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Akira sat at her desk, her head bent over her social studies textbook, trying desperately, but with no success, to memorize a bunch of historical happenings from years and years and years before the modern human even existed. She had been sitting in this very same position for the past four hours and the information just wouldn't sink into her exhausted mind.

"Why do I even need to learn this?" Akira thought to herself. "This happened so long ago, what use is it now? It's history!" Frustrated, Akira slammed her textbook shut and sat back in her chair.

With her feet up on top of her cursed textbook and her hands clasped together behind her head, Akira glanced over her shoulder at her surroundings. It has been much too quiet recently. Ever since the school found out that she was a girl, Akira had been forced to move out of her shared dorm with her best friend, Takumi, and into a secluded girl's dorm. Though, when Akira first came to Fuka, she had wanted so badly to have her own room for multiple reasons. Now, though, she had only one big reason for wanting to share her room. Not just with anyone though, but with Takumi.

Akira never had a chance to notice how lonely she really was without her ex-roommate. Before she arrived at this school, she had never met her dear friend, so she had never felt like she was alone, even though she really was. Once she had befriended the shy boy, however, she didn't really notice how she spent all of her time with him. She failed to notice that she couldn't keep away from the rather sissy boy.

She didn't realize that she loved him until she was forced away from his side.

Akira sighed and stood from her chair. When Takumi had been her dorm mate, he had always helped her with various projects and homework's. Truth be told, he was the main reason why Akira didn't fail! Akira knew that, if she were still living with Takumi, then he'd tell her the significance of learning about the early humans- or hominids, whatever the hell they were called!

But, alas, nothing could be done to mend Akira's troubles. The whole school now knew her secret and if she were seen in a boy's dorm, then she would face the possibility of being expelled. The kunoichi knew that she was lucky that she wasn't already kicked out of the school for her previous disguise.

Having nothing else to do, and wanting to get out of her lonely dorm room, Akira walked towards the door and took a walk down to the park. As she passed by the forest, the dark haired girl remembered when Nao had threatened to hurt Takumi in order to get revenge on his sister, Mai.

Akira shuddered at the memory. She remembered how Takumi had demanded an answer out of her on the explanation of Hime's. She had reluctantly told him, and, while doing that, had let it slip that she liked Takumi as a little more than her closest friend.

The brown-eyed girl was so deep in thought that she didn't notice the said boy until she crashed into him and they both fell to the ground.

"Takumi!" Akira said, surprised when she noticed the brown haired boy sitting across from her.

The boy with the lavender eyes stared back at his previous roommate. He, too, was shocked. "Hey, Akira," he greeted, smiling, as always. "I haven't heard from you in a while".

Akira was grateful for the semi darkness that surrounded them, for she could feel herself blushing when she heard him say her name. "Kon-Konbonwa … Takumi," she greeted back.

Takumi stood from his fallen position and approached Akira, who was still sitting on the ground. Offering her his hand, Akira grabbed it and allowed him to pull her to her feet. "Arigato," Akira said, blushing some more.

Takumi nodded in acknowledgment. He then tilted his head a bit to the side, "Want to walk with me for a bit?" he asked. Akira nodded in response and they started walking together, hands still held together. The duo walked in silence for a few minutes, each just enjoying the other's company.

Akira soon started to wonder if Takumi felt as alone as she did when he was in his dorm room. She wondered if he went on a walk, hoping to run into her, as she had done in hopes of finding him. The kunoichi wondered if Takumi had dawdled to this area of the school grounds because, he too, had been remembering that night where their feelings had been revealed.

She then wondered if he even remembered her confession.

Akira took a shy glance toward her friend. She noticed that he wore that oblivious smile that he always had on, and was kind of grateful that he didn't notice her staring. She looked at his facial features, and noted how he had let his hair grow a bit longer. She couldn't help but notice that he was still as handsome as ever.

After a few minutes, the seemingly clueless boy noticed his partner was staring, and smiled sincerely back at her. Embarrassed, Akira snapped her head so her focus was on the path in front of her, rather than on her friend.

Takumi laughed silently to himself. He felt oddly giddy after he caught Akira staring at him. Truth be told, he was rather flattered. The young man had always found Akira cute, even when she was disguised as a boy, which had worried him a bit. Takumi had been relieved when he found out Akira was a girl, even though she had threatened to kill him afterwards.

Feeling that they had been quiet for long enough, Akira started talking, even though she had no idea what she wanted to say. "So," she started. "Where… um I mean who-wait, no- how do you like having your own room?" she managed to form a sentence that made sense.

Takumi had to chuckle at his friend's odd phrasing. He knew that she must be feeling awkward or nervous, because Akira normally always knew how to phrase things. "Oh, it's fine," he said, but he didn't realize that this was a lie until he stopped to think about it.

Akira noticed that Takumi had halted in mid step. She turned to him, "You okay?" she asked.

Takumi didn't answer. He was still thinking. Truthfully, he didn't like having a dorm room all to himself. Now that he thought about it, he got awfully lonely after school. There was no one he could talk to when he returned from classes, no one to tease him. Sure, he could always call his friends, but he had gotten so comfortable with just going home and having nice talks with Akira.

Takumi didn't know how much he needed Akira until she had to move.

"No," Takumi answered Akira's question. He then turned his head towards his ex- roommate. "I miss you, Akira," he said. He then paused to look down at his feet. "I lied before when I said that I don't mind having a room to myself. I've never had a room of my own. When I was smaller, onee-chan and I had shared a bedroom, with our parents right next door. I had been scared to be left alone back then, and now I'm still scared, but for a different reason. I'm afraid, Akira, that…" Takumi then tore his gaze away from his dark haired friend. "I'm terrified at the thought of losing you, Akira. You've been my best friend while we've been here, and I'm afraid that we'll drift apart now that we don't have a common ground," at the end of his ramble, Takumi wasn't brave enough to look into Akira's eyes.

Had he taken a chance, though, he would have witnessed Akira's tear-stained face. The teen girl looked lovingly at Takumi, whose back was now facing toward her. Finally, after she wiped away her tears and caught her breath, she managed to talk. "I miss you too, Takumi," she said, starting to choke on her words. "I'm scared too, but not of losing you, because I know that I won't ever lose you again. I won't let that happen." She marched over to Takumi and forced him to turn around and face her. "Ever since I moved out of our dorm, I felt like something was missing. Whether it was a part of me, or you, or anything really, I don't know. But I know that-" Akira began to blush and averted her gaze a bit from Takumi's eyes, "My heart hasn't been full ever since we got separated," she finished.

Takumi was glad that it wasn't just him who felt this way. One thing puzzled the young boy though; he couldn't tell if Akira was telling him that she loved him in a friendly type way or in a romantic kind of way.

Not having much to say, Takumi just leaned into Akira for a hug. Akira accepted the hug, but did not return it.

"Don't you get it?" Akira suddenly asked her friend, slightly annoyed. Puzzled, Takumi took a step back, away from the girl, and looked at her questioningly. He let Akira continue, "Takumi," she said, shaking her head, "I don't know how many times I have to say it before you understand."

This time, Takumi asked, "What do you mean?" he said.

Akira's face turned red, but Takumi didn't know if it was a blush or if it was because she was angered. "I'm in love with you, Takumi!" she blurted out. "That must be the third time I've told you or, tried to tell you. Sure, the others times I didn't say it so directly, but I thought that you'd be able to piece it together and tell me if you feel the same! Now I'm in this situation, where I've pretty much confessed my love to you for the whole world to hear and I don't even know if you feel the same! I can't believe this happened, I should just go before I try to kiss you or something and you end up just pushing me away," Akira started to turn on her heel to run away from the scene, but Takumi grabbed her hand before she could take a step.

"No," Takumi said, softly. Akira turned her head around to face him, "Don't leave," he said.

Akira turned her body around fully to face her crush. Her face was now red and wet from crying, but through her clouded eyes, she could see that Takumi's eyes were also watered.

"I love you too, Akira," Takumi said, still holding onto the kunoichi's small hand. He looked into his love's eyes, "I'm sorry I didn't say anything sooner," he started. "I was afraid, like you, that you didn't share my feelings. I didn't want to risk our strong friendship by admitting feelings to you that you didn't agree upon," Takumi gently rubbed Akira's smooth hand. "I'm sorry," he finished.

Akira and Takumi just stood there for a while, neither having any clue on what to say. Finally, Akira summoned up some courage, "Takumi?" she questioned the boy who was holding her hand. The boy looked up and was surprised, but pleased, to see the tomboy slowly leaning in towards him. He started to lean in too and soon the two teen's lips collided.

Their first kiss.

Takumi let his lips graze smoothly over Akira's for a while. Both were enjoying the kiss very much, and were reluctant to pull away. When they did, Takumi placed his hands on Akira's strong shoulders, while Akira let her arms wrap around her friend's waist. Leaning his forehead against the ninja's, Takumi whispered the magic words.

"I love you".

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