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I stood at the backstage, listening to my sister perform "Kasane Territory."

My little sister was Kasane Teto, possibly the most famous UTAULOID, and perhaps the one with the popularity that could rival the real singers', the VOCALOIDS', popularity.

I, Kasane Ted, was and still am just another common UTAULOID. The main reason that people have even heard of me is because I'm Kasane Teto's- the "best, first, original" UTAULOID- older brother. The only truly popular song that I've sung is "Cendrillon"- and that was a duet with Teto that was based on the KAITO/Hatsune Miku duet, and the Kagamine twins- Rin and Len- have the similar song of "Adolescence."

Teto was so much more popular than me- I was still humming backstage (literally, I was now humming along), while all the spotlights were on her singing on stage. I'm jealous, I admit, but Teto's still my little sister- the tsundere, but cute, doll.

I watched Teto come backstage after the roaring applause died down a tiny bit. She noticed me watching her, and gave me the cute little sister smile that she reserved for me and me only. I smiled back. I decided that I'd always help and support Teto reach her full potential in any and every way possible, even if I couldn't.

"Hey, Ted, could I have some bread?"


And even if it meant giving her my bread.

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