HEY. LONG TIME NO SEE. So, like, the reason this is so late is because I didn't want to finish it without having a new idea in store. SO. I did come up with a new idea. A more Johnny/Squee-y idea. :D So look out for that. It'll most likely be titled Johnny the Ripper. Does that give you any ideas? Good. It should.

Anyway! On with the last chapter of Bloody Valentine that was originally a one shot and for some ungodly reason turned into an 18 chapter story! :D

Demonio helped Squee limp along. They stayed in silence for what seemed like an eternity before reaching a quaint garden filled with intensely spiraling roses and some other rather vicious looking flowers.

"Squee…do you love my cousin?" Demonio asked suddenly, helping the raven-haired boy to sit on a stone bench.

Squee looked a bit puzzled. He cleared his throat nervously. "Of course I do."

Demonio smiled and took Squee's hand, patting it. "Squee. You're the greatest cousin-in-law ever, but I know you don't love Pepito like we'd all like for you to." Squee looked down, feeling ashamed. Demonio smiled and took Squee's chin, tilting it up. "Don't look like that. You can't help who you love. Well, anyway, my family wants to kill you."

Squee looked startled at the bluntness as well as the statement. "E-Excuse me?"

Demonio rubbed the back of his neck. "It's not easy to explain. They know Pepito won't give you up so easily, and they don't really want to talk him out of getting married on account of his stubbornness, so they thought it would be easier to kill you."

Squee looked down and traced his knuckle with his index finger. "Well…I suppose if it's for the best-"

"Hey now," Demonio said sharply. "We're not going to let them kill you, all right? That would be ridiculous! Our parents are so old fashioned. So we proposed the idea that Pepito only think you died while the Doctors were trying to save you."

Squee winced slightly. "That sounds…fair, I guess. I don't want to mess Pepito up or anything."

"Yeah," Demonio sighed, leaning back. "He's kind of…obsessive." Suddenly, the demon smiled. "One time he had a little ferret he named Mel. I think he was four. Well, he would take Mel everywhere and did everything with him. One day Uncle Diablo got rid of the ferret- gave it to some orphan kid or something, and Pepito got so depressed that he wouldn't leave his room for weeks."

Squee smiled slightly. "That seems like something he'd do."

"He was only four, man! It was hilarious. Chertoff and I always pick on him for it. He denies it all the time, but it's still funny when he gets all flustered."

The two fell into a comfortable silence. A small chill ran through the garden, making Squee shiver a bit. His body still felt drained, as if someone had taken all the bones out of his body. He craned his neck up and closed his eyes.

"So…will I never see Pepito again?" the smaller boy asked softly.

Demonio smiled slightly. "You will…once he's over you. His father will keep him down here until he's better, and then he'll be sent back to where he was before when the time is right. Even if you two bump into each other, you'll most likely just be friends," he shrugged.

Squee looked down and hugged himself. "Demons can fall out of love so easily?" he whispered.

Demonio blushed with embarrassment, and scratched the back of his head. "Well…yeah. Pepito is different though. His mom is a human, so he has a harder time controlling his emotions."

"I see," Squee said, earning a concerned glance from the twin sitting beside him. The demon let out a lengthy sigh that sounded genuinely worried.

"It's all right Squee…to my knowledge, you weren't very excited about getting married anyway," Demonio chuckled, ruffling the boy's ebony hair.

"No one's ever loved me before," Squee whispered, looking down in embarrassment. "Not one person."

The demon bit his lip and scratched the back of his head, not sure what to say to console Squee. Demons may have been devious and (for the most part) hateful, but even they managed to form some sort of feelings of love toward other certain demons. He let out another long sigh. "Well damn Squee…you've got a lot of problems, don't you?"

Squee smiled slightly, wiping tears from his eyes. "Yeah…"

Silence took over the duo, Demonio guiding the melancholic boy to lie in his lap and be consoled by the calming touch of his hand.

It seemed like hours went by before Squee was roused from his sleepless slumber by a gentle shake of the shoulder. When he sat up and blinked the blurriness from his vision, two men that looked very guard-esque in appearance jerked him up, earning a displeased glare from Demonio.

They led the small boy away from the comfortable presence of the twin and violently pushed him down a cobblestone path that was riddled with shadowy, slithering creatures that hissed relentlessly.

Finally the group arrived at an ominous gate where Senior Diablo was waiting patiently. Squee looked up at the tall man, giving a half smile that was not returned or even regarded.

The Devil put a hand on the small of Squee's back and knelt to be at his height.

"You know I am not punishing you, son," he said in a soft tone.

Squee replied with a small nod, a sudden rush of sadness filling his previously confused heart. "I know."

This time the demon gave Squee a gentle smile and even ruffled his hair with long bony fingers that Squee had become pleasantly accustomed to.

"It's time for you to go home, child."

Squee bit his bottom lip and looked up at the two towering guards, each with stone-cold expressions that gave Squee no ease. He cupped his hands and looked back down at his feet. "Okay. I'm ready," he whispered.

"It's where you belong Squee," Senior Diablo urged gently as the large iron gates creaked open, revealing naught but a dark abyss.

Squee stepped onto the hard gray ground outside, the gates closing behind him. "Wait! Tell Pepito-" But before he could finish, something heavy seemed to crush him. He could feel the pressure throughout his entire body, on each individual limb and organ.

When Squee finally gathered the strength to rise, he was slightly surprised to see that he was indeed back on earth, in his front yard to be exact.

The boy trudged to his front door, knocking with little strength. He bent over in pain, clutching at his stomach. It seemed the scars and wounds he'd experienced before they had been cleansed in Heaven were returning at an agonizingly slow pace. The hall light shined on him as the front door opened. He smiled slightly and looked up.


The man at the front door looked slightly taken aback, the sentiment returned by Squee who's old stomach wound was slowly beginning to reopen, causing his nose to bleed. He must have looked like a complete mess.

"Oh my goodness…are you all right young man?" The man reached out to lead Squee inside, but he backed up like a wounded animal, looking at the numbers on the house's front to see if he was at the wrong one. He wasn't. This was his house, but this was not his family. A woman and two toddlers ran to the man's side, disturbed looks on their faces.

"Where are my parents?" Squee asked weakly, his eyes becoming exhausted.

The man and woman exchanged looks. "The couple that used to live here moved," the man explained.

"Because their son was…because their son died," the woman added. "Let me call an ambulance. What happened? You shouldn't be walking around here all alone at night…they never did catch the murderer."

The man took over when the woman ran off to find a phone. "Let me get a first aid kit." He went to the bathroom. First door of the hall, Squee remembered, but by the time the couple returned Squee was already limping to the next house over. A house that was more of a home than a house.

Lying on Squee's bed, hugging a familiar teddy bear to his chest was an enigmatic man with the constant feeling of remorse on his mind. He could still remember the rainy nights when the boy would come crying to him. He could remember his frail body trying to fit through the window and his glassy, tear filled eyes as he spoke at a rapid pace to explain his intrusion.

Squee quietly lifted himself onto the windowsill, pushing his body, once again frail from the throws of hunger, through the small gap of the X formed by boards. He landed with an oomf, able to smell a mixture of microwave pizza and Brain Freezies.

Jonny held the bear closer, glaring into its dead eyes. He could still remember Squee's laughter, desperate to make Johnny crack a smile when he was having a bad day. He could still remember the soft thumps of tiptoes on wooden floors as the boy tried not to disturb him.

Squee pushed himself up onto the tips of his toes, holding his breath as he peeked into the kitchen. Nothing. Before he would venture to the basement in search of the maniac, he decided he'd try the other rooms first.

Johnny rolled onto his back, feeling a faint unfamiliar tickle in his nose. All the remembering was really depressing him. Suddenly a creak that was too close for comfort roused him from his thoughts. He jumped up and grabbed the first out of place figure he saw, placing a knife to their throat.

Squee's eyes widened as if with fright, but lacked the actual emotion. Johnny dropped the knife first, nearly stabbing his own foot, but he was too shocked the notice. He released Squee, backing up.


Squee gave a weak, tired, tender smile. Johnny pulled him close, reveling in the boy's warmth that he missed so much.

"How? When? Who?" Johnny sighed out in frustration he didn't even know where to begin. Suddenly Squee went deadweight and finally the maniac noticed the blood seeping from Squee's stomach. He laid the boy down and went to find some antiseptic and bandages.

Johnny wiped his forehead with the back of his hand, sighing. He was really getting tired of preventing Squee from dying. It wasn't his style, but…well, he couldn't deny he felt for the small boy.


Johnny turned at the familiar voice, putting his head in his hands. "Oh God. As if this day wasn't confusing enough already."

Edgar stepped forward, tucking his wings in so as not to knock anything over. "If it weren't for me you wouldn't have a second chance with him you know," he murmured, jabbing Johnny in the shoulder.

Johnny groaned and shrugged. "Yeah. Whatever…"

"Don't kiss my feet or anything," Edgar murmured, letting out a slight laugh. "It wasn't easy, you know." The man rested his shoulder on the maniac's head, making him growl angrily.

"Why did you do this, anyway? I killed you. You should hate me," Johnny murmured.

Edgar smiled, sitting on the bed to watch Squee's sleeping face. "Don't you get it? I hated my life, Johnny. I had god, but that was it. I had no family, no girlfriend, no good friends, I was going to be evicted…Heaven is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I can focus on my writing and I even have a child now."

Johnny quirked an eyebrow, "How did you manage that?"

Edgar stroked some hair from Squee's face. "I'm Squee's guardian angel. His parents are gone, and I don't see you being much of a parent. Not with the way you look at him. You're a pervert for that, by the way. Squee's a good kid, and you make him happy for some ungodly reason, so…"

Johnny leaned back, rubbing his temples. "I'm a murderer! I don't deserve to be happy! I don't deserve the things I want!" he yelled, pulling at his hair. "Why is everyone trying so goddamn hard to make me happy?"

"Well actually I have to do what makes Squee happy, and lucky you he's what you want most, so it works out for everyone. You're so self-centered," Edgar laughed.

Johnny glared, shaking his head. "This is bizarre."

"It's downright wacky, right?" Edgar chuckled, patting Johnny on the shoulder.

"I will kill you," Johnny seethed, crossing his arms.

"Yeah, yeah. I believe you. I have to go now. Sleeping Beauty is waking up." Edgar patted Johnny's head and easily slid out the window.

"Johnny…" Squee murmured, putting a hand on his forehead. He sat up and gingerly touched his bandaged wound.

"Be careful," Johnny said, helping the boy to sit up.

"I'm so happy," Squee whispered, leaning on the maniac's arm. Johnny felt small remnants of tears on his shoulder as Squee gently began to cry.

"I missed you," Johnny said, trying to keep himself from sound begrudging. He was still trying to accept his strong feelings.

"I missed you too." Squee sniffed and pulled away; smiling as wide as his mouth would let him. "I missed you so much…Nny I love you. I love you a lot," he cried.

The older man hesitantly drew in closer. "I…uhm. I care for you too Squee."

"Say it," Squee whispered, clinging to Johnny. "Please say it."

Johnny inhaled deeply and let out a small smile. "I love you Squee."

Squee's eyes lit up and he pulled Johnny into a tight hug, ignoring the adamant protests of his wounds. He pulled back, smiling at Johnny before pulling him into a rough kiss.

At first, the contact made Johnny jump and attempt to push the boy away, but the persistence made his body say otherwise.

Squee pushed Johnny onto the bed and straddled him, immediately going for the hem of the maniac's shirt. His tongue darted between the older man's teeth as soon as it got the chance.

Johnny was taken aback by Squee's assertive dominance. He put his hands on the boy's hips, wanting so badly to give in, but he knew he couldn't. Not at the moment, at least.

"Squee- Squee!" the raven haired man finally managed to pull his face away from Squee's mouth, which he could only describe as a vice.

Squee sat up, panting hard. "Wh-What? Do you want to dominate me?" he asked worriedly, ready to dive in for another passionate kiss.

Johnny quickly pressed his hand to Squee's face, keeping him back. He blushed furiously at the boy's comment. "Damn Squee, calm down!

"Wh-What?" Squee asked, a light blush dusting his cheeks.

Johnny pushed Squee onto the bed and leaned over him, stroking his cheek. "Listen Squee…I love you, okay? But I'm still not…comfortable touching people. Especially not like this. I can handle it if it's you, but let's take some time first? You're probably just overwhelmed from everything."

Squee sighed and pulled Johnny down, hugging him tightly. "I'm sorry Nny…I just. I missed you so much. Everything has been so crazy," he whispered, trembling slightly.

"I know. You're okay now," Johnny said, kissing Squee's forehead.

"This is strange," Squee laughed softly.

"What's strange?" Johnny inquired, pulling Squee close.

"You're being so nice. And not…maniac-y," Squee said, giggling.

Johnny blushed slightly, burying his face in the tufts of Squee's black hair. "Yeah, yeah. Don't get used to it, Squee."


Sorry it's such a crap ending. I had brain splodey…