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Dean sat in the Impala as he remained pulled alongside the road. The sign stared at him reminding him of the life he had left behind.

Welcome to Davenport!!

He wanted to turn around and watch the blaring blend of red and blue with a splash of yellow and white vanish in his rearview mirror but he stayed and instead pulled the slip of paper from his jacket and flipped it open carefully studying the address scribbled on it.

1183 Ellicott

Dean carefully folded the paper back over and placed it in his wallet. It had been six years since he was here last. Six years since he left her. Dean slipped out a worn photo and studied it letting a small smile creep up on his lips. He could hear her voice in his mind on that last day.

I will never love anyone else….

But that undying promise also stung at his heart as he had broken her heart by up and leaving her without so much a letter or phone call which led him back to the reason why he was parked here just on the other side of the city limits. He drummed his fingers on the steering wheel of his baby trying to think of what to tell her, if she would listen.

Dean knew he wasn't going to be welcomed back with open loving arms but he was determined to make things right by her, she deserved that much.

"Well here goes nothing," he muttered before starting up the Impala. He slowly eased back onto the highway and into town.

As Dean rolled through downtown he eased in the first open spot and hopped out. He wondered if Caleb was still around and knew where to start. He was in luck, Antonio's was still there and open.

Caleb was cleaning tables and the floor after the lunch rush when Dean stepped in. The man squinted his eyes thinking they were playing tricks on him. But his eyes weren't deceiving him.

"Hey Caleb," Dean smiled uneasily. Caleb straightened up and dropped the cloth in the bucket on the chair. He stood there staring at Dean like he was returning from the dead which to most people he was dead.

"Dean? Dean Winchester?" Dean shrugged his shoulders and grinned.

"Last time I checked," he shrugged his shoulders. Caleb tilted his head and studied the man's appearance seeing six years had not been too kind on him. His clothing was worn and his face had stubble showing up in spots. But his green eyes were still flashing and just as piercing when he had left. Caleb wasn't sure if he wanted to deck or hug him so he remained standing at a distance from Dean.

"Look I understand if you aren't really thrilled to see me."

"Dean why are you here? Why now after six years?" Caleb asked with a small hint of coldness in his voice.

Dean rubbed the back of his neck and looked away and everywhere else but Caleb's questioning gaze.

"Never mind, I figured it out. You're back for her. Well if you think she's gonna just come running back to you after what happened you better take a little reality check."

"Caleb I know she's not going to be pleased to see me but I want to talk to her and try to explain my actions," Dean slipped his hands in his pockets and felt the ring that was buried inside the left one. His fingers toyed with the smooth silver band as he felt Caleb's weighted stare continue to burn holes into his head.

"Well consider it a friendly warning. I mean she was pretty devastated when you left. She wouldn't come out of her room for days and Mom and Dad damn near had her committed but….."

"But what?" Dean raised an eyebrow waiting for Caleb to finish.

"Never mind Dean," he sighed and went back to cleaning tables but stopped and looked back up at the hunter.

"If you are looking for her she'll be at home. She's not working today."

Dean nodded and thanked Caleb before turning to leave. Caleb slung the cloth down and raced around the table grabbing Dean's arm.

"If I were you I wouldn't try to rekindle anything at least not off the bat. Brooklyn still loves you but that love's been buried by six years of bitterness and anger."

"Thanks Caleb," Dean prepared to leave again but Caleb found himself pulling the man into an embrace.

"You were a total asshole for hurting my sister but I am glad to see you. Maybe you two can work things out."

"I hope so," Dean pulled back and left Caleb.

Dean felt his heart pounding and hands shake and sweat as he parked down the street from the house. It was still the same as he remembered except now the wraparound porch had been redone and a swinging bench was at one end. He noticed several kids' toys sitting up by the door and wondered who the owner was.

He struggled to form the words he wanted to say in his mind knowing she would probably just hit him first. Dean didn't realize it was going to be so much harder than he thought when he decided to come back to Davenport.

The man looked up seeing a Chevy Avalanche pull up in the driveway. Dean sat lower in the seat as he saw her get out. Brooklyn looked as if she never aged one day. Her fiery red hair was tied back and her eyes were still a soulful shade of grey. Dean spotted another woman get out of the car and recognized her as her best friend Jo Harvelle. Man in high school she was the hellcat and nearly got expelled for fighting on more than one occasion.

Dean continued to watch as they stepped to the back doors and each on retrieved a child of about six or seven years old. Brooklyn held a girl with hair like hers while Jo had a boy with unruly dark hair and some of the deepest blue eyes he had ever seen. Dean found himself intrigued by the little copper haired girl.

"Mama can Jimmy and I play out back?"

"Of course Tristan," she put her daughter down as Jo put Jimmy down and watched the pair run hand in hand towards the back. Brooklyn watched as the two played on the swing set laughing and seeing who could swing the highest without getting scared first.

"Those two are inseparable," Jo smiled over at Brooklyn.

"Yep," Brooklyn sighed.

"You know what Jimmy told me? He said to me, 'Mama I'm gonna marry Tristan someday.'"

"I wouldn't doubt it with those two. One can't go too far without the other one close by."

Jo saw the sadness in her eyes and knew she was thinking about Dean again. Even after six years her heart was still lost to him.

"Brook, he left you six years ago with no explanation call or letter."

"I know Jo…." Brooklyn went to fetch the grocery bags from the back and headed inside with Jo.

Dean could see it was going to be a challenge talking to her alone but he was going to do it. Jo would just have to get over it. He slowly drove away but his exit wasn't going by unnoticed. Brooklyn watched as the Impala slowly crept by and felt her heart begin to beat faster like it did whenever she saw the car and more importantly its driver.

It couldn't be the same one…..Could it? But then she saw the Iowa plate on back and her uncertainty was immediately erased. Dean was back.

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