AN: I know I haven't come CLOSE to finishing my other story, I just felt like doing this.


I'm bored.


"LEAVE HER ALONE, ALICE!" Bella shouted from downstairs.

"BUT I'M BORED!" I yelled back.


I ran downstairs, and tapped Bella's shoulder. "Shop with me?"








"…Please?" I looked at her with the best puppy dog eyes I could make.

"Fine." She sighed.


Renesmee touched my cheek. I saw her, at a store, shopping with Bella and I.

"Sure, you can come." I told her.

"Huh?" Bella asked.

"Renesmee can come shopping with us."

"Well, okay, then," Bella said, "but with the torture that you put me through by making me shop with you, if there were a Santa, you would get coal for christmas!"

"WHAT?!?!?!?!" A voice boomed. Emmett came storming into the room.

We all, Bella, me, and Renesmee, I mean, were staring at him.


"Good job, Bella." Rosalie said sarcastically, walking in behind Emmett.

"Why didn't anyone tell me?" Bella and Emmett said at the same time. Wow. Weird…

"Bella, don't speak." Ouch. "Emmet, even though there's no Santa doesn't mean you won't get anything for Christmas." Rosalie attempted to sooth him… Did it work?

"EVERYTHING I KNOW IS A LIE!" Apparently not… "What are you going to say next? That the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny aren't real?"

"Er…" Bella started. Bad move.

"Shut it, Bella! We don't need any more trouble!" Rosalie snapped.

While we all tried to comfort Emmett, I saw Bella grab Renesmee and sneak away. Ha, but she can't escape. Wait 'til later, Bella, just you wait…