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Warnings!!!!: Homosexuality, Male smex, Mpreg in future chapters, some OOC, throwing of things, cursing, kidnapping, magic usage, disbelief of time travel and usage of Gods/Goddesses

Pairing: IchiStarrk

Summary: Ichigo is a normal first year high school student, till he is starting to get strange events dealing with water. After an incident he is pulled back into time, 13 B.C. There he meets a past world known as Seireitei, will he get back home or will he forever be kept near the Soul River??

Title: Heaven touches on the the banks of the Seireitei, Soul river

Ch.4: He will be saved


Hana stood on the platform from which he would be killed on. The dirt was sticking to his sweating skin. His legs trembled, hitting his knees together as his eyes teared up. He knew that he wouldn't be saved, he didn't deserve to be for what he did to Ichigo. A tear slid down his face as a rope went over his neck, he heard people talking.

"What's going on?"

"He attacked a member of the royal family"

"He's so young"

"Such foolishness!" He kept tremblings more and more with each spoken sentence. His knees were about to give out and the rope would be pulled and he waited for it. When it started to choke him he felt his legs fall and the rope seeming to no longer choke him as he landed on his legs. He opened his eyes and what he saw made his heart thump. There stood Ichigo with Starrk and Lilinette, Ichigo holding a bow that just released an arrow.

"Ichigo-sama? Starrk-sama?" The executioner questioned as he saw the arrow in the wood for the hanging.

"I will not let this boy die!" Ichigo said and went up to Hana. The guards went over and tried to stop him.

"You can't do anything he tried to kill you Ichigo-sama! Besides it's against our laws that say that if a member who is a lower status then the Royal family and they attack them they will be sentence to death" The guard said, keeping Ichigo at bay. Ichigo stiffened noticeably, some people flinched as they felt the anger rise off him.

"The laws are based off social status?! That's ridiculous!! I'm NOT royalty what so ever! I'm a NOBODY Who was dragged here from my home land! Yet you say you have the right to say that someone who is of lower status then me, just because I'm living at the prince's palace, has to die for them attacking me is that what you're saying?!" Ichigo said, anger rising and all noticed something. His eyes changed from that deep honey brown color to a golden color. The guard nodded and then felt his body tremble from the glare he got from Ichigo. He pushed his way through the guards and went over to Hana, pulling him up to his chest, protectively.

"Again I'll say this....I'm a nobody....and you can not repeat can not decide that one person's life has to end they are too precious for that....and if you have something to say to me about it say it now otherwise I'm taking Hana and leaving" Ichigo stated and rubbed Hana's back soothingly.

"We have the laws, but namely it's to protect the people from each other and the royalty from the people" other guard said, feeling brave.

"If you have those laws then they are useless royal or not you will die sooner or later, weather it's murder, peaceful, or dieing in will can not have those laws that only effect one side of the board if it doesn't effect the other, life doesn't work like that. If you have someone killed every time someone feels like it sooner or later you will be the last person left then what? Kill yourself or die from loneliness? If you have these laws they need to be put into force to save someone, not end there life....for life you can never replace like you can a bowl or get only one chance to live so why take it away from someone?" Ichigo asked as he slowly walked with Hana. Every stared at him, shocked at his wise words that are far beyond his years, yet hold true for every single word he stated. The guards looked at them then at Starrk who sighed and said.

"Hana will work as punishment, death with no longer be allowed unless it is fully forced by a legal system of people starting from a counsel then up till it reaches the king" The crowd nodded and watch the group of people walk away. Hana let his tears fall down his face freely from happiness and from relief. Ichigo saved him. HIM of all people to save Ichigo saved his life.

"A-Arigato I-Ichigo-s-sama" Hana choked out. Ichigo pulled him tighter to his side.

"Don't thank me Hana.....I don't need saving you is from me....not for you to thank me...., but for me being sad that you lost your life from events you couldn't stop" Ichigo said. Hana nodded, understanding and smiled at him.


Starrk was hypnotized from what Ichigo did. He made the people that went to watch the execution rethink everything the thought was right as a law and made the people realize that they can't simply take a life like that. If what he was thinking was right, he was liking Ichigo more and more and smiled at it. Lilinette caught this, but said nothing at it and continued walking, getting ahead of them to get the chariot. Starrk watched Ichigo protect Hana from the on lookers and the guards as he verbally told them straight that he would harm them if they went one set closer to him. He saw Ichigo's eyes got back to normal and it made him wonder if it was just the lighting that made them change, but he doubted it somewhere in his being he highly doubted it. He watched just to be sure.

-Back at Starrk's Palace 2 days later-

Ichigo sat on the roof of the over hang, don't ask how he got up there he just did by climbing mainly. For some reason when he needed to calm down he would go to the highest place he could reach at the time and lay down if possible. He felt the sun warm up his skin, he liked that even more, and a breeze blew by cooling him down some. He didn't care and just started dozing in and out of consciousness. Soon he was in Lala land far away from where people would be able to find him easily.


Hana was in a panic, he couldn't find Ichigo anywhere and he was needed to talk with Starrk for some reason, but he hasn't been seen since earlier that day. He was panicking and worrying as he ran around then he ran in Lilinette.

"Hana? What's wrong?" She asked sort of worried as he was in a shocked mode.

"I-I can't find I-Ichigo-sama anywhere!" He said. Lilinette let it sink in for a few seconds, mainly five of them, then her eyes shot open and eyebrows rose.

"?!" She yelled, startling the inhabitance of the palace, luckily Starrk was out of the palace to talk with the king for a while. The workers in the palace went into over drive after hearing what happened, panicking even more then Hana remembered something Ichigo said a while ago after saving him.

"For some reason when I can't calm down I go to the highest point I can reach and stay there, it always calms me and no one can find me....strange ne?" He then went to a ladder that was leaning against the side of the palace to get to the over hang. He walked along it and after a little while he found him asleep. He had a peaceful look on his face that Hana liked to see on him and smiled then looked over and saw Lilinette. He grabbed a rock and threw it, hitting her and making her curse. She looked up and saw Hana waving and pointing at the spot Ichigo was and she sighed then announced that he was found, calming everyone. Hana sat next to Ichigo and waited for him to wake up, not wanting to break the peace that was at the palace.


He sighed as he slowly arrived back at his palace and smiled when it got into his vision. He then went to take a bath since the day had gotten to him and saw that Lilinette was rubbing her head when he got in the palace gates.

"What happened Lilinette?" He asked concerned.

"Nothing just Hana threw a rock at me to tell me that he found Ichi when everyone was in a panic mode" She said and went on her way. Starrk whirled her around. She stared at him in surprise.

"What was that?"

"Ichigo went missing earlier today, everyone was trying to find him and Hana did....though I don't know why he's on an over hang though it's just weird" Lilinette said and left after answering Starrk. Starrk then went to find Hana.

"Hana!" He called out and he saw his head poke out from the over hang.

"Starrk-sama welcome back!" He said happily as he sat on the side of it.

"What was that, that Lilinette told me that Ichigo was on an over hand?" He asked. Hana sighed slightly.

"Nothing much he's sleeping is all" Hana answered then heard something that made him turn around. Ichigo was starting to stir and looked around and saw Hana.

"Ichigo-sama welcome back to the world of the living!" Hana joked happily. Ichigo smiled and nodded, yawned and stretched then went up over the side, landing on his feet. He freaked and scarred many people who passed by, not only Hana and Starrk. Ichigo looked around confused then sighed and walked off from the place, wanting to stretch his legs.

'He's something else' They all thought.

-one day later with Ichigo and Hana-

"Hey Hana....if someone was summoned here form another place is there a way to return them?" Ichigo asked. He was getting a little home sick, he missed his family more then anything. Hana looked at him and smiled lightly, he knew some things about things about magic and loved to talk about it.

"Well namely if someone is summoned the person who was pulled here has to either have the same person who summoned them take them back with their original clothing or have a high priest do the same thing that the summoner did why do you ask?" Hana questioned. Ichigo looked at him and sighed. He knew that he'd have to answer this soon or later, personally he wanted later, but he also missed his family badly. So he looked up at the sky, it was near dusk of the day so the night air was replacing the heat of the day.

"Well....because I was summoned here from my home.....I miss my family very badly and I want to see them....if only for a little while......or possibly bring them here so we can be together....I just want them near me so I don't feel useless like I do now" Ichigo said and looked at Hana who was in thought at the moment. He heard Hana mumble things like 'Bring here' and 'Might work' then looked at Ichigo smiling.

"Ichigo-sama there maybe a way to bring them here from where you are from...., but it's sort of difficult to do and it's time limited and I can perform it because my mother was a priestess and taught me many things from her travels and practices" Hana said cheerfully. Ichigo looked at him with hopeful eyes.

"Can you do that Hana? Really?" Ichigo asked hopeful.

"HAI! I can have the things ready for you in about a day so-" He got interrupted by Ichigo hugging him.

"Arigato Hana Arigato" Ichigo said, tightening his grip around him. Hana smiled and felt as if he belonged right there. After Ichigo pulled back he had a warm smiled on his face that made Hana smiled brightly as well.

"Do- itashi mashite(1) Ichigo-sama!" Hana said and Ichigo shook his head.

"Hana just call me Ichigo or Ichi or Nii-san I don't like formalities" Ichigo said. Hana looked at him then smiled at him again.

"Alright Ichi well I'm going to go get the things ready and right now oh! Before I forget what you need to do right now is get your clothes that you wore when you first got here and then I'll explain the rest" Hana said then ran off in one direction while Ichigo thought about where his clothes were.

'The last time I wore them was in Mayuri's palace....and it's not far from here I could get there, grab my clothes and get out or wait for Starrk to help me and be in more debt to him....yeah going with the reckless plan' Ichigo thought and ran to the door where he quickly opened up the door and slipped through. He quickly made his way down the way to the bigger palace just up the hill.

'They just waste space don't they?....Right I'm forgetting that this place is back in the Copper age I bet that this is just around the time of Iron...yep going with that thank Kami I payed attention in History' He thought to himself as he dodged on viewers.

[The 13th century is indeed the time period that was dominated by Copper]


He rushed around his room and gathered the little things that he needed for the "Spell" as his father put it. He smiled as he gathered the last little bit then ran outside to the ladder where led to the place on the over hang that Hana found Ichigo just the day before. He started setting up the incantation circle. H started when his mother taught him the spell.

"Hana listen this incantation is powerful only use it when you need to, otherwise don't do it at all" Hana's Kaa-san(2) stated. Hana nodded and listened closely.

"This is a incantation to send someone to their own time period if they were brought here by someone as powerful as me and they can see their family or bring them to where they were brought to, it is powerful and time limited it holds for an hour then it disappears, taking the person back no matter what and if they don't come back willingly they may die or worse their soul will forever be lost among the lands of time"

"I won't let Ichi be harmed....I want to do this for him.....Kaa-san lend me your guidance for this" He said and went back to work.

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