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"Did you know…" Bella's voice trailed off as she caught sight of the golden chest hair along the collar of Edward's shirt.

Edward lifted Bella's chin so he could look into her eyes. "Know what?" he prompted.

Bella returned her focus to Edward's beautiful, sweaty face. "That I find you incredibly sexy right now. All dirty and sweaty from working… it's such a turn on."

Edward growled deep in his chest as he crushed his mouth against hers.

Second Chances Never Looked So Good – Chapter Nine

Edward pushed his body flush against Bella's as he walked her backwards until she was pinned between him and the stall door. His tongue invaded her mouth, searching and finding all traces of her, he groaned as her arms wound around his neck and her leg wrapped around his thigh.

"Edward, we can't…" Bella's whispered as he laid open mouthed kisses along her jaw and neck, his hips grinding into hers. Her arms wound tighter around his neck, trying to get him as close as possible, her hands moved to tangle in his hair and knocked his Stetson off in the process.

"Sure we can," he insisted, unfazed that his favorite hat had fallen to the ground. His hands grabbed her ass and picked her up, both of her legs wound around him. His face nuzzled in the open collar of her shirt, placing hot, wet kisses along her cleavage.

Bella's head lulled back and hit the wood of the stall door. Oww, but oh so good… she thought as she pushed her palms against his chest. "No, Cowboy, we can't. Lizzy and Joe will be back any second and I really don't feel like Joe seeing me half naked or otherwise."

Edward groaned in mock annoyance. "Fine, Beautiful, but just wait… payback's a bitch."

Bella quirked an eyebrow. "I'm looking forward to it," she said, her legs unwound from their perch on his hips as she slowly slid down his body, deliberately rubbing against his hardened erection.

Edward let out a long, low hiss as Bella's body slid against his. Her hands tugged on his hair and brought his mouth to hers for one last searing kiss before she pushed him back so she could calm and collect herself.

Edward's mind was soaring, oh how he wished he could have her right then and there. He adjusted himself in his ever tightening Wranglers and took a deep breath. His glance went to Bella, who was fanning her shirt away from her body, her cheeks, neck and chest a beautiful shade of red. Edward's chest swelled with smugness knowing that he elicited that kind of reaction from her.

As if on cue, Lizzy came skipping into the barn with Joe right behind her. Joe grinned when he noticed the rumpled clothing, and their still heavy breathing.

"Your girl here wants to go for a ride," Joe drawled.

Edward crouched down before scooping Lizzy up and spinning her around in circles. "You do, huh?"

Lizzy giggled. "Yep."

"Well, I think we can manage that," Edward said as he placed Lizzy back on the ground, and then turned to face Bella. "Why don't we saddle Dreamer? Baby, you wanna go for a ride? I can get Whiskey ready for you too," he asked as he ran his fingers up the length of her arm, causing goose bumps to rise.

Bella's head snapped up as she looked at Edward in shock. "Ride?" she asked softly. She'd never ridden a horse before, to be honest, she'd never even really been around horses until that day.

"Yeah, Baby, ride, haven't you ever ridden a horse before?" She shook her head.

Joe chuckled. "Amazin' you found yourself a woman who's never ridden a horse, huh boy?"

"Joe shut up and leave Bella alone," Edward snapped before he turned to face Bella. "I can teach you," he offered.

Bella's face lit with a small smile, she had to admit she was a little afraid to get on such a gigantic, strong animal. What happened if she fell off, would she get stepped on? She shook her head slightly to clear the negative thoughts. "One day," she said softly, "not today though… I'll just watch you and Lizzy if that's okay?"

Edward wrapped his arms around Bella and kissed her neck. "It's okay, Baby, when you're ready I'll be here to teach."

Bella hand cupped his cheek. "Thank you."

Their eyes bored into each other for a few moments until they heard Joe clear his throat. "Want me to get that horse saddled?" he asked.

Edward started muttering to himself as he quickly swiped his hat from the ground, slammed it onto his head and stalked off towards the tack room, leaving Bella, Lizzy and Joe watching him. Bella looked to Joe to see what was going on.

"He just pissy, 'cause I keep givin' him grief over you," Joe said.

"Why me?" Bella asked shocked as she picked Lizzy up and sat them both on a hay bale.

"I mean no offense, Miss Bella. I just love givin' that boy a hard time. He loves you somethin' fierce."

Bella smiled and nodded. "And I love him too."

"Good to hear… good to hear. Anywho, I'm off." Joe tipped his Stetson in Bella's direction and strolled out of the barn.

Bella had to bite back a moan as Edward sauntered out of the tack room with a saddle hitched on his shoulder. Her eyes were glued to the muscles bunching and contracting under his work shirt.

Edward could feel Bella watching him as he saddled the horse, so he made sure to take his time and even exaggerate a few things just to drive Bella mad with want. He knew the effect he had on her, because it was the same effect she had on him. As he pulled the cinch tight he looked over his shoulder and winked.

"Ready Lizzy-Bear?" Edward asked as he grabbed the reins.

Lizzy squealed with excitement as she tried to scramble down from the hay bale, she was in such a hurry that Bella had to catch her when she almost toppled over head first.

"Are you going to watch?" Edward asked as Bella cautiously walked up to the horse.

Damping down her insecurities about being so close to the horse, she answered, "Of course, just show me where I'm out of the way."

"Horsey," Lizzy screamed.

Still holding the reins Edward crouched in front of her and looked her in the eye. "Do you remember the rules?" he asked softly.

Lizzy nodded. "No yell."

"That's right, what else?"

"No run?" she questioned.

Edward smiled. "Good girl. Are you ready?" Lizzy nodded enthusiastically.

He picked her up, grabbed the saddle horn and swiftly pulled himself and Lizzy into the saddle.

Bella was astounded, not only had he done that so quickly, but he had done it one handed, since his other was cradling his child.

Edward situated Lizzy in front of him, his arm around her middle to keep her securely against him. He noticed Bella's face, she looked in awe. "Howdy Miss," he drawled as he tipped his Stetson in her direction causing Bella to fan herself as she suddenly felt overheated.

"Bewwa… Bewwa…" Lizzy chanted.

Bella tore her gaze from Edward and refocused her attention. "Oh my goodness, Lizzy-Bear, are you riding a horse?"

"Horsey… horsey…"

Edward chuckled as he had Dreamer head out of the barn towards the pasture. "Bella, you can sit on the fence and watch if you want. We're just going to mosey about for a bit," Edward said as he reached down to unlatch the gate leading to the pasture.

Bella nodded and made herself comfortable along the top rail of the fence. She smiled when she heard Lizzy giggling as Edward had Dreamer start trotting.


"Beautiful, you really don't have to make us dinner, we can go out or order pizza," Edward said as he pulled the truck to a stop in front of the grocery store later that afternoon.

"I'm going to make dinner and that's final," Bella stated firmly as she grabbed her handbag from the floor of the truck. She glanced towards Edward when she heard him sigh and placed her hand along his forearm, her fingers gently stroking the hair. "Remember, Edward, I love to cook, so think of this as making me happy. I know I don't have to cook but I really want to, okay?"

Edward stared into her eyes and saw she was telling the truth. "Okay," he relented as he opened the truck door and moved to unhook Lizzy from her car seat in the back, before placing her on the ground and hanging onto her un-casted hand.

Bella rounded the truck and smiled when she saw Lizzy hold her arms up to be picked up. Bella scooped the little girl into her arms, before placing a kiss on her cheek. "What do you want for dinner?" she asked.

Lizzy's face scrunched as she thought. "Food?"

Edward chuckled at his daughter's response as he hooked his arm around Bella's waist and led his two favorite girls into the grocery store.

They slowly meandered up and down all the aisles, gathering up the supplies for the homemade macaroni and cheese Bella had decided to make. "We need some kind of vegetable," Bella said as they reached the produce section.

Edward's body was pressed against Bella's back, his arms holding onto the cart, effectively trapping her. He placed a single kiss behind her ear, causing Bella's legs to wobble. "Lizzy-Bear loves broccoli," he said softly. Bella could only nod in response.

Lizzy's eyes widened with excitement when she saw Bella bag up a few stalks of broccoli. "I luv bocki."

Bella giggled as she placed the broccoli in the cart before placing a kiss on Lizzy's forehead.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" a voice rang out.

Edward and Bella quickly turned to see Lauren violently shoving her grocery cart aside, narrowly missing the produce guy restocked the apple display. Bella tensed as Lauren stalked towards them.

"Momma," Lizzy yelled, her small body trying to get out of the strap that secured her to the cart. She quickly became frustrated when she couldn't stand up, her eyes focusing on Lauren again. "Momma," she called again, her eyes growing sad as Lauren ignored her.

Edward was pained by the sad look on Lizzy's face. He quickly kissed Bella's cheek before whispering, "I'm so sorry."

Edward could not believe this was happening again. He thought he'd sorted this whole jealously thing out with Lauren back when Lizzy had been in the hospital.

Before Lauren could get to close to either Bella or Lizzy, Edward grabbed her arm and swiftly led her a few feet away so Lizzy couldn't overhear. "I don't know what Bella did to warrant this hostility from you, but you'd better knock it the fuck off," Edward seethed.

Lauren squared her shoulders, her face laced with anger. "Hostility! I'm not being hostile towards that home-wrecker."

Bella's face paled as she overheard Lauren's response.

"Bewwa, why mommy mad?" Lizzy asked with large, sad eyes.

"I'm not sure, sweetie. Hey, do you want to watch a funny video? It's about a duck who wants some grapes," Bella asked as she swiftly turned the shopping cart around so Lizzy's back was to Edward and Lauren.

Lizzy nodded eagerly as Bella pulled her iPod from her handbag and cued up the video. Soon Lizzy was giggling and singing waddle, waddle along with the video.

Bella focused her attention back to Edward, his face was furious and he was speaking in hushed tones, but loud enough that Bella could hear him.

"I've told you this before; Bella is a permanent fixture in not only my life, but Lizzy's as well. You'll do well to remember that. I refuse to have Bella treated with such disrespect."

Lauren huffed, Edward's eyes looked like they were about to bulge from his head. "And another thing, Miss. High and Mighty, you are to never and I mean never to ignore our daughter again. Did you see the look on her face when you ignored her and started your assault against Bella? Her little face and heart were crushed. I will not have you harming my daughter. Grow the fuck up!"

With that Edward turned and walked back towards Bella, who watched Lauren stomp her foot like a small child and stalk off in the opposite direction. Bella breathed a sigh of relief when Lauren disappeared from sight.

"I'm sorry about that, baby," Edward said sadly as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and brought her body to his.

Bella placed both hands along his chest and looked into his stormy eyes. "It's not your fault, Edward. Thank you for standing up for not only me, but Lizzy as well."

Edward glanced at Lizzy and smiled when he saw the iPod and headphones. "Smart thinking, baby, I was worried she'd heard everything. I tried to keep my voice down."

"She did ask why her mommy was so mad and I don't think she understands why Lauren didn't even say hi to her."

"Yeah, I was worried about that myself. What's she listening to?" he asked as Lizzy started giggling.

"It's a video I found on You Tube about a duck that waddles and is looking for grapes. It's really quite cute and it's crazy insane when it gets stuck in your head."

Lizzy glanced up from the iPod and yelled, "Daddy, gapes."

Bella laughed as she reached over and gently pulled the headphones from Lizzy's ears.

"Grapes, you want grapes?" Edward asks.

Lizzy nodded and started singing, "waddle, waddle, got any gapes?"


After returning home the three decided to watch a movie, much to Edward's dismay Lizzy picked out Horton Hears a Who - she could watch that movie over and over.

Bella was amazed as Lizzy got the movie started. She turned the TV on and put the DVD in the player. The only thing she needed help with was opening the DVD case, which Edward did.

Edward and Lizzy sprawled out on the couch as Bella sat on the floor with her back against the couch. Edward's fingers lightly playing with her hair.

About fifteen minutes into the movie, Edward's hand stopped. Bella looked over her shoulder and saw that he was asleep, and giggled when she saw Lizzy was passed out as well.

Bella watched a little more of the movie before deciding to start dinner. As gently as she could she untangled Edward's fingers from her hair and placed a kiss on the palm of his hand before standing and heading to the kitchen.

Trying to get a feel for the lay of the land, she started opening cabinets and drawers, pulling out items she'd need as she came across them. She noticed how well stocked the kitchen was. "Esme," she chuckled under her breath. She knew if it was up to Edward his cabinets would be bare.

She spotted a small radio at the end of the counter and flipped it on. Country music started pumping through the speakers, scaring her before she found the button to turn the volume down. She sighed in relief when she realized that neither Edward nor Lizzy had woken up.

Bella grimaced a little at the thought of listening to country music, but decided she was too lazy to find another station. She'd never really been a fan of country, it usually sounded depressing to her.

After putting a pot of water on to boil, she prepped the broccoli. She found a cucumber and tomato in the fridge and chopped them to and decided to add them as another side dish.

After mixing the elbow macaroni to the boiling water, she started working on her famous cheese sauce, rich and creamy and with four different types of cheese. As she was stirring the sauce she listened to the lyrics of the song playing on the radio.

It's your love

It just does somethin' to me

It sends a shock right through me

I can't get enough

And if you wonder

About the spell I'm under

It's your love, it's your love

She couldn't help but be moved by the lyrics, they reminded her of Edward. She didn't have a clue who was singing, other than it seemed to be a duet between a man and a women, but she knew this song was touching her soul. Maybe country music wasn't so bad after all.

Returning her attention to making dinner she mixed the noodles and sauce together before putting it in a baking dish she'd found. Grabbing more of the grated cheese she sprinkled it on top and slid the dish into the oven.

Bella quietly made her way to the living room where she found Edward partially reclined against the back of the couch with Lizzy draped across his chest, both were sound asleep, Lizzy's body rising and falling gently with each breath Edward took.

Bella retreated to the kitchen to grab the camera she always kept in her handbag. She tiptoed back to the living room and shot a picture of father and daughter. Unable to resist, Bella lightly ran her fingers along Edward's cheek before stroking his bronze locks.

Edward stirred from sleep, his eyes opening slowly, first taking in Bella standing before him and then noticing the weight on his chest, he glanced down and smiled when he saw Lizzy using him as a pillow.

Edward's eyes moved back to Bella. "Hey, Beautiful, how long have we have been out?" he asked, his voice low and gritty with sleep.

Bella's fingers lightly traced his lips before answering. "Not long, about an hour or so. Dinner's almost ready."

Edward brought in a deep breath and marveled at the heavenly smell wafting through the living room, his stomach grumbled. "It smells fantastic!"

"I'm going to go set the table. I'll see you two in there shortly?"

Edward nodded, his hand shot out and grabbed Bella's wrist as she turned to walk back to the kitchen.

Bella glanced over her shoulder and raised an eyebrow. "Can I help you?" she asked coyly.

Edward chuckled and licked his lips. "Yeah, you can give me a kiss." His lower lip forming a pout.

Bella turned and leaned so she was hovering over both Lizzy and Edward, her hands braced along the back of the couch to retain her balance.

"Anything for you, Cowboy," she said against his lips. They kept the kiss chaste since Lizzy was between them. Bella pulled back and gently placed a kiss on Lizzy's head before standing back up and sashaying to the kitchen.

Edward watched Bella's retreating form and thought back over how much his life had changed in the past few months. It seemed that all aspects of his life were finally coming together.

He had a beautiful daughter who was the light of his life, a ranch he not only owned and operated, but loved. A big house designed specifically for him and the larger family he hoped to have in his future.

And of course there was Bella, the newest and best addition to his life to date. She was at the ranch with him and Lizzy, if only for the weekend, but he'd take it for now. He'd much rather have her during the weekends than not at all.

He slowly roused Lizzy from her nap, thankful she was usually cheerful when she woke.

"Daddy, why mommy mad?" Lizzy asked sadly just before Edward was about to stand up, he sank back into the cushions.

"She was mad at daddy not at you, okay?"


"Well…" Edward stopped himself to think. How was he going to explain to his daughter why her mother was so angry at the store? He didn't know why Lauren had completely ignored Lizzy; he could only assume it was because she was blinded by her jealousy towards Bella. He looked down into his daughter's sad eyes and his heart nearly crumpled.

"Lizzy-Bear, mommy was mad at daddy for being silly."

Lizzy giggled. "You silly, Daddy."

Edward breathed a sigh of relief now that Lizzy seemed to have forgotten about Lauren. "Daddy is always silly," he said as he lightly tickled her sides causing her to giggle some more.

A peaceful smile graced his face; his house was full of beautiful sounds that night, Lizzy's giggling and Bella moving around in the kitchen.


While the three of them enjoyed dinner Edward asked, "So, Lizzy-Bear are you excited to see Mommy? Only one more day."

Lizzy shook her head. "Me no like Iley,"

"Baby, who's Iley?" Edward asked and he glanced across the table towards Bella, who only shrugged her shoulders.

"Mommy friend."

"Does Iley come over to see Mommy?" he asked.


"Can you tell me why you don't like Iley?"

"He mean."

"Why is Iley mean?" Bella asked shocked. Her mind reeling at all possibilities as to what Lizzy was talking about and how someone could be mean to this beautiful little girl.

"He play wif Mommy and door close."

Edward's head jerked. What door was closed? He wondered. None of this was making any sense. Who in the hell was Iley?

"What door," Bella asked when she saw Edward's eyes go wild.

"Mommy door. I knock but no open."

Bella got up from her seat and went to Edward. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" she asked him softly as Lizzy continued to eat her macaroni and cheese.

Edward sighed. "That Lauren and this Iley are playing an adult game behind that closed door while Lizzy was there?"

Bella nodded sadly. "Yeah, that's what I'm thinking," she said before making her way back to her seat to finish dinner.

Edward was furious with Lauren. He wondered how often Lizzy was left on her own while in her care. He didn't know of her having a boyfriend and it made him afraid for his daughter. What kind of people where coming and going from Lauren's house?


After dinner was finished and the kitchen was clean, Bella snuggled into Edward's side, his arm draped around her shoulders so she was flush against his chest. "Lizzy-Bear, why don't you run up, and grab a book and I'll read you a story?" Bella asked.

Lizzy nodded excitedly and scampered up the stairs. Edward nuzzled his face against Bella's hair and inhaled, he adored her scent – he took notice that she was back to using her cocoa-butter lotion – he groaned into her neck.

Bella was about to respond when they heard Lizzy tromping down the stairs, with what sounded like a bucket being dragged behind her. Bella and Edward peered over the top of the couch as a basket full of books tumbled down the stairs, landing in a pile at the bottom.

"Oops," Lizzy giggled as she slid down the stairs on her bottom.

"Lizzy-Bear pick one book for Bella to read… just one."

Lizzy glanced up from her pile of books. "More?"

"Daddy said one book," Bella said while trying not to laugh.

She was about half way through reading Ladybug Girl at the Beach when Lizzy let out a tiny snore.

"Well, I think she's asleep," Bella giggled as she put her hand over her mouth to muffle her voice.

"Yeah… I'd say she's asleep. No need to cover your mouth," Edward said as he removed Bella's hand, "she sleeps like the dead. A freight train could pass through her bedroom and she'd sleep through it."

"So are you done with the horses for the night?" Bella ask curiously.

"I just need to check on them one last time."

"How about you do that and I'll put Lizzy to bed?"

"You don't mind?" he asked.

"Nope, I'll meet you upstairs, Cowboy," she said in what she hoped was a sexy voice.

The voice must have worked because Edward's eyes grew large as he stared at her. "You bet your sweet, little ass you will," he smirked before nibbling along her jaw.

"Go," Bella said as she pushed him away. "The sooner you leave, the sooner you'll be done."

Bella headed for the stairs with Lizzy cradled in her arms while Edward pulled himself off the couch and went to the barn.

Bella pulled back Lizzy's covers and tucked her into bed, making sure her favorite blanket was snuggled with her. As she sat back on her heels and watched her favorite little girl sleep she decided she wanted more days like this. More days of the three of them cuddled on the couch watching movies, reading books, eating dinner at the table and riding horses. She wanted a life here.

Bella quietly stood and walked to the hall, closing Lizzy's door behind her. She made her way into Edward's room and went straight towards the set of French doors leading to his balcony. Wondering if she could see the barn from there she grabbed a thick, fleece blanket lying on the chair in the corner of the room and made her way outside.

She shivered as she closed the door and wrapped the blanket tightly around her. Peering over the edge of the balcony she frowned when she couldn't see the barn, turning around to head back inside she spotted the hot tub. Her mind instantly started running through all of the possibilities of her and Edward in there together. She crouched, found the on button and set the desired temperature.

Deciding to stay outside a little longer she sank into one of the two lounge chairs nestled against the house under the eaves. The night air was chilly, but she didn't feel cold, she felt at peace - her body and soul in complete relaxation. It was silly to think about how one place could be better for a person's soul than another, but could it just be this place… this ranch or was it the people there who made the difference? Bella instantly knew that it was a combination of both. They felt like home because it was where Lizzy and Edward were. She was surrounded by their energy and love.

Bella knew this was where she belonged, this was where her life would be lived, and this was where she would be loved. She had to start living the life she not only wanted, but dreamed about as well. She owed it to herself to take this risk and move to Portland to be with Edward. She loved him with all of her heart and couldn't imagine anything ever happening to make her change her mind.


Edward locked the back door behind him, shrugged off his heavy coat, and kicked off his shit kickers. He made his way through the house, shutting off lights as he went. The house was quiet, Lizzy must still be asleep. Edward grinned as his mind raced over all the possibilities now that he and Bella were alone.

After ascending the stairs he stopped at Lizzy's room and quietly opened her door, he smiled at the sight of his daughter already sprawled across her bed. Edward chuckled softly as he crouched next to her and tucked the blankets around her sleeping form.

"Night Lizzy-Bear, daddy loves you so much," he whispered before placing a soft kiss against her head of bronze curls.

"Bewwa read…" Lizzy mumbled in her sleep.

Edward's face brightened with a smile at her words and after spending a moment more watching his daughter, he grabbed the baby monitor on her book shelf, turned it on, and continued down the hall towards what he hoped would soon become his and Bella's bedroom.

As he stepped into the room he could see the soft blue lights of the hot tub on his patio glowing. Edward grinned at the thought that his girl had turned the tub on. He instantly became hard at the image of Bella naked, wrapped in his arms with him buried deep inside her.

Deciding to add a little romance he strolled to the sound system and turned on his favorite country station, setting the volume low, the soft sounds of Kenny Chesney filled the air.

Bella startled slightly when the music came on, she didn't recognize who was singing, but he had a beautiful voice. Her face flushed as she spotted Edward making his through the French doors. She basked in the beauty of him, with his well worn in Wranglers, button-up work shirt and bare feet. His bronze locks in constant disarray and her fingers itched to rake through them. His face wore a beautiful, crooked smile.

Seeing him solidified the decision in her heart. She was going to be with Edward, and she was going to tell him tonight. It was time she started living her life to the fullest.

Edward opened the door and shivered as he felt the cold night air. "Beautiful, it's freezing out here, what are you doing?" he asked as he set the baby monitor on the table beside the lounge and squeezed himself into the same seat as Bella. She snuggled against the warmth radiating from him and draped her feet across his lap as Edward wrapped the blanket around them.

"I've been thinking," Bella said softly into Edward's neck, his hands ran along the length of her back.

"Oh yeah? May I ask about what?"

Bella shifted slightly so she could see his face. "About the future… our future."

Edward's eyes widened slightly. "Really?"

"Yeah, um… I've made my decision," she said as her eyes focused on the buttons of Edward's shirt.

His fingers grazed her cheek before sliding under her chin and bringing her face up to his. His mind reeling at the possibilities… was she going to stay in Forks or was she going to move in with him?

"Baby, you're scaring me. Please tell me what's going on," he pleaded, his fingers swiping the tears from her cheeks.

Bella watched emotion after emotion play across Edward's face. Tears started in her eyes as she watched the confusion and hurt run pass through him. She needed to tell him now or he was going to continue to get the wrong idea.

Bella's fingers brushed across his chest and up along his neck before settling against Edward's cheeks. She brought her forehead to rest against his and sucked in a deep, calming breath.

"Handsome, I love you so much, so much more than I ever thought possible. You've awoken something in me and I've been living more these past few months than I have my entire life, and I don't know what I'd do without you." Bella whispered.

Edward couldn't contain the happiness he felt at Bella's words, his lips softly kissed her eyelids, cheekbones, nose, and chin before finally becoming one with her mouth.

Bella moaned as Edward's tongue slid against hers, her fingers gripped the collar of his shirt in efforts to bring him closer. Bella eventually pulled back and gasped for breath. "Wait, Handsome, I wasn't done."

"Of course, please continue, but first can I just say something?" Bella nodded for him to continue, "You and Lizzy the reason why I get up in the morning and the reason why I breathe."

Bella's insides melted. "Holy fuck, Edward, you're making me swoon and lose my train of thought."

"Hmm… I like that idea. You're the one who started the hot tub, maybe we should move our little party over there."

Bella sighed and considered Edward's suggestion as he licked and nibbled along her neck and jaw. No, she needed to tell him… now.

Bella gently grabbed Edward's hair and pulled his face from her neck, she giggled when she saw the pout form on his lips. "Please let me tell you what my decision is."

"Go ahead, baby."

Bella rolled her eyes, she knew that as soon as she told him she was going to move to Portland, he'd do nothing but interrupt her. "Okay, so I've been thinking a lot about what you asked me at Thanksgiving, and tonight while tucking Lizzy into bed, and sitting on this freezing cold balcony I reached my decision." Bella released a sigh.

Edward became nervous again. "And…" he prompted.

Bella looked him in the eye as a smile played across her face. "Yes."

Edward blinked. Had he heard her right? Was this all a dream? Had she really just said that she was moving in with him? "Yes?" he asked shocked.

Bella wrapped her fingers around the back of his neck and placed a chaste kiss on his lips. "Yes, Edward, my answer is yes! I want to move here and live with you."

Edward was stunned, he'd dreamed she would say yes and now, here she was, actually making his dream come true. "Holy fuck, baby, you've just made me the happiest man in the world… shit, forget the world, I'm the happiest man in the universe!" He swiftly latched his mouth to hers, urgent and needy.

The kiss slowed as Edward heard the beginning lines of It's Your Love come over the speakers. "Dance with me, Beautiful," Edward said as he pulled himself and Bella up from the lounge, the blanket still wrapped around them.

Bella wound her arms around Edward's waist and nuzzled her face into his chest as Edward started singing the lyrics, his breath brushing across Bella's neck and causing her to shiver.

Dancin' in the dark

Middle of the night

Takin' your heart

And holdin' it tight

Emotional touch

Touchin' my skin

And askin' you to do

What you've been doin' all over again

They swayed with the rhythm of the music, their bodies closely joined as they snuggled in the warmth of the soft, fleece blanket. Edward's hand gently stroked Bella's cheek, wiping away a stray tear. His thumb made a trail along her jawbone, down to her chin before tilting her face up to meet his before he continued singing.

Oh, it's a beautiful thing

Don't think I can keep it all in

I just gotta let you know

What it is that won't let me go

The continued their intimate dance as Edward hands gently caressed her back, rubbing slow circles upwards toward her shoulders and under her long, silky hair until he came flush with the warm softness on the back of her neck. His hand cupped her there, he brought her head closer to his chest as he continued serenading her.

It's your love

It just does somethin' to me

It sends a shock right through me

I can't get enough

And if you wonder

About the spell I'm under

It's your love

It's your love

The neon blue light from the hot tub cast a romantic glow around the deck, reflecting off them as their bodies moved as one. The song continued to play as Edward tightened his hold on Bella, his arms securely wrapped around her. He brought his lips to her ear and whispered, "I love you so much, Bella Swan. You're my life now and I'll do everything I can to ensure you never regret this decision."

Happy tears spilled down Bella's cheeks again as she pulled back slightly from him. "I'll never regret this decision."

Relishing in the excitement of the moment, Edward kissed Bella's neck with all of the passion he felt. He made sure to suckle and nibble on the spot under her earlobe as it was a sensitive spot and was sure to cause goose bumps to prickle along her skin. Given the brisk chill of the December night the goose bumps would be inevitable. However, he was certain they wouldn't be from the chill, but rather his ravenous attention to detail, and his determination to show Bella just how much he loved her.

Bella was shaking her head with the coincidence of the song Edward was singing to her. "Edward, I heard this exact same song earlier while I was cooking dinner and it reminded me of you."

He placed a loving kiss to her forehead as he cradled her against his chest. "It's destiny," he whispered. "This song was destined to play while you were with me, snuggled close, and finally offering a confirmation to my question. You've answered my prayers, and you're making me the happiest I've ever been. It was meant to be. It's Your Love. This will be our song Bella, yours and mine."

Edward began unbuttoning his work shirt; he removed it and tossed it behind him onto the deck. He pulled the blanket tighter around him to ward off the chill, and started unbuckling his belt buckle, unsnapping his jeans button and slowly pulling down the zipper.

Bella caught on to his idea with intense enthusiasm. She helped him push the jeans over his slim hips and down his thick, muscular thighs. Edward stepped out of the jeans and kicked them backwards so they hastily met with his discarded work shirt. He stood trembling under the blanket in his bare feet, naked except for his blue striped boxers.

Bella sensed his aversion to the cold and snuggled him closer to her. Their hot, labored breaths could easily be seen blowing out in white puffy clouds around them in the cold, crisp night air.

Edward wanted nothing more than to be closer to Bella and surrounded by the warmth of the water in the hot tub. "Baby, let's get you out of these shall we?"

Bella bit her lip and glanced up to meet Edward's eyes, she slowly nodded her head. He lifted the hem of her form fitting blue tee shirt and pulled it off. Which were swiftly followed by her stone-washed denim jeans. Bella was left in nothing but a pink satin and lace demi bra and matching boy shorts. She was now freezing. She clung to Edward and the blanket shook as she pulled it tighter to them in hopes of warming their shivering bodies.

Edward was eager to taste her luscious skin as he peeked within the confines of the blanket. He saw her beautiful, plump breasts peaking out of the top of the lacy garment that supported them firmly. Bringing his hands up her body, he started massaging her breasts before bringing them up to the perfect angle for him to snuggle his face into the ample cleavage. He began flicking his tongue at the already taut nipple protruding from the thin material due to the chilly air that shrouded them both.

"Baby we need to get into the tub so the water can warm us before we freeze to death," Edward whispered, his shortened breath panting. He ducked his head again and licked through the lace along her nipple, before playfully biting it and holding it between his teeth until Bella withered and moaned in pleasure.

Edward reached around Bella's back and unclasped her bra, and tossed it to meet the other clothes haphazardly strewn about the deck. Bella's pink panties swiftly followed as they are slid down her sexy, long legs. Edward squatted slightly and placed tender, loving kisses on each of her legs as she stepped gently out of the satiny lace. Bella then helped Edward rid himself of his boxers.

Together they made their way to the inviting warmth of the hot tub. Edward disentangled himself from the blanket, climbed up the steps and sank his lower body into the awaiting steamy, bubbling water. He extended his large, rough, work callused hand for Bella to follow.

She slid the blanket off her body, letting it pool at her feet. She shrieked from the frigid cold air hitting her skin and trembled. "Oh my God, Edward, it's freezing… so co-old," she stuttered through chattering teeth.

She gently eased into the tub and sat on the bench next to Edward, his strong arm wrapped tightly around her shoulder as his hand rubbed up and down her arm as he tried to warm her up. She smiled at him and his eagerness to ensure she was always cared for in such a loving and tender way. His adoration for her warmed her heart.

They were engulfed in the exhilarating heat of the steamy water as it bubbled around them, loosening their muscles and relaxing them. The music continued to quietly play in the background, as they sat in companionable silence, taking in the exquisite night sky with its clusters of stars.

At times like these, when they were so close, Bella could sense an energy that surrounded them, creating a strong connection she felt whenever he held her, as if she was under some kind of spell. How did I not feel this in high school, this wonderful sense of being loved and adored, Bella wondered to herself.

Sure, she had been attracted to Edward back then, but he had always been shy. She remembered how she had thought of him as being out of her league, with his good looks and talent. Even with his shyness, he'd speak to her, but never complete conversations, just a few words here and there about things going on in class. She had thought he only wanted to be friends. Had it been this way in high school? He told her he was in love with her even back then? Bella twirled the thought around in her mind.

If only we'd had gone to prom together, we wouldn't have wasted all these years, she mused. She knew being apart from him was why she felt like something important was missing from her life. She knew she always meant to be by Edward's side.

Being so close to him usually made it difficult to keep her thoughts straight, especially when he'd look at her with hungry eyes. The same hungry eyes he was staring at her with right now.

"What are you thinking about so deeply, Beautiful?" he asked. His hand ghosted across her cheek, before tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear.

"I was thinking about wasted time," Bella whispered biting her bottom lip as she was still caught up in her thoughts.

Edward made a humming sound deep in his throat as he lifted Bella in his arms before placing her onto his lap facing him, her legs straddling his body. His hand went under her chin and tilted it upward so her gaze met his own.

"Baby, can you explain to me what you mean by wasted time?" he inquired, trying to encourage her to continue. His right thumb gently pulled down on Bella's chin to free the battered lip from the confines of her teeth.

His patient gaze met her eyes as he waited on her response, his arms wrapped around her back and rubbed a lazy pattern as the hot bubbles bounced off them. The soft music in the background and the rolling bubbles lapping against them were the only sounds.

"I was thinking how loved and adored you make me feel. You bring out such intense emotions in me, and I can't imagine ever being without you again," Bella said as she began to explain her thoughts, "I never noticed how strong of a pull I have towards you while we were in high school. We were both there and we spoke daily, but never about anything of true importance. I wish I'd known how you felt back then, Edward. I was so attracted to you, but I was convinced you only wanted to be friends. You were so talented and handsome, quiet and shy, and I hate that I went to prom with someone other than you."

Edward made a tsking response, before he gently placed butterfly kisses along Bella's forehead. He softly grasped her head with both hands, and pulled her closer to him. "Beautiful, you don't know how many times I've thought the exact same thing, but we were different people back then. We both needed to grow, find ourselves and make our own paths in life. The same paths that lead us back to each other now… our second chance."

He's right, there should be no regrets, Bella thought to herself. They had both needed to grow and find themselves, so when they did get their second chance they could give each other every part of themselves. Together they made each other whole, through their trust, compassion, and love.

The steam from the heated water rose into the night, encasing them in their own private oasis. The hot rolling bubbles continued to lap against their skin, warming them, and the blue glow from the tub created a romantic setting for them to make love, an expression of how they were feeling towards each other and what they wanted to share in this moment.

Bella wrapped her hands behind Edward's neck and slid her fingers through his soft, silky hair, gently massaging his scalp.

Edward let out an encouraging moan; he loved the way she made him feel. Bella leaned down taking his lips into hers and began kissing him lovingly, in hopes of conveying every emotion she had for him. Her tongue swept along his bottom lip inviting his tongue to join hers.

Edward met her kiss with the same intense vigor. His love for her grew stronger and more defined with each blessed day they spent together and now they'd finally have every day of the rest of their lives to enjoy being close, night after blissful night.

He deepened the kiss, dominating her with his tongue, and seeking the depths of her mouth, his tongue wrestled against hers while his hands stroked her back.

He released her mouth, and leaned down to gently take her nipple into his mouth, her skin was silky soft. The gentle suction and circling motion of his tongue around her areola sent shivers down Bella's spine, causing goose bumps to speckle her skin.

Bella could feel his growing excitement, his firm erection was pressed against her stomach and heated core. Her breathing was heavy and her body felt as if it was on fire.

Edward's hand softly caressed her other breast, cupping and massaging its perfect palmed sized, plump weight. He twisted and pinched the nipple causing the tightening in Bella's abdomen to build up; butterflies fluttered as her breathing hitched. She was extremely aroused.

"Handsome… hmm, you make me feel so good, my skin feels like it's on fire," Bella exclaimed, her head tilted back and her chest thrust forward begging for more of the divine pleasure Edward's attention engulfed her in.

Bella's feelings intensified as Edward continued his delicious assault. "Holy fuck, Cowboy, I need you inside me." She sucked in a deep breath. "I need to feel you closer to me," she panted out as Edward relentlessly worked her breasts over with his hot, succulent mouth and large callused hands.

"Baby, I need you too… I need to be inside you right now, to show you what you do to me." He stated as he lifted her slightly so he could align his thick, throbbing erection to her. "You ready for me, Baby?" he asked between licking and kissing along her collarbone and chest.

"I'm always ready for you," Bella gasped. "When you're inside me I feel complete, as if we're one. I never want to lose you."

With that said, Edward lowered Bella directly onto his velvety, steel cock. She took him in with ease, as she was drenched from his lavish attention to her succulent breasts, neck and collarbone. She was at the brink of ecstasy already.

They both gasped at the closeness of their bodies as he was fully nestled inside her warmth, the feeling was exquisite. He was so thick and easily filled her completely, sending waves of intense flutters coursing through to her abdomen. Bella's hands held tightly onto Edward's well defined shoulders, as she rode his fantastic cock cowgirl style.

With Edwards strong hands lovingly wrapped around Bella's perfect ass and hips, he was guiding her in a comfortable rhythm rocking her back and forth, up and down, tenderly bringing himself in and out of her. She smiled at him from the pleasure he brought, she rolled her head back. Their breathing grew heavier with each pass of their bodies.

Edward let out a deep growl as Bella moved up and down his length bringing him to the brink of pure pleasure. "Beautiful, you're so tight… I love being buried deep inside your heavenly body. I've dreamed of having this gift every day for the rest of my life."

He lovingly kissed her lips, hoping to express the immense passion he felt for his Bella, the thought of his prayers finally being answered were exhilarating. He continued to moving his hips up meeting Bella's thrust for blessed thrust burying himself deep inside her, bottoming out, hitting the spot he knew would cause her to tremble and send her over the top.

"Oh… oh… Edward! Yes!" was all she could manage, due to the overwhelmingly intense feelings Edward's divine cock created. His mouth relentlessly made a path over her upper body, repeatedly kissing and licking, between the gently nips he placed along the skin of her breasts. His wet tongue surrounded her nipples, before moving across her chest, collarbone, and upward along her neck and jaw, ending at her ear.

He sucked and nibbled her earlobe paying close attention to the soft tender area just below, as he rocked their bodies together, in a slow and passionate rhythm, set to match the music quietly playing on the speakers of his sound system. "That's it, Baby, let go. Feel what we create together. This is what's meant to be."

Edward's raspy breath and velvety smooth voice tickled her ear sending a wave of shivers down her spine once again; his agonizingly slow hip thrusts matched each word, seeming to emphasize his meaning.

"You and me Bella, joined this way, is perfect. No one else ever mattered to me like you do. You're my one true love, Beautiful. I was meant to be with you. Thank you for being with me, for loving me. I'm truly blessed to call you mine."

A single, happy tear slid down Bella's cheek as her eyes filled with emotion. She continued to move her body up and down his steely length. The tightness building deep inside her had her picking up the pace and gasping for breath. She rested her head against Edward's left shoulder as she moved her hips faster, engulfing his throbbing cock fully inside her achingly twitching pussy.

Edward moved his right hand between them, seeking out her throbbing bundle of nerves, and used his thumb and index finger he rub circles around her clitoris, bringing her to the brink of climax.

Bella gasped and screamed out Edward's name and a few other words - spoken like a true sailor - as she rode out her intense orgasm. Her walls stiffening and clenching up tightly around Edwards rock hard cock, milking him, causing him to meet his own spectacular climax, shooting his seed into its rightful place.

He pulled Bella to his chest, encasing her soft, glorious body in his strong arms. Her head remained against his shoulder as she placed butterfly kisses on his neck, loving the feel of his stubble against her swollen lips.

Their bodies stayed together for what felt like hours, but was probably only minutes. Edward was buried deep inside her, as both were still trying to calm their breathing. Their love making had been an intense experience, it had brought them closer, and it had been in celebration of Bella's epiphany earlier that evening. The music helped relax their bodies as they enjoyed one another and the heat from the bubbles.

Bella relaxed against Edward as she continue to straddle his lap, listening to him as he regained his calm rhythm, breathing in a deep breath and releasing it in one long escaping gust of air. She concentrated on the sensual feel of his rough fingers gently caressing her back.

Edward looked up at the enormous expanse of the night sky when he noticed a shower of light streaking through the air – a shooting star. He quickly pointed it out to Bella, who sat up and turned around to take in the spectacular show before them.

"Quick, Beautiful, before it fades away, make a wish, one you hope in your heart would come true," his smooth voice whispered into her ear. "If you can have anything, I mean anything in your life come true what would it be?"

Lost in the glorious display above them and her own thoughts, she didn't answer him right away. Instead she splashed some water up at Edward's face, giggling at him as he blinked the water free from his eyes and splashed some back at her.

"You're not supposed to tell your wish or it won't come true," she stated simply. Truth was she wasn't sure how he'd respond to her greatest desires of someday becoming his wife, and a mother figure to Lizzy.

He just smiled at her cute, playfulness; he loved every part of this fascinating woman and proceeded to tell her about his own sacred wish. "Well, I believe if a wish is truly important it needs to be told in order to come true. That way the person you tell can help that wish come true and they can see that you follow your dream to the fullest. Miracles happen every day, especially for those who strongly believe in them."

He took her left hand in his and kissed her open palm, turned it over and kissed each knuckle before resting his lips on her ring finger. "We're living proof of that, Beautiful, as you're sitting here with me, making me the happiest man alive."

He placed a gentle kiss to her cheek before speaking again, "My wish already came true, this evening. So I've made a new wish baby, someday that you'll agree to be my wife and the mother that my sweet Lizzy-Bear deserves. You're already so good to her and she adores you so much."

Bella gasped slightly as she heard Edward's heartfelt confession and felt his full, plush lips graze her ring finger. "Edward that's my wish too, I'd love nothing more than to be the Mrs. to your Mr. I want our wish to come true with all my heart, Cowboy. When the three of us are ready, I want us to officially become a family."

Bella looked into Edward's beautiful emerald eyes. "I love Lizzy with all my heart and I adore spending as much time as I can with her. She's such a wonderful little girl. I already feel so close to her and look forward to strengthening the bond we already share," Bella said before she pressed her lips against Edward.

Edward rubbed Bella's arms as their kiss slowed. "It's getting late. We should probably make our way inside the house before we shrivel into old people." Edward chuckled, he had a feeling he wouldn't get enough of Bella even when she was wrinkled and gray.

He leaned over the edge of the tub and fetched the warm fleece blanket. He then stood, bringing Bella with him. The frigid cold air met their heated skin the instant they left the water, sending mind blowing chills deep through them. Edward stepped out quickly before assisting Bella, and then wrapped the blanket around their bodies to ward off as much of the chill as possible.

As they walked huddled together, Edward retrieved the baby monitor off the side table and noticed the clothing strewn about the patio. He chuckled at the thought of them coming out in the first morning light to retrieve their clothing. They seemed to be making a habit of leaving their things lying around.

"What so funny?" Bella asked.

He shook his head and said, "We have a habit of leaving our clothes everywhere." A mischievous smirk glimmered in his eye. "I think someone could use a spanking."

"Hmm… me or you?" she asked as she reached her hand around his back and swatted his ass, causing Edward to growl. "Ok, Cowboy, first thing in the morning I'll get my riding crop and give you a few swats across your sexy buns of steel. What do you say to that?"

Edward bit his bottom lip pretending to mull it over. Oh how he enjoyed spending time with sexy, aggressive Bella. "Don't tempt me woman," he stated as he opened the door.

They were immediately surrounded by the warmth and comfort of their bedroom. Edward sat the monitor on the bedside table, turned off the stereo, and pulled back the thick goose down comforter. They both slipped naked into the soft comfort of their king sized bed.

Edward snuggled Bella closer to him, she was lying on her stomach, draped across his hard, muscular frame. Her head nestled against the side of his neck while his heartbeat played music in her ear.

"Goodnight Beautiful. I love you, sweet dreams," Edward whispered against her ear.

"Every dream is sweet when I'm wrapped in you strong arms. You're my protector, Cowboy. I think I'm going to love falling asleep like this every night for the rest of forever." She stroked the hairs along the back of his neck as Edward's palm cupped her ass. They both drifted off to sleep.

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