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When Captain Kirk woke up, he immediately knew that he was not on the Enterprise. Yet, what he expected was to be lying on a hard, stone floor of a dungeon. Instead, found himself lying in a soft bed with outrageously silky sheets. He wondered briefly if he'd somehow ended up in a bordello at a pleasure planet, but dismissed it almost immediately when he recalled the events before he woke up to a darkened room smelling of expensive perfume.

He was down at Starbase 70, walking through a pretty little conservatory with a visiting Lieutenant Commander he'd known from his academy days. The two of them had made it around a large tree when Kirk turned to look at a flower that his companion had pointed out to him. A second later, all went black.

Before the doors even slid open, Kirk was sitting up and glaring, knowing exactly who his attacker and kidnapper was.


Or well, he had expected to know exactly who it was. The masculine form that stepped into the room threw him off completely.

"Commodore Gregson?" He didn't hide his surprise from his tone or expression as the door closed. The lighting immediately brightened, making his eyes water, but Kirk didn't look away as the man strode casually over to the room's replicator as if a starship captain was not in his bed.

If Kirk didn't know Commodore Gregson as an instructor at Academy and one of the best Starfleet officers in the quadrant, he might've thought kidnapping officers was regular practice of the man. With prior knowledge of the superior officer, the present situation was extremely uncomfortable, especially when the commodore didn't say a word and offered him a glass of wine with a smile.

"It came out of the replicator, there isn't any poison in it." When Kirk refused to take it, he merely shrugged good-naturedly and set it by the bedside table.


"Vince, Jim, we aren't at my office."

"...Vince...why am I here?" His tone didn't have the edge of command that he would normally use in such a situation, as Kirk sensed that any small outburst could have an unexpected consequence. He didn't know the commodore as well as some of the others in the 'fleet and the situation wasn't exactly a casual visit.

However, despite all the uncertainty that was swimming about in his mind, the captain was certain of one thing: he most certainly did not sleep with the commodore. If he had, he wouldn't be clothed and he would probably be waking up from a pounding hangover. Yet, the bed suggested that it was used for less...social means. It made Kirk wary. If he remembered Vincent Gregson correctly from the Academy, he favored taking men home. In fact, he could remember at least one occasion where Gregson had joked while drunk that he would take Kirk home with him.

"C'mon, Jim, you're a smart boy. You know exactly why you're here." Kirk unconsciously scooted a few centimeters away from the leering man.

Captain Kirk may be more open than some men when it came to sexual partners, but there were only a handful of men he was honestly attracted to. Vincent Gregson was not one of them. While the commodore was a handsome brunette with striking grey eyes, he was simply not his type. Kirk was not into the more feminine, lanky type of men and never was.

"Commodore, I will not agree to this and request—"

"Denied." There was humor in Gregson's tone as he drained his glass and placed it next to Kirk's untouched one.

When those grey eyes traveled back to the bed and him, Kirk was ready to rise up and defend himself, but instead of climbing onto the bed, the commodore remained where he was, quietly regarding the tensed captain with amusement and a bit of...pity?

"Jim, I won't take you forcibly, but I also won't take no for an answer. I've been patient with you, watching your progress through Starfleet and reading every little scrap of news about your latest intergalactic...ah...conquests, but it ends now. You've been an indecisive tease and I won't read about you taking another girl without commitment." Kirk's eyes narrowed at this new information. Suddenly the whole situation just got a lot more dangerous. Gregson had been using Starfleet to follow his every move? His quick mind recombined the information along with his current location and everything suddenly fell into place.

Of all the unexpected situations he'd fallen into with since his first post on a starship, this was the first time Captain James T. Kirk had been successfully kidnapped by an obsessive stalker. He mentally kicked himself for being so relaxed on a starbase to allow such a thing to happen.

"Commodore—Vince—this is insane, you can't possibly think that Starfleet won't—"

"Starfleet? They won't find out a damned thing about this unless you squeal, Jim, and I know you won't. You wouldn't dream of it after we make up." Kirk held down his urge to shudder at the maniac gleam in Gregson's eyes as he rose from his stool and approached the bed. He didn't dare withdraw as fingers gently cupped his chin.

"I thought you said you wouldn't take me by force." His voice was strained and his hazel eyes were sharp with suspicion as those fingers lightly caressed his face. Gregson's expression had softened, but Kirk felt nothing for the other akin to attraction. In fact, he was repulsed by such tenderness forced onto him as if he were a gentle, delicate flower.

"And I won't, but I wish to leave you something to consider my pro—" By chance the commlink outside of the room rang and the hand dropped. The commodore's tender expression was instantly replaced with one of irritation as he straightened his tunic and left the room, making sure to close and lock the door from the outside.

Curious, Kirk slipped out of the bed and crept over to the sliding doors, pressing his ear against the gap.

"Commodore, we request permission to scan the station." Kirk smiled as his heart skipped a beat, hearing the familiar monotone of his exec. His disappearance had been noticed and Spock was already on his way.

"Permission granted, Commander. We have also located the prime suspect, but have had no satisfactory results." The captain noted without surprise at the fake-sounding note of apology the commodore used and grit his teeth. There was no way a scan of the station would lead to the Enterprise finding him, then. But how was that possible? Kirk glanced briefly down at his forearm, recalling the transponder that McCoy had put in three months ago. He pressed the spot lightly, satisfied that it was still there. Hm...perhaps the commodore didn't know about it?

"Thank you, sir, for your cooperation. We will be in touch as often as possible."

"Good luck, Mr. Spock. If you need more time, feel free to contact me and I'll arrange an extension of the Enterprise's stay on the station with Starfleet. Captain Kirk must be found." Kirk wanted to shout from behind the door, but he thought better of it, realizing that it would not only be desperate, but it could possibly result in his imprisonment becoming even less pleasant than it already was.

Moving away from the door as he heard the communiqué end, Kirk desperately hoped that the commodore, in his eagerness to kidnap him, had forgotten about the possibility of a transponder.