Title: Potter's Unfortunate Return

Summary: Dead people just didn't appear on your doorstep with smiles and hopeful eyes… until now that is.

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Previous Chapter (part 6):

Harry paced restlessly, it seemed like it had been forever since he last saw the outside world. He missed the shine of a real sun on his face, not that the light coming from the enchanted windows weren't great; he just knew it wasn't real. There was no warmth, no chirping of birds, no rustle of leaves as the wind caressed his face…

"Are you ready son?"

Arthur interrupted his musings and Harry was more than ready. Taking one last look around making sure he had it all Harry said, "Ready."

Part 7

Fred poked at the discolored skin and whistled, "That's a wicked looking scar."

Harry flinched away, it tickled. "It's not so bad, Hermione told me about how the muggles go about it so it's better than that."

George who was behind him ran a finger along a raised seem where new skin met old, "It doesn't hurt?"

"Nah." Harry stepped away and slipped on his shirt, "Aunt Molly swears I'll rip myself in two if I wash a dish."

"She's an odd duck." George gave a shrug.

Fred made his way around the kitchen island where with a flourish he produced a feather quill and a leather binder that was on top of the bread box, "For your eyes alone monsieur."

"Your attorney has a very… convincing personality." George mumbled behind his tea cup.

"A right snake." With a smile Fred pushed over the binder, "She made a point and since you are our silent investor we all came to a mutual decision you should know where the company stands."

"So we need your signature." George finished.

Harry looked between the two and hesitantly took the quill and opened the binder. There were pages upon pages of neatly scribbled words, paragraphed, numbered, highlighted, even graphs, and charts… he didn't know what to do. "Not that I don't appreciate it but I think I will leave the good stuff to you guys." Biting his lip Harry glanced between the two, "If that's alright."

The twins shared a look that seemed more of a silent conversation and in the end it was George who spoke up, quite serious. "Harry, your attorney was right."

"You should know what's going on with the business it's only fair." Fred added.

"Alright, then tell me." Harry closed the binder and gave the brothers his undivided attention. "I would rather hear it from you two than some words I won't understand."

"You need to read it Harry; we'll need your signature on a few things." George spoke.

"You have it then but I'm not reading that." Nodding his head towards the binder Harry never wanted to touch the thing again. "This is your business your dream your everything. I handed you a bag of galleons I wanted nothing to do with, as far as I'm concerned I'm no part of it." Harry admitted truthfully. "That being said Bertha told me to stop being noble and to learn how to invest with you two. Apparently the Potter name owns some shares and they refuse to deal with James and the Goblins have been bugging Bertha for me to get moving." Harry gave a shrug.

"Speaking of James… care to tell us who was the one who put you in the hospital?"

The happy mood Harry had found himself in plummeted and he gave the twin, Fred, a dead stare.

George picked up, "Last we heard they're living with Sirius at Grimmuald Place . They were booted from their properties by the Goblins." Harry looked away, "They were left with nothing but their wands and whatever was in their pockets."

Fred finished softly, "Both Lupin and Black were at Saint Mungo's for a while, especially Black. He needed a mind healer."

Harry took a slow deep breath before he stood, "I think I'll be going now. I'm having Bertha draw up a listing of places for me to live…"

"Harry!" George was on his feet and took the teen's wrist, "Please, you can't – we're not…"

"We're here for you, to talk to." Fred kept himself firmly seated and his gaze unwavering, "We tried to talk to Dobby but he was mum."

Harry narrowed his eyes, "What did you do?" glancing between the two he snatched his hand away, "Where did you hear about this anyways?" His heart thumped loudly in his chest… what had the twins done?

"We might have, sort of…" Fred said.

"Slipped into Black and Lupin's private rooms…" George said.

"Doused them with Veritaserum…"

"And now plan on destroying them…"

"Along with the Potter's."

It was with building horror that had him bouncing between the two, eyes practically wide and breadth coming out in gasps. They knew, the fuckers knew! "I hate you."

"Aw come on Harry." George gave his trademark lopsided grin, "You have to love us we're practically family."

"Family I want to strangle! Why the hell would you do that? You could have been caught and thrown into Azkaban."

Fred clucked his tongue, "Not to brag but my Obliviation work is top notch." Harry glared, "Alright so we didn't have Veritaserum but we did have luck on our side."

"Yea, both of them were drugged but I have to admit that was a wicked curse you sent at Black." George grinned, "Kept mumbling about Azkaban."

"You two are menaces to society." Harry couldn't really stay too mad at the twins. "I created the spell, there, happy?"

"Ooh, you've been holding out on us little brother." Fred leaned in, more than intrigued.

Harry rolled his eyes, "When you have a crazed wizard in your mind you learn a few things."

Fred winced, "A little too Dark don't you think."

"Be careful Harry, don't want you crossing over." George wagged his finger, scolding.

"Being Dark doesn't mean I'm an evil bastard, just a plain bastard. Personally they all deserve much more than a trek into hell but instead I settled on some psychological torture."

George snorted, "I'm sensing more than a dabble into evilness."

"We overheard a few healers speaking and that curse you used made him relive the hours he had spent in Azkaban but tenfold."

Harry scowled, "Bastard deserved every minute of it." The memory of being backhanded was something he had tried to suppress but it still pissed him off that the man he had looked up to, mourned, would strike him. Not even Vernon his muggle hating uncle ever laid a hand on him in such a way, maybe a quick smack to the back of the head or even gripping his wrist to toss him in the cupboard was the worst he ever faced. Involuntarily his hand reached up and he caressed where Black had struck, a move the twins noticed and glanced at one another but remained mum. "How much do you know?"

"How about you sit back down, have a cuppa, and we'll order something."

In the end Harry found himself sitting on the couch with a twin on each side as they munched on some really good food from a shop a few stores away. The atmosphere wasn't tense though Harry knew the small talk would soon change to something else, something sinister maybe.

It wasn't that he didn't trust the twins; he trusted them as much as he could but he also knew just how vindictive the two could be. The world thought he was dark but Harry was sure if the Twins wanted to they could be just as vicious as any Dark Master and maybe as vindictive as Voldemort himself… but that was a thought Harry swore to keep to himself.

"So…" George's spoon scrapped the bottom of his bowl. "How about you just show us what happened like you did with mom and dad?"

Harry hesitated, that was unexpected. "How did you know about that?"

Fred spoke up, "We had flood to the burrow and found that the kitchen had a privacy ward, we couldn't get far."

"Of course being who we are we always carry Extendable Ears…"

Harry gave a shake to his head, "You guys…"

George picked up where he left off as his twin left to retrieve a spare pensieve, "They managed to wiggle part way in but we weren't able to listen to everything, it was almost like a static on the wireless but what we did hear has us worried."

"Got it!" Fred shouted from another room and was quick to rush back over with a bounce in his step. Setting the odd bowl down he gave Harry an evil sort of grin and rubbed his hands together, "Now we shall see."

Rolling his eyes Harry uncrossed his legs and summoned his wand to himself, "Should I give you the abbreviated version or not." His wand tip tapped his lip a look of mischief in his eyes; both the twins whined and Harry took pity. It wasn't hard getting the memory out from his head, to his wand, and into the penseive. "Just to warn you now, don't do anything that'll get you sent to Azkaban."

For a moment both twins seemed to sober up and both gave a nod before they were nose deep. Harry took the moment to sit back and wait. It was best to just give in, if he had denied them a glance he was sure they would raise hell until he did. At the very least the twins could give him some creative pay back material – not that Harry couldn't handle that on his own – the Goblins had already banished the Potter's from that little cottage. As spiteful as he felt Harry debated whether it would be worse for them to rent the cottage they called home or demolish it?

Lost in his thoughts Harry wasn't prepared to find himself being nearly strangled by two pairs of arms or the breathy promises for retribution. If he got a little misty eyed it was simply a speck of dust… yea, that's it, dust.


Lucius strolled into the Dark Lord's chamber, he found the wizard deep in thought gazing into the fire. Striding forward he knelt beside the Dark Lord's chair, head bowed. "My Lord."

A moment passed before The Dark Lord spoke, "I believe it's time for these games to end don't you think Lucius?"

"My Lord?" Lucius glanced up, confused.

"The years have come and gone, what do I have to show for it? We're still hidden in the shadows; I think it's about time the world knows just who is the Dark Lord Voldemort."

Lucius glanced up; he could feel his own excitement building. "The Minister I can take care of if you so will it My Lord."

"Soon, very soon… I have an important task for you Lucius, two in fact." Voldemort's piercing gaze met that of Lucius, "Bring me those who have mastered the art of the Imperious, we'll need their skill to control those within the Ministry walls. Secondly I believe it's time Potter makes his choice."

Lucius hesitated, "My Lord, the boy has refused…"

Voldemort interrupted with a hiss and an angry flare of magic as the tall wizard stood. "I know that! His neutrality while amusing has gone on long enough, I had hoped the Potter's betrayal would push him towards me but that boy is stubborn." The Dark Lord began to pace, "Potter made a mistake Lucius and I'll call him on it."

"Mistake my Lord?"

Voldemort paused, an odd smirk playing on his lipless mouth. "Loopholes Lucius. Loopholes."


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.To Be Continued. (Hopefully.)

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