Author's Note: Okay I've finally started writing my fic. I want to thank Kara Ashford for helping me with suggestions and inspiration. Some of the notes I made in the preview I have changed to better the story so sorry about that. I changed Kyrie to Jane since I like the name (yes I realise it is my name but I like the name okay)

Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers Beast Wars but I do own Jane. The timeline in this fic completely follow the cannon story line for the series since I like making up my own storylines, it's so much easier but I am using some of the original episodes throughout the story. I'm just having it that both sides have relatively the same number of soldiers so Airazor, Tigertron, Scorponok and Terrorsaur don't die. MY fic, My rules, don't like it, don't read. I'm only trying to be imaginative and sort of turning something into my own. Enjoy!! X).

*****Chapter One*****

Landing carefully on the heli-pad, the nest recruits exited the UH-60L-Black hawk. The recruits stood at attention as another man and teenage girl stepped off. They walked toward the compound as they were met by Major Lennox and his second, Epps.

"Professor Winchester, good to see you again old friend," Lennox smiled,

"And you too Captain Lennox," Prof. Winchester stopped to correct himself, "Sorry, it's major now isn't it?" Lennox meerly chuckled then turned to the teen, she wore a black t-shirt and bell-bottom jeans, short wavy hair coming to her neck and a pair of black oval rimmed glasses.

"Wow Jane, is that you?" acting surprised, "I haven't seen you since you were yeay-big," motioning his hand, he stopped at about his knee, Jane giggled,

"I was 6 then, I'm 19 now Major Lennox," she smiled,

"And not too be rude but your here because…" Lennox inquired only to have her father answer,

"She's my assistant Lennox," Epps was about to make a comment on the issue when Prof. Winchester explained "Yes I realise she is young but remember who her teacher was," he smiled, indicating to himself. Content with the answer, Lennox and Epps showed them into the base. It was huge, even by normal standards; Jane curiously looked all over as she and her father were lead into another room. It was full of science equipment; monitors, control panels, power sources, everything! It was a tech nuts dream heaven. She followed her father to the main control panel, stepping to the side to observe. She loved working with her dad and hopefully when she graduated College, she could work for him for real. Today, the NEST division of the Army were experimenting a new way of travel, it was a project to help their new comrades.

Speaking of comrades, some of them had just walked in. Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, had walked in along with his Weapon specialist Ironhide, Medic Ratchet, the Acree sisters, the twins Mudflap and Skids, combat pro Sideswipe and their scout Bumblebee. Optimus was here to oversee the project while the others came to watch. Mikaela and Sam weren't here so Jane simple stood back and watched the experiment. A large arch-way was placed on the far wall, kinda looked like something from Stargate, cords and panels littering it as they began checks for the test.

"Alright, if what we had obtained from our Autobot comrades, this may help in transporting across the world, getting the drop on the Decepticons," Prof. Winchester announced, "It's still temperamental so be prepared for anything," agreeing to the terms they began.

Suddenly, the energy sources crackled to life, turbines whirled and the archway fizzled to life,

"IT'S WORKING!!!" cried one of the other scientist, everyone one seemed ecstatic that the project was working well and their plans flowing smoothly, but something was amiss. Jane watched in awe only to notice something near the machine's base. Something small and silver was poking around the main circuits of the machine and was left unseen by anyone. Carefully stepping closer, Jane noticed it was a small, spindly robot; Jane remembered her friend Sam tell her when some Decepticon named 'the Doctor' was poking around in his head for the location of the Matrix. Carefully looking this intruder over, she realised it matched Sam's description: he was removing wires and disconnecting panels from within the Arch's base,

"OPTIMUS!!! DECEPTICON!!!" she screamed, the large Autobot looked over to where she was pointing and saw the Decepticon, but before anyone could react the Archway began to malfunction, the power within was fluxing, swirling and pulling in everything nearby. Jane, without thinking, ran at the little Decepticon, pulling him away from the panel; unfortunately his spindly legs scratched and pricked her to achieve his release. In pain she threw him away from her where Ironhide was able to dispose of him easily,

"CUT THE POWER BEFORE WE'RE ALL SUCKED IN!!!!" Prof. Winchester' screamed, the power sources were forced off but whatever the Doctor did to the machine the energy sources were still feeding the machine. The Autobots collected each scientist, soldier and technician they could, filing them out of the steel reinforced hanger. With Bumblebee guiding them out, Prof. Winchester hurried himself and Jane out only for a cord to hitch her leg, the other end connected to a control panel pulled into the vortex. Pulling back, Jane screamed,

"JANE!!" her father cried, trying to pull her back to him. Bumblebee took them in him hands, pulling both back as the blast doors were being closed. Bumblebee and Prof. Winchester made it passed the blast doors as the machine whirred out of control. It's pull grew stronger unexpectedly, pulling Jane out of her father's clutches and pulled back into the room. "NO JANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"DAAAAAAAAAAD~!!!!" her voice was silenced as the blast doors snapped shut, the room shook from the blast. All faces looked in shock and fell from the incident. Opening the blast doors, everything was thrown again the wall, the machine wreaked. Prof. Winchester was disheartened; his only daughter, his child, was most likely dead. Breaking down he could do nothing but cry; everyone bowed their heads. Bumblebee was almost in tears, he liked Jane and was obviously the youngest out of the war-shaped Autobots.

A single ray of hope shone down as one of the trashed monitors revealed the results of the machine,

"Professor…" one of the other scientist gasped, "The transwarp…it worked!" everyone nearly fell in surprise, Prof. Winchester ran to the monitor and saw the results, the transwarp gate had infact worked, unfortunately it took Jane through it, "If we repair the gateway and re-establish power…"

"We can bring her back…"



Slowly, Jane began to awake from what she through was a nightmare. She slowly opened her eyes, everything was blurry; her glasses had fallen so she was forced to search for them. Thankfully they weren't too far but what puzzled her was that the ground wasn't concrete or steel; putting her glasses back on she looked around…and nearly lost it. All she saw were trees surrounding her. Bolting up she suffered a little head rush, once cleared she frantically looked around; there were trees everywhere, small shrubs and bushes littered the ground around it.

"Where…Where am I?" she asked herself, carefully picking herself up and looking around. The forest was so thick it made it heard so see, even in the day time. "Dad!! Lennox!!! Hello!!! Anybody!!!!" she called, walking through the foliage. She continued to call out for a while longer until her voice became hoarse. Sighing in defeat, she found a small stream and inspected the water, it looked clean so taking a small sip, she began drinking handfuls until her throat stopped throbbing. Looking around, she was getting worried, was this place heaven? Did she die when the gateway exploded? Was that the reason she couldn't find anyone?

Sighing, she got up, brushed the dirt from her pants and looked around. It was actually a very peaceful place to be in but all she wanted now was to get home. Walking up to a steep ridge wasn't easy in simple black ballet-style shoes with not that much grip to them. Reaching the top, she peered back and almost marvelled at it's strange beauty. She had to find a way home, then she remembered something and face-palmed herself for being so stupid; her father gave her a radio in case she got lost in the base, wouldn't be the first time she got lost at the NEST HQ. She plucked it from behind her, unclipping it from her pants,

"Hello! Hello dad do you read?" she asked into the radio, no response. "Hello? Major Lennox? Anyone?" she tried again, once again no response. "Hello? My name is Jane Winchester, can anyone here me?" she asked frantically, no response. Sighing, she placed the radio back in its holster and sat. Her mind was racing, where was she? If the Transwarp Gateway indeed worked where did she end up?