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Prologue-Jacob POV

Everything's Magic - Angels & Airwaves

"Good morning Jacob Black," Mrs. Wilson called to me as she did every morning on her daily walk.

I smiled and waved.

"Hello, Mrs. Wilson," I opened the door to my VW Rabbit and climbed in. Mrs. Wilson had been the only other person who lived on the end of the dead-end dirt road that where I currently resided until recently. I liked her, she didn't try to be neighborly or nosy, and she was sweet.

I had moved from the reservation in La Push to Forks, Washington to housesit for a friend of my father, Billy. The friend was out of town for about 6 months, and offered to pay me to me to watch the house for him. I had immediately accepted for one reason alone: I'd be closer to Bella.

Bella Swan was the reason I did everything. I put up with her obnoxious bloodsucker boyfriend Edward, spent all my free time patrolling, making sure she was safe, and waiting for her to call because she wanted to see me.

Being a werewolf made the keeping her safe thing easier, but the putting up with the bloodsucker thing harder. Yes, this human girl somehow had a vampire boyfriend and a werewolf…me. I'm not sure what Bella and I were, she called us best friends, but I certainly felt more. I mean, I protected her, cheered her up, and was her support when that leech had left her alone and unprotected.

I saved her when she jumped off of a cliff to get an adrenaline rush so she could hallucinate and see Cullen. I saved her while the crazy red-haired vamp, Victoria, stalked her and tried to kill her. James, Bella had told me, was Victoria's mate. When Cullen and Bella first started seeing each other, James had found Bella and wanted to kill her, but Cullen killed him first. So, the crazy vamp was out for revenge. It was just one more reason to hate vampires.

And now, here I was, moving into a random house by myself for a few months, even though I was barely seventeen, just to get a glimpse of Bella on the rare occasion Cullen let her out of his sight. All just so I could put on a cheery face to disguise how much she hurt me. I don't know why I did it, probably because I hated to see the guilt and sadness that filled her eyes if I ever hinted at how I felt.

When I didn't have to patrol with the pack, I spent my time hanging around Forks, hoping to see Bella, and reminding Cullen that he better not turn her into a vamp, or he'd be sorry. My pack, from theQuileute reservation in La Push, Washington had a treaty with Cullen and his coven. They said they were vegetarians and only drank animal blood. They had been here when my ancestors were the protectors, and came back because they like Forks. What vampire wouldn't? It was the rainiest place in the US, and they could walk outside on most days without the sun showing turning their skin all glittery. The old pack and the Cullens made a treaty. They couldn't come into La Push, or bite a human while they were here, and we wouldn't rip them to shreds.

But, Bella wanted so badly to be a vampire like her stupid boyfriend. She hated that she was getting older and he'd always be 17. She hated that she was so breakable and he not only had to protect her, but had to be incredibly cautious with her. Yet, she couldn't see she wouldn't have to worry about any of that with me. Sure, I was immortal as well, but only for as long as I continued to phase. If I stopped phasing, we could grow old together. And sure, I could be kind of dangerous with the phasing when I got mad, but I had a lot of self control compared to most of the pack, and I knew better than to lose control. I was what she needed, yet she chose Cullen. She made that very clear when she punched me in the face, after I tried to show her how much she meant to me and kissed her.

So, I threw myself an ongoing pity party and sulked. I was so depressed, the pack constantly complained about my depressed thoughts when I phased. My friends, who were also my pack brothers, complained that they never saw me anymore. They didn't. I just sat around and moped, I wasn't the "warm" Jacob that Bella had once known (well, besides the intense werewolf body heat, but that's not what she meant). Bella was now engaged, school had just ended, and Cullen was going to marry her anytime now. Once we caught that stupid Victoria, that is.

I honestly went into the small mechanic shop in Forks, worked for a few hours each day, went home, patrolled, and then laid at home thinking about Bella until I fell asleep, waiting for her to call me.

This week had been rough. One of the guys at the shop was gone for the week, his wife just had a baby, and Joe, the owner, asked me to fill in all week for him. I had agreed, hoping to get my mind off of Bella, and was scheduled to work all week. We were also incredibly busy. I was working 12 hour days, going home and patrolling for eight hours, then falling asleep hopefully for a few hours before getting up and doing it all again. It was helping me, but only a little bit. Last night I got a call from Bella, and stayed up the rest of the night thinking about her, so I was running on absolutely no sleep.

After about five or six hours at the shop Joe came up to me. "Head on home, Jacob. You look exhausted."

"I'm fine, Joe" I said probably very unconvincingly, stifling a yawn.

"Son, you just tried to drink some WD40 instead of your soda, go home," Joe laughed "We've got things under control. I appreciate your hard work this week."

I nodded and wiped the grease off of my hands and headed towards the door. "Thanks!" I called out

"See ya Monday, Jacob!" Joe called back.

I smiled tiredly to myself, remembering that it was indeed 4pm on Saturday and I had tomorrow off until I had to patrol at 9 that night. In fact, I didn't have to patrol until later tonight, since I had filled in for Embry last week, so I had a few hours to sleep tonight too. I sped home, excited to jump in the shower quickly, then go to bed.

When I pulled into the drive way I saw that the new neighbor was outside. For the longest time it was just Mrs. Wilson and I on the road, but a few days ago, a car had been parked at the house across from mine. I hadn't seen the neighbor, only caught the glimpse of a short girl with black hair, pulled back into a pony tail. Mrs. Wilson said that she was a young woman, named something that started with a D… Debbie or something… and I guess got up at 5 am and ran every morning. I had no interest in meeting or being neighborly towards her even though Mrs. Wilson had said she was 'quite pretty'.

I got out of my car and quickly walked into my house before the neighbor could try to talk to me and headed immediately to the shower. I let the warm water wash over me, and sighed. I washed up quickly, already feeling more relaxed and looking forward to my nap. I got out, dried off quickly, pulled on a pair sweatpants and settled into bed. I had just started to doze off when a scream woke me immediately.

I sat up and groggily looked around when I heard another scream. I ran to the door and looked out. The new neighbor was hanging from the gutter of her house; a ladder lying in the bushes by her feet. I opened the door and rushed across the road.

"I am going to die," I heard her talking to herself as she dangled above the ground. "This is it. Oh my gosh"

"Hey, hey are you okay?" I asked as I reached her.

Apparently I surprised her because she screamed and twisted around. The metal made a loud groaning sound and then came apart from the house a little more from the movement. "Holy…oh my God!" she squeaked.

"S'okay," I said "Just let go, I'll catch you." I stood under her. Honestly, the drop wasn't that far, but her legs were pretty short, so for her it could be dangerous. Not everyone was almost 7 feet tall, I had to remind myself.

"What?" she asked, but stopped moving "Are you crazy? No, just-just get the ladder I'll climb down" she said shakily. I still hadn't seen her face, but her voice was amazing. I could listen to her talk all day long. "Um, hello? Are you still there?" she asked, shaking me from my trance. She squirmed again and the gutter groaned. She let out a little scream.

"Let go" I said simply.

"I-I don't know…" she said. Her hands began to slide.

"Trust me," I meant it as a statement, but it almost sounded like a question.

"You'll catch me," I think she meant it as a question, but it sounded like a statement.

"Yup." I said, waiting. I wanted to add 'either let go or that gutter will make you', but I stayed quiet.

"Ok," she took a deep breath "Here it goes," and she let go.

I caught her easily, and looked down. I can't really remember what I was thinking, but I remember her beautiful blue eyes staring back at me. They were wide with shock, and her mouth was open still from the small scream she had let out on her fall into my arms. I took in her face and it was like I had known her my entire life. My whole world tilted and she became the center of it. I stared at her beautiful tan face, clear blue eyes and dark brown, almost black hair and I couldn't focus on anything else.

I honestly don't know how long I was holding her small frame in my arms, but she fit so perfectly, I never wanted to let go. Her flushed face turned into a smile, and again my whole world was flipped upside down. It was unlike anything I'd ever felt and with that smile on her face brought me back to the moment.

"You caught me," she whispered, her smile growing as she looked at me.

I only could blink at her as the realization began to creep in and settle over me like fog. I had just imprinted on her.

In retrospect, my response wasn't exactly what I would have liked it to be. "Uhhh…" was all that could come from my mouth. As the rest of the world seemed to come back into focus and I realized that I was still holding her, and staring at her like a freak. So, rather than trying to cover it up, I sat her down on her feet.

"Uhh…" was all I said, again and ran towards the trees. This couldn't be right. I couldn't have just imprinted, no way. But the denial didn't last long.

I fell for Denae Walters the moment she fell into my arms.