BROTHERS by Lianne Sabrina

Ace's eyes widened seeing his little brother panting in front of him. Wounds and bruises everywhere in his skinny body. Blood covered his round face. Everything feel so surreal, Luffy is here before his very eyes, fighting with all his might trying to save his life. Different emotions rose inside Ace's chest.

Confusion, that this could be all just a dream, everything is just too good to be true. Anger, seeing those wounds and blood in his little brother's body, all just to save him, no one stupid enough to hurt his brother in front of him but now he's powerless to help him. Fear, that Luffy won't be able to succeed in saving him, Ace knew that his little brother is strong but he's also not ignorant how powerful those Marines his little brother is facing. And of course happiness and little proud that his little brother got this far versus all those tough Marines.

Luffy was able to passed their grandfather by slamming his fist into the old man's face. The fire master felt the surge of guilt because he knew that hurting their grandfather who loves them dearly is something that his little brother doesn't want to do, despite how Luffy hated their grandfather's 'I-Will-Make-You-Two-Into-A-Fine-Marine' attitude, Luffy loved their grandfather and respected his brute strength.

Luffy stands before him but then he suddenly collapsed on the wooden floor, kneeling before Ace. Ace flinched and felt his heart throb harder and faster. Something's wrong with Luffy!

"Lu—," Ace's words had been cut when Luffy suddenly hugged him. Hearing Luffy's heavy panting. A crushing pain swells inside Ace. He tried to stop him from doing all rubbish for his sake but…

"Thank goodness you're alright, Ace," Luffy began to whispered in Ace's ears. Ace gasped. Still wide eyes, Ace's body began to shiver, trying his best not to let the tears to fall down his cheeks. "You got me a little worried back there,"

Ace's lower lip trembled. "Luffy…"

He heard Luffy chuckled in determination. "Don't worry; I'll beat the crap out of those guys who did this to you Ace!" Luffy said, with a great determination in his eyes, his hug got tighter. "I won't forgive them for doing something like this to you! So hang in there a little longer, 'kay?"

Ace couldn't hold on the tears anymore, his tears freely pouring down his cheeks. He sniffed and grinned widely.

"I don't wanna hear that from my idiotic little brother!" Ace teasingly said but he was grinning while Luffy was hugging him. Finally for the first time after he had been caught by Blackbeard in Banaro Island he was able smile from the bottom of his heart knowing that his little brother can save him from here no matter what happened. He's strong and brave, just like him. He's his brother after all.

Sabrina-chan's Musing Corner: (Sept. 9, 2011 – 9:20pm) I edited the Brother story I hope you don't mind. This is just a Story Version of the comic strip the original concept of this story. Please see my Bio to find the link for the comic strip. Thanks!