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This is an Akira/Takumi pairing fic. Nao has a minor part in here too.

This is technically a one-shot, but I wrote another one-shot that is kind of related/ connected to this one, so I'll post them under the same story title as two different chapters. For now though, I'll just post the first part.

I don't own Mai-HiME, Akira, Takumi, Nao, Julia, or Gennai.

I used some quotes and lines from the series, but I didn't quote it directly word-for-word, mainly because I don't exactly know it by heart, but it generally says the same things.

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Her heart rate must have sped up to ten times its' regular speed when she heard the breaking of her friend's hospital bedroom window. As quick as lightning, she entered the room and pulled back the drapes hanging around her dear friend's bed. "Takumi!" the girl cried.

From the other side, a sinister red-headed girl greeted her. "It must be fun to cheat by pretending to be a boy," the intruder sneered toward the panicked girl.

The dark haired girl chose to ignore the rude girl's comment and instead summoned her elements to herself. "What do you want with him, Nao?" she questioned the still sneering girl.

The older girl pointed to her injured eye, which was covered with an eye patch "See this?" she asked, "It really hurts. His sister is the one who gave it to me. I want revenge," the pirate-patched woman explained. At these words, the boy in the bed gasped while his friend started throwing various weapons toward the rude girl. The red head dodged them, though, and seemingly disappeared after that.

Not wanting her friend to be in danger, the black-haired girl lifted her friend into her arms and jumped out the previously broken window. "Come forth, Gennai!" the girl said, summoning her "Child". Once she was atop the giant creature, she, her cradled friend, and the toad-like robot disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Nao watched from a nearby tree branch, smirking all the while. "Let's see how far you get," she said, smiling sinisterly. With that, the young woman followed the trio, accompanied by her own "child", Julia.

Meanwhile, the toad monster, the sickly boy, and the kunoichi landed with a thump within the thick trees of the forest. The long-haired girl looked about her surroundings, and determined that they were, for now, away from the evil red head. She took this opportunity to check to see that her friend was ok. "How are you feeling?" she asked.

The boy let out a small cough in response. Once he caught control of his breathing, he managed to let out a small "I'm good,".

The boy's friend smiled in relief. "Ok," she said. "Now, we have to contact your sister, or someone, and tell them that one of our fellow Hime's has gone a bit ballistic," she explained to the brown haired boy.

"Wait, Akira," the boy said. "I'm tired of being kept in the dark," he continued, "I wan to know what's going on, now," he finished.

Akira looked into her friend's purple eyes. How could she deny anything to those eyes of his? "Fine, Takumi," she gave in. She then continued to explain all about the Hime's and what the whole carnival thing was about. Finally, she came to the part about a Hime's dearest person. The girl struggled a bit with this part.

"When a Hime is defeated, the person who she loves the most disappears, along with her child," she explained. "So," she tried to start again, before her eyes started to tear up slightly, "If… if I'm defeated… you might…. disappear. I don't know…." She managed to squeak out her last sentence, her voice cracking on her words.

Akira wasn't finished explaining yet though. "I'm so sorry," she said. "I feel like it's my fault; if I hadn't gotten close to you…. if I had just kept my distance from you, then this… we… you wouldn't be in this situation. But, it was just too hard. You're so… feminine and sweet and simply kind. Simply… kind," the girl finished her heart racing confession to her friend and looked into his eyes, her own already very red from the tears they produced.

The boy seemed shocked. Not only from his friend's in-direct confession of love to him, but also from the fact that Akira- his tomboy friend, Akira- was sobbing in front of him when she had never previously allowed anyone to see her so "weak".

Regaining consciousness to the situation, the boy obtained a soft look in his facials when he looked into his friend's eyes. "I'm fine with being bound to you," he stated.

Akira had no words. She knew that her friend had just inadvertently confessed his true feelings, too. Not knowing what else to do or say, Akira muttered, "Dumbass," as she shook from crying, but maybe now more from joy then fear. "Dumbass," she repeated again, this time throwing her arms around her dearest person in a tight hug. Her friend hugged her back just as tightly.

Akira's heartbeat was now beating ten times faster then it was when she saw Nao trying to hurt her friend. She knew now, though, that nothing bad would come to him, she wouldn't let it. She couldn't.

He's her dearest person.

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