Well, while my laptop is fried and I have no access to my other stories, I thought I'd try my hand at a crossover story for Merlin and Harry Potter to occupy the time until I get it fixed. This was just something I thought up during calculus. Because, really, which would you rather think about, math or Merlin?

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Summary: What started as a simple follow-Draco-to-the-woods idea has gotten Harry and said Slytherin boy into way more trouble than they'd have ever thought. Even with all the trouble they get into every year at Hogwarts, this simply didn't compare. Due to a botched spell by a young Merlin (yes, even great wizards can mess up with magic) the two have found themselves back in the time of knights, royalty, and the one that they know as the greatest wizard who ever lived. But something sinister is approaching Camelot and, though they fight constantly, that may just be enough to save Harry and Draco, as well as all of Camelot. However, now Merlin has a dilemma: how to send these two boys home! If only he could figure out how he brought them there in the first place…

There won't be any pairings in this, but there will be an eventual friendship between Harry and Draco. Though, I suppose if you turn your head and squint, you can look at it as the beginning of a relationship. The nature of that relationship is up to you.

Oh, and this takes place at what would be the beginning of the sixth book. If you don't remember what happens or don't know, don't worry, I'm only going to talk about it a little, as the story starts pretty quickly into the sixth year.

Oh, and Merlin spoilers only for the first season, because I know the American audience hasn't seen the second season (it's available online, though, if you poke around a bit!)

Chapter One: A Frolic Through the Woods

"I'm telling you, he's up to something," Harry insisted, pacing back and forth before the fireplace. It was late, and the flames had died down to embers, casting a soft orange glow over the three inhabitants of the room.

"We've been watching him for weeks now," Hermione sighed, slumping slightly on the soft red couch, "And we haven't seen him do anything wrong."

"Yeah, but if I could just follow him―"

"Harry, mate," Ron cut him off tiredly, "Last time you did that, all it got you was a nice body bind and a kick in the face."

Harry scowled at the memory of Malfoy leaving him on the train like that to rot. And if Luna hadn't found him… "I told you what I heard him say before that, though! He wants to work for―"

"Harry," said Hermione, "He's been saying things like that as long as we've known him. Wanting to work for V-Voldemort and actually working for him are two different things." She sighed. "As much as I hate to admit it, I don't think Draco is as evil as you want him to be."

Harry stopped in his pacing and whirled to face her. "What's that supposed to mean?" he growled. She looked away, not wanting to answer. "Fine," he said finally, "You two can stay here, but I'm still going to find out what Draco is up to. We don't all fit under the Invisibility Cloak, anyway." With that, he grabbed said cloak, gathered up his wand and the Marauder's Map, disappeared from view, and headed out the portrait hole, ignoring his friends' protest all the while.

Draco couldn't sleep― not with all this pressure weighing down upon him. And if he didn't get up to clear his mind, the force of the explosion would surely wake the rest of his house, if not the entire school. With this thought in mind, he rose from his bed and dressed quickly, draping a thick cloak over his robe-covered shoulders and leaving the dorm room without a sound.

The common room had exhausted all of its head-clearing power already, and so he opted for a different location. Honestly, sneaking out of the castle was far too easy, anyway…

Just as he was approaching the great hall, keeping a lookout for Filch or Mrs. Norris or that old hag, McGonagall, he thought he heard a rustling behind him. But when he turned to look, there was nothing there but a gently snoring portrait of an old man holding an ugly little dog. Chalking it up to paranoia or the magical idiocy that played through the halls of Hogwarts, he continued on his way, quietly slipping out the front doors and moving towards the moonlit forest across the grounds.

Harry breathed the tiniest sigh of relief he could manage after Draco had nearly caught him. He waited a few moments as he put the map away, and then near-silently followed Draco outside onto the school grounds.

He was surprised to see his Slytherin nemesis heading towards the Forbidden Forest; he'd been such a coward when they'd gone there during their first year at Hogwarts. Then again, that had been quite some time ago…. Nevertheless, it solidified the suspicion in Harry's mind that Draco really was up to something. And he intended to find out what.

Draco sat in the clearing― his clearing, as he'd been the one to find it and there were never any other creatures there to disturb him― and tried to clear the thoughts from his mind. His father was practically nonexistent now, and his mother needed someone she could be proud of. He wanted to be that someone. But when his father had volunteered him for a job such as this, he thought he could handle it, though the thought scared him. Now… he wasn't so sure.

He ran a hair through his perfect pale blond hair and sat down on a stump in the clearing, wrapping his cloak more tightly around him to keep out the growing cold that came with nights in early October. The clearing sat atop the side of a craggy hill with a fairly steep incline. From his vantage point, Draco could look out over the rest of the Forbidden Forest, which splayed out below him dramatically. He watched the trees as they rustled and swayed, their branches silver in the moonlight, and sighed.

Harry had almost lost sight of Draco several times as he made his way down a path in the forest, the entrance of which was hidden, but the reality of which was actually rather clear. But now he had found the Slytherin boy where he'd stopped. The Boy Who Lived watched silently from the shadows and waited.

…and waited…

After a while, it became clear that Draco wasn't actually going to do anything more than look out over the forest, finger-comb his hair, and sigh loudly and dramatically every so often. But, stubbornly, Harry wasn't going to admit that Hermione had been right about his arch rival and so he watched for a bit longer.

When Draco began to stand, looking like he was finally going to do something, Harry leaned forward in anticipation, inadvertently snapping a dry twig as he did so. Draco's head shot up at the noise and he looked around frantically, fear evident in his eyes. He began to move towards the source of the noise, where Harry was hidden in the brush, with his wand outstretched. Harry decided that staying as still and quiet as possible was the best plan of action, thanking Merlin that Draco was too much of a coward to actually poke his way through the bushes.

The trees, however, had something else in mind. Being the wholly unpredictable, enchanted trees that they were, the moonlit boughs began to glow with a light of their own― panicking the Malfoy heir to no end― and a sudden, unseen force shoved Harry into the clearing, pulling the Invisibility Cloak off of him as he fell.

"Oh," Draco sneered, no longer afraid, "It's just you."

Ignoring him for a moment, Harry looked around in confusion. He then got to his feet and retrieved his cloak from where it hung innocently on a branch.

"Hoping to be petrified again, Potter?" Draco spat, but his wand was no longer held in a threatening position. Still bewildered, Harry shook his head.

"Something just pushed me out," he said once he had regained the ability to speak.

"Oh, come off it, Potter," Draco's face wrinkled in disgust, "I'm not a first year anymore. Merlin, Potter, you think tricks like that are really going to scare me?"

"Oh, yeah, Malfoy," Harry shot back sarcastically, once again finding banter-mode, "I just waited all night for you to go to the forest so I could jump out and yell 'boo!'." Draco only sneered in response, so Harry continued, his voice more solemn. "I'm serious," he said, looking into the treeline, "Something pushed― ugh!" The same force sent him backwards into a surprised Draco.

"Get off, you Gryffin― dah!" Whatever insult he'd been about to say was shoved aside by the same force pushing both of them back this time. Draco's eyes were wide now, and he held his wand out towards the seemingly unoffending trees.

Those trees began to glow again, a sight that would have been pretty had it not been so terrifying, and one more invisible, great shove sent them backwards again, tumbling down the rocky hill into the darkness.

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