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By BlackDragon524

Chapter 1

Now Boarding...

Aside from one, minor, insignificant incident on the corner of Fifth Avenue and HurstonDrive, it was another day of blissful peace in the quaint little town of Retroville, Texas, a small but civilized hamlet of about 46,000 people, give or take a couple hundred or so. This era of calm and tranquility is a sharp contrast to the city's past where incidents such as alien invasion, imminent destruction, teenage superhero mayhem, and other common movie plot ideas were common and yet somehow went unnoticed by the United States government and national news media despite Fort Luke, an Army military and training depot, being located just fifteen miles south of it. However, in recent years, such events decreased in frequency until they never happened. Usually.

This drop of mayhem and carnage is attributed to the maturation of one James 'Jimmy' Isaac Neutron, hometown and internationally recognized child prodigy and genius, as well as his group of friends, particularly that of Cynthia 'Cindy' Aurora Vortex. Ridiculous names aside, from the age of 10, Jimmy, Cindy, and their friends Carl Wheezer, Libby Folfax, and Sheen Estevez, have been responsible for what has to have been close to nearly 1.7 million dollars worth of collateral damage in their 'adventures.' However, as the years went on, one could say that Jimmy and his friends thankfully 'grew out of' destroying their hometown on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, this deeply wounded the construction industry that had curiously taken shop in Retroville at around the time Jimmy was 4.

As far as to the reason for this peace, no one really knows why Jimmy's inventions stopped leveling a third of the city every time he tried to test it and something went terribly, terribly wrong. Quite frankly, however no one cared, as long as it meant that their insurance premiums could go back down. However, some people think that it may have had to do with his arch-rival in pretty much of everything, Cindy.

The story of Jimmy Neutron and Cindy Vortex is like that of Romeo and Juliet, except that neither of them are dead, Cindy usually punches Jimmy in the face, or Jimmy has absolutely no idea about women, but usually any combination of the three. Alright, so the story of Jimmy and Cindy is absolutely nothing like that of Romeo and Juliet. That point aside, for some reason, after a brief stint as a junior news anchor, Jimmy's inventions coincidentally ceased to destroy things accidentally and peace and tranquility replaced it.

This brings us back towards the one minor, insignificant incident on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Hurstron Drive. Outside of the Candy Bar, a popular hangout for many of the local school kids and the hangout of choice by Jimmy and the Gang since elementary school, it was clear that not all old habits died out. This particular example had been going on for the last thirty minutes.

"I'm telling you!" screeched Cindy, a slender-bodied, 17 year old blonde. "There is no way--Let me repeat, no way in HELL that we are going to Cancun for Spring Break! I happen to like having all my kidneys and other vital organs inside me where they belong, thank you very much!"

In the last six years, Cindy Vortex had grown to be a beautiful young woman, a fact that Cindy did not attempt to hide. Her body had developed curves that elevated her to a popularity among their high school's male populus that was equal to that of Betty Quinlan who had been the most popular girl in school since elementary school. Her clothes complimented her new feminine wiles, her white khakis fitting tightly to the curves of her legs while the light green blouse clung to her top tightly. As far as her intelligence goes, despite the stereotypes surrounding her hair color, Cindy was by no means a ditzy blonde; she possessed an intellectual capacity that made her more than a match for the boy genius in front of her.

"Well, a lot better than going to Hawaii!" retorted her former rival Jimmy Neutron, now 17.

Like Cindy, he too had changed, but more drastically. Puberty blessed him with a stronger, broader-shouldered, and slightly more muscular build that was just in time for high school and being 5'8" was something that he enjoyed. He frequently (and literally) held it over Cindy who was now subject to the short jokes she had used on them when they were kids. Plus, he had developed a more mature, more manly (and yet still scientific) sense of attire; instead of his old red T-shirt and blue jeans, he had gone ahead and dressed a bit more... Texan: blue jeans, white T-shirt, red button-up shirt over that, and a pair of brown ropers. More importantly, he got rid of the stupid, ice cream scoop-shaped haircut after figuring out that it would save him a great deal of pain and ridicule coming into high school; now, he wore his chestnut colored hair combed to the side in a professional, charming hair style that won him slight notoriety amongst the high school girls. His inherent geekiness, however... Usually turned them away... Well, all but one in any case.

With crossed arms, Cindy glared at him. "What's wrong with Hawaii? When's the last time you've ever heard of someone having their liver cut out and replaced with a pineapple in Oahu? Huh? Oh, I know, NEVER!"

"You can only see so much in Hawaii, Cindy. 'Ooh! Look! Water! And pineapples! And water! It's the same thing over and over again. At least in Cancun you can go out explore, see other cultures, and-"

"Get your kidneys stolen!" she interrupted. Crossing her arms, Cindy glared at Jimmy. "The only reason you want to go to Cancun is because you still want to prove to everybody in school that you're so tough." Sucking in her stomach, she began to parade around in a parody of 'Tough Jimmy' as Jimmy looked on bemusedly and passers-by glanced with amusement. "Oh look at me, I'm Jimmy Neutron, I'm so tough. I went to Cancun over Spring Break and got into a knife fight because I didn't want to have actual fun and relax in Hawaii with the real genius, Cindy Vortex." She rolled her eyes. "Prove your manhood on your own time and without risk of me having one of my organs ripped from me while I'm knocked out in a bathtub in some random apartment bathroom. Because I happen to like my organs!"

"I don't have to prove anything to anyone, Vortex, especially not my toughness." He scoffed and crossed his arms, looking off smugly. "And back to the point, Hawaii is just so overrated. All you do really is sit around on a beach and stare at the water. We might as well just fly down to Galveston and do that. There's nothing we can't do in Hawaii that we can do in Cancun, and Cancun is closer."

"Uh, hello? Galveston's beaches are God awful. I mean, come on! The water is green! As a scientist, you should know that's never a good thing. And another thing, if the activities are the same, why don't we, oh, I don't know... Go to the nicer looking place?!"

"Like Cancun?" Jimmy replied wryly.

"Like Hawaii, Nerdtron! Ha-wai-ii! Do I got to spell it out for ya, Big Brain?"

"If it helps you learn how to spell, Vortex, then by all means! But we're going to Cancun!"

"Why you little-"

"Hey, look who's talkin', shrimpy."

"By two inches! And if it were four years ago, you'd still be shorter!"

"But it's not four years ago, is it?"

"Whatever! Back on topic: Hawaii!"









"Hawaii! And that's final!" Jimmy blinked. "... Wait a second... Hey! Don't think you can get me with that old trick."

"Just did." Cindy stuck her tongue out."

"Did not."

"Did too."





Meanwhile, while the two teenagers bickered like third graders, several feet away in a dark green Honda Accord sat an African American woman rolled her eyes and pressed her forehead in irritation at the window. She then looked over at her boyfriend, a tall, skinny Mexican boy. "Sheen, are they still goin' at it?!" she asked in disdainful disbelief.

Like their two friends, Libby and Sheen had matured greatly. Libby had filled out gracefully in her hips, but she now kept her hair in a slightly conservative ponytail. Her fashion sense did not dim in any way either, however, due to her upbringing, it had, like her hair, become slightly more conservative... for a teenager, at any rate. As opposed to her childhood wardrobe, her latest fashion fix found her wearing a tight, black, v-neck, T-shirt underneath a purple and black plaid jacket.

On the other hand, Sheen had... Well, Sheen grew taller, standing at least six inches taller than any of his friends. He was still a bit skinny, however, but Libby was still quite satisfied with the muscles that Sheen's position in the swim team had given him. His black, spikey haircut from days past remained, and as for his clothes... Thankfully for Libby, his job at McSpanky's could only afford him the latest in Ultralord shirts and shoes as opposed to his dreams for an entirely custom-tailored Ultralord suit.

Sheen, next to her in the back seat, shrugged as he proofread his latest Ultralord fan fiction on his laptop. "Hey Libs, what's another word for smart and brilliant and supreme-super-awesome? I've used all of 'em like a jillion times here already."

Libby sighed exasperatedly, her eyebrow twitching in annoyance. "Not. You. How's that?"

"... Is that one word or two?"

"... I give up..." Groaning, she smacked her head against the window. "Man, sometimes I wish I'd taken Carl up on his offer to go to that stupid llama lovers summit in the Alps. It'd be a Helluva lot easier than puttin' up with this stupid crap."

It was at this time that Jimmy and Cindy entered the car, still arguing. "Look, how about we take a general consensus," Jimmy proposed, looking in the rearview mirror back at Sheen and Libby with a seemingly victorious smirk on his face. "Sheen, Libby, you guys pick. Cancun or Hawaii?"

The next afternoon, Jimmy found himself sitting unhappily in one of the very affluent Folfax family's private jet's passenger seats. In retrospect, it was a bad idea on his part to ask Libby of all people to decide whose idea was better, his or Cindy's. As her best friend, Libby naturally sided with Cindy and as Libby's boyfriend, Sheen had no choice but to side with Libby for fear of severe injury; also, he offered his excuse as that whatever his "sugar-lump" wanted, so did he. Libby was quick to give Sheen a "sugar-lump" on the top of his head.

Wanting to get this over as soon as possible, he was the first to arrive at the private airport terminal and the first on. Goddard was left with his parents who were making their yearly trip to the Duck Lover's Festival in Albany, New York. While he was waiting for the others, he had opened the window to look outside of it. Despite the fact that Retroville was an exceptionally small town by modern standards, it had all of the luxuries of any other city, except downscaled. It had its own city bank, two large hospitals (one on each side of the city), a Downtown district complete with its share of skyscrapers, and of course the airport.

The area surrounding Retroville, however, was near symbolic of America itself geographically; to the West and South, arid desert land with cacti and sand and to the North and East, lush green decidiuous and coniferous forests, the man-made Lake Retroville sitting only 25 miles to the North. The airport was 8 miles away from the center of town and was built over what was once and was currently surrounded by (save the roads) forest. At least this gave Jimmy something to stare at in the 15 minutes he had been sitting, waiting for someone to show up.

His wait would not last much longer, however. He looked over to the open stairway leading up into the jet when he heard footsteps climb up them. As his luck would have it, naturally it was Cindy, a victorious smirk on her face and a suitcase in one hand and a shopping bag in the other. Dressed for the occasion, she wore a green and yellow floral Hawaiian shirt that hung just above mid-thigh. "You like?" Cindy said teasingly as she posed, gesturing at the shirt. "Look, I bought one for you too! It's your favorite color!" She promptly pulled a red and yellow floral-patterned Hawaiian shirt and flung it at Jimmy's head.

Bemusedly pulling it off his head, he glared at her slightly before sighing. "You're not gonna make this easy in any way, are you?" he muttered as he examined it, turning it this way and that.

"Nope," was the simple reply. Without another word, Cindy plopped herself down beside him. "Oh cheer up, will ya?" she finally said, rolling her eyes. "You're acting like such a big baby."

"... So?" Jimmy crossed his arms.

"So..." Cindy replied through gritted teeth, punching him in the arm, "stop acting like a baby!" A sigh. "God, do you even know why I suggested Hawaii in the first place?"

"Because you know that I've been there so many times to present my new military hovercar prototype that I'm practically sick of seeing the same beaches over again? Or because you know I hate to lose any arguement with you?" he replied wryly.

"No," she replied softly, her hazel eyes softening. "Jimmy, we've been 'together,'" putting the last word in air quotes, "for the last six years and what have we had to show for it?" she asked poignantly. It was true. The two first kissed after the end of their stint as news anchors and since then, all the way through high school, they had been what was technically 'a couple.' She looked at him sadly and sincerely, the expression on her face tearing at Jimmy's conscience. "I was just hoping that we could actually make this trip... a nice one, you know?"

But did they ever go on dates like a couple? No. Did they ever hold hands in public like a couple? No. Make out? No. Fight frequently? Naturally. There was no break from the usual status quo of bickering that characterized their friendship other than the fact that they were shyer than ever to make a generous gesture towards the other. However, after their usual fights and disagreements, then came a moment similar to the present one where they would reconcile and start acting like a couple. Then, the cycle would repeat.

Jimmy sighed before putting the Hawaaian shirt on, putting it over his signature red T-shirt with an atom symbol on the front. He then took her hand in his, to which Cindy responded with a blush and a sheepish look. "Look... I'm sorry, alright?"

She sighed and nodded, resting her head on his shoulder. She smirked inwardly as she heard him gulp nervously and took with great satisfaction at the apparent fact that she could make the so-called Great Jimmy Neutron nervous. "It's okay... I know you can't help but be a stubborn, pig-headed idiot."

He simply gave her yet another bemused glanced before smirking at her. "I guess you're just rubbing off on me, then," he replied with a devilish glint in his dark brown eyes. His remark was responded by a playful slap on the back of his head.

"We ain't even left yet and y'all are fightin'," Libby joked as she climbed up the stairs, followed by Sheen carrying both his and Libby's luggage. The taller Mexican boy seemed to struggle as he reached the last step, trying not to fall back down the stairs.

Cindy and Jimmy quickly left each other's side, crimson tints on their cheeks, both looking in the opposite direction. Libby rolled her eyes and sighed in exasperation as she took a seat closer to the cockpit, by the window. Noticing his friend's plight with the stairs and seeing an oppurtunity to break the awkward silence, Jimmy asked Sheen, who was still trying not to fall backwards with what had to have been at least 50 pounds worth of luggage, "You need any help Sheen?"

"I got it!" Sheen replied tersely as he tried to push himself up that last step. "Almost there! I almost got it! I got it!" As he pushed himself up, he lost his balance. "I don't got it! I don't got it!" He fell out of view and down the stairs, Libby's luggage, which was on top of the stack he was carrying, falling forward into the cabin while his luggage fell with him. He hit the tarmac of the runway with a resounding THUD, followed by a slightly muffled second THUD.

Libby, Cindy, and Jimmy walked over to the door and peered down the stairs at Sheen, covered in the contents of his luggage which had split open and landed on his head. "You alright, baby?" Libby asked, attempting to force back the giggles the slapstick incident was threatening to illicit while Jimmy and Cindy snickered freely.

Taking the suitcase off of his head, Sheen smiled at her lazily, a dazed look in his unfocused eyes as tiny little birdies flew over his head (in his mind, anyways). "Me's okay! Me's very... sleepy... nap-nap time... Good night mommy..." He fell backwards, unconscious.

Jimmy sighed as he descended the stairs. "Come on, Cindy, help me carry him up. I'll grab his head, you grab his legs. I'll check for a concussion once we're in the air," he muttered. Cindy followed behind him, leaving Libby standing in the threshold of the doorway, pinching the bridge of her nose.

"This is gonna be a loooong trip..."

After a quick refueling stop in Los Angeles, the four teenagers found themselves about an hour's flight away from Honolulu International Airport, flying at a high altitude over the Pacific Ocean. Given that it was nearly 11 and they wouldn't be landing for another hour or so, it was agreed that it was best to check out and sleep the rest of the flight. While Libby and Sheen were cuddled up near the front for warmth from the chilly air of the jet cabin interior, Cindy stared up at the ceiling of the cabin. She looked up suddenly when she sensed someone walking down the aisle, seeing Jimmy returning from the restroom.

"Can't sleep?" he whispered as sat down beside her.

Cindy looked away. "Yeah," she muttered.


She shook her head. Although it was pretty chilly, it didn't bother her exceptionally. "Not really... Just kinda excited, ya know?" She leaned her head on his shoulder after he sat down.

He chuckled wryly. "Of course you would be." He smiled at her gently. "So... what plans did you have for this trip?"

Cindy giggled slightly. "Well, for one thing... I was wondering if maybe, sometime..." She smiled sheepishly over at him. "We could ditch Libby and Sheen and go to that island of ours? Remember?"

Jimmy laughed quietly. He remembered alright. It was six years ago when he and Cindy got into a stupid arguement about the equator or Australian or something to that effect, leading to them being stranded in a remote island in the Pacific Ocean. It was probably there that the giant snowball that was his and Cindy's relationship began; until Carl, Sheen, and Libby had shown up, they had an island paradise all to themselves and if left to their own devices... Who knew what could've happened...

He nodded. "I remember... And," he smiled slyly, "I recorded the location of the island on my watch's GPS... If you'd like then maybe I... can borrow one of my inventions from Wheeler Army Airfield... Maybe that prototype hovercar... Maybe give it a test drive?"

Cindy giggled and rested her head on his chest. "James Isaac Neutron... I never thought I'd see the day when you would actually think of something romantic..."

"Yeah, me neither."

The two blinked and then turned to the source of the feminine sounding voice. There was Libby, a smile as wide as the Grand Canyon on her face, holding her camera phone. "Libby!" Cindy screeched indignantly, ripping herself from Jimmy. "Turn that off!"

"Uh-uh, girl, this is goin' on MySpace!" she laughed as she continued recording her friends' embarassing moment. "Now, what's this about running off to some random island?" Her question was promptly answered with a travel pillow being thrown at her face as the private jet continued on its way towards Honolulu.

l 11°15'N 162°12'W l 50 miles below sea level l Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean l

The most noticeable thing about the man was the scar on his face that ran from his scalp, underneath an eyepatch across his left eye, down his cheek, and towards his jaw. He sported a buzzcut that was hidden underneath an olive military officer's cap. He was also dressed in an olive military uniform, the stars of a 3-star general officer of the United States military sitting on his epaulettes. He stood at attention as he examined the monitors before him.

Displayed were live footage of key locations of his plan. New York City. Los Angeles. Tokyo. Hong Kong. Dubai. London. Beijing. Moscow. Washington DC. All key elements to his master plan. All essential dominoes that needed to be knocked down, one by one; or all at once, if the need arises. His stoic face twitched into a sadistic smile, aged yellow teeth clenched in an agonizing, bitter, victorious smirk as his single eye scanned the monitors.

He heard the hiss of the hydraulic doors parting, followed by steel toe boots clanking along the metal floor as it approached him. "General!"

The General turned around to find a man half his age dressed in a black colored version of a military service uniform standing at-attention, presenting him with a salute. Returning it, the General replied, "At ease, Lieutenant. Status report." His deep voice resonated around the interior of the room, sending an involuntarily shiver down the younger man's spine.

"All facilities are operating at 100% efficiency, sir," the soldier reported. "We currently have enough deployment capsules to spread across the Americas and half of China. The required amount for the entire world should be ready by next week, sir."

The General nodded. "Any word from Professor Meir?"

"Yes sir. Professor Meir reports that Agent Fire is currently undergoing testing. Preliminary reports are still inconclusive for the moment, but look promising."

"How promising, Lieutenant?"

"Very, General. I'm... not sure what all of it means entirely, but Professor Meir says that Agent Fire is capable of something called 'triggered incubation.' Also, he reports that Agent Fire appears to exhibit symptoms similar to the common cold. Untraceable, sir."

"Excellent. And the other agent? Agent Water?"

"Sir... Professor Meir has stressed that Agent Fire must be perfected before Agent Water can go under any development."

"Of course, of course... Very good, Lieutenant." He snapped off a sharp salute. "Dis-missed." Returning the salute, the soldier did an about face and marched out of the room. After he left, the General turned back to the monitor screens, just in time for the DC monitor to switch to a frontal view of the White House. He chuckled darkly, a chilling sound akin to the tolls of a funeral bell that echoed throughout the room, as he glared with a demented, focus fixation at the home of President of the United States.