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*****Chapter Fifteen*****

The newly awakened Jane, aka Nightfury, couldn't be happier, reunited with the Maximals. It took her awhile to get use to the fact Blackarachnia was on their side but they soon became good friends, believe it or not. She was introduced to Silverbolt and Depth Charge; Silverbolt was like a gentleman to her while Depth Charge didn't want anything to do with her. Jane spent her time with Tigatron and Airazor like she used to and they cherished their time with her, somewhat more protective of her.

She was still new to her remodelled body and she had accepted her place with them, though hesitant as it was, she accepted the fact that she couldn't go home. But one point plagued her; why hadn't time altered to her temporary death? That was about to be answered.

The forest was calm and tranquil this new day. As deer grazed in the comfort of the trees, they were alerted to a strange noise and ran accordingly. A flash of light, a crackle of lightning and a large group appeared out of nowhere.

"So, where do we look first?" Epps asked,

"These are the co-ordinates from the malfunction, that's where we'll go," Prof. Winchester stated. The large band of NEST soldiers awaited their orders from Major Lennox. The Autobots Ironhide, Ratchet and Arcee (motorbike) surveyed the area encase of danger,

"Okay, we head out. Ratchet, you take a group and flank our left; Ironhide, flank our right and Arcee, take the rear, the rest of you, with me!" Lennox ordered as they split up. Taking their positions, they began their search for Jane.

An hour had passed and still nothing. They worked out almost a 200 mile radius from Jane's co-ordinates from the accident and still nothing,

"Teams report in, status," Lennox radioed in,

"This is Ratchet, nothing yet," Ratchet radioed in,

"Ironhide here, nothing on this end," Ironhide added, but Arcee remained silent,

"Arcee, report," Lennox ordered. Suddenly a loud cry was heard. It was his men. Taking up his gun, they hurried to their location to find…his men in a web, a freaken huge web. They were all accounted for but Arcee was nowhere to be found, until she came crawling from behind a bush, twitching and gasping.

"ARCEE! Ratchet get you metallic butt to our position, femme down!" Lennox radioed and his men worked to free his men before the webs owner returned. Ratchet and Ironhide arrived and the mech medic went to work,

"What happened?" Ratchet asked the now free men,

"We were following a lead and were jumped by…some kind of mechanical spider. He took one bite out of Arcee and she dropped like a sack of potatos," a soldier explained,

"She's in bad shape and it's getting dark, we need to make camp," Ratchet worried. Agreeing, they moved to a relatively calm patch near a lake. Setting up tents and organizing rotations, the men took a load off as the sun began to set. Prof. Winchester lovingly held a small photo of his daughter, hoping to find her alive, healthy would be a bonus but he hoped she was alive at the least. Ironhide noticed the man's distress, bending down to him,

"Don't worry sir, we'll find her," he assured; Prof. Winchester smiled and returned to his work before turning in.

During the night, just out of ear shot of the camp, Nightfury had landed from her nightly flight and decided a quick soak in the lake would be nice. Though she was a Cybertronian, she still indulged in some human pleasures. She went in to hip depth and splashed herself with the cool water. Distracted by her musings, she hardly noticed someone was there with her. When she had awoken, the energon contamination that resulted in her mutation gave her a sort of empathy, just like the being swimming toward her,

"Rampage, what do you want?" she asked, annoyed by the empath's constant badgering her. She heard him transform and approach her; his hands instantly went to her shoulders, deeply inhaling in her neck. He always sent tingles down her spine. Don't get her wrong, she loved Cheetor more than her spark but what Rampage had said at her awakening, her spark did beat like his; as a human she could bottle up and forget her fears, pains and hated memories to the far reaches of her mind. But now as a Cybertronian, it wasn't as easy and the empath would pick up her distress. Cheetor gave her love, affection and all the things she was neglected in her human life; Rampage gave her solace, a reprieve she knew Cheetor couldn't always give. It was a complicated relationship but one she never truly wanted to be apart of.

"You as lovely as you are every night," he mused, trailing his servos down her arms. She moved away only to be pulled back,

"Don't leave," he hissed, only for her wings to spring out and place a barrier between her and the empath,

"I know what you feel around me Rampage, I don't love you, I love Cheetor," she couldn't count how many time she had to remind him, he'd either brush it off or act as if she never mentioned it,

"Then why do you return?" he smirked and she knew it. But she never came to him, he came to her and tried to play with her mind and make her think she wanted to be with him. She caught onto his game long ago,

"I'm not in the mood Rampage, go play with Depth Charge; he's always willing to tussle with you. This femme is taken," Unexpectedly, Rampage pushed her wing aside and drew her to him, too close for her comfort. His optics gleamed with rage, longing and something she didn't want to name,

"Not until he bonds with you, until then you are free for all," he smirked, instantly releasing her and transforming back to his crab mode,

"As for playing, I have a little camp in mind," his cackle was drowned out by his decent into the water. This confused her, camp? What camp? She scanned the area until she noticed a dying fire. A further scan identified 3 Cybertronian signals, one of them very faint. She spotted Rampage creeping out of the water. Turning to inferred, she almost died.

It was a camp alright, with 16 human sized heat signatures. Could it be? If it was, she wasn't going to let that psycho hurt them. Taking to the sky she flew as face as she could toward the camp.

The men were just changing posts when one soldier heard something,

"Yo, Mack did you hear that?" he asked,

"What?" his friend replied, suddenly a loud roar echoed as 2 figures slammed into the ground before them. The loud crash awoke the rest of the camp; Lennox, Epps and Prof. Winchester ran out and almost dropped with what they saw; a mechanical crab fighting with a mechanical dragon/human hybrid. The hybrid held the crab's claws away from the fallen soldiers,

"Why the heck are you still here? RUN!" the hybrid screeched, pushing the crab back into the lake. Ratchet transformed and shone his head lights on the battle. The crab had transformed into its bipedal mode and had the hybrid pinned,

"Ah yes, this is what I've been waiting for; your anger, your rage, it's so sweet," he cackled, pinning the hybrid against his body,

"I wonder how you'd react to their dead corpus, streaked with fear?" the hybrid looked to the soldiers, freezing when it looked to Prof. Winchester. He saw something when the surprise in its eyes turned to unbridled rage. Breaking free, the hybrid rained energy enforced punches on the enemy crab, who seemed to enjoy the torture. It took a firm hold, digging its claws into the crabs shoulders, strong wings carried both into the sky as it spun at tremendous speed before throwing the crab as far as the eye could see. A soft splash on the other side of the lake ensured the hybrid's victory but for the soldiers was unsure.

Landing back on the ground, the hybrid turned to the camp. Soldiers took their weapons and took aim encase it was hostile. Unsure and somewhat hesitant, the hybrid stepped into the light provided by Ratchet. The hybrid was female, stood taller than the other men but was much shorter than the Autobots, only coming to Arcee's waist.

"I come in peace?" it said, unsure if the soldier would stand down. It looked to the Professor and couldn't help moving forward. Holding their ground, the hybrid stopped before the professor.

"Is it you? Really you?" it asked, the professor looked into its shutter like optics and saw something familiar. The sun began to raise and as it did, it illuminated the hybrid.

He saw something, something he hadn't see in so long,

"Jane? My little Jane?" he asked, stepping up to the hybrid. Her optics teared up as she dropped to her knees and wrapped her arms around his waist. Oily tears ran down her faceplates as all the frustration and sadness fade away,

"You came, daddy you came back for me. You're here, at last," she cried. He whispered sweet words comforting his traumatised daughter,

"I'm sorry it took too long, and we were too late, but everything will be okay now," he sighed, tears falling from his eyes for his not so little girl. Sniffing, she wiped her tears and looked to the others. Arcee caught her attention,

"Oh my god! Arcee!" she cried, running past her father to her hurt friend,

"Ratchet what happened?" she asked,

"Um, we found her like this once we saved some of our men from an arachnid's web," he explained, still surprised Jane was like them. They saw her freeze at the word arachnid, knowing her phobia of them but then she started speaking in another language. The soldiers didn't understand her but Ratchet and Ironhide did,

"Oi, watch your mouth kiddo, now what's wrong with Arcee?" Ironhide asked,

"It's Cyber venom. She was poisoned by a Predacon named Tarantulas. We'll have to take her back to base so Rhinox can whip up a counter virus," they didn't question it so Ironhide picked the Autobot femme up and everyone followed Jane to the base.

Once there, she had officially freaked the other Maximals out. They were all honoured and psyched about meeting some of their ancestors. Rhinox immediately helped Arcee get Tarantulas' venom out of her systems as Lennox, Epps and Prof. Winchester were brought into the base. Optimus was happy to finally meet Jane's father after all she had said about him as well as meeting Major Lennox and Epps.

The Maximal commander allowed the NEST soldiers and the Autobots to stay within Sentinel's force field to ensure an encounter with Tarantulas and Rampage won't happen again.

Cheetor noticed Jane's change in behaviour since her father and the other soldiers. She was nervous around him and when her father was close by. Curious, once night fell again and they both ended up on the roof like they always did a night. She was, as he thought, tense during their usual stargazing,

"What's wrong?" he asked,

"What do you mean?" she asked, trying to seem oblivious to his intentions. He looked at her with an all knowing look,

"Alright fine, I'm nervous about tell dad about…us. It's complicated," she replied,

"You…don't want to tell your dad about us?" he asked, looking hurt,

"No no it's…" sighing, she looked back,

"In a human girl's life, when she gets a boyfriend her father takes the role of judge, jury and executioner," she sat sulking next to her Cybertronian boyfriend. He could see her worries evident in her optics. Smiling, he pulled her to him and rubbed her back,

"Don't worry, you always said your dad wanted you to be happy, we are happy, how could he say no?" his big silly smile made her giggle happily, leaning in to kiss his cheek,

"Thanks for making me feel better," she smiled, laying her head on his shoulder. Suddenly, Sentinel's alarms went off; the Predacons unleased a surprise attack on the base. Taking action, the Maximals began to defend the soldiers as their guns and bullets hardly did anything.

Suddenly, they pulled out suddenly as Megatron approached. He was weary of Ratchet, Ironhide and Arcee, whose weapons could easily obliterate them,

"Jane, so good to see you still functioning," he smirked but obviously annoyed his plan didn't work,

"Well I could leave without kicking your face it, it would be rude," she snapped back, causing some of the NEST soldiers to snicker,

"Really? We'll let's hope your aim is accurate, wouldn't want to hit daddy dearest, yes," pulling his tail/arm from behind him with Prof. Winchester struggling in his grip,

"Now that I have you undivided attention, give me the data pad containing all the plans necessary to executing Project: Second force, or your father will suffer the same fate as you did, only he won't be coming back,"

"That's low Megatron, even for you," Optimus growled,

"No matter. Now, the data pad," Megatron held his hand out insistently. Sighing, Jane stepped forward and pulled out her data pad from her subspace. She could hear the others protesting, seeing both Megatron and Rampage smirk as she yielded and accepting her 'defeat'…as if.

Just as Megatron took the data pad from her hand, with a sharp upward kick, she kicked the pad out of his servo, her tail slapping his tail/arm to release her father and sharply kicked Megatron into Tarantulas and Rampage. Catching her dad, she placed herself between her father and the Predacons,

"Megatron, you've done some horrible things to me; treated me like scum, scaring me half to death, biting and almost snapping my arm off, forcing me to betray my friends and to some degree killing me and causing incredible grief and sadness to those I care and love," she began, her optics blazing with rage,

"Now, I could let that slide considering the life I have lived but this," pointing to her father,

"This is something I'll never accept and forget," a metaphoric flame licked and crackled around her as her rage took hold,

"NO ONE, IN ALL OF CREATION, THREATENS MY FATHER!" her voice hoarse with rage, she slammed into Megatron and began to take out her fury, commencing a losing fight between the Predacons and the Maximals with Autobot support.

Jane was absolutely owning Megatron; slamming him, punching and kicking with fury, slashing, scratching to the point he could resemble a living piece of scrap; armour panels ripped from his protoform, his tail/arm missing and his legs mangled beyond recognition. He was feeling his femme's full fury.

"For all the pain you inflicted on me and my friends, I owe you no kindness," she hissed, going for the final blow only to be slammed back. Opening her optics, Rampage had pinned her down. His eyes almost mad with lust; what she hadn't realised that her fury had fed Rampage's empathic craving for negative to the point of no return. With induced strength, she couldn't push him off,

"Sweet…agony…mine…mine!...MINE!" he roared, mad from his own gift, trying to keep the struggling femme from escaping. Thinking she was a lost cause, Depth Charge came running and slammed him off; rolling away, he placed himself be Jane and Rampage. Cheetor came and helped her up as Depth Charge tried to engage Rampage in a fight. Loosing miserably, Rampage took a running start at the pair, Cheetor tried to hold him back bit was pushed aside as Rampage jumped Jane.

"JANE!" Cheetor cried, only to look horrified. Rampage had indeed landed on Jane, but from instinct her tail had slipped between herself and Rampage (very repetitive aren't I?) and with his weight driving him, he had become impaled on her tail. Straight through his chest, spark and back; he stared down at this being, so similar to himself but, in his delusion, was his angel. A shaky hand, stained with his own mech fluid, cupped her face and, awkwardly, kissed him. She froze was his cold vertical lip components planted a soft kiss. Pulling back, for the first time in her function and possibly his own, his optics held genuine happiness,

"It took my death, to get one kiss," he chuckled before falling limp. Jane could feel his full weight, still stunned by what happened. Cheetor and Depth Charge helped her out from underneath the offline mech, looking at both Rampage and Megatron, whom had fallen into stasis lock.

"Hey kid," Depth Charge said, turning to the pair,

"Remind me; NEVER piss off your girlfriend," his smirked, having a laugh between them.

The Maximals and Autobots had easily conquered the Predacon forces; Ironhide, Ratchet and Arcee, along with Prof. Winchester, helped fix the maximals ship to take them back to their Cybertron. Raiding the Predacon ship for parts, the rest were thrown in the lava pits for good measure.

"What I don't get is if killing Jane was meant to alter time, why didn't it?" Lennox asked,

"Because you guys don't need me to complete Project: Second force. You only need this," handing her father the data pad, she smiled,

"But what about you? Everyone is expecting you," her father asked, she smiled and turned to Cheetor. Holding out her hand, Cheetor took it and pulled him forward,

"Because…I've made a life for myself," she smiled, looking at her friends and family,

"Dad…this is Cheetor…my boyfriend…my…" she searched for the right word, looking to Cheetor, sharing a smile,

"My sparkmate," Ironhide and Ratchet coughed awkwardly while Arcee sighed. Thinking her father would go off at her; she saw his kind smile,

"As long as you're happy, I'm happy," he replied, holding out his hand to Cheetor,

"Welcome to our family Cheetor, take care of her, please. She's very dear to me," Cheetor shook his hand, looking back to his mate, taking her servo in his,

"I will sir, she's dear to me too,"

With all said and done; the Autobots, NEST soldiers and Prof. Winchester returned to their time. The Maximals, after locking the remaining Predacons in the brig and the injured Megatron, secure in the med bay. Jane was finally happy, true she would miss her family and friends, but she felt at home,

"Jane, why did Rampage kiss you?" Cheetor asked as the ship transwarped back home.


I have been meaning the change the last word for a while and never had the time or kept forgetting. Rampage 'KISS-ed' her not 'KILL-ed' her