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Second Chances Never Looked So Good ~ Chapter One

My cell phone beeped, indicating a new text message while I was standing in a long ass line at the only Starbucks located in Forks, WA. I quickly flipped my phone open.

Edward Cullen added you as a friend on Facebook.

Holy fucking shit! "Seriously?" I squealed, earning a few strange looks from my fellow Starbucks patrons, but I was too excited to care. The line moved fairly quickly, and I was finally able to order my coffee.

Edward Cullen….EDWARD CULLEN! My mind kept screaming over and over.

My mind ventured back to high school. Edward had moved to Forks part way through our senior year and it hadn't taken me long to develop a huge crush on him. We met while in jazz band - he played the trumpet, I played the sax – we'd become fast friends. He was even kind enough to escort me to our senior prom.

I stopped to think about how long it'd been since we'd graduated. Nine years… it's been nine years since I've seen him. I searched my memory, trying to come up with the last time I'd actually seen him. Our huge grad-night party… wow that seems forever ago!

I could feel my excitement building as I tried to resist the urge to jump up and down… I'm so excited. Edward Cullen searched ME out on Facebook.

"Grande Americano with room" the barista called.

Oh, that's me! I literally bounced over to pick up my coffee, so wound up I probably didn't even need more caffeine. Everyone in the shop looked at me like I was crazy. Oh well!

I really just wanted to get home. It'd been a long hard day at work, and I was desperate to see if Edward had any recent pictures of himself on his profile page. I was extremely curious to see what he looked like after nine years.

I grabbed my Americano and headed to my truck. As soon as I pulled into the driveway of my townhouse, I slammed my Tundra into park and bounded for the front door. Once there I frantically searched my handbag for my keys. Where the fudge are my keys? I just had them!

Then, like a light bulb coming on, I remembered. You fucking idiot! They're in your fucking pocket! Wow, Bella, you really need to calm yourself down.

I unlocked the door and made a beeline for my laptop, which conveniently sat on my kitchen table. Throwing down my handbag and phone, I booted up the computer and logged into Facebook. I clicked on my new friend request and confirmed that HELL YES I wanted to be friends with Edward Cullen.

I took a moment to check out Edward's profile, zeroing in on his picture. Wow, he is hot! So rugged and manly with the firm masculine jaw line with a slight hint of stubble, the bottle green eyes, and the rowdy bronze hair. Of course, like any normal woman, I checked his relationship status: Single. Score one point for me!

Then, clicking on his photos, I saw him next to an adorable little girl with the same green eyes and bronze hair. Searching through the photos, I came to the realization it must be his daughter. Oh, look how adorable she is, and look at how hot her daddy is. Holy hell. This little girl's mother is one lucky bitch to have a child with Edward, I thought bitterly to myself.

Once I finished with my standard profile stalking, I checked to see if he was online. Sure enough he was. So I decided to send him a quick note.

Edward Cullen, as in the Edward Cullen I went to prom with?

I hit send and tried to sit patiently as I awaited his response. I started drumming my fingers on my table, then grabbed a nearby pen and started clicking it rapidly, something I commonly did when I had either way too much energy or was nervous or stressed... I was all of the above. Good thing I live here by myself, I thought, because I am even starting to annoy myself.

I decided that I needed to get up and do something while I waited. More coffee? No, I'll literally start bouncing off the walls. What to do? What to do? I know… music!

I grabbed the iPod out of my handbag and dashed over to the stereo in my living room. After plugging it in, I scrolled through my favorite artists and selected Hinder. Just as the music started, I heard the faint beeping of my cell, indicating a new message. I ran back to my kitchen table, slid into the awaiting chair and noticed the notification of a new Facebook message.

Please, oh please, oh please, let it be from Edward, I chanted to myself. It was.

I never went to prom… do you remember me?

"Huh? Is he fucking with me? Of course we went to prom together!" I said out loud as I quickly started to type my response.

Huh? Weren't you in jazz band? We sat next to each other. We went to our senior prom together.

I hit reply and waited; thankfully his response was less than one minute later.

Yeah, I was in jazz band, but we didn't sit next to each other. I sat in the back and played the trumpet, while you sat up front and played the sax. No prom for me… are you sure you remember who I am?

What the fuck is going on?

Huh… well, crap. Who in the hell did I go to prom with? Of course I remember who YOU are. You moved to Forks part way through our senior year, right?

Were my fantasies of Edward so vibrant that I'm now confusing them with my memories? Who in the hell did I go to prom with? Time to call in the big guns, I thought; my best friend Alice, that girl has the memory of an elephant.I picked up my phone and quickly typed Alice a message.

Ali, who did I go to prom with? ~ B

My phone beeped again indicating a new message from Edward.

Yes, I moved to Forks our senior year. I for sure remember you… but I'd remember if we went to prom together… must have been some other lucky guy!

Holy crap, is he flirting with me? "Hell, yes!"I screamed.

My phone went off again, this time with Alice's special ringtone.

Didn't you go with Jacob? ~ A

Fuck no! That was just great and totally unhelpful… what the hell happened to her great memory? Why would I have gone to the prom with Jacob? Sure, we were great friends back in high school and had dated for about two years after we graduated, but I know for a fact that I didn't go to prom with him.

No, I didn't go with Jacob. He was tall, great hair, he was in jazz band with me. I can't for the life of me remember who he was… please help me! ~ B

Oh, crap I almost forgot about Edward. I put my cell down and turned back to my laptop.

I remember you, Edward. If you're positive we didn't go to prom together, then I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part. On another note, how has life been treating you? I stole a peek at your profile and see you have a daughter - she is absolutely beautiful.

Alice's ringtone beeped again.

Well, that explains about half of the high school population Tyler? ~ A

Hahaha… I could have sworn that it was Edward Cullen, but he's telling me it wasn't him and he'd have remembered if he took me, and that it must have been some other lucky guy. No, not Tyler, either ~ B

My phone beeped with a new message of Edward. Still literally bouncing up and down in my seat, I started to read.

Thank you. She is the love of my life! Her name is Elizabeth, but I call her Lizzy-Bear. She's 18 months old and full of life. Life has been crazy for me lately, some ups and downs. I'm living just outside Portland and love it here. I've owned a ranch for about five years now and am doing well. How about you?

Wow, a ranch - that means he's a cowboy! My mind instantly turned dirty: save a horse, ride a cowboy.

My phone beeped Alice's ringtone again, pulling my mind from the gutter.

I have no idea who it was, I guess that means we'll have to pull out the yearbook ~ A

Damn it, I am going to go insane. All of my prom pictures are at my mom's house… how can I not remember? Me and my stupid memory! BTW, Edward Cullen is seriously HOT… holy crap! ~ B

Once again I turned back to my laptop to type out a quick message to Edward.

Horses or cattle? I have always been fascinated with ranches. I still live in Forks. Wow, I made it far, huh? Anyway, I'm currently single and working as a Logistics Analyst. I absolutely love what I do but seriously hate my job. I want to open up my own bakery one day. Lizzy-Bear is an adorable nickname. Kids have such great personalities at that age, and the things that come out of their mouths are hilarious! A friend of mine works as a teacher for a group of toddlers, and she was once called a 'silly bitch' by a two year old… hahaha!

I hit reply and cracked up as I recalled the story Alice told me a few months prior about the little boy in her class. I had to wonder what that child's home life was like for him to be saying stuff like that.

Speak of the devil, I thought as my phone beeped again.

I guess I have to remember who Edward is? Jasper wants you to know how hilarious your lack of memory is and says you really should start writing these things down LOL ~ A

I snorted. "Jackass," I said out loud as I started chuckling, silently agreeing with him. My memory sometimes was severely lacking.

Please tell Jasper that he is an ass for pointing out the truth. I'll see if my phone will take a decent picture off of my computer screen and send it your way ~ B

Alice was one of the few people I knew who hated computers. She refused to use them, therefore no internet, which meant no Facebook. I thought about how long it had taken me to convince her she needed to have an unlimited text messaging plan on her cell. She only agreed after meeting her boyfriend, Jasper, who constantly texted her throughout the day. Between the two of us, we were able to teach her how to text, and she was now totally addicted.

I turned back to my laptop and pulled up Edward's profile picture. I aimed the camera on my phone at my laptop screen and snapped a picture. Not too bad, I thought as I studied the cell phone picture. Satisfied, I sent it to Alice.

My phone immediately beeped. Edward!

I have a horse ranch - cows smell too much. Ha! Single, huh? Me too. My ex and I share custody of Lizzy; I get her every other week. The weeks I have her are great and so much fun. She always keeps me on my toes. A bakery? Portland has a great culinary school - you should think about applying. If that's what you want to do, then you should go for it.

He officially confirmed that he is single… YEAH! Wait, does he seem interested in the fact I'm single too? My thoughts turned to culinary school. I'd love to go culinary school. Even if I ended up not turning baking into a career it would still be amazing to go.

My inner ramblings were once again interrupted by Alice's ringtone.

The ass says you're welcome… haha! I had to get out my yearbook (thanks!) and I have no idea who you would have gone with. Thanks for the pic. Edward is HOT, he has more hair ~ A

What the fuck, more hair? What in the world does that mean? Oh wait… could there have been another Edward in our class?

More hair? What? Was there another Edward? ~ B

Why did the girls of 1999 get to wear white robes when they graduated? ~ A

Once again, what the fuck? She isn't even looking at the right yearbook, we graduated in 2000! What in the hell is she going on about graduation robes for when I'm going through a crisis?

Um, that was a totally random question, Ali. I'm not sure why they got to wear white robes ~ B

Okay, I guess that I am going to have to figure this shit out on my own. I put my phone down and sat back in my chair, trying to come up with my next step. Maybe I can search through Facebook using the name Edward and Forks High School. I pulled up the Facebook people search and entered Edward and Forks High School. The moment the matches popped up, it hit me…

I went to prom with Michael Edwards. Well, at least I got part of his name right. However, I had now made myself look like a complete fucking idiot to Edward Cullen. FUCK A DUCK!

Picking up my phone again, I typed out a new message to Alice.

Never mind, Ali, I figured it out. It was Michael Edwards. But hey, at least I got the Edward part right. Edward Cullen is by far hotter! ~ B

I don't remember that guy. Edward does have more going for him Does he live close by? ~ A

No, of course not! He lives in Portland ~ B

Just remember that Portland isn't that far away, especially if YOU are the one driving; you can be there in 4 hours. I'm going to let you keep talking to your new friend. I have to open in the morning. Let me know how it goes ~ A

Good night darling, and please tell the ass good night… Love ya! ~ B

Love ya too! He's still laughing! Nighty night ~ A

Setting my cell back down on the table, I noticed how late it'd gotten and realized it was way past my bed time. One last message to Edward tonight then it's off to bed, I scolded myself. I'm going to pay for this late night come morning… Totally worth it!

Western Culinary Institute, right? I went on a tour of their facility a few years ago. They have an amazing pastry program. If I thought I could work and go to school, I would totally do it. Although I'd ideally like to not have to work while attending school, but money for silly things like food and rent is a little too important for me to continue without. Wow, I didn't realize how late it was getting. I'd love to continue to chat and catch up with you. Here is my number, please stay in touch. Sleep well, good night.

Almost immediately I got a message back from Edward

Have a great night, Bella. I really enjoyed talking with you and hope to continue in the near future. Here is my number as well, please do not be afraid to use it. Sleep well, Beautiful, and I'll talk to you soon.

Beautiful? Did he just call me beautiful? Wow!


The next morning I barely woke up to my four alarms (my alarm clock and the three alarms on my cell) - I've never been a morning person. I padded down the stairs to the kitchen and grabbed a cup of coffee. Thank goodness I remembered to preset the pot to turn on this morning.

I slouched against the kitchen counter, savoring my first cup, and noticed my cell phone blinking. Odd, I thought. I usually take it to my bedroom to charge. Huh, I guess I forgot.

One New Text Message, my screen told me. I flipped my phone open and nearly spit out my coffee when I saw that it was from Edward

Morning, Beautiful. It was great talking with you last night. I hope you slept well ~ E

He just called me beautiful again!

I checked the message time and saw that it was sent at 5:28am. Who the hell is up at 5:28am? It's not even light out. I took a moment to get over my shock about Edward being up so early - and him calling me beautiful - before I decided to text him back. I wonder if he would object to me giving him a nickname. 'Handsome' would be very fitting. I decide to be bold and typed him a message.

Hey, Handsome, I slept well, thanks. What in the hell were you doing up at 5:28 this morning? Shouldn't you be sleeping like a normal person? Crap, I need more coffee! ~ B

I almost immediately received a reply.

Ha ha! I own a ranch, remember? I get up before the sun rises. I'm done with my morning chores and enjoying some breakfast with Lizzy-Bear. Are you off to work? ~ E

Lizzy-Bear, I just love that name. I wonder if he realizes what a turn on it is for me that he is not embarrassed by his sweet nothings for his daughter. He must be such a great dad. I sighed.

Yeah, I still need to get ready. Give me a call later if you want ~ B

I flipped my phone shut and threw it in my handbag. Prancing over to the coffee pot for my second cup, I glanced at the time on the stove. Oh holy fuck… I'm late!


Towards the end of my work day, I got a call from Alice. While I juggled my paperwork in one hand, I picked up my cell in the other.

"Hey Ali, how was school today? Did you get called a silly bitch again?" I asked, giggling.

"You are a silly bitch, Bella. Are you ever going to let me live that down?" she huffed.

"No way in hell, sunshine! So, what's up?" I pulled the phone slightly away from me. "Hey, Mac, can you please let the FedEx driver know we're done with him for the day? He's plugging up one of the bay doors."

"Sure thing, boss," Mac called back to me as he went out onto the dock.

"Sorry, Ali, it's been crazy today!" I said breathlessly into the phone.

"No worries. So, how did things go last night with Edward?"

"It went well. Once I got over my stupidity, we did a lot of catching up." I slumped down in my crap excuse of an office chair and continued, "I still can't believe that I did that. How in the hell could I have gotten so confused? Who can't remember the person they went to prom with?"

"I don't know, Bell, but it was pretty funny. As I recall you had a thing for Edward back in high school. Could you of possibly fantasized that you went to prom together? I don't really remember the actual guy you went with, so you must not have been as obsessed with him as you were with Edward," Alice giggled.

"I was not obsessed with Edward," I stated firmly. "I merely thought that he was hot. Although I do remember when we had a movie day in band, we were watching Guys and Dolls; we sat next to each other, whispering the whole time. I don't know, Ali, there was just something about him, even way back then, that drew me in. Do you think I'm crazy?" I asked.

"No, I don't think you're crazy, Bella. I think you are realizing how much of an effect his friendship had on you. This is a good thing… so, have you talked to Edward yet today?"

I blushed. "Yes, he sent me a text this morning. Hey, Ali, I hate to cut this short, but if I want to get out of here at a decent time tonight I really have to get this shit done and these drivers off of my dock."

"Sure thing, Bell, call me later," she said before she hung up.


Between the calls, text messages, and Facebook, Edward and I had been in almost constant communication since we'd exchanged numbers nearly two months ago.

It was the Monday before Thanksgiving, and I was driving myself to work when my phone beeped with a new text message. As I pulled up to a stop light, I quickly checked the message.

Morning, Beautiful, can you call me when you get a moment? I want to talk to you about something. ~ E

Hmmm, I wonder what he wants to talk about. Thank goodness I was close to my crap ass job so I could reply. After parking the truck I quickly typed out my response.

Sure thing, Handsome, I'll call you on my lunch break ~ B

I loved how comfortable Edward and I had gotten while talking to each other. He always called me 'Beautiful' and I always called him 'Handsome'. I heart nicknames!

I honestly didn't think the morning could have gone any slower. Thank goodness my lunch time was flexible. Around 10:30 I was about ready to go crazy, so I told my crew I was taking an early lunch to get some much-needed Starbucks.

I grabbed my handbag, cell, and work badge and headed to my truck. On my way out I dialed Edward's number and he picked up after only two short rings.

"Hey, Beautiful, early lunch?" he chuckled.

"Hey. Yes, early lunch today. I'm in dire need of Starbucks." Plus, I couldn't wait any longer to talk with you, I giggled to myself.

"So, what's up?" I asked as I steered my truck towards Starbucks.

"Oh, right." He cleared his throat, "I just wanted to let you know I've decided to come home for Thanksgiving."

I instantly started giggling again. Crap, Bella, calm down. I took a quick moment to calm myself so I'd sound normal and not like a giddy teenager. "Oh, really? When do you get in?"

"Yes, really. I decided since Lizzy-Bear is spending Thanksgiving with her mom, I'd come home and visit my family. I haven't been home in a couple of years; my parents usually fly out to us since I have the ranch."

Wait…family…is he going to visit me at all?

"That's great," I said, trying to sound positive and upbeat while feeling deflated. "I am sure everyone will be excited to have you back in town."

"Does that mean you aren't excited I'm coming home?" Edward asked playfully.

Wait, what? Me? I instantly felt giddy again. "Of course I'm excited!" I practically yelled into the phone.

Edward breathed what sounded like a sigh of relief. "Well good, because you are the main reason why I'm coming home."

"Really?" I squeaked… Fuck, Bella; calm yourself before you scare him off. Clearing my throat, I continued, "I mean, really?"

"Of course. Bella, I know we only got back in touch a couple months ago, but I can't seem to get you out of my mind." He dragged in a ragged breath. "I never told you this before but I had a huge thing for you back in high school."

Calm, Bella, stay calm… FUCK being calm!

"Seriously?" I asked, struggling to keep my voice from betraying my feelings of euphoria.

"Seriously." he emphasized.

"Can you hold on for one moment, please?" After he agreed, I moved the phone away from my ear as I pulled up to the drive-thru Starbucks. I quickly placed my order and brought the phone back up to my ear as I pulled forward to wait in the line of cars for my coffee.

"Sorry about that."

"No worries," Edward responded.

"So, as I was saying," I started, "if we're going with honesty today, I have to tell you I had a big thing for you back in high school as well." My chest and face flushed and my heart picked up speed as I confessed.

"Really?" he asked.

"Yes," I responded shyly.

Edward chuckled. "Well, that explains why you swore up and down we went to prom together."

Oh hell, I was hoping that he had forgotten about that. "What?" I asked, stalling to clear my head.

"That totally explains it. Be honest, since you had a thing for me back in high school, could that be why you thought we went to prom together?" he asked laughing.

"Possibly," I squeaked, totally embarrassed now that he knew I'd fantasized about going to prom with him.

"It's okay," Edward cleared his throat, the teasing tone leaving his voice. "In fact, I love it. I'm extremely flattered. I'd have loved to have gone to prom with you, and that's why I decided not to go at all. I couldn't handle seeing you go with someone else."

I felt my body melt a bit in my seat, "I'm so sorry. I wish we'd have told each other how we felt back then. Maybe I would actually have remembered my prom!" I laughed.

"Oh, you would have remembered it," he said gravely, and then let out a sigh. "Oh well, the past is in the past. I look at it as we weren't ready for each other back then. Now is our second chance."

I giggled and said, "I love second chances."

"$4.40" the barista told me as I pulled up to the window. I handed my cash over, in exchange for my coffee and water.

As I pulled away from the window, I turned my full attention back to Edward. "Sorry about that, I swear I'm done with interrupting our conversation," I blushed, as I maneuvered out of the parking lot and headed back to work.

"Once again, no worries. I would never dream of coming between you and your caffeine fix," Edward chuckled.

"Did you tell me when you were planning on coming into town?" I asked, as I honestly couldn't remember if he had.

"I'm actually driving up tomorrow, so I'll probably be there sometime in the afternoon. I have to drop Lizzy off at Lauren's house at 10am, and I don't have to pick her up until Monday. I get a whole six days in Forks," Edward responded.

"What about your horses?"

"I have a ranch foreman who'll take care of everything while I'm away. I'm not worried, so you shouldn't be."

"Good," I sighed with relief. "Six whole days, huh? So, are you going to schedule some time to see me?" I asked, wondering where my directness had come from.

"You, my beautiful girl, are going to be my main focus," Edward said.

Did he really just say 'my beautiful girl'? Aaawwww, I sighed to myself.

"Well, I won't complain about that," I added seriously, as I squirmed in the driver seat of my truck, while barreling down the highway.

"Do you get a four day weekend?" Edward asked.

"Um, sort of. I'm on call Friday, but most likely I won't have to go in. Just one of the many perks of being in charge. I have a few employees who jump at the chance to collect holiday pay, so I might as well let them take advantage of it. I'm salaried anyway, so it doesn't make any difference to me."

"You sound like a great boss. Are there any other plans you have this weekend that I should know about?" he asked.

"The only one I can think of is on Sunday… we're having Thanksgiving with my gram's boyfriend's family. I can call Sam - he's the boyfriend - and let him know I'll be bringing a guest," I said, and then quickly realized maybe he already had plans. "That is if you'd like to come with me?" I added.

"I'd love to go," Edward responded, and then started laughing.

"What's so funny?" I asked as I pulled into the parking lot of my work.

"I love that your grandma has a boyfriend," Edward said between laughs.

"Yeah, it cracks me up too, although if you were to ask her, they are not together - they are just friends. She is in total denial," I laughed, while drumming my fingers along the steering wheel, remembering the two of them kissing when they thought no one was looking.


"Yes?" I asked, after I took a sip of my coffee.

"I should be in town tomorrow afternoon. My first stop is to say a quick hello to my folks, but then I'm free. Would you allow me to take you out to dinner?" he asked nervously.

I sighed calmly on the outside but screamed, FUCK YES on the inside. "I'd love to have dinner with you. But you don't have to take me anywhere. I can make us dinner."

"Really, you don't have to make us dinner," Edward tried to reason.

"No," I stated firmly. "I want to. What is your stance on tacos?" I asked.

"I love tacos. Can I bring anything?"

After giving it a moment's thought, I said, "Beer?"

Edward chuckled, "I think I can manage that."



"I'm sad to say my thirty minute lunch break is over. I need to get back to work."

"Can I call you later tonight?" he asked, hope in his voice.

"You'd better… I should get off around five. I'll send you a message later with my address for tomorrow."

"Sounds like a plan. Have a good afternoon, Beautiful, and I'll talk to you in a few hours."

"Okay, Handsome, bye," I said sadly, then flipped my phone shut. I pushed open my truck door and grabbed my coffee to head back inside. Just as I closed the door my cell beeped with a new text from Edward.

Cheer up! I'll miss your beautiful laugh until I hear it again ~ E

Oh man, I think my insides just melted some more. How am I going to make it through today?

Aren't you a sweet thing? I'm counting down the minutes until we talk again ~ B


"Edward's coming to town today?" I squealed out loud into the emptiness of my truck as I drove to work the following morning.

Edward and I had talked for a few hours the night before, after he had gotten Lizzy down for the night. We talked about my dream of going to culinary school and his dream come true, owning the ranch. We talked about Lizzy and what a great joy she was to Edward as well as my job and how much I hated it, which made him remind me yet again that I should apply to the culinary school in Portland. He sure seems to be trying his hardest to get me to move down south.

As I pulled into the parking lot I couldn't help but feel giddy about his decision to come home for the Thanksgiving holiday. I put the truck into park and sat for a moment, trying to collect myself, before I went inside. I quickly typed out a text to Edward, reminding him to be careful on his drive up.

Calm, Bella, just stay calm. You have to get through work before you can see him. Just focus on one thing at a time. With that, I gathered my lunch, coffee, and handbag and headed in to start my day.

Around 2pm I was on the phone confirming some special delivery requirements for one of the shipments we had going when there was a page over the loud speaker.

"Bella to the front office. Bella to the front office."

I quickly finished my phone conversation. Wow, I feel like I am in school and just got called to the principal's office, I thought as I made my way across the warehouse. I walked through the office door and stopped short. Standing in front of me was none other than Edward Cullen, holding a bouquet of tulips. My favorite flower!

I couldn't suppress the giddiness I felt; I squealed and ran straight at him. As I collided with him, he dropped the flowers on the table next to him and brought both arms around my waist, lifting me off the floor as he swung me around in circles.

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