Surface of planet Leera

Silas Wulfe was a member of the Charon division. A special forces group established just as the invasion fleet left, they used specially rigged mecha for ground based attacks against the invid. Specifically, Shadow cyclones equipped with the CADS-2 system, visual, thermal, and protoculture stealth technologies.

The best thing about their cyclones is they were designed to interface with a modified Veritech hover tank, the famed VHT-1 Spartas from the second Robotech war. These hover tanks used the very latest in Robotech stealth systems to mask both their protoculture emissions, and the while of their anti-grav engines. Instead of a normal energy gun pod, the carried destabilizers They were quiet, fast and stealthy, perfect weapons to fight the invid, in large or small numbers.

Against the yeerks, it was overkill.

Up ahead his squadron leader, Captain Xed Murdock, called for the four hover tanks to stop. He gestured to a group of yeerk assault ships up above and ordered the squadron to camouflage their tanks. Each soldier brought their tank to a small outcropping and pulled out visual camo nets, hopefully disguising the advanced Veritechs from yeerk eyes.

The captain turned to his squad. "Silas, you're with me. Bradley, Jones, stick with the tanks, maintain radio silence until you receive new orders, remember those tanks and cyclones cannot fall into the hands of the enemy."

Silas dismounted from his hovertank, and checked his weapons. The CADS-2 systems on each forearm plate were in place, each one held a retractable vibroblade and a pair of mini-missiles. He also carried a H-90 Gallant, it was the rifle model commonly issued to soldiers, but the modular barrel was removed to aid in close quarters combat situations, such as inside an invid hive. The last weapon Silas carried was a specially made sniper rifle, the M-137, or more affectionately, the weezer. It had an integrated suppressor. Of course it still used bullet technology, but the round was specially designed to pierce an invid sensor eye at ranges less than five hundred meters, so it still had plenty of power.

Murdock checked his gear to make sure it was all secure, and he did the same for the captain. They moved along the leeran landscape as they had been trained, making use of their cyclone's chameleon like abilities to stay undetected. Only once had they been forced to engage when a damned psychic leeran controller spotted them. The yeerk patrol didn't last three seconds past that point.

Silas risked a short range infrared laser communication to Murdock. "What's the objective captain?"

"Observe, report, engage targets of opportunity with low risk." Came the answer.

They lay down a rocky ridge overlooking a large yeerk emplacement. Trenches had been dug out in front of them in row after row, and heavy support dracon cannons sat ready to shoot upon the narrow approach into the valley. The anti-air fire was strong enough to stop any air assault.

"Looks like they're clearing room for a ship to land, pretty big one too, odds are they're reinforcements." Silas commed to the captain.

"I'll call it in." He answered.

Silas continued to survey the area with the scope on his M-137. In less than five minutes he had spotted at least five yeerks who were ranked high enough to sit off to the side while their equivalent of NCOs ordered the bulk of the troops around, he marked the locations of those as well and sent it to the combat computer on Murdock's cyclone. Five minutes after that, the ship they were waiting for started to descend.

"Sonofabitch, Silas, that's the andalite assault ship that their commanders lost contact with. Looks like we're going to need to speed up our plans. The 2nd battalion assault will have to wait, we need to keep that ship from entering yeerk hands."

Silas grinned and replied, "Well, we don't have destroid support, so I guess that means we'll have to do it the old fashioned way."

Andalite assault ship Ascalin, planet Leera

Captain Samilin, stood on the bridge, shredder held on his former T. O., a particularly arrogant andalite named Hareli. The rest of his bridge crew lay unconscious all around the bridge, laying where he had stunned them. He had left Hareli conscious, but only barely, so he wouldn't be able to strike out with his tail.

Samilin had essentially turned over Leera to the yeerks, and at the very least, almost a dozen andalite bodies to use as hosts. From what the filthy slug called Visser four had told him, he would be given a ship and any item he could ask for, including his freedom. Of course he knew not to trust a yeerk, so he would have to be careful.

That is why he turned a stalk eye to one of the holographic displays showing the landing site below the ship.

He turned the stalk eye away and towards the stunned andalites, making sure none of them were awake. The ship set down with a jarring thud, designed, when Samilin made the landing routines, to cripple the ship as it touched down. "Computer, open hatch 21"

"The yeerks will take leera now, thanks to me." Samilin watched his T.O. carefully. Hareli wasn't giving into despair, or glaring at him. Instead he seemed to be smiling of all things.

His eye stalk swiveled to the emergency hatch, it was opened. An alien, seemingly made entirely out of metal walked into the battle bridge. It walked with an over large weapon in its hands. He assumed it was some sort of new controller species and kept the shredder focused on Hareli.

He saw through one of his stalk eyes, a massive blade shot out from the thing's arm. Then it leapt at him. He couldn't get his shredder around in time and raised his tail to block. The blade passed straight through, and half of his tail blade clattered to the ground. His shock prevented him from striking out again, that proved to be fatal.

Hands reached out and ripped the shredder from his hand, throwing it to the side. Then something hit him hard, he felt bones cracking at the impact point and went flying into a bulkhead. He felt even more bones break as he slipped into unconsciousness.

Surface, planet Leera

Sera, former princess of the invid, landed her battloid, as the humans called it, on the surface of Leera. She was with her former enemies, a human resistance group, escorting a group of combat engineers to the surface. The human way of waging war was very different from the invid, and in many ways less instinctual and more intellectual. She understood that much better as a human form invid. Before she had been 'evolved' by the Regis, she only understood building and defending the hive, perhaps a few other thoughts and ideas related to those two primary concerns.

Sera wondered if the regis had known the level of independence her children would display once they had been evolved into human form.

She piloted her battloid, Lancer and Scott piloted beta fighters, in her days as a lower stage invid those fighters would have caused her plenty of fear, they were among the most powerful of the human's mecha.

The humans known as Rook and Rand piloted alpha fighters. The others, Lunk, Annie, and her fellow invid Ariel all were still aboard the human ship in orbit.

She looked around the landing site. Several large floating platforms used by the andalites as gunships floated near the clearing. The sensor on the top of her mecha spotted several of the strange four legged aliens waiting outside the large mostly clear landing site. They stood amongst several types of scrub bush and rock formations that dominated the continent. The new human side of her idly wondered if the sea, visible from here, contained any edible fish. Having a human body had its benefits, she no longer needed the flower of life to live, only to enable some of the abilities her invid heritage gave her, and the food tasted wonderful.

Horizon drop ships landed nearby, each one opened and a variety of human mecha stepped out, followed by more of the andalite warriors. She watched as human mecha known as Gladiators, and the smaller ones known as cyclones began constructing barriers and defensive positions. It all culminated when four human mecha she recognized as destroid Monsters moved into positions and began firing at far off targets.

The human way of waging war was indeed very different from the invid. Judging by the expressions on the andalite faces, it was very different from their way as well. Many of them seemed to run away holding their ears. She laughed at that.

"What's so funny?" asked Lancer, the human she had fallen in love with.

"Oh nothing... look those assault ships are moving out, should we follow them?" She asked.

Sera noted that another human had joined the conversation, a man named Scott Bernard. "Yeah, that's our assignment, support the andalite gunships as they attack the yeerk lines, we get to be the guys who take out yeerk anti-air batteries."

"Doesn't sound too hard." Rook replied.

Sera walked her battloid after the commander's beta fighter, they were walking on the ground instead of flying in the air. Lancer had explained it as a form of psychological warfare, and asked her how she thought the humans must have felt when she attacked them in a massive clawed trooper shell. Sera didn't like to think of things like that, once she essentially became a human she had begun to wonder about the righteousness of the invid attack on Earth, the more she thought about it, the more wrong she realized her people had been.

She put those thoughts behind her and continued towards the battle line, all the while wondering what the yeerk's motivation for attacking another race was. For the invid it had been a matter of survival.

Those thoughts were cut short as she spotted several groups of andalites exchanging fire with another group of soldiers a short distance away through the scrub.

Without thinking, she leapt her battloid over the andalite lines and landed in front of the yeerks, raining short range missiles down on them as she landed. Apparently Lancer had a point about psychological warfare, as the remaining troops broke and ran before her. She decided to let them go, after all, those soldiers were being controlled by a slug in their heads, not by themselves, besides that, those slugs would probably spread tales of terror among their fellows.

She looked up at the andalite assault ships flying overhead. Several red flashes traced up at them. Those must have been the guns Scott had mentioned. She took to the air, with Lancer not far behind her. They didn't get the chance to attack those positions, as they were almost immediately set upon by yeerk fighters. She dispatched one with several bursts from her main plasma gun, their shields made them tougher than a human made alpha, but they were far less maneuverable and easier to hit. Lancer took out a second one with the heavy guns that made the beta such a successful invid killer.

Sera hit her boosters and took off to intercept the third. Its shields were already down courtesy of the two alphas armed with destabilizers. The royal command battloid was designed with highly advanced Robotech armor similar to that found on an alpha fighter, yeerk ships were designed to rely mainly on their shields. Her mecha's claws and forearms were even tougher, and they ripped through the yeerk craft like it was made of paper.

"I hope that wasn't the best the yeerks have!" Rand yelled enthusiastically over the radio.

Sera shook her head and replied, "I wouldn't say such things, you might get what you ask for."

As if on cue a force of yeerk gunships and attack fighters appeared on approach to their position, the shapes of charging hork bajir below them. Sera smirked, "I told you so."

"Alright team, lets show them why you shouldn't try to enslave other people," Scott said over the radio. "Present company forgiven."

Sera winced at the remark, but flew on to meet the attacking yeerks.

Planet Leera, fire base zebra

Calypso was excited, this was her first battle, and she was determined to be worthy of the title warrior. She gripped the military grade shredder tightly and followed the warriors down the ramp of the human vessel. Once outside she noticed the massive human machines moving about. She would have thought them lumbering vehicles of destruction, but the way they nimbly stepped around obstructions and handled equipment quickly put an end to that idea. She was serving with a fairly young prince, recently promoted, named Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill, the great war prince Elfangor's little brother. His fighter had been damaged in the first battle with the yeerks, and so he was stuck leading a group of warriors on the ground.

The group she was assigned to consisted of her, Nactif, three other warriors and Prince Aximili. There were no spare vehicles or fighters so they armed themselves with shredders and raced towards the front lines by hoof.

The andalite leaders knew the yeerks would make a push soon, and with the disappearance of the assault ship Ascalin under mysterious circumstances as it entered the system, they knew they couldn't hold either. The arrival of the humans was unexpected and from what she had seen, war prince Galuit seemed to discount them.

As her group ran through the leeran terrain, they saw a group of armored humans moving with them, leaping and bounding across the terrain at the same rate as they were running.

The humans made their way closer to her squad, and continued with them all the way to the front lines. They could already see andalite and human war machines clashing with yeerk gunships and fighters.

Calypso took up a position behind the cover of a rock. Leerans and fellow andalites already held positions along a line across a particularly smooth path through the center of the continent.

One of the humans yelled out, "Friendly artillery incoming! Take cover!"

Calypso's translator didn't know the meaning of the word artillery, so she and the rest of the andalites looked around in confusion. She noticed the leerans, their psychic abilities apparently had given them insight on what the human had said were pressing themselves flat against the ground. She didn't know what was going on, but she knelt down behind her cover just in case.

Calypso's entire world exploded around her. A sound so loud she wondered whether she would hear anything afterwards shook the battlefield, some of the andalites that were still standing fell over. The leerans seemed to be muttering some prayer, the humans appeared unfazed. Bits of debris rained down all over the friendly lines. After what felt like an eternity the roaring sound of explosions lessened, and she took a peak from around her rock.

The aerial battle still raged in the skies, but the yeerk lines, formerly scrub and rock outcroppings, were now a field of craters obscured by a heavy dust that would render shredders and dracon beams useless. To her disgust she could see body parts of former hork bajir controllers scattered across the battlefield. Most of the andalites and leerans were still recovering, the humans though were up and with weapons aimed.

"Push forward!" One of them yelled.

As one the humans rose up, and yelling at the top of their lungs charged the several hundred yards towards where the yeerk lines used to be. Even from behind them, Calypso nearly gave into instinctual fear and ran. Somehow though she found herself running after them, swept up in the moment. She looked around, Nactif and Prince Aximili were up and following her. "What are you doing!?" the latter shouted.

"I don't know," She replied.

The three of them were joined by a mere handful of other andalite warriors. They followed the human advance. Cutting down any hork bajir the humans missed in their wild charge. The hork bajir survivors, finding their dracon beams useless tried to resort to hand to hand combat.

A hork bajir is a deadly and dangerous opponent, no match to a trained andalite warrior, not really, but still capable of causing damage, especially in great numbers. The humans, wearing their cyclone power armor, made them look like defenseless newborns. Pretty soon, they were out of the cratered blasted landscape, hundreds of hork bajir were fleeing from a group of a few dozen humans and andalite warriors.

A few tried to make a stand, in the now clear atmosphere their dracon beams worked, they downed three of the humans before a swarm of chemically propelled explosives tore them apart. The humans stopped their headlong charge and took up positions again. Gunning down fleeing hork bajir as they ran.

She stopped and took aim, she missed her target and burned a hole in a rock next to the controller. A human quickly turned to shoot and burned several holes in the yeerk's back.

"Take a breather, then we push ahead again, can't let them regroup." Another human ordered his squad.

Calypso took a moment to relax and catch her breath. The human way of warfare was definitely exhilarating.