AN: I hate to start this story without finishing the Spirit of Fire story, but here goes. I used to love the animorphs when I was younger, and I still enjoy reading the andalite and hork bajir chronicles. Unfortunately after reading these over again I had to write a crossover with another love of my childhood, Robotech: The New Generation.


Robotech: The finale battle over reflex point AU, ignoring the haydonites and most of the events of shadow chronicles, I will probably use that movie for plot and character details though.

Animorphs: Also AU, The events of the books never happened the andalites and yeerks continue to fight each other, during the events of three Robotech wars they have never noticed Earth or the other species (as they come from another galaxy)

There was only one thing that I don't remember and I'd appreciate an answer, did Elfangor remember Loren when he was returned to the andalite fleet.

As far as technology goes I'm not even going to pretend to go into an in depth analysis, I'm going to assume the andalites have the edge in sensors, shields, firepower of individual weapons, and most other technologies, while the REF has the edge in stealth, fighter technology, destabilizers, synchro cannons, FTL, and general tactics like dogfighting and turreted weapons on a ship. (those were two things that always annoyed me when reading the descriptions of space combat in Animorphs).

I'm going to assume thinking caps exist and that protoculture is a really good energy source and has essentially "magic" properties when it comes to giant robots and Robotech weapons, and that reflex doesn't just mean nuclear.

Thought speak will be italics in quotes and internal thoughts will be without quotes, its confusing but I hope it works out.

Without further ado here is the story.

In orbit over Earth, REF fleet

Maia Sterling piloted her Shadow Legioss through the thick of the battle, Skull 2 and 3 hard pressed to keep up with their leader. She was the child of two of the first Robotech war's greatest aces, if there was anything genetic about piloting skill she had inherited it all. The Shadow Legioss was the combination of an alpha and a beta fighter in one fast well armed killing machine.

All that didn't change the fact that she was out of missiles. She Blew apart a pair of pincer enforcers with well aimed eye shots from her destabilizer gun pod. Then quickly changed to Guardian mode and departed the scene as yet another invid carrier deployed its mecha into the battle right on top of her squadron's position. She looked behind her as the tattered remains of the fleet fired yet another bombardment into the thick of the invid formations when she heard her radio crackle, "Prepare Neutron-S missile for launch T-minus 30 seconds and counting." Damn she thought to herself.

"They can't be serious, we still have troops down there," one of the junior pilots from wolf squadron cut into the channel.

Maia didn't agree with using the Neutron-S missiles, but if humanity couldn't have earth, the invid sure as hell didn't deserve to keep humanities home world from them. She began to turn her fighter away from the battle, she didn't want to see Earth die, she had never set foot on earth, and she was only half human, but she felt connected to the world somehow.

That's when it happened. A huge glowing bird rose from the ugly sore that was reflex point, it was beautiful and terrible at the same time. It passed right through the Neutron-S missile and kept going leaving nothing in its wake, then it simply passed on into the depths of space.

"All units report back to moon base ALUCE for debriefing and repair," Came the orders over the radio.

Skull squadron formed up around their commander and rolled over heading towards the moon base. As they did so one of wolf squadron's pilots came over the radio, "What's that, looks like an incoming fold,"

"Its the SDF-3! Looks like admiral hunter finally made it to the party," Answered another pilot, "He's a bit late don't you think." One look at the wreckage all around them killed any humor in the situation.

An emergency transmission came over all channels, "Attention all units the Neutron missiles cannot be used against earth, there is a serious problem with the missiles, repeat do not fire Neutron missiles at earth."

"Rick, the invid have left, its over, the neutron missiles were destroyed in the process. All forces regroup at moon base ALUCE for debriefing." General Reinhardt informed the admiral.

"How bad is it general?" Admiral hunter asked the veteran commander of the SDF-4.

"We lost a lot in this fight we're down to only a few functional carrier groups, we could make up a few more with our surviving personnel in the damaged ships, but that's about it, it is going to take a long time for us to make up our losses in this battle, but earth is free." Reinhardt answered.

"If there is no Robotech fleet, then it becomes a question of how long earth will be free." Admiral hunter stood up from his captains chair and looked out the view port to his side.

A second face showed up on the view screen, "Admiral sir, we've just lost contact with space station liberty," The man on ALUCE base reported.

"Damn it, We just fight off the invid and now this?" Reinhardt exclaimed.

"We can't afford to loose Liberty, that station is vital to rebuild the fleet. I'm going to take the SDF-3 out and fold her back to earth." Rick decided aloud.

"That's crazy Rick and you know it, without the protoculture matrix our fleet is just as doomed," Reinhardt shook his head, "There has to be some other way."

"The SDF-3 is the only ship with enough protoculture to make the jump with Liberty in tow. It is the only way," The admiral looked back at the screen.

"At least take an escort along, they can make the jump on their own, and buy you time if the enemy is too much to handle," Reinhardt began to relent.

"The SDF-3's shadow system and most of our weapons are offline we'll need to anyway," Rick sighed, "The Icarus and a carrier group should be enough to stop the enemy from destroying Liberty."

"Take the Einstein, it is the least damaged carrier in the rest of the fleet, and Admiral?" Rick Hunter turned back to the screen, "Good luck."

Insis 9743 was a yeerk, visser 45 to be precise, he only had a hork bajir body unlike visser 3 and his so recently acquired andalite body. However, being a visser did have its advantages, such as command of a blade ship, and disadvantages. He had to work with visser 22 and his blade ship as a subordinate. Apparently the visser had found a massive space station floating in deep space, filled with suitable host bodies. He had immediately requisitioned a second blade ship and a pool ship to take the vessel and its thousands of new hosts. Visser 22 would probably get a promotion, visser 45 would probably forgotten in the glory.

The yeerk sulked in his host body's head torturing the poor thing to try and make himself feel better, it didn't help.

"Now dropping out of z-space," One of the other controllers, a taxxon announced. "Enemy space station has detected us, ships are launching."

The taxxon's speech was barely understandable even with a translator, visser 45 almost felt sorry for the poor controller trapped in an inferior body, almost. "Prime weapons open fire once we get in range."

"Ha, poor fools don't even have shields, hold on, visser 22 is making a transmission to the enemy fleet."

Insis looked at the monitor, the enemy had a ship nearly the size of a dome ship missing the dome and a few smaller ships arrayed around it. They didn't have shields though, it would be a cakewalk.

Visser 45's face came over the monitor, well his host's face did, a translator changed his words into the alien's language, deciphered from stray transmissions and writing on the ship's surface. "Surrender now and you will all live, don't and we will take you as slaves by force."

The alien looked surprised for a moment before his facial muscles tightened. "You can try you alien bastard, you'll find you just bit off a little more than you can chew, no one messes with earth. Ask the Zentraedi." With that the insolent alien cut the link.

Visser 45 laughed on the inside at the furious face of 22, he was careful not to show it, as the other visser would surely promise swift vengeance on his lesser.

The taxxon controller looked back at visser 22. "They just launched 300 fighters my lord."

The hork bajir visser sputtered when he heard that number, an andalite dome ship only carried half that many, their own ships carried enough to match the enemy fighters. "Launch bug fighters, if they resist us they will learn the price."

Unknown to both sides a small andalite scout ship was watching the battle, the Seeker was assigned to follow yeerk activity, and two blade ships were more than enough of a worry to andalite high command that two dome ships had been assigned to stop the yeerks from taking the unknown space station. Tens of thousands of sentients were onboard the space station, it the yeerks managed to capture them that could turn the tide on several of the planets they were currently fighting for.

Prince Excull-Sirinal-Estrill longed to be out there fighting the yeerks head on, but he knew his posting was far more important. The two arisths looked like they wanted to be out there just as bad as he did, so outwardly he projected an aura of calm and reminded them to pay greater attention to their scanner screens.

He activated the Z-space transponder and contacted high command, "Yeerks have engaged the station's defense fleet, they don't appear to have a chance, when will the dome ships arrive?"

The aging war prince that responded to his calls looked annoyed at the question, "two days, then we will remove this problem, turn on your battle recorders and begin transmitting back to us. Any new data on the yeerks will be extremely useful."

Excull closed the connection and grimaced at the callous disregard of the thousands about to die. He turned on the data recorder but hoped that the aliens, humans they called themselves, would triumph, no matter how unlikely.

"Prince Excull! Massive energy and gravitational buildup near the space station." One of the arisths exclaimed. "Another ship just arrived..."

"Well, what about the other ship," Excull demanded.

"Forgive my hesitation my prince"

"Out with it all ready quit prancing around the issue," Excull stared at the young andalite with an expectant look on his face.

"Its huge sir, many times the volume of a dome ship, it matches the design of the other human vessel, I'm detecting two other energy signatures but no additional ships" The young andalite looked at the ground in contrition. "The last of the original human ships has been destroyed, their fighters have retreated to the space station."

Excull looked at his own screen, the massive human ship drew closer and closer to the space station attempting to dock with it apparently. The yeerk vessels surged forward to attack the newcomer. Now he had even more reason to wish the humans luck, if the yeerks go their hands on a new form of FTL capacity, it could be devastation to the andalites war.

"Prince Excull, another energy build up, from near one of those FTL travel anomalies. Pool ship destroyed... One shot, that's impossible, blade ship destroyed, second blade ship has fled to z space."

If Excull had a mouth, it would have been hanging open in astonishment. "Impossible, even a dome ship doesn't possess that firepower, how could these humans have such technology."

"Another energy anomaly, it, it is visible from here," The aristh quickly brought it up on the main viewing screen of the scout ship.

A huge sphere of dim yellow light could be seen in the distance surrounding the entire space station in a few moments the entire thing disappeared from view. "We're picking up what appears to be a pair of human ships on visual."

"Why did we not see them before?" Excull demanded.

"They are only now in range, they must have some sort of highly effective stealth system, Wait, the bug fighters, they're just exploding, somethings taking them out, I have a communications link if you want to listen, from both sides,"

"Yes, put it over the main system," Excull ordered.

"No! Shields down in one hit, what are these things, they're too fast, its behind me!" The sounds of the hork bajir controller yelling ended suddenly as the bug fighter exploded.

"These alien fighters might have shields, but they sure are slow, if the squadrons aboard liberty had destabilizers they would have wiped the floor with these bug things"

"Romero, cut the chatter, the Icarus might have destroyed their ships, but they'll be back and looking for earth, we only have nineteen synchro cannons, if they come at us all at once we'll be in for a fight."

"After the invid, these guys are easy!"

"They find fighting yeerks easy?" one of the arisths exclaimed.

The z-space transponder flashed, Excull answered it, "Prince Excull we just saw what happened, I want you to initiate contact with these humans, we can't afford to let them leave, you need to open diplomatic relations until the dome ships arrive."

"Of course war prince," Excull answered the andalite. He turned an eye stalk towards one of the arisths, "Open a channel to the human ship we can see."

After a few minutes the humans responded, "Who the hell are you?"

"I am prince Excull an andalite, and those things you are fighting are our enemy as well, they are known as yeerks and are bent on enslaving the galaxy,"