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The Cure

Part Three - Yesterday's Coffee

The sun cascaded through the window; especially bright at the tiny crack in the moderately thick white curtains. Nate blinked and squinted against the sun for a few seconds before giving up and closing his eyes again. He turned in the bed and reached over the space next to him, looking for a warm body that wasn't there. He sighed and rolled onto his back, kicking the blankets off.

He heard a small thump and a muffled curse from the other side of the closed bedroom door and chuckled quietly to himself. She thought she was going to get out of there before he woke up. She was wrong. Nate hopped out of bed, pulling on a pair of jeans over his boxers and strolled through the door into the living room.

"You okay?" Smiling, he leaned against the doorframe and crossed his arms over his chest. Jenny gasped, a hand flew to her chest and she nearly tripped over the coffee table turning to look at him.

"God, Nate. You scared me." She glared a little but the laughing look on his face was replaced by a slightly more serious one. He stayed silent, watching as the guilt mounted in her eyes. "I'm sorry." Little J bit her lip and looked away. She spotted her boots in the porch and moved toward them as a distraction.

"What for?" Nate could see she was nervous and tried for a reassuring tone. She stuttered a few unintelligible half words as she shoved her feet into her boots and walked back through the living room. Nate followed her into the kitchen.

"I shouldn't have come into your room like that last night." She took her coat off the island stool and held it in her hands. She still didn't look at him; couldn't make herself look at him.

"I'm not complaining." The words alluded to something more and she looked up then to find him watching her. He was trying to gauge her reaction but she couldn't read his voice, didn't know what to take from that sentence, was afraid to hope it meant what she wanted it to mean. He took a few steps closer to her.

"Nate, you don't have to-" Jenny's breath caught as he got closer.

"To what?" his voice was quiet and rough. His hands cupped her face, thumbs smoothing over her cheeks. Her eyelids fluttered. Her jacket fell to the floor, forgotten.

"Nate," her voice was soft almost to quiet to be heard, the protest gone. Nate touched his lips to hers, gentle at first, as sweet as the kiss they'd shared the night before, and then more firmly, hands sliding back into her hair. Jenny pulled away slightly and leaned back to rest of the counter, trying to put some space between them. But Nate moved with her, laying his forehead on hers, his hands moving only as far as her neck. Jenny shook her head slowly and looked into Nate's eyes. "I don't know if I can-" He cut her off with his lips. This kiss was more insistent, full of want and need. Jenny sighed into the kiss and smoothed her hands up Nate's chest to rest on his shoulders as his hands made their way around her waist pulling her flush against him. Jenny parted her lips and the kiss deepened, Nate's tongue dancing with hers. Jenny moaned as Nate's hand brushed her breast and he picked her up by the waist, sitting her on the counter top. Last night's half full cup of coffee tipped and spilled over the counter, the dark liquid trickling across the flat grey surface to drip down the side. Neither noticed.

Jenny's head fell back and Nate kissed down her chin to her neck, stopping to suck on her collarbone. His hands made their way under her black tank to massage her hips and waist as her fingers worked to unbutton his blue shirt. Her hands roamed his smooth, toned chest as he nuzzled the spot behind her ear, breathing heavy. Jenny cupped his face in her hands and pulled his forehead to hers. She closed her eyes and tried to calm her breathing and racing heart beat. Nate's hands smoothed down her sides and rested at her hips.

"I am a virgin." Jenny said quietly and then opened her eyes to stare into Nate's. Nate pulled away slightly and looked away; she was confused and he would convince her but he wouldn't exploit her uncertainty.

"We shouldn't be doing this." Jenny knew that as much as he wanted to continue, he wouldn't do so thinking he was taking advantage of her virtue. She wanted this, him. She'd wanted to do this with him for so long it was starting to hurt not to. She'd made up her mind about Nate Archibald; he was it.

"Just go slow." She held his eyes with hers and smiled brilliantly, without hesitation. Nate had almost convinced himself to stop there, back away and tell her they didn't have to do this right now, but then she was speaking and kissing him again, winding her hands into his hair and tightly wrapping her legs around his waist, bringing him closer. His senses flooded with her, her smell, her eyes, her hands on his body, her kiss, the sound of her gentle sigh against his lips; and suddenly he couldn't for the life of him think of even one reason not to do this now. Nate's shirt fell to the floor and he pulled Jenny's up and over her head, dropping it on top of his and searing his lips to hers.

- - -

Nate's hands moved from Jenny's shoulders, caressing her breasts through her bra, dragging thumbs over her nipples making them tight agains the fabric, and then smoothing down over her stomach and sides. Jenny's breathing grew louder and faster. Fingers gripped her jeaned hips and a moan was buried in her hair as she kissed her way down Nate's neck and grazed her teeth over his shoulder before biting gently.

Nate backed up, running his hands down her legs as he went, to remove her boots. He dropped each leg as he threw it's boot behind him. When he looked up again Jenny was slipping her bra off. She pulled him back to her by the belt and tossed the flimsy grey material over his shoulder. Their lips connected hungrily.

Jenny leaned back on her hands as Nate began to kiss his way down her neck. His hand caressed and gently kneaded her sides while his lips and tongue and teeth worked her breasts. He then nuzzled his way down her stomach, his hands changing from sure touch to feather light. Jenny laid back on the counter as he kissed along the line of her jeans and then undid them; she felt something cold and wet on her back. She began to giggle. Nate looked up confused and Jenny brought herself up to a sitting position again.

"I just laid in yesterday's coffee." He chuckled and smiled lightly as she wiped a finger across the wet part of the counter and showed him the brown liquid on her finger. His fingers wrapped around her wrist and her laughing expression softened as the intensity of the moment grew. Nate pulled her hand closer to his face and Jenny's lips parted with anticipation. He kept his eyes riveted to hers as he sucked her finger into his mouth and swirled of the no longer cold coffee off with his tongue.

Jenny slipped off the table as her finger came free of Nate's mouth and framed his face with her hands. She pressed her lips to his firmly and her hands dropped, caressing down over his shoulders; her nails ran gently down over his chest. Nate turned her so her back was to him and kissed and licked a blazing path down her spine. Jenny's hand reached behind her seeking any part of him to touch. She was on fire. Nate could taste the coffee on her skin, bitter and sweet at once. When he got to her lower back he slipped his fingers into the waist of her jeans and pulled them down, leaving her in nothing but a solid black pair of lacy-edged underwear.

Jenny couldn't wait any longer. They made their way kissing and stumbling to Nate's bedroom. Nate fell backwards onto the bed, leaving Jenny standing as he settled himself back, head on the pillows. Jenny crawled up over him, laying a slow kiss on his lips before reversing direction and nuzzling and kissing her way down to his belly button. Her kisses trailed further down as she undid his jeans. She pulled them down along with his boxers, her fingers trailing over his legs. She looked up, taking in the length of him. When her face was level with his again, she wrapped a hand around him gently. Nate breathed out roughly, one hand gripping her arm and the other flat against the bed. Her hand began to move but he didn't give her a chance to explore.

Nate wrapped one arm around her back and used his body to flip them over so he was on top. He kissed her deeply; he was ravenous and she met his passion evenly. He broke the kiss and made quick work of discarding her panties. Almost before she had time to feel the loss of his lips he was kissing her again, propped up on one elbow as his other hand caressed her inner thighs. Jenny moaned loudly as a finger stroked between her folds and slipped inside. She was ready.

"Nate," she began in a whisper. Nate had already reached into the bedside drawer and pulled out a condom. He tore the packaging and rolled it into place. He positioned himself and looked into he eyes.

"This might-" as much as he wanted to lose everything inside her he was still worried about her.

"I know." She smiled surely and kissed him firmly. Nate deepened the kiss and stroked a finger over her nub as he pushed fully inside her. Her mouth dropped open, her eyes fluttered closed, in a mixture of pleasure and pain. He paused leaning his forehead against her shoulder and breathing deeply until her hand cupped his neck, pulling him up into a burning kiss. Her other hand trailed down his back to grasp his ass as she wrapped a leg around his waist. Nate interpreted the sign correctly as a green light and pulled out to thrust back in slowly. Jenny's body arched into his and her head fell back, giving his access to her neck from ear to shoulder. He lavished her skin with kisses and they fell into a quickened pace.

- - -

When noon rolled around they were lying tangled in the white sheets of Nate's bed. Nate on his back with an arm around Jenny, who was stretched out, pressed against his side. One of her hands was drawing pictures on his chest, one leg curved possessively around his. He played gently with her hair, eyes closed, content.

"Nate?" her voice was quiet, happy and satiated with an undertone of worry.

"Hmm?" His eyes drifted open. Jenny looked up at him and bit her lip.

"We're going to have to get up soon." she didn't sound enthused by any means at the prospect.

"Not yet." Nate grinned and pulled Jenny over him so she was straddling his hips; hands on either side of his head. She couldn't help but smile down at him.

"Whatever will we do until then, Mr. Archibald." There was a seductive edge to her voice. Her mouth turned up at one corner mischievously. Her eyebrow raised playfully.

"Gee, Miss Humphrey. You know I haven't the slightest." His hands said differently as they pulled her nude body down on top of his, flush together. His lips kissed a line from he chin to her ear. "Maybe I'll think of something."

- - -

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