Now I have to admit it really took me a while to write this one. As a matter of fact it took me so long because I rewrote it several times.

Are you excited? Are you pumped up? Are you… Why in the blue hell are you looking at me like that?!

Naruto (With stars in his eyes): Come on, man! I'm your best friend! I can't take this anymore, let me take a peak at what's going to happen in the end!

Darthemius (Rolling his eyes): First of all, cola is my best friend. Now secondly… no, wait like everyone else.

Naruto (Getting on his knees): Please, pretty please! I am the main character dammit! I want to know if I'm going to die or not!"

Darthemius (Sighing): Now you see…

Diana: Actually I would like to take a peek too.

Darthemius: I said no, and nothing will make me change my mind!

Naruto: O, but man…!

Diana (Grinning evilly): Nothing at all?

Darthemius: No, I'm focused and determined! This is the last chapter and I will show no favoritism this time because…

Diana: And what if I do…(Whispering in Darthemius' ear)

Darthemius: SOLD!

Naruto: What the fuck, man?! You choose a girl over your best friend?!

Darthemius (Apologetically): Sorry, pal, but you can't do that like she does.

Naruto (Raising both eyebrows): By that you mean… that?!

Darthemius: Yes, exactly that.

Diana: Enough already! Let us take a peak, Darthy!"

Darthemius: Che… I told you not to call me that!

Naruto and Diana: DARTH!

Darthemius: Fine, fine! Here's your damn peak…


Chapter forty nine: Intervention.







The end.

Naruto: "…"

Diana: "…"

Darthemius: What?!

Naruto: That's your epic ending?! Where's all the action?! Where are hot naked girls?! Where's Bruce Willis with a baseball bat for Christ's sake?!

Diana: Yeah, you really need to redo this one, Darthy…

Darthemius (In frustration): Fine damn it! I have an alternative!


Chapter forty nine: Intervention. (Version two)







The end.

Diana: "…"

Naruto: What the fuck?! You're letting Uke win?! I thought I am your best friend!

Darthemius: Alright, alright! Here's the real ending!


Chapter forty nine: Intervention. (Version three)






The end.


Diana: "…"

Naruto: What the fuck with those Mortal Kombat endings?! And where are all fatalities?!

Darthemius: Hahaha… Okay, man chill. You know I'm just messing with you. Now shut the fuck up and read with everyone else… or I'll turn you into Sasuke in the next season.

Naruto: "…"

Darthemius: Wise choice. Now, let's get this show on the road for the very last time!


Chapter forty nine: Intervention.

"Hell yeah!" – talks.

'Art is a blast!' – thoughts.

"Know your role!" – demon blades.

"Katsu!" – demonic/jutsu.


The Netherworld. The pit of Tartarus…

"What the hell is this?"

"Pandora's temple." Athena explained. "Be wary, for it was built by a madman who worshiped gods enough to kill his own family and make keys out of their skulls. Despite all this time Pandora's temple still holds many traps. You must proceed with caution."

"I actually meant the bones…" Sasuke stated.

"Oh…" Athena looked genuinely surprised. "Well these bones are all that remained from Cronos the titan."

"The titan?"

"Yes, he was the last survivor of his kin." Gods' messenger said. "As a punishment for waging war on gods he was tasked with carrying Pandora's temple on his back for the rest of his life. And he did, until…"


"Until a warrior came here in search for the box. Cronos refused to let him enter, so the warrior slew him."

Sasuke's eyebrows rose. "How can someone slay such a thing?! It should've been humongous!"

"That man had his ways…" Athena said as her look darkened. "Besides, you are going to slay Uzumaki Naruto. Do you remember the size of his demonic form?"

"Point taken. Let's not waste any more time." Sasuke said seriously. "Just one question, why was that… warrior looking for the box?" He asked, walking towards the temple.

Athena sighed. "It's a long and difficult story. We don't have time to…"

"Sure you don't!" Asudden voice stated from behind and Sasuke tilted his head to the left immediately, removing it from the way of a flying projectile.

"Looks like we have some company." Sasuke turned around to come face to face with… four demons.

"Damn right you do, boy!" Blazing demon named Berial stated. "Get ready to fight your final battle."

"Naruto's servants." Athena said. "They have found us."

"I can see that, thank you very much!" Sasuke replied, gritting his teeth in frustration. "Better tell me what should I do?"

Athena shook her head. "There is no way out of this, you must fight them off."

"Damn it!" Sasuke grunted, taking out both of his swords.

"Hey, that blade…" Nevan said with furrowed eyebrows.

"Sparda!" Beowulf shouted, rushing forward and throwing a punch at Sasuke.

"Hn." The last Uchiha muttered, disappearing in a flash of yellow.

Sasuke reappeared just in time to meet with lightning.

"Fuck!" He cursed as he was struck head on.

"No point in running, sugar."

"Grrr…" Sasuke grunted again. "These four were able to fight against the entire Summons army! I can't battle them alone, it's useless!"

"You must!" Athena stated. "For if you fall back now they will uncover this location to Uzumaki Naruto. Then it will really be useless."

"Curse it all!" Sasuke screamed. "Fine then! I made the choice to come here! Everyone is still depending on me, I can't fall back!"

"Retreat, honey." Nevan said smiling. "Having Naruto destroy your world is actually not so bad. At least you will be able to see it, right? Hahahaha!"

"Never! I will get past you four or I will die trying!" Sasuke exclaimed as a massive amount of energy erupted from his body.

"What the hell is this?!" Cerberus asked in confusion.

"That's…" Nevan replied, covering her face... And then the energy stopped. "That cannot be!"

"N-No way…" Even Berial looked shocked.

"SPARDA!" Beowulf yelled again.

And indeed, instead of one Uchiha Sasuke there stood the exact copy of the Overlord Sparda.

"W-What?" Sasuke asked, examining his new form.

"You have finally unlocked your released form." Athena stated. "Don't waste this opportunity, use it!"

"Hn." A signature smirk appeared on Sasuke's face. "You wanted to fight me, guys? That's your chance!"

The Netherworld. Naruto's location…

"Finally Naruto has come back to the Netherworld!"

Ino rolled her eyes. "Aren't you tired of saying this crap over and over again?"

"Nah." Naruto replied. "You can as well ask if I get tired of having sex or drinking cola."

"Point taken…" The blond girl turned her head. "So, this is the Netherworld… nothing much. Oh, demons are fighting…"

"Yep." Naruto said as he and Ino observed a huge battlefield. "The eternal struggle of demons. This shit will never stop you know, their bloodlust is insatiable until they reach their limit… Which is next to impossible in their case."

"Why is that?"

Naruto sighed. "Imagine an ant hill. Got it? Now imagine every ant fighting against each other. Does it have a similarity with what we are seeing right now?" He asked, pointing at demons.

"Well yes, but why can't any of them win?"

"I'm getting there. Now let's return to ants first. Which ant do you think will win?"

"Umm… The one with…"

"It doesn't matter which ant will win! Do you know why? Because no matter what it does, it will still be nothing more than an ant. That's all there is to it." Naruto looked at demons again. "Foolish insects. Trying to become somebody while having the desire to kill as your only guide? Pointless… Utterly pointless."

"But there are greater demons." Ino stated.

"Not for long." Naruto's lips curled into an evil grin.

"Ah, I see." Ino grinned as well. "So, shall we proceed?"

"No, we should wait…" But before the Overlord could finish his sentence his eyebrows rose. "Well, the waiting is over, come!"

Ino grabbed his extended hand immediately and they both disappeared in a flash of black.

The pit of Tartarus…

"Gah, damn it all!" Sasuke cursed again, regaining his footing. "Fighting them all at once is way too difficult!"

"Hmhmhm… I told you it's pointless, sugar." Nevan stated with a smile.

"Indeed." Berial added. "Sparda himself could barely defeat us one on one. And he was far more powerful than you are."

"Tch. That doesn't mean I will give up!" Sasuke shouted, blurring out of view once again.

"Cerberus! On your left!" Nevan warned.

"Got it!" Three headed dog turned around quickly and blew ice at his enemy.

"Grr!" Sasuke blurred out of view once again, but…


"Right away!"

"Fuck!" Sasuke cursed once again as he had to somersault backwards before the ground exploded under his feet. "To hell with this!" The last Uchiha then quickly appeared in front of the fire demon and cut both of his legs with two blades.

"Grah!" Berial roared in pain.

"Take this, you son of a bitch!" Sasuke threw Rebellion right into Berial's chest, then he jumped up and prepared to behead the conqueror of the Fire Hell, but…

"Die, incarnation of Sparda!" Beowulf ran up from behind and delivered a mighty punch to Sasuke's midsection, sending the last Uchiha flying right into Pandora temple's wall.

"Fuck that hurts!" Berial exclaimed getting up and removing the demon blade from his chest. "I guess I owe you one."

"I don't need anything from you!" Beowulf stated. "All I want is to erase every last creation of Sparda!"

Sasuke's eyes widened when he saw Beowulf rush forward again.

'Oh shit!' He thought trying to get up. 'Move it! I can't fail now!'

Beowulf lunged forward with another punch. "DIE, SPARDA!"

'Shit! Can't move! Sakura… Everyone…'



"GRAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!" Beawulf screamed in pain when a huge yellow lightning suddenly pierced his chest and sent him flying backwards.

"Beowulf!" Nevan wanted to rush to his aid, but she was quickly stopped by Berial's voice.

"Don't bother, he's dead."

Nevan's eyebrows rose. "How do you know?! You've not even looked at him."

"I guessed…" Berial muttered slowly.

Feeling that something was terribly wrong Nevan turned her head to where he was looking and… almost gasped in shock.

"What…?" Sasuke muttered in confusion.

"Stand back foul creatures. One more step forward and you will meet your end."

"What the hell?!" Nevan shouted in anger. "This is forbidden! You can't interfere in mortals' affairs!"

"That's where you're wrong." With that four people descended to the ground. One of them was an old man with grey hair and long beard. Next one looked similar, only he had black hair and a smaller beard. The third one was standing up the most. Why? Well, his hair looked like it was lit on fire. Finally the last man… if it could be called a man, was the weirdest of them all. He only distantly resembled a human with his helmet and steel spikes sticking out of his back.

"Who are you guys?" Sasuke asked.

"They are the gods. Gods of Olympus to be exact. Zeus, Poseidon, Ares and Hades."

"What? Athena?"

"Yes." The woman nodded. "I could not let you be defeated, not right now."

Sasuke's eyes narrowed. "I thought the gods were forbidden to act. If they can, then why not attack Naruto himself?"

"Because we are limited in our actions, child." Zeus stated. "Our direct intervention will disrupt the balance between our lord and his counterpart. But not in this case."

"What case?" The last Uchiha asked.

"Pandora's box." Athena exclaimed. "It was decided by the gods to pass its power to you… and you only. These creatures are trying to defy the will of the gods, so they will suffer the divine wrath."

"Oh really?" Sasuke stood up slowly. "And what if Naruto comes here? Will you try to stop him?"


The Sharingan user snorted. "Yes, just as I thought. Cowards, all of you! What point in all that power if you can't even use it?!"

Ares glanced over his shoulder. "Watch your tongue, boy! Do you have any idea who you're talking to?!"

"It's enough, my son. He doesn't." Zeus stated. "But know this, Uchiha Sasuke. Our lord will not have a mercy on your soul if you fail." He turned back to demons.

"Go now." Hades said. "We'll make sure that these animals will not hinder your progress any longer."

Sasuke scowled and turned back to his human form. "Tch, fine. Our goals are similar this time, so fine, I will do the dirty work if it means getting rid of Naruto." He looked at Athena. "Guide me through this temple."

Gods' messenger nodded. "Follow me."

Konohagakure no sato. Some street…

"Die, demonic spawn!" Yet another Konoha shinobi lunged at Hanabi with a kunai in his hand.

"Hmhmhm..." Hanabi chuckled, deflecting the attack easily. And before the poor guy could do anything she got closer and… kissed him fully on the lips.

"Mmmh!" The chuunin moaned with wide eyes.

"Ah!" Hanabi brought the contact and breathed some air. "Did it feel good?"

"Y-Yes…" The chuunin stuttered still deep in shock.

"Goodie then!" Hanabi exclaimed with a wink… before snapping his neck. "Remember it on your way to hell, jabroni… Oh, sorry…" She said and looked around. "Oh yeah, he's not here, then…" The girl raised her head high. "If you smeeeeeeeelll…!"

"There she is!" A mob of ninjas appeared from around the corner.

"Awww…" Hanabi frowned. "You ruined my inspirational moment!"

"Get her!"

"Ups! I think it's my due to leave." Hanabi said smiling and rushed in the opposite side.

"Don't let her get away!" She heard someone shouting from behind.

"Lure her to the center of the village!"

"Eh?" The girl raised an eyebrow. 'Well I knew they were not smart, but this is just getting ridiculous. Do they even realize that I'm hearing all of it?'

"We have located her!"

"Damn it!" Hanabi cursed and changed the direction sharply because another mob appeared from ahead. "These guys just don't give up, do they?"

"Hold it, you bitch!" Several more shinobi landed in front of her.

"Woah!" Hanabi stopped her dash.

"It's useless to run, we've got you surrounded!"

Hanabi smirked. "Oh, is that so? Well then… Just bring it!"

Every ninja's eyes widened… And it was not because Hanabi's clothes disappeared, oh no. It was because her hair shot up, creating a portal.

"Say hello to my little friend!"

"Shit, run!" Some jounin screamed when a giant crab appeared from the portal and started to tear Konoha forces apart.

"Hahahahaha…" Hanabi laughed as her hair retreated back and her clothes reformed. "If you smell…"

"Activate the seals now!" A very familiar voice shouted and Hanabi froze in place.

"Huh? What the fuck?" The girl exclaimed in confusion.

"Well, well… Looks like you were right; he did turn her into a demon."

"Well of course." Orochimaru said as he, Hinata and several jounins walked into the clearing.

"You!" Hanabi glared daggers at her sister. "What have you done to me?!"

Hinata smirked evilly. "Oh, just a little thing Gaara-kun taught me."


"Demon restraining seals." Orochimaru stated. "That's the exact way we managed to immobilize Naruto when he attacked Konoha for the first time…" His lips perched upwards. "But of course you weren't there and you couldn't possible know."

Hanabi gritted her teeth. "Fuck you! Naruto-sama will be here soon! And even if you kill me, you are still screwed! This is your end!"

Orochimaru's eyes narrowed. "No, girl. This is your end. Now, Kakashi!"

"Huh?" Hanabi turned her head sharply.

There stood Hatake Kakashi… with one hand raised.

"I'm not going to apologize." The masked jounin stated. "Kirin!"

"Wha…?" Hanabi's eyes widened when a huge beast made out of lightning appeared above her.


There was nothing Hanabi could do, so she just closed her eyes and prepared for the inevitable.

'I'm sorry, Naruto… kun. I guess I wasn't worth your time after all…'

She waited for the pain to start… but it didn't. Instead…

"Are you going to just stand there all day?"

Hanabi started to slowly open her eyes. There were no limits to her surprise when she saw…

"You!" Hinata spat in anger. "How did you get here?! The seals are active!"

"Hmhmhm… Did you actually think that Naruto-kun didn't study your little seal? Wanna know the main disadvantage? The demon has to be inside of the appointed area at the moment of activation. Getting inside afterwards causes absolutely nothing."


The red eyed woman looked at Hanabi over her shoulder with a smile. "Who else? Or did you really think I will abandon my best friend just like that?"

"But what about…?"

"Oh, you mean that lightning shit?" Kurenai asked back and raised Alastor in front of her. "How good it is that my sword is actually a defeated lightning demon, ne?"

"Tch. She still can't move!" Hinata shouted. "Attack her!"

"Kurenai, move!" Hanabi shouted.

Red eyed woman's smirk widened. "There's no need."

"Demonic Drop!" Tsunade suddenly descended on the mob of charging ninjas with a heel drop.


"Damn it!" Orochimaru cursed, quickly reevaluating his odds.

"Don't run off like that." The former Hokage said, getting up from the crater she just created.

"Know your role and shut your mouth!" Kurenai shouted. "I had to help Hanabi-chan and…"

"It doesn't matter what you had to do!" Tsunade shouted back. "The only thing that matters…"

"Umm… girls." Hanabi interrupted.


"Well… I still can't move."

"Oh, that's easily fixed." Tsunade stated. "Now where is that slow bastard?"

"Who are you calling slow?" Alucard exclaimed, appearing in a swarm of bats.

"You… jabroni." The blond woman replied.

Alucard gritted his teeth. "What?! You're not Naruto, you know! I can fuck you up pretty easily."

"Well why don't you shove your…" Tsunade was about to say what and where when Hanabi took a step forward.

"Nice, I can move again!" The girl smiled. "So what now?"

Kurenai smirked. "What else?! Let's fuck this village up and burn it to the ground!"

"Cool!" Hanabi exclaimed. "Then I'll take my sister!"

"Hn, then Orochimaru is mine." Tsunade stated, walking towards her former teammate.

Kurenai frowned. "Aww, I'll just have to settle for the Cyclops then." She said, turning to Kakashi.

"HAHAHA!" Alucard laughed madly. "Then I'll take everyone else!" He took out his guns. "Good morning!"

The Netherworld. The pit of Tartarus…

"Damn it… Damn it to hell!" Nevan shouted out loud in anger and despair. Since those gods have arrived this fight went straight downhill for her team. Indeed, Beowulf was taken out almost instantly. Berial turned from blazing demon into a smoking corpse. And Cerberus was missing two of his heads.

"Haha, you're weak!" Ares stated arrogantly. "It was not necessary for all four of us to come, I could take them all on my own."

"That is true." Zeus nodded. "I expected this fight to be a little more challenging…"

"This doesn't look well, Nevan." Cerberus said. "What are we going to do? We are clearly no match for them."

The demoness scowled. "If only Naruto was here…"

Inside of Pandora's temple…

"Shit, how am I gonna get through all these little rooms?" Sasuke asked in confusion.

"We do not have time." Athena stated. "You must use your power to blast through these walls."

The last Uchiha smirked. "Now that's more like it! Chidori!"


"Okay, where next?"

"Blast through this wall!"




"This one!"



"Over here!"


"Now through this corridor!"

"Tch." Sasuke rushed at his full speed through a narrow hall. "How much longer?"

"We have arrived." Athena pointed her finger. "There, on the pedestal."

Sasuke sighed. "Finally…" He took a step forward and… stopped. Why? Well maybe because an unknown man walked out of shadows between him and the box. He was bald, extremely pale and dressed in next to nothing.

"So… You have arrived at last." He spoke.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed. "Who are you?"

"Do not interfere, Ghost of Sparta!" Athena spat in anger. "The gods have chosen the next wielder! You don't have a say in this!"

The man tilted his head to the side. "Oh? And I beg to differ!" He said. "I told you before and I will say it again, no one will have this box as long as I live!"

"You dare defy the gods again, Kratos?! I thought previous encounters have taught you!"

"You thought wrong."

The woman sighed. "Just as I expected." She turned to her companion. "Uchiha Sasuke, you will have to go through this man in order to get the box."

Sasuke glared at Athena. "You know, my gut is telling me that you knew this would happen from the beginning."

"I did." Gods' messenger stated. "That's another reason why I've given you Overlord's power."

The pale man raised an eyebrow. "Overlord's power?"

"That's right." Sasuke replied. "I need this box. Step aside or I will go through you."

"I'm afraid that's not possible, boy." Kratos said and removed two swords from his back. "One more step and I will destroy you."

Sasuke gritted his teeth and drew his swords. "Okay, through you it is!"

The pit of Tartarus…



"Ahahahaha!" Hades laughed. "Now you're all alone, girl. Still want to continue?"

"Remove yourself now!" Ares commanded. "I have no desire to slay women by my own hands!"

"Gh." Nevan coughed some blood. 'What should I do…? What can I do?!'

But next second her answer appeared right between her and the gods in a flash of black.

"Ho! Is this the famous Pandora's temple?"

"Geez, the guy who built it must've been a complete nutcase…"

"Uzumaki Naruto!" Ares shouted in rage.

"Hold it, Ares!" Poseidon replied. "We've been given the order to retreat if he is to arrive."

"No way!" The god of war screamed. "This is my chance to prove my strength! I will not back down from it!"

"I agree with Ares." Hades stated. "The odds are four of us against one of him. We will prevail!"

Poseidon turned to his older brother. "What say you, Zeus?"

"Hmm…" Zeus stroked his beard. "My son may be right about one thing. Even our lord is afraid of that man right there. If we were to eliminate him that will surely raise the status of Olympus among other divine societies…"

Meanwhile Naruto turned to Nevan…

"Oh, hey there!" He greeted with a wave. "How's it going?"

Nevan's eyes widened. "How's it going? How's it going?! Berial, Beowulf and Cerberus are dead! I almost died as well, and that's all you can say?!"

Naruto glanced at dead demons' bodies. "Oh, boo-hoo, how sad. What the fuck do you expect me to say?!"

"Damn they're weak!" Ino stated, examining Berial's corpse. "They would be good as research specimen though…"


"Oh, don't give me that look!" The Overlord said. "Did you really think that I cared about any of you?!"

"You… You bastard!" The demoness screamed.

"Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! Right answer, bitch!" Naruto replied with an evil grin… then he took out his gun and aimed it at Nevan's head. "And your prize is a fully paid one way trip to after, after life! Our crew hopes you'll enjoy the flight…"

But before he could pull the trigger…

"Uzumaki Naruto!"

The Overlord slowly turned his head and glanced over his shoulder.

"We have decided to battle you." Zeus stated, stepping forward. "Face us!"

Naruto rolled his eyes and shook his head at this. "Tch." He withdrew his gun and turned to Ino. "I don't have time for this, deal with it."

The blond girl winked at him. "Sure thing, tiger. Go nail that Sharingan prick."

Naruto smirked. "I'd rather nail you after this is done. Oh, almost forgot! Give that to me."

Ino's eyes widened for a second. "Oh yeah, take it!" With that she took out a small black object and threw it at Naruto.

Said demon caught it and smiled. "Be quick, I hate it when you're not around." He said and disappeared in a flash of black.

"That's good to know." Ino stated, turning to gods.

"What?!" Ares spat. "He left this little girl to do his work for him?! How pathetic!"

Ino's smile fell. "Don't you ever call him pathetic in front of me again."

"Oh? And what are you going to do about it, girl?" Zeus asked in amusement.

"Ah, an interesting question!" Ino replied cheerfully and walked to Nevan. "Say, how do you feel?"

"Gah!" The demoness spat some blood. "Strong enough to tear you apart!"

"Oooh, feisty!" Ino said. "That's good… really good." With that the blond girl took out another syringe from her pouch and stuck it right into Nevan's neck.

"AAAAAAH!" Nevan screamed in pain and took the syringe out. To her horror it was already empty. "What…? What did you do to me?!"

Ino got up from her knees. "Congratulations… Nevan, right? You have the chance to make the next step in evolution!"


Ino's grin widened. "The thing I've just injected you with is actually the new experimental virus I have created. Its main purpose is to unleash all hidden potential of the host! I called it Uroboros!" Then her smirk fell. "However there were no successful experiments, you have a chance to be the first one…"


Ino frowned. "Or not…"

Nevan's eyes widened… just before several tentacles came out of her mouth and back.

"Another failure, oh well…" Ino's eyebrows rose when tentacles suddenly reached Cerberus, Berial and Beowulf's bodies and dragged them closer. "Ups, I wonder how that will turn out."

"What… What in the Lord's name is this?" Zeus asked in shock and even slight fear.

Ino turned to them with an evil grin. "Well, you guys wanted a fight, so I just decided to give you one! Have fu-un!" With that she waved her hand and disappeared from view.

Pandora's temple…


"Hm, I have to admit that you're tougher than you look." Kratos stated, striking with one of his chained swords once again.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed. "Hn." He disappeared in a flash of yellow just before the sword hit him and reappeared behind the pale warrior. But…

"But you are way too predictable." The Ghost of Sparta added, slamming his right foot into Sasuke's stomach.

"Guh!" The last Uchiha bent over as air was knocked out of him.

"And far too inexperienced." Kratos finished as some sort of gauntlet in form of a lion's head appeared on his right hand.

Sasuke only had enough time to widen his eyes before said gauntlet was slammed right into his face.

"GUAH!" The Uchiha gasped as he was sent flying into a nearby wall.

"Hm." Kratos growled, dismissing his cestus. "You have potential, but you are no match for me. Turn back; it will be a shame to simply kill you off right now."

"Gh!" Sasuke spat some blood and slowly got back up to his feet. "You… You just don't get it, do you?" He coughed several times. "I need this power…"

"You fool!" Kratos shouted. "This power will do nothing except turning you into a gods' plaything!"

"Cough… No. It is you who are a fool." Sasuke replied. "I need this power to stop greater evil… And if I fail to get it, then he will come for it. And he won't care about being a gods' plaything… or about anything else for that matter. He will use this power to bring complete and utter destruction."

Kratos's eyes narrowed. "Then let him come. I will give him the same welcoming I just gave you."

But to his shock Sasuke suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of the box… What was more surprising was that Sasuke was standing in front of the box protectively with his swords drawn.

"You won't get through!" He suddenly shouted… just before he was sent flying into the wall again by some unseen force.

"What?" Kratos asked in confusion.

"Damn, you ruined such a surprise… Uke-chan." Naruto stated, appearing out of thin air. (Starting song: "The Outsider (Apocalypse mix)" by A Perfect Circle)

"Who are you?" Kratos asked.

Naruto grinned. "Thank for asking! Now hold your breath and behold! For you are witnessing the one and only the jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eyebrow raising, never will fail, never will fall, seconds away from reaching his motherfucking goal great Uzumaki Naruto!"

Sasuke gritted his teeth. "Naruto." He growled lowly.

"So you are this greater evil this boy was talking about?" Kratos said in amusement. "You're nothing but another boy."

"Ouch!" Naruto mocked a hurt expression. "You hurt my feelings! Meanie! I won't forgive you for this!" He stated, pointing at Kratos.

"Eh?" Said Spartan tilted his head to the side.

"Don't!" Sasuke suddenly shouted. "Don't let your guard down! He is a master manipulator! He will play a fool until he's close enough for the kill!"

A smirk appeared on Naruto's face. "Hmhmhmh… Looks like a brain has finally started to grow in that Sharingan head of yours. But damn it looks like I'm early!" He took out a cola can and made several gulps. "I was supposed to arrive at the moment one of you two jabronies kills the other one. Well, I guess you can't have it all…"

"Kratos!" Sasuke yelled. "He is too powerful! Let me open the box!"

The pale warrior turned his head to Sasuke. "What are you talking about? He's…"

But he couldn't finish his sentence because air was suddenly knocked out of him.

"Careless." Naruto stated, punching Kratos in the gut and following with a spinning heel kick to the face. "What warrior turns away from his enemy?"

"Tsk." Kratos spat. "Don't get cocky, boy. That was nothing more than a cheap shot!"

Naruto shook his head slowly. "And they say gods are arrogant…"

Apparently mentioning the gods was a taboo in front of Kratos. In spit of rage the former Spartan captain took both of his swords and threw them at Naruto.

"A bold move." The Overlord stated and ducked down… raising his left already gauntlet covered hand up.

Kratos's eyebrows rose when both of his swords were wrapped against Naruto's left arm.

"How stupid." The Ghost of Sparta stated, preparing to pull his enemy onto him, but…

"Oh, I beg to differ." Naruto replied… quickly summoning his demon blade in his right hand and slicing both chains in half with one swing. "Hmhmhm…" The Overlord chuckled. "You were saying something?"

"Tss." Kratos hissed in anger, throwing already useless chains away.

"I told you, you can't beat him." Sasuke stated, walking over. "Let me open the box! It's the only way!"

"Never!" Kratos stated. "I won't let anyone repeat the mistakes I've made!"

Sasuke paused for a moment and then turned to Naruto. "Fine then! You want me to stop my quest for the box? Then help me defeat him! He won't stop anyway and I only need it to beat him, so when he's down I won't need it anymore."

"Hmm…" Kratos thought for a moment. "Very well. Prepare to meet your end, boy."

"Oooh, cocky!" Naruto mocked. "Let's see how long you will keep that expression!" He charged straight at Kratos… but before he reached his target the Overlord suddenly stopped and somersaulted backwards. Why?

Well maybe because Kratos drew another blade. And this one was not like the previous ones. No, this blade emanated… power.

"Oh, you motherfucking son of a bitch." Naruto stated, straightening himself. "How could a piece of trash like you get a hold of such a thing?!"

"That doesn't concern you." Kratos stated, placing the blade on his shoulder. "As you can see, I am more than capable of killing you. I've killed greater things with this weapon in hand."

Naruto's eyes narrowed. "Is that so…?" He slowly took off his sunglasses and threw them away. "Perhaps I will finally have some challenge. I haven't had any worthy opponent since Baal."

"What about Alucard?" Yamato asked.

The blond rolled his eyes. 'That doesn't count. I simply didn't have the patience to kill him.'

"Help Kratos, Sasuke." Athena said, appearing out of nowhere. "The Celestial blade in his hand could really solve all our problems."

Sasuke's eyebrows furrowed. "Celestial blade?"

"Kh… Khahahaha!" Naruto laughed. "You don't even know what that is?! Why my enemies must always be such morons?!"

"Celestial blade…" Athena spoke again. "A weapon created by the gods. And it's holding divine power. In other words…"

"This sword is capable of killing a god." Kratos finished.

"WHAT?!" Sasuke shouted with wide eyes. "I thought only that box could grant the power to kill a god!"

"Hmhmhm…" Naruto chuckled. "Did the gods tell you that?" He asked in amusement. "Damn! I said it before and I'll say it again, you are an absolute and total failure as a shinobi! A stranger told you some fairy tales and you were happy to believe. Useless moron."

"What are you talking about?" Sasuke asked angrily.

Naruto smirked evilly. "What I'm talking about, Uke-chan, is that everyone has darkness… even the gods. Do you really think they couldn't create another blade like that for you?! Of course they could! Then why they didn't? I'll tell you why. Because you would've sought me out immediately, challenged me to a death match… and of course failed miserably and died, like always. But the blade is not alive like you are, and it would've remained… remained in MY hands! What do you think I could do with a weapon like that?"

Sasuke gritted his teeth. "Everything."

"Fucking right!" Naruto stated, throwing his vest away. "Which is exactly what I'm going to do after I kill both of you!"

"Strong words for a whelp!" Kratos grunted and lunged at the blond, swinging his sword horizontally. But…


Sasuke, Athena and even Kratos himself were surprised by what just happened.

Naruto simply blocked the sword with his gauntlet-covered left hand.

"I've had enough of playing with you two." He raised his right arm and pointed it at Kratos's head. "Disappear."

"It's Cero! Duck!" Sasuke screamed, and Kratos reacted just in time to avoid being disintegrated.

"Grr." Kratos glared at Naruto, readying his sword again. "Now you shall taste the blade of Olympus!"

"Don't!" Sasuke appeared at his side in a flash of yellow. "Don't attack recklessly, let's strike together."

"I don't need your help!" Kratos stated.

"Yes you do!" Sasuke replied. "He missed you once, he will not do so again! Believe me, I fought him more times than I can count…"

Naruto raised an eyebrow at this. "Come to think of it, we have not faced each other that many times. I'd say less than twenty. Does that mean you can't even count to twenty?"

"And people called him the Uchiha genius… right!" Yamato commented.

"Shut up!" Sasuke shouted, drawing his swords. "The time for jokes is over; let's close the record for all our fights!" He said, turning into his released form. "One way or another!"

"Oh, an enhanced uke!" Naruto mocked. "Well then…" Two wings grew out of his back. "This has been a long time coming. This time I'll erase you once and for all. And then I will go and destroy gods, demons, humans, grannys and even Chuck Norris! Everyone who opposes me will die!"

"And then what?!" Sasuke countered. "What will you do when everyone will die?"

Naruto smirked. "I will dance Macarena…" He removed his demon blade from its scabbard and threw it away. "A shame you won't be able to see that, I'm a pretty good dancer… Judgement Cut!"

"Cross Slash!"

"Cronos's Rage!"


Konohagakure no sato...

"Guh." Orochimaru grunted, struggling to stand up from his knees.

"Hmhmhm, what's the matter, Orochi dear? Feeling weak?" Tsunade mocked with a wide grin on her face. "Is your age finally catching up to you?"

"Never!" The snake sannin shouted in anger. "I have defeated time! My technique is flawless!"

Tsunade raised an eyebrow. "Oh really? And what if there won't be any humans left in this world?"

"W-What?" Orochimaru's eyes widened. "You… You wouldn't dare!"

"Hahaha!" The woman laughed. "Me? No… But Naruto-kun might very well do just that." She then tilted her head to the side. "Come to think of it, maybe I should leave you alive so you would die a slow and painful death, hm? What do you think?"

Orochimaru spat on the ground and got up slowly. "When did you become such a bitch, Tsunade?"

"When I got my fucking eyes opened!" The woman replied. "Shodaime Hokage's granddaughter… One of the legendary three… The greatest medic in the world… Godaime Hokage…" Tsunade shook her head. "People were always looking at me and expecting something. Putting me on a pedestal to do their work for them. Useless trash, all of them! Only one person always gave me what I wanted and never asked for anything in return. And as long as I have him the world is wonderful."

Orochimaru gritted his teeth. "Wrong, Tsunade! He did ask for something in return! He made you betray the world!"

The blond waved her hand dismissively. "Fuck the world. It never cared about me, why should I care about it?"

The snake sannin took a deep breath. "I see you are beyond reason…"

"HAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!" Tsunade laughed madly. "Oh, look at this! A man who's experimenting on little children and taking other bodies is talking to me about reason! Fucking hypocrite! At least Naruto doesn't cover his intentions!"

"Enough! If you're not with me, then you are my enemy!" With that Orochimaru lashed out at his former teammate, bringing his Kusanagi sword down on her head.

"Hn, too slow." Tsunade stated, sidestepping the strike.

"Gah!" Orochimaru swung his sword again, horizontally this time… but Tsunade simply jumped over it.

"Still claiming to be in your prime?" She mocked with her back still turned to him.

"Tch. Senei-ta Jashu!" Several snakes escaped from Orochimaru's left hand and wrapped around Tsunade's torso.

"Oh my, you've caught me. What are you going to do now?"

The snake master looked at her in confusion. 'I just caught her, why is she still smiling? Bah, no matter! I don't have time to think about this!' With that he raised his sword again and… stabbed it right through Tsunade's chest.

"Ah!" The woman yelped in pain. "Ah, oh my god! You stabbed me, ah! Ah… Aha… Ahahahahahahaha!" She laughed and tore through Orochimaru's snakes with her superior brute strength.

"H-How?" Orochimaru asked in shock. "I don't see you using your Sozo Saisei!"

Tsunade smirked and looked down, watching how the wound in her chest was closing rapidly.

"Take a guess, snake man." She mocked. "You have three attempts! Go!"

But instead of attempts Orochimaru cut off Tsunade's right arm.

"How's that for an attempt?" He asked, smiling back.

Tsunade looked down at her severed limb in amusement. Then she turned back to her former teammate.

"Ouch! That hurt you know… Wanna try again?"

Orochimaru's eyebrows furrowed. "What do you mean try aga…?" The last word died in his throat before he could finish it… because Tsunade's arm regenerated in an instant.

"Surprised?" Tsunade asked, enjoying the look on her enemy's face. "Oh come on now! If I remember correctly, Naruto-kun cut you in half on more than one occasion, and you survived. I only regenerated one arm, why the shock?"

"But… But that was not a jutsu!" Snake sannin screamed. "I saw it all; your hand simply grew back! How is that possible?!"

Tsunade grinned evilly. "Well, since we spent so much time together as a team I will tell you." She said… as her eyes shifted from her usual brown to a bloody red. "Does that ring the bell?"

Orochimaru just stared at her in shock.

"No? Well, I guess you weren't so used to seeing vampires in your life…"

Snake master's eyes widened. "Vampires?"

"Yep! I have achieved what you always dreamed of, Orochi." Tsunade's grin widened. "It was tricky actually, because only a virgin can be turned. But I, more than anybody know that virginity is nothing more than a medical condition. Especially in woman's case. So I simply used my superior knowledge to give my body that condition again. It was risky, but I got through, I became immortal. And I enjoyed it very much this morning, when Naruto-kun made me a woman once again. And I will experience it again tonight while Konoha will be nothing more than a pile of rotten corpses… Actually…" She then blurred out of view and appeared right in front of Orochimaru, delivering a mighty punch to sannin's gut.

"Guah!" Orochimaru gasped and fell to his knees as air was knocked out of him.

"I just got a wonderful idea! You dreamed of immortality, right?" Tsunade asked, baring her teeth. "How about I'll give it to you?"

Orochimaru's eyes widened in fear. "No, please! Anything but that!"

"Enjoy your immortality, Orochimaru… Enjoy it as a part of me!" Tsunade exclaimed, biting her former teammate on the neck.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Orochimaru screamed, more in despair than in fear now. 'NO! I will not die like this! I must find the truth of this world! I…'

"Done." Tsunade stated, dropping Orochimaru's bloodless and lifeless body on the ground. "Farewell, Orochimaru. But as a parting gift I will tell it to you… the truth of this world." She leaned over his motionless body. "Everyone has darkness…"

Another part of the village…

"Don't let her near Hinata-sama!"

"Tch." Hanabi spat tearing through Konoha soldiers. 'I cut down about three hundreds already and they still keep on coming!'

"Surround her from all sides!" Hinata commanded from distance. "I need more time!"

Hanabi was starting to get sick of this. 'About a hundred… Excellent!' She said, counting the remaining soldiers around her. "Hey! Are you watching, sister?!" The former Hyuga mocked. "You'd better watch closely for you're about to witness my most powerful technique!" The girl changed her stance. "Juukenhou: Hakke Hyakurai no Danketsu!"


"Niirai! Gorai! Jurai! Nijurai…"

Hinata just watched in horror as the remains of her men got slaughtered right before her very eyes.

"Hakke Hyakurai no Danketsu!" Hanabi shouted, releasing fifty lightning bolts at once in every direction.

"Kaiten!" Hinata called in desperation, doing one of her clan's signature moves… a move that saved her life.

"Aww… And here I thought I would get you too." Hanabi said, faking a pout.

"Huff… Huff… You… You monster!" Hinata screamed. "Look around! Look at what you've done! So many people killed, so many lives destroyed! And for what reason?!"

Hanabi waved her hand dismissively. "Oh, come on now, dear sister. You haven't seen what we did in Suna. That's where a real bloodbath was. This…" She pointed around herself. "Is just taking out the leftovers."

Hinata gritted her teeth. "Leftovers, are we?! Well… take this then!" She made a one-handed seal and a small hexagonal blue barrier appeared around Hanabi.

"Wha…?" Said girl looked around in confusion and touched the barrier's wall… only to get her finger burned. "Ouch! That hurt!"

"Hmhmhm…" Hinata chuckled, catching up her breath. "So you actually fell into it twice, didn't you?! Look down."

Hanabi did so… only to notice six seals placed on the ground around her. "When did you…?"

"Doesn't matter now." Hinata stated dangerously. "What matters is this is the end for you, sister!" She spat. "These are the Order's final inventions. The seals won't let any single cell, tainted by demonic DNA, to pass through! And once I activate them completely, everything inside will be obliterated! Maybe I won't be able to save Konoha with this, but at least I'll get rid of you!"

Hanabi just shrugged at this. "That won't happen…"

"Oh? And why is that?" Hinata asked confidently.

Next moment Kurenai appeared in front of her and rammed her sword right through Hinata's chest.

"That's why."

"I see…" Hinata muttered, falling on her knees. "Still failed huh? I guess it really was my destiny… to fail…" And with that Hyuga clan head fell limply on her back and… no, that was all she did.

"Man…" Hanabi sighed and fired a bullet at one seal, breaking the barrier efficiently. "Why must they all die in such a dramatic way? Can't they just… I don't know… die silently?!"

"Beats me…"

"You're done too?"

"Well, not exactly…" The red eyed woman stated. "The Cyclops managed to run away. In fact I was observing your final conversation with your sister."

"What?" Hanabi exclaimed. "Couldn't you step in and help me?"

Kurenai shrugged. "I could, but I was curious as to what else dear Hinata had up her ass… I mean her sleeve. I was also wondering how you would escape from it on your own."

"Enough chatting!" Tsunade suddenly landed beside them. "Let's go do the killing, or that motherfucker will win!"

Kurenai's eyes widened. "Oh shit! I totally forgot about that!"

"Forgot about what?" Hanabi asked.

"The one who kills the most gets Naruto first." Tsunade stated.

"EH?!" Hanabi replied. "And why do I learn about it only now?!"

"No matter!" Kurenai shouted. "If we won't do something quick, then Alucard wins!"

"Oh? And then what?" Hanabi asked again.

"Then we'll have to kick his ass." Tsunade explained. "Do you want that?"

Hanabi paled slightly. "I'd rather not…"

"Exactly! Now let's move!"

The Netherworld. Pandora's temple… (Starting song: "Rematch" From Resident Evil 5 soundtrack)

"Naruto!" Sasuke screamed, jumping at his nemesis with his sword over his head.

Said Overlord turned to him sharply and…

"Volcanic Viper!"

…Delivered a blazing uppercut to Uchiha's chest.

"Fucking idiot, who announces his attack?!" He mocked… and immediately ducked to the left, escaping a deadly sword slash from Kratos. "Now that was not bad! A little slow though…"

Kratos glared at him. "You talk too much!" He grunted, engaging Naruto in a sword fight yet again.


Kratos attacked fiercely with his blade, forcing Naruto to defend.

"Grah!" Their weapons clashed once more, but Kratos did not withdraw this time and tried to push Naruto back with his brute strength.

"Hmhmhm…" The demon chuckled, looking right into Spartan's eyes. "You cannot beat me, baldie. Just give me the blade and be done with it."

"Never!" Kratos shouted, quickly withdrawing his blade and attacking once again, but…


"I've had enough." Naruto stated, holding the blade of Olympus back with his left gloved hand. "Time to die…" He then raised Yamato and prepared to cut Kratos down in two halves…

"Grah!" Sasuke returned to battle again, attacking from the right. He was still burning in some places, but it looked like he ignored it… or pretended to ignore it.


"Tch." Naruto hissed, throwing Sasuke off of him with his sword. "Annoying pest! Stay back while I…" He then turned back to Kratos and…

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Screamed in pain, clutching his eyes.

"What did you do?" Sasuke asked.

"I blinded him for some moments." The ghost of Sparta stated, throwing a severed head away. "Now is the chance!" He added… And without further explanations rushed forward and… rammed his blade right into Naruto's heart.

"AH!" The blond gasped in pain and touched his chest slowly. "W-What?"

"Nothing much." Kratos replied, pushing his sword further. "You have just lost."

Naruto's eyebrows shot up when his vision finally returned to him. "N-No… That cannot be…"

"It's over, Naruto." Sasuke stated, placing his swords behind his back. "This is the end."

"No… cough! I won't go down… AH!" Naruto screamed once again when Kratos pushed his blade even further.

"Any last words, boy?" The Spartan asked.

Naruto raised his head slowly to glare at him… and suddenly grabbed his hand. "Of course, jabroni… ART IS A BLAST!"

Sasuke's eyes bulged out of his head. "NO! GET AWAY FROM HIM!"

But his warning was too late…



The explosion was huge enough to even knock Sasuke off his feet. What's to say about Kratos.

"Cough… Cough… Damn it." The last Uchiha slowly got up. "Kratos? Kratos, are you alive?"

"Cough… over here…"

Sasuke ran over to his downed ally… And there were no limits to his surprise when he actually saw him.

Kratos was only missing his left arm.

"Tough bastard. Can you stand?" Sasuke asked, helping Kratos up.

"Yes, I'm fine. Now let me go, I don't need your help."

"Okay, okay geez…" Sasuke said and looked around. "Looks like we actually managed to take him down…" He returned to his human form. "I can't believe it…"

"True, he was very strong…" Kratos commented. "Who was he?"

Sasuke sighed. "My former teammate. When he was young, he got a demon sealed inside of him. Fifteen years later he drained that demon's power and became a demon himself. After that he proclaimed himself to be the world's enemy and almost succeeded in destroying it."


"Yeah, almost." Sasuke looked down. "To tell the truth, despite all the horrible things he has done… I believe he was the greatest person to ever live."

"Why is that?" Kratos asked.

"His willpower, his cunning and his guts… I wish I could have at least one of these…"


"Wha…?" Sasuke quickly turned to Kratos… who now had a blade of katana sticking out of his stomach.

"You forgot to mention my balls and cola."

Uchiha's eyes widened. "Naru…? Gah!" He was interrupted when Naruto delivered a crushing kick to his abdomen, sending him flying into the wall.

"Y-You!" Kratos spat, looking over his shoulder.

"Yes, me." Naruto grinned and twisted his sword several times. "You've never fought a shinobi before, eh? Of course you didn't! Or you wouldn't have fallen for such a cheap trick as bunshin no jutsu." He then removed his blade, letting Kratos fall on the ground.

"Gah…" The Spartan fell face first, trying to cover his wound… Of course it was all in vain.

"I'll be taking this, thank you." The blond said, picking up the blade of Olympus. "Now who shall I try it on?"

"Cough… Naruto…" Sasuke hissed, slowly getting up and clutching his ribs.

"Ah! There is a suitable candidate!" Naruto stated, dismissing Yamato and shouldering the blade of Olympus. "So, how do you prefer it? Shall I behead you? Or maybe cut you in half? Or maybe in many small pieces?" He said, grinning in triumph.

"Tch!" Sasuke drew his demon blades once again. "You haven't won yet, Naruto!"

The former jinchuuriki tilted his head to the side? "Haven't I? Is that what you think?"

"I think…"

"IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!" Naruto shouted. "The fact of the matter is this! You…"


"What the fuck?!" Naruto turned around sharply… just in time to see himself getting tackled to the ground by… Kratos. "Get off of me, you undying fuck!"

"Uchiha, go! Open the box! I'll hold him off!" The Spartan screamed.

"Got it!" Sasuke replied and rushed straight to the box.

Naruto's eyes widened. "NO!" He tried to push Kratos off of him, but even with one hand and a fatal wound the Spartan was as tough as they come.

"Do it! NOW!" Kratos screamed.

"You motherfucker!" Naruto screamed back. Then he quickly took out his gun, aimed it at Kratos's head and…

"Suck on this!"


…And ended Ghost of Sparta's struggle once and for all.

"Fucking asshole!" Naruto commented, pushing Kratos off of him… But when he turned back to Sasuke, the last Uchiha was already opening the box. "Wait! STOP!"

Too late.

"Grah!" With one final push Sasuke has finally opened the box with unimaginable power and…

And nothing happened.


"Hmhmhmhmhmhahahahahahaha!" Naruto laughed madly, still lying on his back. "Hmhmhmhahahahahaha! AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"What?! That cannot be!" Athena appeared once again and flew down near Sasuke to look for herself. "Impossible…"

"Hahaha… Impossible, is it?" Naruto mocked. "What makes you so sure?!"

"Where is the power, Uzumaki!" Athena yelled.

"Well, it's been a while since I was asked such a dumb question." Naruto raised his head and looked directly in her eyes… while white flames were dancing in his. "Where, oh where could it be?"

Sasuke closed his eyes slowly. "When did you take it?"

"Hmhmhm…" The blond stood up slowly. "While you were fighting demons."

Sasuke's eyebrows furrowed.


Sasuke's eyebrows rose. "How can someone slay such a thing?! It should've been humongous!"

"That man had his ways…" Athena said as her look darkened. "Besides, you are going to slay Uzumaki Naruto. Do you remember the size of his demonic form?"

"Point taken. Let's not waste any more time." Sasuke said seriously. "Just one question, why was that… warrior looking for the box?" He asked, walking towards the temple.

Athena sighed. "It's a long and difficult story. We don't have time to…"

"Sure you don't!" Sudden voice stated from behind and Sasuke tilted his head to the left immediately, removing it from the way of a flying projectile.

End flashback…

"The projectile…" Sasuke said. "It flew past me and you used Hiraishin to get ahead."

Naruto clapped his hands. "Bra-fucking-vo! Congratulations on figuring it out!"

"You lie!" Athena screamed in rage. "Kratos was still here and besides, we would've felt it when the box was opened!"

Naruto raised an eyebrow at her. "Oh really? What is so hard to believe, that I used genjutsu to get past that moron, or that I masked a power surge? Haha, wake up, sister. I was doing it since I was five!"

"I see…" Sasuke whispered and turned around to face his former teammate. "Just one question, why did you try to stop me when I was opening the box?"

Naruto sighed and took out a small black object.


"Not the expression I was hoping about, but it'll still do." The blond stated, pocketing his camera. "Now then…" He did a practice swing with the blade of Olympus. "Time to test my new weapon! How about I'll make you choose the way you're going to die? I believe…"

"I thought I told you…" Sasuke interrupted, drawing his swords again. "You haven't won yet… Naruto. And you will never win as long as I breathe."

Naruto's smirk fell as he looked to the side. "You know…" He stabbed the blade of Olympus in the ground. "There is just one thing…"

Sasuke's eyes narrowed at this.

"You see…" Naruto continued. "I have done it all. Becoming a demon, check. Creating a nation, check. Destroying the world, check. Having an orgy for thirty six hours straight with five girls and knocking them all out, check. RKO Hinata, check. Fucking Sakura, check." He paused. "There is just one thing that I haven't done. Remember the Valley of the End?"

"What about it?" Sasuke asked.

"You know… I can say all I want. I can say it was Itachi, I can say I was tired and pretended to be weak. But the fact of the matter is this, you beat me that time. And that's just something I can't get out of my head. It's like a thorn in my ass! So how about…" He created a Rasengan in his right hand. "How about we finish it the old fashioned way?"

"Hn." Sasuke created a Chidori in his left hand. "Very well then. On three?"



"THREE!" They both shouted. And then Sasuke jumped forward. And Naruto… cancelled his Rasengan.

'Damn, he's trying to trap me!' Sasuke thought… but then he noticed the blade of Olympus that was stuck in the ground near his enemy. 'Alright. I'll pretend to attack him with Chidori, but instead I'll try to reach for the blade. If done correctly…' But his train of thoughts was interrupted with a single…


"AH!" Sasuke gasped in pain as he was shot from behind. 'Damn it…' He thought, landing face first at Naruto's feet.

"Even with all that power you are still a moron…"

Sasuke got to his knees… only to receive the blade of Olympus in his heart.

"And that's the bottom line." Naruto stated. And then without removing the blade he took out his gun and fired right into Sasuke's forehead.

And thus ended the life of…

"Hn… jabroni." Naruto stated, putting his sunglasses on and turning away from his fallen enemy.

"Wow, what an ending." Ino walked out of shadows, clapping her hands.

"Hmhmhm… You know I could do this without you." Naruto said with a smirk.

Ino smirked back. "Of course you could! Not as stylishly of course!"

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Naruto replied, removing his new sword from Sasuke's dead body. "Don't bother coming back this time, genius."

"This… This cannot be…"

"What…?" Naruto turned around and noticed Athena who was still there. "Oh, I almost forgot about you…" He said, slashing air with the blade of Olympus. "Looks like I will test this baby after all!"

"But… But how?!" Athena muttered. "The Lord has said that if we do it everything should be alright…"

Ino smirked. "Don't believe any predicaments if Naru-chan is involved."

Naruto glanced at her skeptically. "Don't call me that."

"Oh, suck it up."

"You, Uzumaki…" Athena turned to Naruto and finally noticed the blade in his hands. "It is useless. You cannot hurt me."

Naruto glanced at the sword and then back at Athena. "Hmm… you might be right." He then teleported right in front of her. "Then again, it's not necessary to hurt when you need to kill."

Athena's eyebrows rose. "What are you…?"

"Soul Drain!"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!" Gods' messenger screamed as her entire body was absorbed into Naruto's glowing green hand.

"Nice! I have finally seen it with my own eyes!" Ino commented. "So… did you get it?"

"Yeah, I get it." Naruto stated as the blade of Olympus disappeared in his hand. "How was your fight?"

"My fight? Che, ladies don't fight. That's what men are for." Ino responded, sticking out her tongue at him.

"Hmhmhm, yeah a true lady. But really, how was it?"

The platinum haired girl grinned evilly. "Why don't we go and check it out?"


The top spot of Pandora's temple…

"Wow…" Naruto commented what he was witnessing. Short and simple, he had no other word to describe it.

"AH! It's pulling me in!" Ares screamed in fear. "Father, help me!"

"Keep pressing the attack!" Zeus shouted, firing some more lightnings at…

"What the fuck is that?" Naruto asked in awe.

"Hmhmhm…" Ino giggled. "That, sweetie, is my newest creation. You may call it Uroboros."

"NOOOOOOO!" The god of war screamed in despair as Uroboros engulfed him completely.

"Wow! Will it become as powerful as gods now?" Naruto asked.

"Nope." Ino replied. "The only thing rejects care about is consuming organics. The more organics it consumes, the more powerful it becomes. And it doesn't really matter what type of energy, or how much of it that organics had."

"Amazing…" Naruto whispered.

"Yep, it is." Ino said. "I worked my ass on this for…" She suddenly stopped talking when she felt Naruto's hand on her cheek.

"No, I was talking about you. You're amazing…"

Ino's eyes sparkled. "Naruto…"

And even if Armageddon would've happened this very moment, it still wouldn't be able to separate these two from becoming one.

Pandora's temple interior…

"So they really have failed." A deep voice said, just as its owner appeared beside Sasuke's dead body. "Useless idiots, all of them! Looks like I'll have to take this matter in my own hands!"

A strange glow came from the stranger, then his body turned into a mass of blue energy and… entered in Sasuke's body.

A few moments later the last Uchiha's hand made a single twitch. Then another one and one more after that. Slowly but surely the body raised from the ground as if it was pulled up by some unknown force.

Taking a deep breath Sasuke stretched his limbs and cracked his neck. "Hn. Uzumaki Naruto… You think you're important enough to threaten me?" He opened his eyes… his glowing pupilless blue eyes. "I think not!"

With that the figure waved his hand, creating a portal to the human world, and stepped right in.

"Hmhmhm… Hmhmhmhmhm…" A dark chuckle came from the shadow. "So he couldn't stay out of it after all, huh?" A single old man asked, stepping out into the light. "Excellent, just as I have foreseen. Now he will do the stupidest thing he can by assaulting Naruto just like the little ungrateful bastard that he is. And then…?" An evil smile appeared on his face. "Well, I guess I'll just watch little Naruto some more. No one has entertained me so much before! Hahahahaha! And that's…" He took out a small notebook and looked inside. "Oh yes! And that's the bottom line, 'cus…"

Konohagakure no sato… or what's left…

"Damn, they really tore this place apart." Ino stated, looking around the burning remains of Konohagakure no sato.

"Yeah, looks that way." Naruto replied, wrapping his hand around her shoulders. "So… We actually did it, didn't we?"

"I guess…" The girl said and frowned. "Too bad Neji can't see it with us."

Naruto looked away. "Yeah… Alright, let's not talk about this. It's the moment of our triumph! So let's just find others, get out of this hellhole and celebrate with a huge orgy and tons of cola!"

Ino smiled. "Always the optimist, are you? Okay, lead the way."



"What?" Naruto turned his head and raised an eyebrow at what he saw. "My! Look what we have here, babe!"

"Sakura?!" Ino asked with amusement in her voice. "Looks like we have another undying bitch…"

"Another?" Naruto asked back. "Who was the first one?"

"Why, Sasuke of course!" Ino replied.

The Overlord nodded. "No arguments here. A bitch for sure."

"Cough… Sasuke-kun…" Sakura managed to say. "What did you do… to Sasuke-kun…"

"You mean before or after we killed him?" Naruto replied with a smirk.

"Eh?" Ino raised an eyebrow this time. "You mean you did something to him after we killed him?"


"…And? What was it?"

"Oh, I pissed on his corpse when you turned around."


"What?! I had to do it somewhere, and it's not like he minded it at that time."


"So… you wanna take the honors?" Naruto pointed at Sakura.

Ino looked down at her former friend. "Hmm… It will be fitting I guess. I created her and I will end her as well." She walked toward Sakura and picked her up by the throat. "Farewell, Sakura. You didn't become a flower after all."

"Oh yeah!" Naruto added. "If you see Sasuke again, tell him… What the fuck?!"

Ino's eyebrows furrowed. "Why would she…" She looked back over her shoulder and almost gasped in horror.

The space around Naruto's body was shifting madly. And not only that… Several feet behind him stood a very alive Uchiha Sasuke.

"Naruto!" Ino dropped Sakura and tried to reach for Naruto… but her fear clouded her sense of awareness. Which resulted in her being captured from behind by none other than Hatake Kakashi. "No! Let me go, you fucking bastard! NARUTO!"

"Gh!" The former jinchuriki grunted as his body refused to listen to him. Finally he was able to turn his head enough to see what was behind him.

There was no limit to his shock when he did.

"Uke?! You're like a fucking cockroach! Why can't you just die?!" He shouted in anger.

"Uzumaki Naruto." Sasuke spoke. "You have become a nuisance. It's time to erase your existence."

Naruto's eyes widened when he looked more clearly. Shining blue eyes, deep voice, wounds that were still present, even holes in chest and forehead remained.

"Wait, you're not Uke… Who are you?"

'Sasuke's face showed no emotions. "I am the ruler of all. And it will be too much honor for an insect like you to stand against me."

"Let him go!" Ino screamed, trying to break free from Kakashi's grip.

'Damn!' The masked jounin cursed. 'She's too strong! At this rate…'

"Hey! What's going on here?!" Tsunade asked as she, Hanabi, Kurenai and Alucard appeared on the scene.

Alucard's eyes widened immediately. "You!" He said, looking at 'Sasuke' angrily.

"What's happening?!" Hanabi shouted.

"Stop him! Stop that bastard!" Ino screamed.

Hanabi was about to comply and rush forward to Naruto's aid when…

"No, stay back!" Naruto commanded.

"But…!" Kurenai tried to argue.

"I said no, stay where you are." The Overlord said. "And you…" He spoke to 'Sasuke'. "What are you trying to do?"

A smile appeared on 'Sasuke's face. "It's true that I cannot harm you directly without risking a war to break out. But I don't have to do that. I'll just send you to a place you won't be able to return from."

Naruto smirked. "Oh, is that so? Then I guess you should know that as long as darkness exists in this world I will be able to return…"

"Yes, I counted your affinity for darkness in my calculations." 'Sasuke' interrupted. "But you see, here's the thing. In the place you're going to the darkness you love so much is far stronger than it is here, so… I don't think it will actually let you go anywhere."

Naruto's eyebrows rose. "You fucking son of a bitch!"

"That will not go unpunished, and you know that." Alucard stated, glaring at 'Sasuke' still.

"Perhaps…" 'Sasuke' replied. "But I cannot risk the disruption of natural order because of one single pest. Farewell, Uzumaki Naruto."

"Fuck!" Naruto cursed just before the space around him warped and next moment he was gone.

"NOOO!" Ino yelled, tearing off both of Kakashi's arms.

"Guah!" The one-eyed jounin gasped in pain.

"FUCKING DIE!" Ino turned around sharply and rammed her hand through Kakashi's chest.

"It is done…" 'Sasuke' said. Then his eyes closed and a mass of blue energy erupted from his body, flying to the skies at high speed.

After that Sasuke's body simply fell limply on the ground as if it was never alive.

"Umm… can someone tell me what just happened?" Hanabi asked.

Alucard sighed. "Well, what can I say… One fearful piece of trash just sent our hero on another trip."

"What trip?!" Ino shouted in rage. "Where did he take him?!"

Alucard raised an eyebrow. "And you are?"

"I was his spy, you moron!" Ino stated.

"Ah, the one who appeared via silhouette…?" Kurenai commented. "So that was you, Ino?"

"Fuck me!" Ino shouted. "What did he do with Naruto?"

"It looks like the fear of Naruto overwhelmed the Lord himself, so he decided to take him out even under the fear of punishment…" Alucard explained.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Hanabi interrupted. "If he's like… the main god then who the fuck can punish him?!"

Alucard grinned. "There is always someone stronger, remember this, girl."

"Well, that's good and all…" Tsunade began. "But what should we do? Should we search for him?"

"No." Alucard shook his head. "Because even if we knew where he is, we still wouldn't be able to get there by ourselves."

"Then what?!" Ino snapped… And just as she said that a blinding flash of light appeared on the horizon.

"That's your answer, girl." The vampire stated.

"W-What is this?" Kurenai asked in slight fear.

"That, my dear, is the end of the world." Alucard said with a maniacal grin on his face. "A word of advice, hold onto your memories…" Was all he said before light engulfed everything.

Unknown area…

"Wow… That piece of trash was right when he was talking about darkness." Naruto said, floating in… nothing. "It really dominates this place. In fact, I see nothing but darkness. No sounds or smells as well…" He paused. "Wait a second, why do I feel that I've been here before?"

"Come, Uzumaki Naruto…"

"Ah, that's right, I saw it in a fucking dream!" He concluded. "What was next? Ah-ha, a golden flash of light! So? Where the fuck is it?!"

"Hohoho! Don't worry; it will appear in time, sonny!"

"Oh… my… fucking… god…" Naruto exclaimed slapping his face. "Tell me just one thing. Why is it that when I always think that things can't get any worse, you always appear and prove me wrong?!"

"Aww…" The old man faked a pout. "And here I thought you will be happy to see me. Oh well…"

"Cut the crap, old man." Naruto interrupted. "Why are you here?"

"Ah, a good question there, sonny! Why indeed." The old man smiled. "Well, maybe it's because I'm here to give you some advice?"

"Why are you asking me? I don't know for shit what's in your crazy old head."

"Hohoho! Crazy, am I? You are absolutely right! What normal old man would listen Justin Bieber's songs?!"

Naruto rolled his eyes. "You know… my brain is about to explode just from talking to you, crazy old fool…"

"Sure, sure! But while I'm crazy, I can still leave this place on my own." Old man's smile grew. "And you cannot."

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Oh, is that so?"

"Yep! The darkness is too strong here. It won't let you leave. But don't be afraid, sonny! Someone will help you…"

"You'll help me?" Naruto asked.

"Me?! Nah, I'm just a crazy old coot after all. No, someone else will help you get out of here." The old man stated… and his smile fell, giving him serious, even somewhat dangerous appearance. "But there is one thing you must know. While she'll help you, she is not your friend, no one is. I am the only one who will tell you the truth."

Naruto tilted his head to the side. "Who are you… really?"

"Oh-ho! Excuse me for a second!" The old man took out a small notebook. "How is it…? Oh yes! Thanks for asking!" He read. "For I am the jabroni beating, LALALALA…"

"Whow, whow, whow, whow, whow! Hold it right there!" Naruto interrupted. "What in the blue hell do you think you're doing?!"

"Hohoho! See this, sonny?!" The old man showed the notebook. "This is my 'Uzumaki Naruto's catchphrases' collection! Now where was I? Oh yes! Pie eating, trail blazing, eyebrow raising…"

"Know your role and shut your mouth!" Naruto interrupted again. "First of all, don't you ever… AND NARUTO MEANS EVER steal his catchphrases again! And secondly… you're wrong, gramps."

"Wrong about what?"

"Who told you I can't leave this place on my own?"

The old man smirked slyly. "The darkness will not…"

"…Let me leave, yeah. But what you forgot in your calculations was that the darkness is not only my ally…" Naruto grinned evilly. "It's also the source of my strength!"

Now old man's face showed genuine surprise. "What are you…?" But words died in his throat when Naruto's entire body started to emanate green light.

"Hmhmhmhahahaha!" The blond laughed as his body started to absorb black mist from darkness around him. "I will drain all of it! Then I will become stronger than gods themselves! And then… hmhmhm, then I'll show them what it is to mess with Uzumaki Naruto!"

Old man's eyes widened. But it was not in fear, or horror, or despair, or even curiosity. No… His eyes widened in awe.

"Magnificent… Marvelous! Awesome! Incredible!" The old man shouted his praise. "You are the greatest of them all! Go forward! Go and destroy everything on your path! That is your destiny!" And with that his body disappeared from view.

"Tch, crazy moron." Naruto said. "Bah, no matter! Time for me to become a god!"

"I don't think so." A sudden female voice stated. It was very beautiful… but also very inhuman. "It is far too early for you to break your limit."

"AH!" Naruto hissed shielding his eyes as a bright golden glow appeared in front of him. "What the fuck?!" He shouted, noticing that his technique was interrupted.

"My brother made a fatal mistake in sending you here." The female voice spoke again. "The mistake he would pay dearly for. It would've resulted in the destruction of his world. That I cannot allow."

"Fuck you!" Naruto cursed. "If you stand in my way, then I will simply add you to the list!"

"I don't think so. My brother interfered in the course of events. That gives me the opportunity to interfere as well. I knew long ago that this would happen, so I already prepared everything for you. I only suggest you use your brains quickly when you'll arrive for no one will be there to help you." The voice said. "You think you have accomplished something? You are wrong. Come Uzumaki Naruto. Your mission has not even started."

"NO!" Naruto screamed as the golden glow consumed him completely.

Another unknown area…

When Naruto regained his consciousness… he was still surrounded by darkness.

'Hmhmhmhmh… So the bitch has failed!' He thought, closing his eyes and smiling viciously. 'I guess darkness's hold on me was too strong after all! Yosh, now I consume it all and… ow!'

Something small hit him in the forehead.

"Oi Naruto! Quit sleeping and start paying attention!" A deadly familiar voice said.

"What the…?" Naruto slowly opened his eyes… and continued to open them until he couldn't anymore. "WHAT THE FUCK?!"


Darthemius: "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! A Code Geass ending! Were you expecting that? You have more questions? Well, you'll just have to wait for the next season to come up. And while I work on it, be sure to check my new story that will be up when?! Exactly, TOMORROW! And with that… What are you all still doing here?

Naruto: "What the fuck?! You can't do this to me, man! At least tell me where I appeared!

Darthemius: "Umm… nah! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Diana: "Umm Darth, the guys are reckless…"

Darthemius: "What guys… oh…"

Sasuke: "We want some questions answered."

Alucard: "Will I appear in the next season?"

Ino: "Will I get bigger boobs?"

Neji: "I'd like to stay alive, thank you very much."

Kratos: "I'd like to have more lines."

Darthemius (Raising an eyebrow): "What, for real? You appeared in one of my chapters and still said more than in the entire "God of war 1" videogame!"

Kratos: "That's why you're still alive."

Darthemius (Paling): "Uhh… yeah, sure you'll get more lines…"

The old man: "I want to know who the fuck I am!"

Darthemus: "You can't mean that! You will play one of the deciding roles in the next season!"

The old man: "Oh, okay then…"

Lee: "I want more youth power!"

Kiba: "I want more dogs!"

Hinata: "I want sex scenes!"

Everyone: "…"

Hinata: "W-What?! Yes, I like sex!"

Everyone: "…"

Hinata: "Is it so hard to believe?!"

Everyone: "YES!"

Policeman: "I want to see Mr. Darthemius."

Darthemius: "Umm… he's out."

Policeman: "Too bad. You're under arrest for stealing author's rights of Massasi Kishimoto, Kubo Tite, Capcom, Ubisoft, Nippon Icchi Software, Sqare Enix, Arc System Works and Bio Ware."

Darthemius: "What?! But I… I didn't do anything!"

Policeman: "Sure, sure. Tell that to the judge."

Darthemius: "Ahehehe… I guess I'll see you in the next season, guys…"