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MaixValon(don't know the shipping)

Summary: Yugi Mutou is a man that was born blind. He has recently moved back to Domino with his twon brother, Heba. They live together along with their grandfather. The two brothers live close to their older sister, Mai Valentine, and her husband, Valon. Businessmen Atemu and Yami Sennen meet Yugi and Heba through mutual friends that they have. Yami instantly is attracted to Yugi, but Heba and Mai think that Yami is a player who will use Yugi and then throw him away when he's gotten what he wanted. Thinking that, the two try to keep Yami from dating Yugi, but will Yugi stand for them interfering in his life? Yami will have to fight to be able to date Yugi by proving that he's not like that. Atemu develops an attraction to Heba, and he also has to fight to win Heba over. Will the two succeed in getting who they want? If they do, what will life throw at them?

Warnings: yaoi, lemons, mpreg

Disclaimer: I don't own anything!

Chapter 1- Moving In

The day was sunny and clear in the city of Domino.

A great day for moving in.

Outside the Game Shop in a small section of Domino, two young men were busy moving their things into their new home.

Both boys were small for their age, and they had star-shaped, tri-color hair. Both had wide eyes with innocent features. They both had amethyst eyes. The only physical difference in their appearance was that one had tanned skin while the other had pale skin.

"Come on, Yugi. You need to come in and sit down." the tanned one said.

"And where would you like me to sit, Heba?" Yugi asked in a mocking voice.

Heba rolled his eyes. "You know what I mean." Heba said. He grabbed Yugi by the wrist and dragged him into the shop. He forced Yugi to sit down on a stool behind the counter of the shop. "Stay put." Heba ordered.

"Yes, sir!" Yugi said, giving a mock salute.

"Smartass." Heba said.

"You can stop treating me like an invalid, Heba." Yugi said.

"I'm sorry. I can't help it. I just don't want to risk anything happening to you." Heba said.

"Go on. I can sit and be bored to death." Yugi said.

Heba nodded and went out to talk to the movers about what was going in the shop.

You see, Heba was rather protective of Yugi because Yugi was blind. He had been since the day he was born. Heba just didn't want to risk anything happening to him at any time.

Yugi understood his brother's protective nature, even if it could get on his nerves at times. Yugi had always had to live with being blind, so he never let it bother him that he couldn't see. When Yugi was in an environment that he was used to, he could find his way around easily and do anything that he normally would for the most part.

"Right this way." Heba said, leading the movers in with some things.

Yugi listened to see where Heba told the movers to place different things, and he listened to hear where they put it.

After about an hour, Heba said, "Thanks."

The movers then left.

"Nice arrangement, Heba." Yugi said.

"Huh?" Heba said, rather confused.

"I listened as you told them where to put the different. I also know you so well I know where you plan to out everything." Yugi explained.

"Oh! Man. Do you have to listen to everything?" Heba asked.

Yugi shrugged. "Not much else I can do. Besides, I'm going to be in this shop a lot, so even if I can't show the customers where things are, at least I can tell them where they are." Yugi said.

"Point taken." Heba agreed.

To most people, Heba's comment would have been offense, but Yugi was okay with his blindness, and he often joked about his blindness with Heba.

"Come on, Yugi. We have to get to our new house and get everything set up." Heba said as he walked to Yugi.

Yugi stood up and headed for the door. "It's more like you'll have me sit down so that I don't get hurt, and you'll put everything away." Yugi answered.

The two walked out the door, and Heba locked the shop.

"We'll go back tomorrow since all of the inventory should be here by the afternoon." Heba said. He went over to the car and opened the door for Yugi after leading Yugi to the car.

"Heba, I am quite capable of opening a car door. It's my eyes that don't work, not my hands." Yugi said.

"Yugi, shut up and get in the car." Heba said.

Yugi did as he was told and got in the car.

Heba shut the door before he walked around the car and got in on the driver's side. He started the car and drove off.

In the office building of Sennen Incorporated, Atemu Sennen, the head of the company, was busy working on his computer. There was a big deal going through, and he had to put in a lot of overtime.

There was a knock on the door.

"Whoever it is, go away." Atemu growled.

The door opened, and someone popped their head in.

"Is that any way to talk to your brother?" Yami asked.

Atemu glared. "Go away, Yami! I'm busy!" Atemu snapped.

Yami rolled his eyes as he walked in. He had a folder in his hand. "I'm here on business myself. I have the figures for the Industrial Illusions deal." Yami said as he handed the folder to Atemu.

"Oh. Thanks." Atemu said, taking the folder from Yami.

Atemu and Yami Sennen were brothers. Atemu was a year and a half older than Yami although they looked more like twins. Both were short for their age, but they were both lean and slightly muscular. They both had very sharp features with sharp, crimson eyes. Both had star-shaped, tri-color hair and had what looked like lightening bolt streaks going up the spikes. The only difference was that Yami had pale skin while Atemu had tanned skin.

"I thought that you might want to take a look at them." Yami said.

Atemu was the head of the company while Yami was the top accountant. Sennen Incorporated was a family business that the two had inherited from their father. Atemu had taken to being the CEO of the company while Yami wasn't so keen on being involved in every aspect of the company. He chose to become an accountant and kept an eye on all the finances of the company.

It worked out well for the brothers.

"Yeah. I did want to see them. Thanks for bringing them or was there another reason you came here?" Atemu asked.

"Another reason, actually." Yami said.

"And that would be?" Atemu asked.

"Joey called and asked us if we wanted to come over and have dinner with them tonight." Yami answered.

"I figured he'd be calling. We haven't been over there in a week." Atemu said.

Joey Wheeler was the fiancé to their older cousin, Seto Kaiba. Seto was the CEO of KaibaCorp, another large company.

"So, should I call him back and tell him that we'll be there, or should I call him and tell him that we can's make it?" Yami asked.

"Tell him we'll come." Atemu said.

"Okay." Yami said and left.

"He could have e-mailed me these and called me about that." Atemu muttered as he opened the file Yami had given him, knowing that Yami's office was two floors below his own.

Yugi and Heba walked into a two-story white house that they had recently purchased. It was their new home.

"So, has Mai been here?" Yugi asked.

"Without a doubt." Heba answered, looking at a few empty boxes in the room.

A man with brown hair and green eyes walked into the foyer. "Hey, Yugi. Heba. How's it coming with the shop?" the man asked with an Australian accent.

"It's going fine, Valon. We'll be going back tomorrow to get everything set up." Heba said.

"Where's Mai at?" Yugi asked.

"She's upstairs. She found some of the bathroom stuff, so she went to put everything up." Valon answered.

"Sounds like her." Yugi said.

"Yugi! Heba! Is that you?!" a female voice called from upstairs.

"Yes." Yugi and Heba answered at the same time.

There were sounds of footsteps on the stairs before a woman with long blonde hair and violet eyes stepped into the room. "How's the shop?" Mai asked.

"Fine." Heba said.

"That's good. Yugi, you go on and sit down in the living room. We'll take care of everything." Mai assured him.

"Aye, aye, Captain." Yugi said.

"Don't sass me." Mai said in a mock angry tone.

Yugi snickered. "Yes, ma'am." Yugi said.

Valon took Yugi by the arm. "Come on. I'll show you the way to the living room." Valon said.

"Thanks, Valon." Yugi said.

Valon took Yugi out of the room.

Mai Valentine was Yugi and Heba's older sister. She was ten years older than both of them. Mai was very protective of both her brothers, especially Yugi.

Valon was Mai's husband. The two had been married for five years now.

Yugi and Heba had been living in Tokyo, but they had recently decided to move to Domino, which was their hometown.

Mai and Valon had helped the two find a place to live.

"Well, let's not just stand around here, Heba. There's work that needs to be done." Mai said.

"What haven't you done, and I'll do that." Heba said.

"Well, let's see. Valon probably made a mess of the kitchen. I love that man to death, but he can't organize anything to save his life." Mai said.

The two walked into the kitchen to find that it was in complete disarray.

"I think I know where to start." Heba said.

"Good luck with this." Mai said.

"Sorry about that. I didn't know where you wanted anything, Heba." Valon said as he walked into the room.

"No. You just didn't want to bother putting anything up. At least not in a way that would make sense to the rest of us." Mai said.

Valon grinned sheepishly. "You know that I have no sense of organization, Mai. I don't even know the meaning of the word." Valon said.

"Yeah. I know." Mai said.

"Well, Valon can help me in here. I can just tell him where I want things." Heba said.

"All right. I'll be upstairs if you need me." Mai said before she left the two in the kitchen alone.

"So, what's Yugi doing?" Heba asked.

"He got one of his brail books and was reading it. I think that it's one of the books for that class he is going to teach." Valon said.

"He's teaching several classes. I'm kind of glad that Yugi got this job. He hates not being able to do anything, and we both know that there's a limited amount of jobs that Yugi can do." Heba said.

"I know what you mean." Valon said as he opened a box to find that it was full of pots and pans. "Where do these go?" Valon asked, showing Heba the contents of the boxes.

"Put them in the bottom cabinets. Neatly." Heba said.

"Sure thing." Valon said. He started to put them away. "Is Yugi excited about this job?" Valon asked.

"Oh, yeah. Yugi's really excited about it. I mean, he worked his way through college to get a teaching degree, so he's glad that he's going to be able to actually teach now." Heba answered.

Yugi had been hired as a teacher at the Domino Deaf and Blind School teaching kids who wee blind. Since Yugi was blind himself, he would be really happy with this new job.

"It's amazing at what he's able to do given that he can't see anything. Nothing against it. It just amazes me at all of the things that Yugi does. I wouldn't think that a person who can't see could do all of the things that he does." Valon said.

"Well, Yugi adapts to every situation, which is a good thing." Heba said.

"No kidding." Valon agreed.

"Another great thing is that Joey, Ryou, Malik, and Serenity all live here in Domino. We'll be able to see our friends again." Heba said.

"Or hear, in my case." Yugi said.

Valon and Heba both looked up to find Yugi standing in the doorway.

"How long have you been standing there?" Valon asked.

"Long enough to hear you two talking about my job and how amazing I am." Yugi said.

"Um, why are you up, anyway?" Heba asked.

"Well, I was reading over the books for my class, but I was thirsty, and I didn't know if we had anything to drink or not." Yugi said.

"Yeah. Mai and I put some drinks in the refrigerator this morning. They should be cold by now." Valon said.

"What do you have?" Yugi asked.

"Just about anything that you can think of." Valon said.

"More specific, please." Yugi requested.

"We have Coke, Dr. Pepper, grape soda, orange soda, Diet Coke, and Sprite." Valon said as he made his way over to the frig.

"I think I'll take a grape soda." Yugi said.

Valon got the soda answered and walked over, handing it to Yugi. "Here you go, mate." Valon said.

"Thanks, Valon." Yugi said before he walked off.

Valon and Heba went back to setting the kitchen up.

After work, Yami and Atemu headed for their mansion.

The two lived together, so they just drove to work together and then back home.

"So, how's the deal going?" Yami asked.

"It's fine. There are no hitches to it. We're going to benefit from it, and Pegasus is, too. No one loses in this deal." Atemu said.

"Those figures pretty much said that. I just wondered if Pegasus was being an ass like he was the first time you made a business deal with him. I know he tried to push you over a few times during that." Yami said.

"I believe that I showed him I wasn't a pushover, and that he wasn't going to be able to bully me like he had been able to bully others. I doubt that he'll ever try that again." Atemu said.

"That's good to know." Yami said. He glanced at his watch and saw that it was five-thirty. "Well, we'll have time to go home and relax before we have to be over at Seto's for dinner." Yami said.

"What time are we supposed to be over there?" Atemu asked.

"Seven." Yami answered.

"Well, that means Seto will get there at seven-thirty." Atemu said.

Seto Kaiba was notorious for overworking himself and forgetting any engagement that did not involve his work.

"Come on, Atemu. Seto has lightened up on that since he and Joey have been together." Yami said.

"I know." Atemu said.

The two arrived at their mansion, which appeared to be too big for only two people.

Both got out of the car and headed into the house. They were greeted by the butler as well as the two maids.

Yami and Atemu said hello to them before going into the living room to sit down and relax.

"Well, that what should we do now?" Yami asked.

"I don't rightly care." Atemu said as he lay lengthwise on the couch, closing his eyes.

"Don't go to sleep. We don't have that long to lounge around." Yami said.

"I won't go to sleep, Yami. Don't worry about that." Atemu said.

Yami rolled his eyes. "Last time you said that, I ended up having to wake you up." Yami said.

"Well, you'll just have to wake me up again." Atemu said.

"I could always just tell Joey that you fell asleep, so I came without you." Yami said.

Atemu's eyes snapped open as he looked over at Yami. "You wouldn't?" Atemu asked.

Yami smirked. "Try me." Yami said.

Atemu sighed. He knew that his brother would do it, so he sat up. "Fine. You win." Atemu said.

"Good." Yami said before he got up. "I think that I'll go ahead and get changed for dinner." Yami said before he headed upstairs.

"He can be such a pain." Atemu muttered. He loved his brother, but his brother could be a pain sometimes.

Joey Wheeler was making sure that everything was ready for dinner that night. He was a blonde with brown eyes. "Okay. So, there's going to be eight of us since Malik and Marik couldn't make it." Joey said to himself, making sure that there were eight places.

"Calm down, big brother. Everything is fine. It always is." Serenity Wheeler, Joey's younger sister, said.

"I know, but I wanted to make sure." Joey said.

Serenity laughed lightly. "And to think that you could have cared less about things like that when you were a teenager." Serenity said.

Joey shrugged. "People change." Joey said.

Serenity laughed. "You're one person that I didn't think would ever change." Serenity said.

"Well, I did, and there's nothing that I can do about that. Being with Seto changed me." Joey said.

"Except for your eating habits, Puppy." Seto said as he wrapped an arm around Joey's waist and kissed him on the cheek.

"You're home early." Joey said.

"Yes, I am, and you still haven't changed your eating habits." Seto said. He was a tall brunette with ice blue eyes.

Joey shrugged. "People can only give up so much, and food is something that I refuse to give up." Joey said.

Serenity laughed. "That's not unsurprising." Serenity said.

Joey gave her a mock glare, but Serenity just kept on laughing.

"What's so funny?" Mokuba Kaiba, Seto's younger brother, asked.

"We're just discussing Joey's inability to have a smaller appetite." Seto answered.

Mokuba laughed. He had long, dark hair and dark eyes.

"I really don't like any of you." Joey muttered.

A few moments later, Atemu and Yami walked into the room.

"Hey, guys. Sorry that we're a little early." Yami said.

"Don't worry about it. Glad that you could make it." Joey said.

"So, who all is going to be here this time?" Atemu asked.

"Ryou and Bakura are the only ones that are coming. Marik and Malik already had other plans." Joey answered.

"I don't think that we want to know what they had planned." Yami said.

"No one wants to know what they had planned." Seto said.

"Come on. Ryou and Bakura won't be here for a little bit, so we might as well sit down." Joey said.

The group walked into the living room and sat down.

Mai was in the kitchen cooking.

Yugi, Heba, and Valon were sitting around the kitchen table.

"There is one very good thing about us living back in Domino again." Heba said.

"What's that?" Valon asked.

"We get two eat Mai's cooking again." Yugi said.

Mai glanced back at them. "Should I consider that an insult or a compliment?" Mai asked.

"A compliment. Heba's cooking okay, but yours is great. We love to eat your cooking." Yugi said.

Mai laughed. "Valon says that all the time." Mai said.

"What can I say? I married a woman who's a great cook." Valon said.

Mai shook her head. "No wonder you're gaining weight." Mai said.

Yugi and Heba laughed at Valon.

It wasn't long before Mai had dinner ready. She set it on the table before sitting down with the three men.

Heba got Yugi's plate ready before he got his own.

"So, when do you start your job, Yugi?" Mai asked.

"I don't start for another month. Heba just wanted us to get here so that I can learn the house before I start the job." Yugi said.

"Well, you adjust fast. You'll probably know the house in a week." Valon said.

"I give him five days." Heba said.

"Are you two going bet on how long it takes me to learn my way around this house?" Yugi asked.

Valon and Heba gulped at the death glare Mai was giving them.

"Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time." Valon said.

"It was never a good idea!" Mai snapped.

"So, what did you bet?" Yugi asked.

"It was ten dollars each. Winner takes it all." Valon said.

"All right. I'll get in on that." Yugi said.

"What?!" Mai exclaimed.

Yugi shrugged. "I don't care. Besides, I bet that I can learn this house in two days." Yugi said.

"Two days?!" Heba and Valon exclaimed.

"Yes. Two days." Yugi said.

"I'll take that bet." Valon said.

"Yeah." Heba said.

Yugi smiled. "All right. It's settled then." Yugi said.

Mai covered her face with her hand. "Great. I have three idiots around me." Mai said.

The three laughed at her.

"Come on, Mai. Who would know better how long it will take me to learn the house than myself?" Yugi asked.

"Not what I meant." Mai said.

Heba shook his head.

"So, when are you going to meet up with your old friends?" Valon asked.

"They're coming over here with their significant others tomorrow. Joey mentioned that there were a couple friends that they wanted us to meet, too." Yugi said.

"That'll be nice." Mai said.

"Yeah. They're coming over tomorrow evening." Yugi said.

"Well, I hope it goes well. I guess it'll be a good thing since they haven't seen you since you went to Tokyo." Valon said.

"Heba, why did you decide to reopen the Game Shop, anyway?" Mai asked.

"Well, that shop was Grandpa's pride and joy before he couldn't do it anymore. I wanted to do it for him. He loved the idea when I told him." Heba said.

"So, is he really going to come and live with you guys?" Valon asked.

"Yeah. Grandpa hates the retirement community. He's rather live here. Besides, you know that the doctor's have said that Grandpa's in good health for a man his age. Grandpa doesn't have anything wrong with him, and I'd like for him to be happy in these years." Heba said.

"Can you handle it, though?" Mai asked.

"Mai, just because I am blind does not make me an invalid. He only thing I can't do around the house is cook, and Heba does that. Grandpa cooks, too. I can do just about anything else as long as nothing is moved." Yugi said.

"He makes a point." Valon said.

"Well, if you need any help, let me know." Mai said.

"We will." Heba said.

"When is he going to arrive?" Valon asked.

"In two weeks. We're going to meet him at the train station." Heba said.

Mai smiled. "I know that Grandpa will be happy to see us all again." Mai said.

Ryou and Bakura arrived at the Kaiba mansion.

"All right! We're here! Let's eat!" Bakura said.

"Bakura!" Ryou scolded.

"What?" Bakura asked.

The group walked into the room.

"Good. Let's sit down and eat." Seto said.

The group walked into the dining room, sat down, and started eating.

"Joey, when were we supposed to be over at Yugi and Heba's tomorrow?" Ryou asked.

"At three. Why?" Joey asked.

"Malik was asking me, and I wasn't sure. I'll have to call him later and let him know." Ryou said.

"Are these the friends that you wanted us to meet?" Atemu asked.

"Yeah. We've been friends since high school, but they moved to Tokyo. They came back because Yugi got a good job out here. Heba's opening up their grandfather's old Game Shop, too." Joey said.

"Man. I used to love that place. We'd help out just because Grandpa needed help." Ryou said.

"Grandpa?" Seto asked, raising an eyebrow.

"He hated being called Mr. Mutou. He had everyone call him Grandpa, and we did. All except Joey." Ryou said.

"Why did you call him that, Joey?" Mokuba asked.

Serenity chuckled. "Joey called him Gramps. He never minded, though. He was like a grandfather to all of us. As far as he is concerned, we are his grandkids." Serenity said.

"Is he the one that sends you guys' gifts on your birthday and Christmas?" Bakura asked.

"Yep. He's actually going to be living with Yugi and Heba in a few weeks." Ryou said.

"Are neither of these two married?" Atemu asked.

"No. Yugi and Heba have never been married. They just haven't found the right one yet." Ryou said.

"Well, that is rather important." Yami said.

"We know. Anyway, Yugi and Heba don't mind their grandfather living with them. They're very close. You'll probably end up meeting Yugi and Heba's older sister, Mai, too." Ryou said.

"Well, it'll be nice. I'd like to meet new people." Atemu said.

"You will." Joey said.

The group finished eating. They sat talking for a while.

"Well, we'd better go. Bye!" Bakura said before dragging Ryou off.

"Okay. Obviously, Bakura has plans for them tonight." Seto said.

"And I don't want to know about them." Yami said.

"We'll see you guys tomorrow. We're coming here first to go with you two." Atemu said.

"All right. We'll see you tomorrow." Joey said.

Yami and Atemu then left.

"I can't wait to see them again." Joey said.

"Down, boy." Seto said.

"Stop with the dog comments!" Joey snapped.

Seto smirked as the two walked back in.

Serenity and Mokuba shook their heads.

"How do they work?" Mokuba asked.

"I don't know, but they do for some reason." Serenity said.

The two went back in as well.

Hope you liked it. Yugi's okay with his blindness, in case anyone didn't get that. That's why he's okay with joking and why he jokes as well.

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