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"As the father of the bride, I would like to make a toast," Taylor announced to all the guests.

"From the moment Clover was born, Rae and I knew she would be a special one. So special, she would find a man that suited her, just like Max does. From the beginning, it was rough, from the loss of Clover's sister we never thought we would be able to cope. But we did. Looking into the eyes of our beautiful daughter, gave Rae and I hope. She gave us the reason why life was so beautiful," I smiled and blinked back the tears, "Life has it's ups and downs, but with Clo around, there are always more ups. I mean, she is always keeping her sister and brother in check - anyone who does that has to be a saint," people laughed around us and I took a glance down the other side of Taylor to see Josh grinning his father's grin and Melody giggling with a delicate shade of pink on her cheeks, "She brings her happiness around with her, spreading it - as you will all know," he took a deep breath and he looked like he was about to burst into tears,

"When I look at these two, I see a bright future. Full of prosperity and a life time of love and happiness. Today, we are surrounded by so many friends and family members, who mean so much to us. We feel very privileged that you have travelled over here to spend this special day - the wedding of Clover and Max - with us, and I thank you all," he took his champagne glass from the table in front of him, "Now would you please all rise and join me, in wishing the bride and groom a long and happy married life together," I stood up beside him with my raised glass as did the many guests, he turned to Clo and Max, "May your lives be entwined with only the strongest hold, you unique pair share. And may joy, never end in your loving hearts."

"To Clover and Max." Everyone toasted around us and burst into a round of applause for Taylor. Clover and I both had to wipe our tears away.

"Thank you, dad. That was…well, it was really something." Clo leaned around me to hug Taylor close to her.

"No problem, honey. I love you."

"Love you too." He kissed her forehead.

"She's right. That was amazing, sweetie." I took his hand in mine.

"I still got the moves," He smiled tenderly at me and leaned over to kiss my lips.

"It's amazing how far everything's gone. I cant quite believe it." I leaned back in my chair, watching Clo and Max go up onto stage for their first dance.

So many memories

"I know. It feels like it was only yesterday and that was me and you,"

"We can still have our moment,"

"Are you trying to ask me to dance? I'm shocked." He chuckled his warm laugh.

"Oh shut up and ask me to dance." He got to his feet and took my hand formally, clearing his throat.

"May I have the honour?" I giggled and took his hand, letting him lead me to the dance floor. I wound my arms around his neck as his settled on my waist.

"You know," I started with a murmur as more people joined the dance floor, "Those were the exact words you said to me on our wedding."

"They were weren't they?" He smiled and twirled me around, "Come to think of it. This is the same song we danced to…" I smiled knowingly as Enrique Iglesias filled my ears.

"I can be your Hero baby," he sang under his breath to me, gazing into my eyes as he held me close,

"I can kiss away the pain," he kissed me tenderly on my parted lips,

"I will stand by you forever," his grip tightened on me and his gaze locked with mine - a million memories flitted over their chocolate haze,

"You can take my breath away." We both whispered to each other, releasing a long gust of air.

"Only you can take my breath away." He altered, resting his forehead against mine, holding both out hands between our touching chests. The steady pulse of our heartbeats vibrated against our touch.

"I will be your Hero."

The End. - The worst words anyone wants to hear.

Long live Taylor and Rae.