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Pointers: "Talking"'thinking''Royal Family talk' 'Voice in water/Voice of water priest from afar'[text, not real text though]

Warnings!!!!: Homosexuality, Male smex, Mpreg in future chapters, some OOC, throwing of things, cursing, kidnapping, magic usage, disbelief of time travel and usage of Gods/Goddesses

Pairing: IchiStarrk

Summary: Ichigo is a normal first year high school student, till he is starting to get strange events dealing with water. After an incident he is pulled back into time, 13 B.C. There he meets a past world known as Seireitei, will he get back home or will he forever be kept near the Soul River??

Title: Heaven touches on the the banks of the Seireitei, Soul river

Prologue: It begins

On June 7th 2000, Kurosaki Ichigo, age 15, got his first kiss. His heart raced, his body trembled and his eyes glazed slightly before closing. It was magical, though timid and quick. Before Ichigo could get a chance to enjoy it the boy he kissed pulled away. Ichigo opened his eyes and stared at the boy in front of him. His brown hair was spiked downward and and his dark brown eyes shifted back and forth, showing his embarrassment as well as the blush on his face. Ichigo wanted to laugh, but he blushed also and his voice wouldn't move out of his throat.

"Um...sorry Ichigo I have all these things planned out to say, but now I'm to embarrassed to say them" The boy said before running off.

"K-KEIGO!!!" Ichigo called out, receiving 'See you Monday!'. He stared off at him then jumped up and shouted 'YES!'. His spiky orange hair swished as he landed on the ground, his dark amber honey eyes shined in happiness. He kissed the boy he liked a lot and the boy liked him back. It was awesome as he ran home to his father and two sisters for a party celebrating Ichigo's graduation from Middle School.

"REALLY Nii-san??" A young girl, no older then twelve, asked. Her sandy blond hair flew as she jumped on the bed, her light brown eyes gleaming. Another girl with black hair and black eyes stared at him in disbelief, she didn't care about his sexuality, but she thought he was moving to fast with the guy he liked.

"Yes Yuzu I kissed Keigo today" Ichigo said happily to his sister Yuzu, sandy blond hair girl. The other girl still didn't talk.

"Dad's going to kill you if he finds out about this Ichi-nii" She said.

"I know Karin, but he's not going to find out about this though and he can't hear us through the floor boards and the dryer is going, you know how loud that thing is" He told his other sister Karin. She shook head again.

"I still say he's going to kill you" She got up right as their only parent called them downstairs.

Ichigo stared at his father as he beamed proudly at his only son. It made him uncomfortable, but right now he was trying to save Yuzu from a glass of wine going down her throat.

"Ichigo will you get the water and brandy in the kitchen it seems to be the best time to do so?" Ichigo's father asked. Ichigo nodded and heading inside the kitchen, closing the door behind him. He heard light chatter from the next room as he grabbed a round platter with glasses on it and a bottle of Brandy. He heard his dad call him from the dinning room.

"ALRIGHT DAD JUST A SE-" He saw a wave of water move from in the glass of water, it looked like a finger was moving out of it, but as quickly as it arrived it left. He looked at it puzzling then shook it off as him studying too hard for his High School exam and left.

He didn't understand it, Keigo was ignoring, or just playing off as he looked at Ichigo embarrassingly then when they were staying after school to help their sensei with work Keigo got the courage to talk to Ichigo.

"Ichigo...I-....I'm sorry for ignoring you like I have it''s just that I haven't been in a relationship before and well you were my best-friend before anything and now....I really like in fact love you! And I don't want to ruin it" Keigo went on telling Ichigo about what he wanted and Ichigo felt lighter now that he was talking with him and forgave him.

"Lets go help sensei so we can leave" Ichigo said and they headed to the back of the classroom to the office that kept extra things, sort of like a storage room.

"Where are they?" Ichigo asked.

"I don't know" Keigo said as they looked for the papers that their sensei asked for.

"I'll go ask sensei where they are again just wait here Ichigo" He said and rushed out of the room. Ichigo stood there and smiled.

'At least nothing is wrong between us' He thought to himself as he looked for the papers. He looked near a fish tank with rare exotic fish that the sensei loved very much. Ichigo didn't see the water move as long arms came out of the water. He felt water drip on his uniform and then turned around in time to see the arms wrap around him and then start pulling him into the fish tank. He screamed and bumped the fish tank, making it fall to the ground crashing as it did. Keigo heard Ichigo and ran into the office.

"Ichigo?" He questioned. Ichigo ran over to him and burred his face into Keigo's uniform shirt.

"KEIGO! There were h-hands! Coming out of the fish tank!!!" He said and pointed over to the tank, though when he looked the tank was destroyed and the fish flopped on the ground.

"Oh no! These are sensei's most prized fish!" He said and started gathering the fish, leaving Ichigo confused, horribly confused.

"You're over stating the facts Nii-san!" Yuzu said when Ichigo got home and told her what happened at school.

"No I'm not Yuzu these arms were too real to be fake!" He said demonstrating with his hands, wrapping them around Yuzu.

"Nii-san this is not working, you are frying your brain now and it's gone from studying to much now!" She said and pulled herself out from his grasp and then Karin came in the room wrapped in a towel.

"Ichi-nii the bath is open it's just you now" She said and Ichigo nodded, grabbing a towel and left the room. He sat in the bathtub and then looked nothing in particular, letting his mind wonder.

'Maybe Yuzu is right I have been studying too much and now it's coming back to haunt me' He said to himself and started to get out when he felt arms wrap around him and pulled him under the bath water.

'YES! I've got you now! You're the one my dear boy!' A voice said through the water, freaking Ichigo out as he thrashed around, trying to get out of the grasp of what ever had him under the water. He just happened to hit a plant in the bathroom, why there was a plant there we will never know, and sent it crashing to the ground. He coughed, spitting water out of his mouth just as his sisters kicked the door in, worried written on their faces .

"Ichi-nii are you drowning?!" Karin asked as Ichigo got out of the water, not fazing the girls what so ever since they bathed together when they were younger, and pulled a towel around himself, shaking. His sisters left seeing he was alright.

'Now that wasn't my imagination it was too real to fake it....though why? Why me?' He asked himself then came to a conclusion.

'This only happens around WATER! If I stay away from water then I won't be sucked into it!' He smiled and then frowned. There was too much water in the world to hide form and he didn't like it.

The next day he turned down a invite to a heated pool with Keigo. The day after he didn't go to school for it was raining and his father saw it was strange, but didn't do anything about it. A few days later Keigo invited him to the beach and once again Ichigo turned him down then a while later Keigo confronted him.

"Ichigo you're not avoiding me today we are going to the movies!" He said grabbing Ichigo hand.

"What?!" He questioned.

"You've been avoiding me and I'm not letting my boyfriend avoid me any longer so we are going to the movies" Keigo said. Ichigo looked at him then went over the idea in his head and then nodded. After the movies Ichigo was happier and felt calmer. He clutched his bag closer to him and smiled.

"That was fun Keigo!" He said and had a extra hop into his step.

"I thought so now come on lets get something to eat!" He said happily, like a squirrel would with a nut. Ichigo nodded and they headed through the park. Ichigo walked away from puddles from the melting snow in the area and also wanted to be closer to Keigo. They chatted for a bit and just as Ichigo placed his foot in a large pulled a hand wrapped up his leg, another went to his mouth so he couldn't scream then pulled him into the pulled, leaving his bag and Keigo.

The water was pulling the air out his lungs and his clothes became soaked. The voice returned and scared him.

'YOU WON'T GET AWAY NOW!!' the voice said and just as Ichigo was about to burst from lack of air he kicked the arms away. He knew he had a limited amount of time and saw a thing of light, swimming towards it he didn't care where it lead to he needed air, now. Gasping and sputtering Ichigo pulled his body out of the water, which was only about 2 feet deep. He heard gasps and sort of screams coming from all around him. His eyes adjusted and he looked around, he saw many people staring at him in horror and talked in a language he didn't understand what so ever. As he pulled himself out of the water he saw soldiers running towards him. He ran, his long sleeved shirt flapping against his skin and his pants dripped nearly falling off his form. He didn't know where the hell he was and he knew if he wanted to know where he'd need to get to a higher place. So he saw some stairs and ran towards them, ignoring more shouts and screams. What he saw at the topped made him even more scared and surprised. A land of grounded dirt,, rocks, a river in the far distance and mud brick houses as far as he could see.

"Where am I?" He asked himself and closed his eyes. He knew it had to be a dream...right? Opening them after closing them for ten seconds he saw that he was in the same world as before.

"WHERE THE FUCK AM I?!" He shouted.

[Ichigo stood on the western wall of the country known as the Rekongai back in the 13th century. It was known for their war tactics, large family, wealth, and ways of the blades. He stood in the main kingdom known as Seireitei. The king ruling in this time period is known as Yamamoto one of the greatest kings in his time period.]

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