Pit woke up with a jolt. What was that he heard just now? It sounded like a person crying in pain, yet at the same time, emotionless.

"Hm? Pit, what's wrong?" Ike, his roommate asked him.

"Oh's nothing Ike. Nothing at all." The angel said.

"Is the subject ready for testing?"

Meanwhile, hidden from all, even from Master Hand, an experiment is going on under a hidden basement of the Smash Manor.

It was being led by the being of destructive spirit, Crazy Hand.

"Yes Crazy Hand, sir. He is." Another voice was heard.

"Bring him in." Crazy Hand commanded.

Being brought in was a smasher with brown hair and wearing a red vest. Where his armbands usually would've been were replaced with cuffs. The poor smasher had no emotions expressed in his eyes.

"Are you ready, my little test subject?" Crazy Hand mocked, raising the 'test subject's' chin up with his index finger.

The subject gave no reply.

Crazy made him lie down on a bed and in front of many other people who had masks covering their faces. They had every kind of tool imaginable.

If only Red could shed a tear, he would. But he can't.

"I swear, that voice is really haunting me now."

Pit was training with Marth the next day when he started telling the prince about what he heard last night.

"That does sound quite uncomfortable. I wonder what or who could mean..." Marth said to Pit as he tried to land an attack on the angel.


Marth and Pit turned around to see Sonic get thrown out of a broken window. He was badly bruised.

"Whoa! Sonic, what happened there?" Pit asked the hedgehog.

"I...just asked Red what's wrong with him, because he looked paler than usual...Then he started thrashing around the area...and threw me out the window..." Sonic said in between coughs.

The prince and the angel stared at each other for a long time. Red would be able to do something that powerful? It was highly unlikely for him to do so, but there were cases when he did show that he had strength alone to battle.

"I'll go check out what happened there at their room. You go and bring Sonic to the infirmary." Pit said to the Altean prince.

Marth nodded and immediately carried Sonic to the infirmary. Pit on the other hand glided to the room.

"Red! Hey Red, are you..." Pit stopped in midsentence to see the trainer.

The trainer looked like he was in pain, but his eyes weren't showing any emotion. His clothes were all rumpled up, as if someone forcefully took them off of him. And, as Sonic said, he looked even paler than before.

"What is it?" Red said in a heartless tone. That shook the angel up.

"Yeah, um... what happened between you and Sonic? You just threw him out of the window!"

"Oh, that. Well, I was kind of in a mood swing, you know?" The trainer's tone changed to a cheerful one.

Pit! Please! You must help me!

The voice shook Pit up terribly. Again? But who could be saying it?

Red's eyes widened and he shoved Pit out of the room.

"R-Red? Wh-what are you doing?" Pit stammered in surprise.

"Don't you have something important to do?" The heartless tone was back.

As Red closed the door, Pit noticed something that was out of place with the trainer. There was a green stain on his arm and on the left side of his vest; a tag that had the word 'Donor' on it.

"That was too close wasn't it, Crazy Hand?"

"Yes, it was."

"But wouldn't you admit it? The experiment was a success!"

"True. But we almost lost our only perfect test subject."

"I wouldn't worry about that. But tell me, Crazy. Out of all the smashers, why choose him?"

Crazy Hand stood silent for a moment. He never thought he would be asked a question like that.

"Well, as you know Red's default name is Pokémon Trainer correct?"


"And the only reason they called him Red was because that was his name in the early games."

"What does that have to do with your choice?"

"Let me finish. He really doesn't have a name, and because he's always on the sidelines, nobody gave him a definite name, a definite emotion or even his own history. Not even Master Hand gave him those. So I then thought about it. He doesn't have much to lose, unlike the rest, so why not?"

"Ah, I see."

"Well, it's almost time for that other donation of his. Shall we call for him?"

"Yes. We should." The person said as he pushed a button.

As Pit, together with Link (Ike was training with Snake at the time and Marth was still tending to Sonic) went again to Red to confront him, the door suddenly slammed open, almost squashing Navi.

"Whew! That was close don't cha think so, Link?" The fairy asked.

"Yeah Navi..." Link replied.

The trio then saw Red coming out of the room. He was walking like a zombie.

"R-Red?" Link and Pit both stammered.

Red paid no attention to them and went on his way.

Link! Pit! Please!

Link's eyes were wide open, alarmed at what he heard. He looked at Pit and nodded that he heard it also.

"Do you has something to do with Red?" Pit finally said.

"Yeah, I think so. Something must be up with him." The Hylian pointed out.

They immediately started to give chase to the trainer, when suddenly...

"Hi Link! Hi Pit!"

It was Roy.

"Roy? But how can you be in the Smash Manor when you've already been kicked out?" Link asked the red-head.

"Oh? You guys didn't know? Master Hand sorta felt sorry for kicking us out, so he decided to let us back in the manor! But we don't get to battle though..." Roy explained.

"Then how come Master hasn't told us?" Pit wondered.

"Well, I think he wanted to be a surprise! Yeah!" Roy immediately answered.

Pit and Link stared at each other again. Master Hand would never do anything like that without telling them.

"Oh would you look at the time? It's best we better get going!" The hero of Time coughed up.

"Okay! 'Bye you two!" Roy waved as he ran out of the way.

Link and Pit sweat dropped. That was inconvenient. They were going to give chase again when they noticed Red was already gone.

"Oh darn it! We lost him!" Pit said, enraged.

"Don't worry, kid. I'm sure we'll find him." Link reassured.

"Don't call me kid!" The angel said in an annoyed tone.

"Well excuse me, PRINCESS!" The Hylian mocked.

"Say that one more time and get ready to meet your creator!"

"Okay, okay... Sheesh."