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Is it you?

Chapter 7: Today

Normal pov

(Carter / Rosie) ("-dialogue / '-thoughts) (BOTH (carter and rosie together))

"Me?...A-are you sure?"

"Yes. I am sure"

'Oh no, this is it. I ruined everything. Carter will hate me forever and never speak to me again… im crying now, and I feel terrible.'

Rosie looks at a speechless Carter and sighs before continuing.

"I am so s-sorry Carter. I t-tried to sto-op but but…."

'this is so surreal, am I saying this? I feel as though im not in control of my own body. Words are just flooding and I cant stop'

'My heart's beating so fast. I cant believe this is actually happening! Oh no.. what should I do?'

"I'm sorry. This is n-not the way I w-wanted things to happen a-an-"

Carter pulled Rosie and just held her close. Rosie buries her face on the crook of Carters neck, shocked and somewhat relieved.

"I get it."

Rosie clings to Carter for dear life and sobs on her best friend.

Carter's pov

"I understand. Please don't cry, Rosie"

I shift so I can look at her and wipe her tears away.

"I'm in love with you, Rosie. You have no idea how much I wanted to say that to you every day that ive known you. im sorry" I confess.

'Wow! I confessed!'

"Why are you apologizing? Im in love with you, Carter" She says smiling and I cant help but smile too.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. Im sorry I was so afraid to just tell you how I felt. Im sorry it took me this long to tell you that my whole heart, my entire life belongs to you and only you. You had me at "Hello", you know?"

She smiles happily at me 'probably because of my cheesy line but who cares? Rosie's in love with me and im inlove with her'. And that just sent fireworks through my spine. Because her smile is the most genuine and most honest part of her that I love, and I am nothing more than honored to cause this; she's the wonder of my world.

"Carter, I am also sorry for not telling you sooner, i should have told you when we had that talk last week. You know, before my coronation, I had a talk with my mother and asked If I could stay with you for some time, to find my other self; to find love. My mother told me to take as long as I should to find the one for me. I knew I need not a long time, because the moment you saved me from general Kane; I knew, I knew I found my one. You are my one, Carter Mason; because you are the one for me. I just know it in my heart."

I just shake my head, grasping every word and I know this is it. This is the best moment in my life so far. 'its like she read my mind. This is just like that song. Except I know who it is now, and I know I can never go wrong with this one.'

I guess im still smiling goofily at her so she continues. 'I am loving this, I am loving HER even more. Who knew confessing could be so much fun?'

"I am you know…." She says smiling up at me

"What?" I asked narrowing my eyes at her

"Yours." She says like it's the most obvious thing in the world.

'And that was all it took. I am in trouble. I am in deep doo doo….'

"Can I kiss you?" I asked timidly

"Uhm.. You don't need to ask but, yes" She says looking up at me with those amber eyes that I just love. then I found myself leaning in and seeing Rosie's eyes half closed.

So I guess theres nothing else for me to do but kiss her…

'I feel Rosies lips against mine and WE ARE KISSING!'

Oh. My. God.

'I cant believe this. This seems so surreal. I am actually kissing Rosie! And its like I was dead before and someone charged me with those pads doctors use to make people have heartbeats but this is just like lightning giving me a million heartbeats at once. i feel like she saved my life, giving me a taste of my own heaven here on earth'

It wasn't a sloppy kiss though; it was just a soft and feeling each other kind of kiss. And I love it. I love her. a perfect first kiss(whatshisname doesn't count) A perfect girl. And now my life is pretty damn perfect. 'I feel sorry for those people who don't have this. This feeling of being complete. Good thing I found this before anyone else does. But im so happy right now that I cant care much….HAH!'

She pulls away and rests her forehead on mine and I just had to steal a chaste kiss before I pull her in for a hug.

I held her hand and led her to our bedroom, I was feeling rather tired and I wanted to end this perfect day sleeping with the girl of my dreams in my arms.

Just as I dreamt it.


3 years later.

Rosie's coming home tonight. I can't wait to see her, even if it has been two days. I miss her so much. She visited her mother and her cousin Demetria; the new queen of Costa Luna. She gave up her thrown to be with me. and I wont make her regret it.

'I woke up at 8 in the morning out of excitement even if Rosie is coming home tonight which gives me 13 hours to get it together. Wow. This is great….. great idea hiding it in the attic. Ofcourse. What the hell was I thinking? Atleast I got it'

I step down the ladder and I notice my shoelaces were untied. I should really buy shoes without laces, they are just so annoying.


I examine the box in my hand and I just have to look at the black velvety box


"Hmmmm.. Hnnn…Mmmmm….." I put it down and




I open my eyes and i feel sore. Specially my head. What the heck happened? What…. Who am i? what am I doing here on the floor? I get up and explore the place. How did I get here? i guess I know the place because my feet brought me to a room. And I sat on the bed like I owned it or something.

Then I see a piece of paper in my hand and a small box in the other. I look at the paper first and it has a poem on it which I think has my handwriting…

Shoelaces untied

You can dry your eyes

Perfect shadows hide behind us

This is the day I make you mine

The way your hair lights

Sometimes unrecognized

All the way from these today

On a train

Nothing to say but there's still time

You Are The One

I've been waiting for today

Here comes the sun

Its been baiting on today

I Love You, my princess

I cant see much from the tears in my eyes but I cant help but think…. What the hell is happening? I need something. I need answers. I need…someone

The door opens and a girl about my age comes in and I immediately shot up and looked at her hoping to find some answers. And I had to stop thinking because what im seeing is super, super cute. In fact, the most beautiful girl I have seen in my entire life and I am just shell shocked. And she smiles at me and I feel my head swirling around and all I saw was black.

Did I faint? My head hurts.

Suddenly I saw flashes of the girl I saw. Everything coming together…. Lots of memories with the girl and finally to the paper I was writing. And at the end was…

I Love You, my princess…

I open my eyes as I find myself lying on the bed and I see the same girl smiling at me sitting very close to me.

'my princess?...Is it you?'

"Hello" She says.

'It is…. My princess'


I smile and sing the poem I wrote for Rosie. And I remember the box still clutched in my hand. So I get off the bed, kneel down on one knee, took her hands and said

"I wanna marry you, because you're the first person I want to look at when I wake up in the morning and the only one I wanna kiss goodnight. Because the first time I saw these hands, I couldn't imagine not being able to hold them. But mainly, when you love someone as much as I love you, getting married is the only thing left to do….. So, will you umm… Marry me?"

She smiles and responds immediately.


I remember everything, how can I forget? Afterall, she was the one I've been waiting for today.

End of Is it you?

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