My Happily Ever After


I have to go back.
Because evil never springs up out of the
Lord's good earth and happens on
its own.
"Numbering All the Bones"
Ann Rinaldi

I finally got my happy ending. After waiting most of my life and going through heartbreak. I finally imprinted. I then waited eight years before my Nessie and I were married. What I didn't know was that with one happy ending there was also a more sinister one. I thought that everything would be perfect. Our wedding night was perfect, we were perfect. Then one more beautiful thing happened in my already perfect life. Nessie was pregnant. We all thought that Nessie would be infertile after she was fully matured. But we found out she was pregnant when she was a month on. This was one of the happiest times of my life. We were married, my Nessie was pregnant, we were living wonderfully. I thought we would live happily ever after. Oh how I wish life was a fairy tale, but fate just didn't want me to live in a fairy tale. For my life was only filled with tragedy, sorrow, and loss those last nine months.