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Chapter 6

Sasuke snatched at his pants, yanking them over his privates as he scrambled off his bed. He'd never been so humiliated in his life, his shame and embarrassment catapulting him to white-hot fury. He pinned Naruto with a red-eyed glare.

"What are you doing?!" He said in withering voice. "How dare you spy on me!"

Naruto didn't know what he'd been expecting, but it sure wasn't to be accused like this. He hooked a hand under the cracked window and yanked it up, hopping into the room to defend himself without thinking. "Me? What the hell are you doing? You screamed my name just now!"

As bad as this situation was, they both felt keen relief at this familiar way of interacting. Naruto's relief was so great that he actually gave a shark-like smile. This was how he was accustomed to his relationship with Sasuke being. All anger and shouting and barely restrained violence. It was damned comfortable and almost made up for the horror of what he'd seen, and the even bigger horror of what it meant.

Sasuke felt the argument provided a pleasant release for the anger consuming him, but he couldn't answer Naruto's shouted question. There was nothing, nothing, that he could say in his defense. It was this, coupled with the fact that he'd been caught in such a private moment, which crushed him with shame. And it was the shame that had him so angry. Anger was his only defense at this point. But there was nothing he could say.

Naruto waited, wishing the argument would continue. Anything was preferable to this painful silence. Without the arguing, he was forced to think about what he'd seen. Oh, god, why had… He suddenly remembered why he'd come here in the first place. His face relaxed from its angry scowl to look at Sasuke speculatively.

Sasuke saw the changed expression and turned away. The way Naruto was looking at him now had an alarming effect on him; he felt his flesh hardening again. He realized he was still holding his pants up as he kept his back to Naruto. The thought that Naruto would see his flesh through his pants filled him with trepidation.

"Naruto. Leave."

Naruto was running his eyes along Sasuke's rigid back, thinking furiously. He didn't hear Sasuke speak.

Okay. He'd come here to find out if Sasuke had feelings for him. Well, he certainly had his answer, didn't he? He didn't need the cum dripping off the ceiling and sticking to the bottom of his shoes to tell him that… though it did indicate that Sasuke must have been at the activity he'd witnessed for quite some time. Awkward was an understatement for the situation between them now. How to go on? What to say? What to do? Naruto figured the only thing they could do now was just go with the flow. The feelings couldn't be denied, not at this point. Might as well just admit it.

A tense feeling of expectancy settled in Naruto as he walked forward and grasped Sasuke's arm. He turned him around. Sasuke, for a wonder, allowed this.

Sasuke kept his eyes down, face burning. Naruto hadn't left when told to. He abruptly remembered the conclusion he'd come to before he'd begun using his flesh. Naruto hadn't seemed disgusted at finding Sasuke in such a compromising situation. Shocked, yes, but not disgusted. He wanted… something. Something more than friendship with the blonde, but he didn't know how to voice the nameless need, and he most definitely couldn't, wouldn't, absolutely could not discuss what had just happened. Never. Gods, no. And so, torn, he'd stood there until he felt Naruto's hand on him (oh how he shivered at that hand) and was turned around. He couldn't look at what expression might be in those eyes. Not yet.

Naruto lacked subtlety. He said what was on his mind without building up to it, watching the way Sasuke's dark lashes became short, thick fans on his cheeks. "You… uh… have feelings for me, Sasuke? I mean, what you were doing… that's not something someone does, saying a person's name, unless they have feelings for the person. How come you didn't just tell me? How long have you… well, you know… felt like that?"

Now Sasuke did raise his eyes. Must it be spoken about?!?!?! Apparently so. That Naruto continued to operate as if Sasuke's actions were nothing out of the ordinary helped. Actually it helped a lot. He felt some of his trepidation and anger loosen. Conversely, his flesh grew even harder. "I… didn't know. And that was the first… I never…" Sasuke looked aside, frowning at his inability to match Naruto's easy way of discussing such a topic.

Naruto seemed to understand. His face cleared, his hand dropping. "Oh. I guess I just found out how I feel, too." But he didn't jack off to thoughts of Sasuke. And that thought had Naruto's erection roaring back. He hadn't even noticed when it had gone. He shifted uncomfortably on his feet.

Sasuke picked his head up to look guardedly at Naruto. He'd thought maybe the blonde cared for him, but to hear him say it… "You have feelings? For me?"

Naruto's face reddened, but he didn't look away. "Yeah," he whispered hoarsely. "Guess we both have feelings for each other."

Sasuke held the gaze as long as he could. Then the heat mounting between them was too much to be borne. He sucked in a quiet, shuddering breath and dropped his eyes again.

Naruto dropped his eyes as well. They landed on the front of Sasuke's loose pants, still held up with one fist. The material was drawn against Sasuke's hard cock, displaying it. His own cock jumped at seeing it. Naruto suddenly felt that drowsy, sluggish feeling again. A kind of recklessness overtook him as he remembered Sasuke shouting his name as he came. His voice echoed his drowsy feeling as he said, "So. What now?"

Sasuke looked at him. His breath got caught somewhere in his throat as he realized Naruto was staring at the front of his pants. The blue eyes were heavy-lidded, one thumb hooked into his waistband. The other four fingers on that hand dangled loosely in front of Naruto's own crotch. Sasuke saw with amazement that Naruto was suffering the same affliction of hardened flesh. What now? As if he knew! He was in the process of wishing this day had never happened, not thinking of what other detestable embarrassment they could share.

"I-" Sasuke had to swallow and work moisture into his mouth. "I don't know what you mean. We have feelings, it seems. I don't see what else you could possibly-"

Naruto took a slow step forward, his eyes still on Sasuke's desire. His voice was still drowsy and dreamy-sounding. "You know that thing you were doing a little while ago? Jacking off? How long have you been doing that while thinking about me?" He was very close to Sasuke now.

Sasuke refused to take a step back. The last thing he wanted to do was discuss that incident. But Naruto was now right in his face, those lips right before his eyes and he was somehow powerless not to answer. By all the gods, why was it so hot in here?? He licked his lips as the heat threatened to blister them. "I-I told you. I've never done… that was the first… It won't happen again," he finished shakily. Damn it, Naruto's proximity and that blasted heat were eroding his composure. He tried to draw in air.

Naruto was now too close to do anything but look at Sasuke's mouth. He'd seen the tongue flick out to coat the lips with moisture. He watched the lips curve around the words. The tongue. The tongue had been pink and pointed. An echo of Sasuke's shout of his name at the moment of his release rose up in Naruto's mind. His heart was thundering in his chest, his hard-on throbbing. Sasuke was so close. He stank, probably hadn't bathed in days, but this was a familiar odor among ninjas. He inhaled it deeply, pondering Sasuke's words as he stared at his mouth. The top lip was a bit heavier than the bottom one and very nicely shaped. Their bodies were almost touching now. Heat crackled around them. Naruto raised his eyes to Sasuke's black ones.

"I hope you don't mean that, Sasuke. I kind of want to try it. You know… together."

Sasuke, mesmerized by the mounting heat and the way Naruto stared at Sasuke's mouth, wasn't quite as alarmed as the statement should have made him. Naruto's eyes rose to his and pinned him. "What do you mean?" The words were almost soundless, hardly more than a whisper.

Naruto didn't answer. His eyes dropped again to Sasuke's mouth. He took another step, which brought his body in contact with Sasuke's. Sasuke backed away reflexively, but Naruto grabbed a fistful his pants. His eyes searched Sasuke's silently, asking a question.

Sasuke couldn't breathe. He couldn't answer that question either, but he didn't pull away. Perhaps that was answer enough.

Naruto brought Sasuke's body in contact with his again, pulling slowly, not rushing. He felt Sasuke's erection bump his own and sucked in a sharp breath through his nose. Sasuke did the same. He kept one hand on Sasuke's pants. The other he wasn't sure what to do with. It ended up resting on Sasuke's side.

They stared at each other. Their eyes searched for an explanation as to why this was happening, why it felt right, how far it would go. There were no answers. Only the vitality of their gazes, the knowledge that whatever was going to happen would not be denied.

Naruto's head inched forward, maintaining eye contact. His nerves thrummed with restrained excitement. The beast in him panted in preparation for the pounce.

Sasuke's shirt was open down the front. The skin on his chest brushed the cool zipper of Naruto's jacket, as the hand the blonde had at Sasuke's side clutched him closer. Those blue eyes swelled in his vision, swelled and swelled until Sasuke couldn't stand it. He closed his eyes, feeling Naruto's breath on his lips. Sasuke parted his own lips, wanting to inhale that breath. Gods, what was happening???

Naruto saw Sasuke's eyes close, his mouth open. He paused, taken aback by how willing Sasuke was being. Then he closed the scant inch of distance between their faces and brushed his mouth against Sasuke's. Only a light sliding of his lips across Sasuke's, no pressure, nothing other than that butterfly-like touch.

Sasuke jerked back. His eyes flew open at the kiss. So that's what's happening. He was hyperventilating. He realized one hand was on Naruto's arm, the other on Naruto's stomach.

Naruto watched Sasuke through his haze of desire. He didn't get a protest. Sasuke only looked at him and the beast was coming forward. He touched his mouth to Sasuke's again, this time pressing his lips lightly. Sasuke didn't resist… and then his lips pressed just as lightly. Sasuke's mouth was very warm.

They both pulled back this time, but Naruto did so only in order to walk forward, slowly pushing Sasuke with his body until Sasuke was forced to walk backward or fall. Sasuke backed up, still in contact with Naruto's body, until he was pressed to the wall. Naruto trapped his body there with his own. The blond lifted the hand that had been at Sasuke's side to rest his forearm against the wall, above Sasuke's head. He lifted Sasuke's right hand from where it gripped his pants, and placed it around his neck. Sasuke felt unbelievably helpless with his arm around Naruto's neck, and the blond leaning his weight against him. Naruto snaked the arm not on the wall around Sasuke's waist. He pulled Sasuke's pelvis right up against his, so that Sasuke's lower back lost contact with the wall. The pressure of their throbbing groins against each other like that had Sasuke issuing a small gasp. A frown of pleasure drew his black brows together as Naruto's hand shifted, slipping down the back of Sasuke's pants. His hand spread open across one taut cheek, kneading as he pulled Sasuke against him even harder. Naruto's body was still pressed to Sasuke's torso, his mouth barely a quarter of an inch from Sasuke's; there was nowhere for Sasuke to go. He was forced to remain in this bowed position. He panted as Naruto's hard flesh pressed against his.

Naruto panted as well. Their breath exited their bodies to enter the other, a heady simulation of the act that wouldn't leave Naruto's mind. They hovered like this, breathing in each other's exhalations, their mouths a hair's breadth apart for several lengthy minutes. Their eyes were on each other's parted lips, their lower bodies pressed tightly together until the mounting desire between them finally reached a peak. It crested, broke and Naruto's mouth claimed Sasuke's at last.

Sex was a tough subject to talk about, even with someone like Ero-sennin. Naruto figured that was the reason the Sannin had pretended not to notice whenever Naruto snuck into a brothel and watched Ero-sennin getting it on with some woman or three; it was easier than discussing it.

In any case, Naruto learned what he needed to know. Ero-sennin had also pretended to be asleep when Naruto grew up enough to become curious about the books he wrote. He snored loudly in his sleeping bag whenever Naruto snuck one of the manuscripts from Ero-sennin's bag, and masturbated while reading the erotic material.

Still, it was all theory. He'd never kissed anyone and now he was, and Sasuke seemed to be just as inexperienced. The shock of their heated mouths soon erased any qualms Naruto had, however, as he recalled a few lines of text and moved his lips accordingly. Pleasure of such undreamed-of magnitude crashed through him that he dropped the forearm he had braced above Sasuke's head, to the other boy's neck and drew him even closer.

Sasuke's senses reeled, the arm he had around Naruto's neck also tightening to hold the blonde in a death grip. A supernova of heat spread from their feverish lips to wash across Sasuke's face, across his scalp, down his neck and on through the rest of his body. He broke the kiss, unable to stand the pleasure, sure he would do the unthinkable and pass out. Naruto followed Sasuke's head with his own, pressing his lips to Sasuke's more and more insistently, until Sasuke opened his mouth to beg mercy. Naruto opened his mouth too, capturing Sasuke's succulent upper lip with his own. He ran his tongue along this flesh and Sasuke was glad of Naruto's body pressing him to the wall, of the arm wrapped tightly around his neck. His legs were briefly unable to support him. God, it was too good, too much, and he couldn't bear it.

He pulled himself closer to Naruto's body.

Naruto felt Sasuke imitate his slow tongue action. He touched his tongue to Sasuke's before it could retreat. When Sasuke's tongue ventured forward again, Naruto sucked it into his mouth and the beast leapt free at last, scattering all Naruto's thoughts as it burst through his body, igniting his blood, shutting down his awareness of everything outside of Sasuke. Sasuke was clinging to him, kissing him back. His hand squeezed Naruto's shoulder painfully, his arm locked behind his neck. Naruto welcomed it all, slanting his head to force Sasuke's mouth open wider, his tongue swirling inside to fully taste all Sasuke had to offer.

Sasuke did black out briefly at tasting Naruto's tongue in his mouth. He turned his face aside slightly, alarmingly powerless under the onslaught of Naruto's passion. Naruto allowed him a moment, only a moment, his mouth hovering so close to Sasuke's that he had only to pucker his lips to be touching them again. Sasuke breathed heavily, dizzy… then Naruto was kissing him again and what sanity had begun to return was gone.

The hand on his ass was a living brand, hot beyond belief as it squeezed and rubbed. Sasuke bucked, a moan escaping him as a thick finger slid between his sweaty cheeks, slid downward, brushing his anus. Sasuke tried to protest, but Naruto did not release his mouth again. Their mouths sucked, their tongues dueled so that all Sasuke could voice was another moan.

His unbelted pants slipped as Naruto allowed enough space between their bodies for the garment to drop. Then he was pressing Sasuke's groin to his again, and still the kiss went on, still it seared and burned and fanned the flames of their desire.

Sasuke could feel moisture leaking from his flesh, wetting Naruto's clothes… and then, shockingly, he felt Naruto's hand between them, undoing his pants enough to let his own organ spring free. Sasuke wanted to see it, but didn't want Naruto to stop kissing him. In any case, Naruto grabbed both of their erections in one of his large hands and squeezed, mashing their turgid flesh together.

They both broke the kiss long enough to cry out at how good that felt. Sasuke dropped his forehead to Naruto's shoulder, unable to control his violent tremors. He breathed as if every breath was his last. Naruto dropped his head to Sasuke's, squeezing their erections hard in his hand, trying not to come. He had serious trouble forming words, his mind wanting to remain in its stupor of lust. Still he dragged himself back to reality just enough to rasp, "You… want me… to stop?"

Sasuke felt sweat running in rivulets down his body. He still had an arm around Naruto's neck. Now he put his other hand over Naruto's where it gripped them. He couldn't speak. He just couldn't. But he gave a gentle squeeze that had them both groaning in agony. He shook his head heavily where it lay on Naruto's shoulder.

Naruto let out a sigh of relief. He didn't know if he would have been able to just walk away. He slid his hand from the crack of Sasuke's ass, to slide it up his torso, pushing him back against the wall and pushing his shirt off of one shoulder in the process. His thumb brushed one of Sasuke's nipples, making him shudder. Sasuke leaned back weakly, his eyes slumberous with heated passion, his lips pink and full from Naruto's attentions. He watched Naruto with an expression the blonde had never seen before.

There was complete trust in Sasuke's dark eyes.

Naruto paused, taking that in. Then he widened his stance a bit, leaning forward as he kissed Sasuke again, already missing the taste of him.

He dropped his hand back to Sasuke's waist, moving it around his hip to explore his ass again. His other hand only held their swollen organs in a tight grip, not moving yet. Heat intensified in their bodies until their hair dripped with sweat, and Naruto could feel Sasuke's heart beating powerfully against his own. Sasuke's hand still rested on Naruto's between their bodies, but his other hand slid up to cup Naruto's neck, then combed through his hair. Naruto moaned at the caress, deepening the kiss as he pushed one finger into the tight ring of flesh between Sasuke's lower cheeks.

A rough sound escaped Sasuke, but he only clutched Naruto harder, sucked his tongue more fiercely.

Now Naruto began moving his hand, the pre-cum leaking from them both aiding the motion. He drew in a ragged breath, dizzily breaking off the kiss as he felt his insides coiling tightly, tensing too fast for him to stop and go slower. He almost let go of their organs anyway, but Sasuke tightened his hand on Naruto's and helped him resume the strokes. He pulled Naruto's grimacing face in for another kiss and kept it there, nibbling the full lips until Naruto gained enough control of himself to kiss back. This time Sasuke pushed his tongue into Naruto's mouth, sucking and licking.

Naruto stroked them steadily now, slowly, up and down, squeezing gently, since anything rougher would have had them both finishing too soon. Even so, the pleasure was quickly becoming too much to continue kissing. They leaned their foreheads against each other's, as a moan escaped one boy to be inhaled by the other, transformed, and given back in a moan of his own. Naruto's finger pressed deeper in Sasuke's anus as the need twisted tighter in them. Their bodies were slick with moisture. Naruto worked another finger in Sasuke as their breathing shortened further. The slight pain had Sasuke biting his lip, even as he squeezed those muscles around Naruto's digits.

Oh, Gods, Sasuke thought.

Then Naruto gave a long, drawn out shudder, gritting his teeth around the cry that escaped him and Sasuke was right there, coming with him, their organs pumping powerfully in their joined hands, the liquid shooting up between them hotly, on and on and on until Sasuke wanted to die from the unspeakable pleasure.

Minutes passed as their senses returned. They didn't pick up their heads. They only held each other up as the final shudders dwindled to trembling. Their harsh breathing echoed around the room.

After a time Naruto whispered, "I guess this means we're more than friends?"

"Much more," Sasuke whispered back.

"How much more?" Naruto asked. He wanted to know how far they could go. He could already feel his desire clawing its way back.

A few truths had been uncovered by the tidal wave of intimacy they had just shared. Sasuke picked his head up at last to look at Naruto. "My destiny. I was thinking you're my destiny, Naruto."

Naruto stared, dumbfounded and humbled. He had his answer to how far they could go; he took Sasuke's hand and led him to the bed.