The Prince would ascend the throne in the young age of fourteen. With the help of his most trusted General, he sought a way to become a good Emperor. However, falling in love with said General wasn't a part of his plan. AkuRoku. For Meilynn 64.

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Kingdom of Hearts

Chapter 1

The Beginning of it All

The Kingdom of Hearts, otherwise also known as Kingdom Hearts, stood tall and gorgeous up above the highest terrain of the country, barred and jarred by tall walls which would prevent enemies attack. The stone walls were built by the people of the Kingdom which took away the life of many.

Its thickness was impenetrable even by the toughest of steels or cannons. Its length stretch to the sky. It would take many days for wanderers to even walk up the wall through the stairs which had been architecture-d in order to reach the other side of the wall.

Hence, during the enemies attack, guards who were already stationed near the wall would be able to warn Kingdom Hearts and eventually the Kingdom would be more than prepared for a war which almost always guaranteed their victory.

The Skyzeria Dynasty has ruled over the country for more than three hundred years. Under the rule of the Skyzeria Dynasty, the Kingdom of Hearts thrived. The inhabitants led a wealthy, healthy life, filled with bountiful food and fruits. There was never a shortage of food and economy was always above average.

The ruler of the Kingdom, Ven Skyzeria, was a wise and kind Emperor who had gained his subjects' trusts effortlessly through his charm and intelligence. Though not all of his subjects were loyal, it was safe to say that most of them were.

Ven had sat on the throne for almost twenty years. He took over the throne after his father's death when he was at the young age of nineteen. Being one of the brightest sons of the previous Emperor and the son of the Empress, Ven took over the title of Emperor without any trivialities. He strived toward lessening illiteracy and improving his people's lives which made his subjects looked up to him. And at the same time, he also put much effort into the military state of the country as attacks and rebellions would always arise at the most unpredictable time.

And now he was thirty nine, still healthy, strong, and looking like nineteen. And just fourteen years ago, he was blessed a first son with a concubine, who he soon crowned as Empress, Empress Aqua. He named his first son, Roxas—Roxas Skyzeria, who would soon take over the Kingdom of Hearts.


The Great Hall was where all the Chancellors, Generals, Strategists, and Representatives met with the Emperor to report the state of their respective cities. The words discussed in the Great Hall were not to be spread outside. Those who were found spreading the words of the meetings would be heavily punished and beheaded without any mercy.

And that day marked the first day of the month when the moon would be absent from the dark sky later. The first day of the month was always the tradition of when meetings would be held. Everyone was already gathered there—the servants, the generals, the strategists, the chancellor, the representatives, and the servants.

Wrapped in his gorgeous golden colored robe, the Emperor took a step inside the Great Hall, accompanied by four servants following behind him. He marched forward while the other servants in dirty red uniform who gathered inside the hall tapped their long wooden sticks repeatedly in a rhythm against the floor, warning everyone that the Great Emperor had arrived.

Ven, a young man with golden hair, wearing a tall, Emperor hat with eyes so blue sat down on his throne, facing his subjects. After the servants stopped hitting their staffs on the floor, everyone who was gathered there knelt down, bowing their head low before the Emperor.

"LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR!" everyone shouted, their voice synching together, showing their respects and loyalty for the Emperor.

Blue eyes scanned every corners of the room. Giving a slight nod, he raised his hand up to his chest in a slow motion. "Please stand up," he spoke in a smooth, flat tone.

And everyone stood up, heeding the Emperor's command.

"Representative from the west county, how was the report on the disease that has been plaguing the city?" Ven asked, eyes locking firmly on the representative's.

"My Emperor," the representative stood forward and knelt down on one knee, holding a small scroll which he then opened up. He took in a sharp breath with panic while glancing over the report to remind himself of what he was about to say. "There has been no progress on the research for the medicine. In fact, many of the physicians sent over to the town to prescribe medicine was also stricken by illness. Some have fled the town in fear."

Ven narrowed his eyes the slightest. "And you let them out?"

"No, Sire. I have assigned guards to guard the entrance to the town to prevent anyone from getting in or out. I made sure that the town is isolated."

"And who gave you the right to take such action?"

"That would be me, my Lord," a blond haired old man stood forward, also kneeling down on one knee. However, he was brave enough to stare full-on into the Emperor's eyes. "The best course of action as of now is to isolate the town until we are able to find a medicine for the outbreak. I apologize for not letting you know firsthand. However, this is an urgent matter and I thought that waiting any longer would only bring harm to the entire country. After all, the plague spreads like no tomorrow."

"Ah, Physician Vexen." The Emperor contemplated a bit before speaking. "I admire your decision. Please make sure to gather the herbs and concoct the necessary medicines to restore the town into full health."

"Yes, My Lord," the two bowed.

"And General Larxene. How was the report on the front field of the war in the east?"

A lithe girl with yellow hair walked forward in an elegant manner, dressed in thick armors, armed with two sharp daggers by each side of her hip. She bowed down before the presence of her Lord. "The preparation is going smoothly, My Emperor. There is no doubt that we will be able to suppress the rebellion that is going to take place and send the culprits into custody," she reported fluently without a single second of pause.

"Very well." Ven paused. "And lastly, General Axel. How does the planning go with Strategist Zexion?"

A man equipped with a light armor that covered the top of his body, wearing a general hat with a scarlet feather showing from the tip of it stepped forward. The crimson robe at his back swayed with his movement. As he knelt down, he took off his hat, bowing in respect, revealing the feature of a handsome man with spiky hair of crimson and eyes of jade. Tattoos were present on both sides of his cheeks, taking the shape of reverse triangles.

"My Lord, everything is going well. It's…"

"Ah, say no more, General Axel. Please meet me after the meeting. We have lots to discuss."

"I understand," Axel said with his smooth, gentle voice, standing up with the rest of the other generals and representatives.

"Is there any more urgent matters that need to be discussed?" Ven scanned across the room, waiting for one of his subjects to speak up. However, as he received no response, he stood up. "Then, the meeting is dismissed. Very good job, everyone. Please keep me informed of any matters." And the Emperor descended the three small stairs in front of him, passing by the crimson haired general. "Follow me, Axel." He whispered.

Axel nodded obediently, wearing back his hat. "As you wish, my Lord." There was a small smirk on his expression, but was hidden from everyone's eyes.

And the four servants scrambled to follow after the Emperor, making sure that they fulfilled Ven's every single demand. Axel followed after. And the rest of the servants in the Great Hall took their wooden sticks once more, hitting the floor with them, informing that the Emperor was leaving.

The rest watched and dismissed.

Strategist Zexion, a man whose half of his face was covered by his lilac bangs also followed, heading to the Emperor's chamber.


"Father, you are back," the young prince greeted, grinning broadly at the presence of his beloved father.

Ven dismissed the four servants who were following him and the other two in the room.

"Oh…" He stood up from where he was sitting when he saw the General that was standing behind his father, also dismissing his servants, then bowing before the Emperor.

The servants exited the chamber.

"Roxas, there is no need for formality when it is just the two of us," Ven said kindly, giving his warmest smile to his son, bending down a bit to guide Roxas up.

The Prince looked similar to the Emperor. In fact, he was very much the younger version of Ven. His eyes were bright cerulean, brimming in youth and confidence. His hair was golden and his feature was small but had the same radiation of strength that his father possessed, but the ray of determination was hidden from view. "But I see that you've brought a general with you, father. I should excuse myself," the Prince in gorgeous blue robe that match the color of his eyes bowed humbly. However, as he was about to leave the room, the Emperor stopped him.

"You do not have to worry about him, Roxas. I want you to stay."

"Yes, father," the fourteen year old gave a small smile to his father and then at the General.

"Roxas." The Emperor took a step forward to the empty side of the room. He contemplated for a bit before speaking with his back against the other two in the chamber. "You have learned many over the past years, Roxas. You have learned about the tactics of war, about ruling the country, literature, martial arts…" Ven paused.

"Yes, Father. I hoped I did well."

Axel watched from the corner of his eyes. The resemblance of the two was slightly unnerving.

"You have exceeded far beyond my expectations, Roxas. I think it is high time for you to be introduced to one of our generals that have contributed many to this country. This is General Axel. Axel, this is my one and only son, Roxas, who will succeed after me."

"Ah, I have heard many about the diligence of the young Prince. It is an honor to be able to meet you face to face, my Prince." Axel bowed down humbly, again, taking off his hat.

It was then that Roxas was able to see the man's face. He gave a warm smile. "Please stand up. There is no need for formalities, as Father had said."

"Thank you for your kindness, Prince Roxas," the man took the Prince's hand and gave the back of Roxas' smooth hand a small peck.

Roxas released a small gasp and immediately took his hand back.

"Ah, my apologies. I am simply mesmerized by your beauty, my Prince."

Roxas frowned. "Beauty?" What an insult.

"You are absolutely charming, just like the Emperor."

Roxas narrowed his eyes the slightest bit. "Alright," he nodded.

"Ven." Zexion stepped into the chamber and closed the double door.

"Ah, Zexion. How are you faring?" Ven smiled.

"I am faring well, my King. The preparation is almost ready."

The prince was smart enough to know his place and not butt into the conversation. He listened in.

"Ah, thank you for your hard work, the two of you." Ven looked over to Zexion, then Axel. "Roxas, where is Aqua?"

"Mother is outside feeding the birds, accompanied by the other concubines, Father. I am going to head over to my literature class. I shall excuse myself."

"Very well. Have a nice day, Roxas."

"You too, father," the Prince bowed gracefully before leaving the room.

"Wow. Roxas is gorgeous, Ven," Axel released a sly grin, seemingly breathless.

"Axel. Please understand your place," Ven rolled his eyes, sitting down on the small stool set beside him.

"So, you have decided?" Axel immediately dropped his grin, sitting down beside the Emperor, joined by Zexion a moment later.

"This is a heavy decision…" Ven released a sigh.

"I'm sure."

"Are you sure about this, Ven? This will change everything. And the Kingdom needs you."

"I believe that this is the best, Zexion. This is selfish… but… I hope you'll understand. And the Kingdom would need to accommodate to Roxas eventually."

"Roxas is still but a teenager of such young age. He knows nothing of ruling the country with the same wit and intelligence as you, Ven. Please reconsider," Zexion spoke blatantly.

"That is why I need the two of you, the two persons I trust most in the whole Kingdom to guide Roxas through his whole journey. To lead and help him. Please."

"I will, Ven. Don't you worry about that."

"Please, by any means possible. Reconsider." Zexion released a sigh then. "However, whatever your decision is, my Lord, I will oblige. I will do as you wish."

"Thank you. Axel, Zexion. I'll leave Roxas to the both of you while I leave on my journey."


Several days later, a rebellion took place inside the castle, led by one of the Generals who possessed great military power. The rebellion killed many and Emperor Ven was murdered. However, the rebellion was stopped by the Emperor's loyal subject. General Axel took a final blow and murdered the leader of the rebellion, taking the rebel's head for display at the front of the castle.

The Emperor was deceased. November twenty first marked a Black, mourning day for Kingdom Hearts.

And Roxas Skyzeria ascended and took over the throne under the statements of the Emperor's last will. With Empress Aqua sitting by his side, wearing the golden robe of the king, Roxas became the ruler of Kingdom Hearts.



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