"Hey, Emmett!" I looked up from washing my truck to see Isabella. She was my best friends sister and girlfriend to my little brother. She was fucking funny, I love that girl.

" Hey Izzy B what are you up to?"

" Oh you know I was just in the neighborhood and thought I'd stop by to see my boyfriend maybe get lucky." She smirked and winked.

" Fuckin' A Isabella I wonder what your brother would say if he herd your dirty mouth; and you live down the street loser." We both laughed. I never did get how someone like her ended up with my up tight brother.

"Well I think loser boy is up stars I just got home from the gym." I flexed my arm she laughed.

" Well if I were you I'd stay out here. I got some frustration to work out." She walked away in to the house with almost a skip in her step. She was the opposite of my brother. I guess what they say is true opposites do attract. Isabella was a very out spoken girl. Alice my sister says she is kind of a girl version of me. I didn't see it but whatever.

I needed my IPod charger so I could wash my truck in peace. I was walking up the stars when Isabella ran down running right past me.

"Izzy, whats wrong." I called out to her but she didn't stop. I ran after her and caught her by the door.

"What happened?" I was getting pissed I hated seeing girls upset. She looked past me and then down ran Edward in just his boxers followed by a half naked girl.

"Isabella, I didn't want you to find out like this." Isabella turned her head in to my chest. If she wasn't there I would have landed on his dumbass.

"Edward, go put some clothes on." The fucking half naked slut called to him.

"Who the fuck is that?" I growled out at my brother.

" Emmett, this is Lauren Stanly." She walked next to him

"His true love." Oh I wanted to punch the slut.

I wasn't surprised when Isabella turned around with rage written all over her face. Next thing I knew she was beating the shit out of Edward not the slut.

"You better not touch her, Edward." I warned him and keeping an eye on the Slut.

"Get off him Bitch!" Lauren went to grab Isabella, but I stepped in front of her. Izzy got a good couple hits in. I was surprised she had a good punch. "WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE?" I knew that voice so I didn't have to look back.

"Mom, Edward was fucking this girl and Izzy caught them." Isabella stopped hitting Edward. She looked away from the two she was trying to avoid eye contact with everyone.

"Edward, go put some cloths on. And you I didn't know who you are but you are not welcome here." My mom said pointing her finger at each of them. Isabella walked out the door.

"Mom I'm with Lauren now you cant kick her out like that."

"The hell cant this is my house Edward. How can you be so insensitive?) I thought you better then that." Edward took I mean Lauren's hand and walked with her up stars. I never herd my mom cures or get mad like that.

Alice came in the front door. She looked around and saw my mom fuming in the kitchen with me by her side not saying anything.

"Emmett get that girl out of here." Mom whispered. I didn't say anything I went to do what I was told.

"Whats wrong mom?" Alice walked passed me. When I got to Edwards room I herd them talking.

" Don't worry about it baby I'll talk to my mom and explain it to her. I'm sorry I put you though this."

"It's ok Daddy, I told you should have left her months ago."

"I know Babe its just she is close to everyone in my family and her brother is dating my sister so it was hard." I pushed the door open.

"You're a piece of shit Edward. How could you do this to lzzy she loves you"

"Well he doesn't love her." That slut answered for him.

"Look tramp my mom wants you out of here now. Edward get down stars and talk to mom."

"Emmett, don't talk to her like that." He pushed her behind him.

"Edward, your testing my patience right now." I said as Alice pushed past me.

" LAUREN!" She gasped and staring in shock.

" You know her?" I asked my sister

"Yea, she works with Izzy." I looked at them again

" GET. OUT. NOW" Edward looked at her

"It's ok Babe go I'll call you after I deal with them." She walked passed us. Alice and I both wanted to slap the smug smile off her sulty face.

I needed to get out of the house before I really lost it. I didn't want to but I was about to beat the shit out of Edward. I walked out and slammed the door. They could deal with him I didn't want to hurt him. Izzy is as close to me as Alice. I warned Edward not to hurt her in the begging. but then again I never would have thought my geeked-up brother could do something like this and be so heartless about it. My mom raised us better then that. I'm sure my dad will be just as pissed off. I was backing out when I saw Izzy drive down the street. I decided to follow her. She probably needed someone to talk to. I followed her all the way to the beach. When I finally caught up to her she was sitting on some rocks. I stood back and watched her for a few minutes. The sight was just heart braking. She didn't deserve this. I had to wait until the rage in me died down. I didn't know how I was going to be able to stop myself from braking his face.

"So is this a place you come a lot?" I was right behind her now. She whipped her eyes.

"Sometimes, what are you doing here?" I was staring at her back. I really didn't know why I was here I just felt like I needed to be close to her to comfort her.

" Well to be honest I followed you to make sure you were ok" She let out a sigh.

"I'm fine Emmett, I was just shocked that's all. I never would have thought he would have cheated on me." I took a seat next to her.

"You and me both kid. but I always though you were to good for him anyway. I mean don't get me wrong he is my brother and I love him, but you rock and he just is a nerd." She let out a small giggle. That made me smile.

" Yea, but there was just something about him that got to me I don't know I guess three years was long enough for us." We both got quite and just listened to the ocean. She looked so fragile. The wind was blowing her hair lightly and the sun made her skin glow. Her eyes were sad but she didn't let the tears that built in her eyes fall.

" You know Edward and I have been though a lot together and in a way I always looked up to him, he always had the right answer and always made sense. Now that I think about it there is a lot I wish I wouldn't have listen to him on." It got quite again. I didn't know what to say to her. I'm not to big with advice. Hours must have passed. We did some small talk and my mom had texted me to come home for dinner we decided to get going. I walked her to her car.

"You ganna be ok Izzy B?" She smiled but it didn't reach her eyes.

" Yea Em I'll be fine. Jasper is probably wondering were I'm at."

"Ok well you call me if you need anything, even just to talk." She looked up at me.

" Thanks Em, for everything. I'm glad you came and sat with me." I gave her a hug and we went our own ways. I couldn't get the image of her at the beach out of my head. It made me mad just thinking about it. He broke her heart. He could have at least made it easier by just braking up with her. No he had to let her catch him in the act in the same room that they spent a lot of nights in. I couldn't imagine how embarrassed she must have been. And now she has to go to work and see the tramp knowing that Edward has been sleeping with her behind her back. Before I knew it I was in front of my house. I had both hand on the steering wheel. I was griping so hard my knuckles were white.

My dad walked out of the house and got in the passenger side of the truck. "Emmett I know your upset with your brother we all are. Izzy is still apart of this family but it just didn't work out between the two of them. He did make a mistake. From what he told us he was just afraid to brake her heart." I let go of the steering wheel.

"That dose not make it ok Dad, why did he have to do it her and why with someone from her job? Why did he wait months instead of days? You taught us better then that Dad."

"Well son those are question you will have to ask him. Only when you are calm enough to ask them. Your mother is worried about you. Now come inside and eat dinner with the family." I thought about it for a minute. Then got out and went in the house. Alice hugged me as soon as I walked in.

"I'm mad too Em, for Mom's sake please try to control your temper." I looked down at my pixy sister and put my hand on top of her head messing it up a little.

"Don't worry I'm ok I just hope he doesn't say anything dumb."

I sat next to Alice at the table everyone was quite. We began to eat. I couldn't even bring myself to look at Edward. I was afraid if I did I would lose it.

" Emmett, pass my a roll will ya." I grinned my teeth when I herd him.

"You sure you want a roll or would you like a slice of bread instead?" I kept my eyes on my plate.

"Whats that supposed to mean Emmett?" I picked up the roll and threw it at him.

"It means fuck off." He had the balls to stand up. So I did to.

"Emmett, you don't even know the full story."

"I don't need to know it you dumb fuck, you hurt Izzy for no good reason you never deserved her." He laughed

"You're just mad cause you will never know whats it like to be in her."

"That is enough!" I heard my Dad call out slamming his hands on the table. That didn't stop me. I jumped over the table and punched him in the face. I started to beat on him. I heard my mom and sister cry out and my father trying to pull us apart. Edward was bleeding I looked around and the table was a mess. I turned around and headed to my room. I slammed the door and put my head phones on. I was trying to calm down.

About an hour later I felt someone tap my shoulder. I opened my eyes to see my mom sitting on my bed.

" Mom, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..." She cut me off.

"Emmett, I am disappointed in you both. Though I understand why your upset. Believe me I am just as upset as you are. Fighting and cussing is not going to solve anything we are all still family."

"Mom, you didn't see the look on her face when it happened. He didn't even say he was sorry. All he said was this isn't how 'I wanted you to find out.' And I heard him talking to that sl-girl its been going on for months. Izzy doesn't deserve that. She was good too him too good if you ask me." Her face got hard and she pressed her lips. I hated my mom being upset. "Maybe she was with the wrong one, but that doesn't change anything. I'm not saying right now but you do need to apologize to your brother and you do need to work this out." She got up and walked away. What did she mean she was with the wrong one? Sometimes I wish I could just read minds. Women just don't make any since to me. I put my head phones back on and tried to clear my head. I started to think about Izzy. I wonder if she was ok or if anyone told Jasper yet. I smiled to myself because I knew I couldn't beat on my brother but he could. I was sure he would. Jasper was over protective of Isabella not in a crazy way but in a good brother way. He was the same way with her as I was with Alice.

When I opened my eyes again the sun was hitting my face. I groaned and pulled the blanket over my face.

"Get up Em you have class in an hour." Alice was in my closet. She got a kick out of picking my clothes for me. I stopped fighting her on it. She always won anyway. As soon as she gave me the puppy dog look I was done for. Plus its not like she made me look like a fool. I liked her taste in cloths for the most part. I got up and made my way to the bathroom. My eyes weren't fully open yet. I bumped into something I looked down and saw Edward. He had a dark black eye. I laughed and moved out of the way. He looked like a fucking ass. That made my day. I showered and got dressed I went down stars and sat down for breakfast.

"Good morning Mom, you look fantastic today." She looked up with a suspicious grin.

"Good morning Emmett your in a better mood today." I smiled and looked over at Edward.

"Yea today just seems like a better day." Someone knocked on the door. Alice jumped up and practically ran to the door so I knew it had to be Jasper.

"Hey man what are you up to?" I looked at him then Edward, who looked down at his plate. I think he knew he was in for it as well.

"I'm good Em, just picking up Alice for school. Hey Edward have you talked to Izzy? I haven't seen her since yesterday morning." Everyone looked at him in shock. Izzy hasn't told him yet. I was biting my lip I almost blurted it out..

"No I haven't." was all Edward could get out. Jasper let out a low whistle. "What happened to you face dog?"

"Me and Emmett got into it, I'm late I got to go." What a coward. He should have at least told Jasper they broke up.

"Well I'm off too. I'll see you later Mom." I looked at Alice she looked uncomfortable. I had a feeling she felt like she was being put in the middle. but there wasn't much I could do about it right now. I really was going to be late.

School was a drag, I hated these classes but I had to take them. I was a business major. I need to take this classes in order to get my license. My goal was that in two years or less I would open up a smoke shop. My mom and dad weren't to big on the idea but its what I wanted to do so they support it. I'm not a big smoker. I mean I smoke a blunt every now and then but I wasn't a major pot head. I knew a lot of them tho so I already had customers. Izzy smoked like I did. Though no one knew that. It was our secret. She was always afraid about what Edwards bitch ass would say if he found out and how Jasper would freak so I kept it between us to. I was about half way though my third class when I got a text from Izzy.

[ Hey are you going to the gym today?- IzzyB]

[when don't I go Loser girl lol why whats up- Em]

[well im feeling like I need to start working out would you mind if I joined you ;)-IzzyB]

[ meet me there at four?-Em]

[Sound great see you then EmmieBoo lmao-IzzyB]

[not cute :/-Em] I laughed to myself knowing that were ever she was she was probably cracking up. She knew how much I hated her little nick name, but if it made her smile then so be it for now at least.

The day went by even slower. I was looking forward to the gym with Izzy. I was hoping she was feeling better and not as bummed out over dumbfuck Edward. She could be really funny sometimes. I never been to the gym with her so this was going to be an interesting trip to the gym (over use). I was getting anxious each minute felt like an hour. I focused as much as I could but today was just boring. Every class was quite and all my teachers weren't even trying today. I thought the day would never end. Finally my last class ended at 3. I had just enough time to grab a small snack and to change before I got to the gym. I always got pumped when I go to the gym. (over use) I was fully myself (wording - I could be myself.) and everyone there knew me, plus I got checked out a lot by girls it helped with the work out. I don't date around a lot. To me one girl is enough but I will only date a girl if I think there really is something there. I don't want to waste my time. I mean don't get me wrong I'm a big flirt but I don't date every hot girl I see or talk to.

When I got to the gym I didn't see Izzy's car so I went inside and started with out her. I figured she might be a few minute late depending on her classes. I was on the trend mill when I saw her. Every guy in the damn gym saw her.

"Hey Em, sorry I'm late I had to get some gym clothes." I rolled my eyes "You are just like Alice sometimes. And did you have to get those. Your distracting every guy and some girls." she giggled.

"Oh Em you are too funny I'm just in work out clothes." She got on the tread mill next to me. I was looking straight ahead. She was wearing some jogging sweat pants and tight ass shit that showed her curves and made her tits look extra big and firm. I was trying not to stare at her but damn. She looked sexy. Wait why am I thinking that. She is Isabella the girl who I grow to love as a sister and the ex girl friend of my brother. I mean iv I've always thought she was pretty. I never checked her out and had the word sexy pop into mind. I made my tread go faster so it would distract me. She had some head phones on and softly was singing along, I couldn't help but laugh a little. She took a ear peace out.

"Don't hate on me Emmie." That made me laugh louder. She just smirked and kept jogging.

When my time was up on the tread mill I went over to the bench press. "Hey Emmett, who is that girl you were talking to today?" One of the regular guys ask standing next to me checking her out. I sat up and looked over at her. I smiled to myself watch her jog and watching her lips move along to whatever song she was listening to.

"Her name is Isabella, my sister is with her brother." That was the easiest way I could explain her. "Damn, man she is hot. Dose she have a boyfriend?" I looked at her and back at him. He was drooling over her and I knew what he was thinking. "Yea she dose and she is a good girl so don't even try it." I laid back down and started to work out.

Why would I lie about her being single? I think it was just I knew (wording) what kind of guy he was. He always was talking about the newest girl he was with and how good in bed she was. I didn't want that for Izzy.

"WOW! Your strong Em." Her voice broke my train of thought. I put my weights down,

"Oh yea, I thought you already knew that Izzy B?" She laughed and rolled her eyes.

"I thought you were all talk" I stiffed a laugh.

"You should see what I did to Edwards face then." That was the wrong thing to say. Her eyes fell and her smile was now gone.

"You guys fought or what?" She didn't look me in the eye.

"Yea we did. He was just getting on my nerves." I watched her face for a reaction.

"How are you anyway?" She took in a deep breath.

"I'm ok better then I thought I would be. Instead of being sad, I'm more mad. I think it was better I saw them it gave me energy to stay mad." Izzy was kicking her foot around not wanting to look at me.

"Why haven't you told Jasper yet?" I was thinking it I didn't mean to blurt it out like that. She looked up at me in surprise.

"Emmett, Jasper is going to flip out, I don't want Alice to be mad at him for killing Edward."

"Trust me Isabella, Alice will not be made at him. You need to tell him it's just going to make him madder if you wait."

"Yea I know maybe after were done here you could go with me to talk to him."

"Anything you want Sweetheart." She smiled and we finished our work out.

I followed behind Isabella home. I was going thought different reactions in my head. Jasper was my best friend and I knew him fairly well I was sure he was going to tear Edward apart and burn the pieces. I laughed at the thought. Then again Izzy wasn't to upset so maybe he wouldn't get that upset either. It was weird, looking at her there was something her eyes were trying to say like there was something else he did to her. Maybe I was just reading into the situation to much; but her eyes something about them looked disappointed. Oh I don't know I can't put my finger on it just yet but I have a feeling there is more going on then Edward and the Tramp. She waited for me outside as I parked my car. I walked over to her. "You ready IzzyB?" She looked at me and smirked.

"As ready as I"ll ever be Emmie." I put an arm around her neck and we walked into the house.

"Hey guys! Were have you two been?" Jasper and Alice were in the living room doing homework I think.

"We went to the gym today." Izzy went and sat down on the couch. Alice knew what was coming because she closed her book and sat down next to Jasper.

"Hey Jazz, there is something I need to tell you but I don't want to you to freak out ok?" Jasper looked at her concerned and stood up.

"What is it Sis are you ok?" She looked at me and I stood back by the hall to the front door blocking it so he couldn't run out to find Edward even though he deserved it I knew Alice and Isabella would be upset if he did. "Well.. see.. thing between Edward and me.. umm.. they aren't working out and well we split." Jasper was in front of her.

"What happened? Last week you were telling me you thought he might pop the big question" Isabella's face turned red. I knew that was embarrassing having us standing here knowing the whole story.

"Look Jasper we just broke up ok. I was wrong about him so just leave it like that."

"No, I want to know who broke up with who and why?"

"JASPER I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT OK!" she was yelling at him now and I herd her voice crack. Come on Izzy don't brake now. I thought to myself.

"Isabella Whitlock , you have better tell me now because if I find out later it will make it worst for him." Izzy looked at me for help I looked at Alice. She stepped forward.

"Jasper, hunny, Edward did make a mistake." She took his arm. He looked in her eyes and instantly calmed down.

"Alice, please tell me whats going on." She smiled.

"Come sit down first." They sat down she sat on his lap. Alice had Jasper by the balls this was amusing to watch. I looked over at Izzy she was trying to keep her self together.

"Jasper, Edward cheated on Izzy and they broke up." Everyone was quite Izzy looked like she was holding her breath. Jasper looked at Izzy. "Sweetie are you ok?" He move Alice and walked over to her.

"Yea Jazz I'm ok really. I'm not that up set our time was just up." He nodded his head and pulled her into a hug. Looked at me and I knew right then and there that the next time he saw Edward he was going to pound his face in. I knew that look anywhere. I invented that 'I'm going to kill look'. I nodded letting him know I understood and there were no hard feelings.

"I'm going to go up stairs its been along few days. Alice can you come up with me?" She was trying so hard not to brake down right now. I hated seeing her like this. The girls went up stares and I looked back at Jasper. He was sitting on the couch with his elbow on his knee and his hand covering his eyes.

"Hey man I'm sorry about Edward, really I am" He just shook his head. He was trying to calm him self down. A moment later he looked up at me.

"That's why you guys fought huh?" I shrugged my shoulders and nodded. "Fuck man I really don't want to beat his face in, but I cant just let this slide."

"I knew Jazz trust me I know. I was just as pissed when I found out. Izzy doesn't deserve that shit."

"No she doesn't and he was the last one I would think to pull this shit. They have been together for three years all for nothing." I understood where he was coming from.

"Look man if your going to fuck him up just make sure its not in front of my mom, Alice, or Izzy"

"Emmett, I wouldn't disrespect your family like that. What about Izzy how is she taking it really" I guess he knew she would talk to me about it first I was pretty close to her.

"To be honest she is better then I thought she says she is too mad to be sad." He nodded his head and let out a sigh. Alice came down stars.

"We should head home for dinner Em." I got up. Jasper got up and hugged Alice goodbye.

"I'll talk to you later man." I called out before leaving. I looked at Alice

"Is Izzy ok?"

"Yea she fell asleep."

Tonight dinner was different. Mom order pizza and when we have pizza we eat in the living room and watch a movie. I couldn't pay attention to the movie I was wondering what happened up stairs with Isabella and Alice. Maybe Izzy really was taking it harder then she let me believe. She knew I would get mad if I seen her so upset so she was putting a show on for Jasper and me. I needed to talk to Alice. I was getting nerves but I didn't know why. Just when I thought I was about to lose it Isabella texted me.

[what are you doing? J-Izzy] I sighed in relief.

[watching sum movie with the fam….bored- Em]

[lol your always bored when your home you should learn to entertain yourself ;)-Izzy] I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Everyone looked at me. I just smiled and got up and went into my room.

[I entertain myself very well thank you! What are you doing?-Em]

[I bet you do but I was thinking something more entertaining then 2 min in the bathroom with your cough min you (?) lol im in my room listening to my ipod-Izzy]

[so you got jokes huh? That was cute. come sing for me a bit-Em]

[lol don't hate cause I got skill you wish you could sing like me-Izzy]

[not really cause then that would make me a fag but I would like to hear you sing louder then a whisper-Em]

[yea I don't think so buddy. ;) anyway gym tomorrow-Izzy]

[yea you got it get some sleep-Em]

[you to sweet dreams EmmieBoo-Izzy]

[don't let the bed bugs bite, night-Em]

I went back down stars laughing at Izzy's since of humor. She was funny with out even trying. I went into the kitchen to get a drink lucky that Alice was in there too.

" Hey Ali cat can I talk to you for a minute?" she smile and pushed me.

" You haven't called me ail cat in years. What do you want?" I smirked and pushed her back.

"I just have a couple questions."

"Ok what are they?"

"Well I kind of think Izzy is putting on a show for me and Jasper. When you talked to here how was she holding up?" Alice sighed and sat down. She looked at me and tried to hide a laugh.

"She seemed fine to me. All she said was she was ganna quite working at the restaurant and get a different job, she says she can't look at Lauren everyday with out not wanting to beat her up."

I cleared my throat. I would wanna beat her to if I were Izzy

"Yea I feel her on that. So she isn't putting on a front with us then?"

"Nope not unless she is doing that with me too but she wouldn't do that so she should be cool." Edward walked in and we both got quite. I still didn't have any thing to say to him. So I walked away and went back to my room. I got the answer I was looking for. I re read the texts from Izzy one last time before going to bed.