Keeping his eyes on mine, Jacob began to bend his face towards me. And I was still absolutely undecided.

The shrill ring of the phone made us both jump, but it did not break his focus. I snaked my hand out to the receiver as Jacob leaned in, desperately taking the opportunity to force a pause in this situation, I turned my head away from him and put the phone to my ear.

Jacob, undeterred, pressed his face to the skin behind my ear, inhaling deeply. His hot breath down my neck sprung goose bumps across my collarbones. I could feel myself shaking as I croaked down the phone "Hello, Swan residence."

The line was silent. "Hello?" I asked again, franticly trying to tear my concentration away from Jacob's hand, which was trailing up my neck, up under my hair. Softly, Jacob pressed his lips to my skin, whispering my name.

"Bella, Bella I love you." Heat ran up my scalp as he ran his fingers down my neck, across my throat.

There was a small cough at the other end of the line, I started, having completely forgot about the call.

"Bella?" My blood ran cold. Edward. My hand grasped at the receiver, my breath caught in my throat. "Sorry. I didn't mean to call at an inopportune time." Jacob's fingers stopped still on my skin, he jerked his face back from me, his eyes trying to catch mine.

"Edward." I whispered. My knees threatened to fail, spots flew up in front of my eyes. Jacob released me completely, and I slid slowly to the floor. He stepped back, a deep scowl on his beautiful face. "Edward."

"Bella. I am so sorry. I… I have no idea what to say. Can I see you?" I looked up at Jacob, teeth bared in a silent growl, body shaking, obviously listening to every word. "Bella, I… I can be there in a few days, if you want me to be." I just groaned in reply, the black spots in my vision threatening to cloud me over completely. I struggled to focus, I needed to calm Jacob. I could hear the crockery on the bench rattling with the force of his tremors.

My hallucination hadn't come to help me, Edward's voice was on the phone, not in my head, not telling me what to do. Gazing up at Jacob's pained face through the blur, I realized that I needed to let him win, if only for the moment, to keep the wolf at bay. "Edward." I murmured, feeling myself slipping "I love him!"

I heard the rip of cloth as Jacob's wolf form exploded into the kitchen. Plates clattered from the bench, smashing onto the floor. A furious, pained snarl ripped through the air. Stars exploded behind my eyelids "Oh god." I whispered as I started to black out "Someone please help me."

I could hear Edward screaming down the phone as my head hit the floor. Pleading with me, threatening Jacob. Then all I knew was darkness.