"Where are they?! Iggy knows I cant cook!" Max screamed in her head. they were in the middle of a burnt dinner Max had attempted to make. But only four of the seats were filled. Angel, Nudge, Gasman and Max. Total had long sense moved to the small home they had built him and Akila in the woods. Angel kept shooting glances toward the stairs, wondering when they would come down. Nudge was just telling herself that they had lost track of time on a flight. All Gazzy could think about was the bomb idea he wanted to show Iggy later. But they weren't on a flight, they weren't coming down, and Iggy didn't really want to know about any bomb ideas.

"Nudge," Max said. She looked up, startled sense it was the only thing that had been said during the meal.

"Yeah Max?"

"Go upstairs and see what's keeping the boys from eating. They have to be hungry by now, knowing them" Nudge smiled a little and nodded.

"I've been wondering what they were doing up there for so long. I'll be back in a second." she replied standing and heading up the stairs. Angel wanted to follow, but she had a semi-bad feeling about it, so she held tight and waited for Nudge to come back with the results. As nudge went up the stairs, she heard music and something else she couldn't identify. She brushed it away from her mind and continued forward. She knocked on the door once when she reached it. The music was really loud, so she figured they hadn't heard her. It was a really romantic song, but she still couldn't identify the other sound. Sense she thought they wouldn't be able to hear her if she knocked again, so she let herself in. she soon wished she hadn't.

"OH MY GOD!!"Fang and Iggy quickly turned with shocked looks on their faces. Nudge had walked in on a make-out scene that was about to get really hot. Fang was in nothing but his boxers on top of Iggy while tugging at his pants. Nudge had figured out that the sound was their mouths smacking together. She stood there, frozen with shock. She couldn't believe what was happening!

"Um, Max says it's time to come down to dinner." Fang got up with his 'serious' look on his face that he usually had.

"Nudge, I think it would be for you if you forgot what you just saw. Go downstairs acting normal, tell Max we'll be down in a minute, and never think about this again." Iggy sat staring while Fang explained. He was good at stuff like this, always staying tough. Nudge nodded and went back downstairs. She walked into the kitchen and smiled.

"They said that they'll be down in a bit." she sat down and continued to eat. Soon after they older homosexual men came down. Nudge ate through the rest of the meal silently. Her brain was functioning in completely new ways. She knew it was wrong to think about their personal lives so much, but she couldn't help it. She wanted to forget, but she just couldnt

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