing away, her dreamy gaze was fixed on Rob.


"Yeah, you too." Nikki and Kristen waved, as did I. Taylor and Rob copied. When she was actually gone, everyone seemed to visibly relax around me.

"Sorry about that," Kristen apologized.

"Don't worry about it. I quite enjoyed it actually. That was my first autograph." I chuckled, so did Taylor.

My phone suddenly started to vibrate in my pocket making me jump so high, I ended up on Rob's lap. I blushed and quickly climbed off of him. Everyone looked at me like I was retarded. Yet again, I caught Taylor looking…quite shocked.

"Sorry. My phone vibrated," I apologized sheepishly. They all laughed as I pulled my phone out of my pocket. I checked the caller ID briefly. It was Katherine - but everyone who knew her called her Kins.

"Hey Kins!" I answered. Kins was one of my three best friends who had moved up to Edinburgh. She was probably one of my closest friends too. We had shared a room at my house.

"RAE!" She screamed, "OH MY GOD THIS PLACE IS AMAZING! I WISH-" I held the phone away from my throbbing ear, saving myself from permanent deafness. Everyone snickered around me. The buzz down the phone seemed to have stopped. I cautiously placed the phone back to my ear.

"Please don't scream at me again," It was quiet down the other end of the phone.


"Who was that in the background, Rae?" Kins asked, her voice was like my mother.

"Just some friends." I glanced over at them. Nikki and Kristen were chatting amongst themselves quietly, whilst Taylor and Rob were having an arm wrestling match. Taylor thrashed Rob in one go.

"What friends? You must still be on the train,"

"Yes, I am still on the train. I met them on the train,"

"Ooh, what are their names?" She pressed. I sighed giving in. What was the point? She would get it out of me in the end.

"Kristen, Nikki, Rob and Taylor." Saving the best till last. It was suddenly silent down the other end of the phone. Kins wasn't a Twilight fan, but she still may have recognized the names. Damn!

"There are guys?!" She exclaimed. I laughed in relief. That was so Kins.

"Yes there are."

"Oh my God! Why didn't you tell me Rae?!"

"Because its not that important," I lied.

"Are they really hot?" She continued eagerly.

"Yes," I told her honestly.

"How old?"

"Um…hold on a sec," I pulled the phone away from my ear and leaned towards Taylor and Rob, "Hey, Taylor? Rob? My friend wants to know how old you are. Don't ask." They both laughed.

"I'm twenty-two and Robs twenty-seven." Taylor told me. Although I had asked for both of their ages, I was only really interested in one.

"They're twenty-two and twenty-seven." I informed her.

"Ooh. Go for the younger one. He's probably better looking," Oh how right she was.

"Okay…Thanks for that. I'll keep it in mind,"

"Seriously Rae. When was the last time you had a boyfriend?" She asked me sceptically.

"Well…I, um-"

"Exactly. It was so freaking long ago, you cant even remember."

"I'm just waiting for the right person. We cant all be hoes," I hissed. I really didn't want to be talking about this. She snorted down the phone.

"Hoes or no hoes, Rae. You need someone who can look after you now me, Amy and Sarah have gone." Amy and Sarah being my next closest friends.

"They are going to look after me. They are my new roommates." I nearly growled.

"WHAT?!" She spluttered. I sighed.

"Taylor, Rob, Kristen and Nikki are my new roommates." I hoped to God they didn't mind me telling her.

Well, it wasn't like she was crazy or anything.

"In some ways, aren't you really glad you came with us?" She asked in a much more calm voice.

"Mm-hmm," It was quiet on the other end.

"You don't believe me, do you?" I asked.

"No, not really. Sorry." She admitted immediately. I sighed and pulled the phone out from under my long dark-brown hair. I picked Taylor, as Rob was chatting to the others and Taylor was playing on his phone.

"Taylor?" He looked up instantly with a smile so big, it looked like it must have hurt his cheeks.

"Do you think you could tell my friend Kins that you guys are staying round my house? She doesn't believe that I have boys staying round my house." He smirked as he took the phone out of my hand.

I watched him intently as he put the phone to his ear.

"Hello?" He asked,

"Hi…Kins. It's Taylor here. Rae just wanted me to tell you that we are definitely staying at her house. For three months," He informed her in a voice that even she could not not believe.

There was a long pause while she said something. It must have been two whole minutes before Taylor started laughing.

"Well, that's nice to know. And, well, thanks for the advice.."

Advice? I started to knaw the skin on my finger-tips. Something I did when I was embarrassed, nervous, concerned…you name it and my fingers will eventually bleed.

It was a disgusting habit.

"Would you like to talk to Rae again?" Taylor asked politely.

"Oh okay then. Will do. Bye," He ended the call before handing it to me. Smiling.

"Kins says 'she believes you and that she misses you, as do Amy and Sarah.'" He told me.

"Thanks, but what mean by 'thanks for the advice'?" He chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck nervously.


"Okay fine! But don't get mad at her. She said she was only doing it because she loved you,"

Oh shit.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to listen anymore.

He seemed to be choosing his words very carefully before he spoke them. I glared at him suspiciously.

"She said… 'If you ever hurt her. I will personally come down there and rip your balls off in your sleep. And if not, then we are going to get along great.'" I felt my blood start to boil. In some ways, it was quite sweet of her to say that, but in loads more ways I felt absolutely humiliated by her words. No wonder she didn't want to talk to me after.

"I'm really sorry," I apologized. He just chuckled.

"Don't be. It was quite funny actually," he smiled at me.

Not that goddamn smile…