Chapter II: Second Visitor

A cop car rolls by Wilshire Boulevard. After it rolled by, a second electrical disturbance ignites in an alleyway where a buch of drunken homeless hedgehogs are sleeping. They awaken to the electrical disturbance. When the disturbance reaches its' peak, a flash of light happens for a microsecond, and second male hedgehog falls to the ground, also naked. This male hedgehog is red. But what is different about him is that he is a fully-living being. His name is Alan Richterez the Third, A soldier in the TechCom Resistance. His mission, from the leader of the TechCom Resistance, is to protect the leader's mother, Amy Rose. He slowly gets up, in pain from the time displacement field. He gets back on his feet, a little wobbly at first, but then he regains his strength. He looks around, somewhat in shock. But he can sense that he's in the right place. He runs towards the next street. He stops and looks towards one of the drunken homeless hedgehogs.

"Hey, buddy, did you just see a real bright light?" the hedgehog asked the naked hedgehog. Alan knocks the hedgehog out and steals his pants. All of a sudden, a cop car pulls up and shines the searchlight on him.

The first cop, an anthropomorphic lion, asked, "Is he the guy?" While Alan is pulling his new pants up, he looks at the cop car and runs the opposite way.

"He's rabbiting!" The other cop, an anthropomorphic rabbit, said.

As Alan is running away, the lion yelled, "Hold it right there!" As Alan is running away, the lion yelled, "Hey! I said hold it!"

But Alan keeps running. The hedgehog cop chases him, telling his partner to go for backup. The cop is stopped briefly by the drunken hedgehog, who screams, "That son of a bitch took my pants!" Then the cop continues pursuing Alan. Alan runs down the opposite direction of the alleyway while the cop chases him. The cop car from before starts coming up the alleyway, trying to block Alan. Alan turns left down another alleyway to get away from the cops.

He reaches a one-way street, where he is nearly run over by a yellow car, but he jumped and rolled over the hood of the car. He then proceeds to run down the street in front of the car. The cop is hot on his trail. Then Alan starts to run faster, going at like 20 miles an hour. He then makes a hard left and disappears into a doorway. When the cop turns at the same alley that Alan did, he doesn't see him anywhere. He starts to walk cautiously down the alleyway, with his hand on his gun, waiting for Alan to reappear. Alan all of a sudden comes from behind one of the dumpsters and tackles the cop. The cop manages to draw his revolver. But Alan grabs hold of the cops arm. The cop fires off a shot, then Alan elbows the cop in the gut, making him drop the gun. Alan picks the gun up and points it at the cop. He's frantic by this time.

"What day is it? The date!" Alan demands from the cop.

"12th of May. Thursday," the cop said in reply, his voice shaking in fear.

"What year?" Alan demands again.

"What?" the cop asked in confusion. Alan looks to his left, and then his right, seeing another cop car coming down the alleyway. He runs down the alleyway, away from the cop car. But about twenty feet down the alley, another cop car blocks his path. He then runs towards a chain-locked door, bashing the door open by bashing it to break the chain.

The other cops come up to the weaponless one, who said, "He's got my gun! Let's go!" The cop and his backup run after him through the doorway.

Alan runs through what seems to be the storage area for a department store. He runs through two plastic swinging doors. He runs towards the clothing section and then starts crawling really fast. Three cops come up and search for him, with two of them going down the escalator. Then Alan gets up and runs while ducking below the tops of the clothes.

While a cop shines a flashlight near Alan's position, Alan reaches up for a grey jacket. He quietly removes the hanger and slips it on. While the cops are still looking for him, he runs by a shoe rack and picks a pair of Nikes and puts them against his feet to see if they would fit. They did. He quickly slips them on and continues running from the cops. When he gets to the front door, another cop car pulls up. He stops, looks around for a second, and then decides to run towards the escalator. He hops over the railing to the next side and runs up the rest of the way. A cop shines his flashlight up the same escalator, then walks away.

Next we see Alan climbing out of the window of the top floor of the department store, climbs down, and then carefully drops down behind a cop car. He opens the passenger side door and grabs the shotgun from the cop car. Then he runs down the alley in front of the cop car. When he gets to the main street, he stops suddenly, and then he hides the shotgun in his jacket. He then turns right on the sidewalk and walks down the street. Another cop car starts to roll by. Alan stops for a second. But the cop car keeps rolling by. Then alan runs across the street to the opposite side. He walks up to a phone booth and looks through the phone book. He searches the R section of the white pages, until he finds the name Amy Rose. But there are two other Amy Rose, an Amy Ann Rose and an Amy J. Rose. Alan rips out the page and then walks away to look for the one female hedgehog he's supposed to protect.