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They didn't get up until early afternoon but the house was still empty and each was glad for it. Dean was first to awaken and rubbed his eyes and looked over at Brooklyn as she slept beside him. The ring fit snug around her finger and shined when the sunlight hit it just right. Dean didn't expect sex last night but it was a wonderful surprise for him. He stretched out alongside her and closed his eyes as the ideas and plans swam in his mind. They had to pick a date and figure out all the tiny details but he and Brooklyn would get it sorted out in time. But right now, he was content having her back.

Brooklyn opened her eyes and smiled to herself. The events of the previous night replayed in her mind over and over. She felt as if the pain was behind her and finally could look forward to the future. The ring on her finger sparkled in the early rays of the morning sun. Things were beginning to go right in hers and Dean's lives.

Dean rubbed her shoulder and left an invisible trail on the back of her neck hearing her gasp then moan softly the further he went. His hand pushed away the covers exposing her naked waiting body. Brooklyn shifted onto her back looking up at her lover with wanton need filling her eyes. She reached out and stroked his face taking in every touch and feel of his body against hers. Dean crashed his swollen lips against hers in a tangled fury of lips tongues and teeth. The energy charged between them ready to burst at any moment. Dean cracked first.

He covered her body with his scared she would have a flashback or freak out but instead he was greeted with a strong willing woman who needed his touch. Brooklyn slipped a hand over his hip and around the front and gently massaged his perineum which sent shivers of excitement down her lover's spine. Dean felt his cock swell until it was fully erect and leaking droplets of precome along her inner thigh. His hips subconsciously thrusted forward and back when the small slender fingers closed around his cock and slowly pumped him in the closed palm.

"Brook…god…." Dean groaned in her shoulder. He carefully pulled her hand away then shifted his hips lower and pushed into the tight wet heat.

"Oh god… Dean…Feel so good," she whimpered. Her hips thrusted up in perfect rhythm with his as they symphony of love carried throughout the house. No one was around so they didn't care how loud they were. Dean moved his mouth around her neck and face smothering her with gentle kisses. The taste of her skin was heaven to him and he wasn't ready to leave just yet.

Sweat poured from their bodies coating the sheet pillows and comforter as the lovers rolled around and she wound up on top. Dean held her hips tightly, pulling her in to his body and Brooklyn wasn't going to deny him anything. He felt her slightly lift up then thrust down followed by a sharp gasp from above. Dean looked up, worried at first but soon realized it was a gasp of pleasure. She continued riding him hard sensing the coiling sensation forming deep inside. Brooklyn snapped her hips higher and faster before crying out at the top of her lungs.

Dean groaned and arched his back off the bed as the walls of her body clamped down around him. It created a searing friction against his cock, one that made Dean see stars in the back of his eyes. His breathing hitched then increased as his body tightened and balls coiled closer together. He tried to fight it off but nature was in charge and forced his body into orgasm. He shouted Brooklyn's name as the thick ropes shot inside of her body coating and filling the thick heat. Brooklyn could feel her lover spill his seed inside and kept her hips locked on top of his as he rode out the last few waves of release.

"It's okay Dean….just let it go," Brooklyn cooed in his ear. He wrapped his sweat soaked arms around her waist keeping her leaned over and against his chest. His hands ran up and down her back with his fingers lightly caressing her soft smooth skin. Brooklyn lifted her head up enough to lock her mouth with his in a heated hungry kiss. They weren't anxious to break apart but knew Tristan would be home soon.

"How about you and I take a nice hot shower?" Brooklyn smiled seductively. Dean grinned back and wrapped her legs around his waist and carried off to the shower.

Tristan rushed through the door searching for her parents.

"Mommy! Daddy! I'm home!" She didn't see them in the kitchen so she sprinted down the hallway to the bedroom. Tristan froze in the doorway spying her parents resting together on the bed. Both were dressed and refreshed and now were taking in the nice afternoon. Dean looked over Brooklyn and smiled lazily at his daughter.

"Hey kiddo," Dean patted the bed. Tristan leapt up on the bed and planted her little body between theirs.

"Grandpa Grandma and I went to the movies and out for pizza!" She exclaimed happily.

"What did you go see?" Dean asked. He propped his head up on one hand.

"Avatar," she answered. "It was awesome!"

"Well I'm glad you had a good time," Dean ruffled her hair affectionately. "Your mommy and I have some news to share."

Brooklyn opened her eyes and sat up to show the ring to her daughter.

"Your daddy asked me to marry him," she announced. Tristan grappled her hand and looked at the ring pretending to be shocked.


"Really," Brooklyn and Dean said in unison.

"I can't wait to tell Jimmy!" Tristan hoped off the bed and went to call him.

Brooklyn sighed and stretched her arms finding everything so unreal. Dean was back and Tristan had her dad in her life. She was getting married to the love of her life and her nightmare was over. Now she could worry about setting a date and planning out a wedding.

"You know, we should do something simple," Dean offered.

"You know I was thinking the same thing," Brooklyn said. "Something low key and intimate."

"Exactly," Dean leaned up and kissed her cheek. "Why don't we go tell your parents Caleb and Sam the good news?"


"Great minds think alike," Dean teased.

Four weeks later….

Brooklyn woke up feeling incredibly nauseous all over. She raced from the bed to bathroom and with only seconds to spare before the contents of her stomach came hurling back up. Her stomach tightened and contracted painfully as the heaving spells continued unabated. The pain was so unbearable that Brooklyn started sobbing as she vomited up bile and stomach acid.

Dean woke up hearing her moans of pain and rushed to the bathroom.

"Brook not again," Dean held her hair back and ran his other hand along her back.

"I don't think it's something I ate," she bemoaned.

"Dean I think I'm pregnant," she said taking in a sharp breath. Dean stared down at her in disbelief.

"Brook, how?" She looked up at him and shot a dirty look at him.

"Baby I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that. Tell you what, once you feel better we'll get you in to see the doctor."

Brooklyn nodded and flushed the toilet while Dean started filling the tub. He slid the shirt and boy shorts off her body then eased her in the hot waiting water. She sat still while he ran water over her head and hair then washed her body and hair.

"Dean, it wouldn't be bad if we had another baby would it? We have room and Tristan would love a little brother or sister. Besides, I've heard you talking to Sam about wanting another baby."

Dean knew he was caught and smirked at her.

"Yeah, I have wanted another baby but after what happened…"

"Dean, I'm alright. I mean if I wasn't, would we be doing it every night? In the Impala? Or out by the river under the stars?"

"Point taken," he conceded.

Brooklyn waited anxiously in the exam room with Dean by her side. He held her hand and felt it trembled within his. They had taken the blood sample to the lab 30 minutes ago but to the couple it seemed like hours had gone by. Their anxiety soon gave way to anticipation when the OB-GYN came in holding a folder in her hand.

"Well, we have the test results back and congratulations, you're pregnant," she smiled widely at the couple. Dean immediately took Brooklyn in his arms as this was one of the best days in his life. He was going to be a father again and this time he was going to be there every single step of the way.

"Now, we'll need to run additional blood work and do an exam before you go to make sure everything is fine," Brooklyn nodded though she hated all the poking and prodding. Dean sensed her apprehension and gently pulled away to look at her straight in the eyes. His hands slid along her face as he said these words, "Brook, I am going to be here with you every single day and every day after our baby is born."

Brooklyn nodded and wiped her eyes knowing he wasn't going to leave or abandon her as he had all those years ago. No, Dean was going to stay by her side.

Tristan was playing out front with Jimmy when the Impala pulled up.

"They're home!" She squealed and dashed to the car with Jimmy hot on her heels. Brooklyn stepped out feeling the weight of her daughter latch onto her legs.

"Hey sweetie," she looked down. Tristan reached upward but Brooklyn shook her head.

"Sorry kiddo," Tristan pouted and crossed her arms. Dean saw the disappointment on her face and scooped her up.

"Tristan, we need to tell you something," Dean said.

"You're gonna be a big sister," Brooklyn said. Tristan's mouth dropped open as did Jimmy's.

"No way!" The kids shouted out together.

"Way," Dean grinned.

"Wow," Tristan looked down at her mom's stomach. "But Mommy, your tummy's not fat."

Brooklyn chuckled and shook her head. "Well that's because the baby is really tiny and will grow inside, just you did."

Tristan giggled and hopped down from Dean's arms and hugged Jimmy tight.

"I'm gonna be a big sister!" She proclaimed.

"I wish I had a brother or sister," Jimmy said slightly dejected.

"Maybe someday your mommy will meet a nice man," Tristan offered. Jimmy shrugged his shoulders but couldn't be sad for long.

"Maybe," his little blue eyes lit up.

Brooklyn and Dean watched the kids frolic around the yard, happy and energetic. She had the feeling Jimmy was going to be a bodyguard to her new addition but she was alright with that.

"Let's go tell everyone," Brooklyn slid her hand into Dean's and together they headed inside.

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