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The Four Suits

The Showdown

The house was drab, shabby and cramped. It was not good enough for Naruto, not in the least. Itachi's anger rose as he stalked through the house, going from room to room, searching for his little assistant.

He found him in the master bedroom, curled up asleep on the crappy bed, his cheeks tear-stained. Itachi stood over him for a moment, eyes angry as he looked down at the man who had run away from him, who he loved more than anything in the world, who he wasn't going to let go ever again.

"Mmm..." Naruto curled up tighter into the fetal position, clutching at the pillow beneath his head. "...Ta...chi..."

And just like that, all of Itachi's anger vanished. He sat down on the bed, reaching out to run a hand through the soft spiky hair, his heart warming as Naruto sighed and leaned into it. Itachi leaned in, his face inches from Naruto's.

"Naruto... wake up..."


"Naruto... wake up..."

Naruto was still dreaming. There was no way he would actually be hearing Itachi's voice, waking him softly, just like he always did.

"No..." Naruto mumbled as he felt himself wake. He was enjoying his dream too much. "Tachi..."

But he was already awake. There was no point in denying that. He was awake and back in the stupid room, away from Itachi. He groaned, burying his face into the pillow, curling up tighter.

Something touched his hair, and at the same time a deeply familiar chuckle filled the room. Naruto's eyes shot open, and he sat up. Leaning over him, still as gorgeous as ever, was the one person Naruto both wanted and didn't want to see.

"Itachi..." he whispered, his eyes widening. It really was him. "Itachi!"

Without thinking, Naruto threw his arms around Itachi's neck, launching himself at the man so that he toppled back onto the bed. His face found its way into Itachi's neck and he held onto him for dear life, pressing soft kisses to the smooth skin there. After a minute, his mind caught up with him, and he froze up.

"Itachi..." he whispered, trying to pull back. "Oh my God!"

Itachi. Itachi was there. Shit. Itachi wasn't supposed to be there, he wasn't supposed to know where he was. Naruto was never supposed to see him again.

"You can't be here..." Naruto whispered, trying to pull away, unable to because of Itachi's arms clamped around him like a vice. "You can't- Fucking Neji!"

"Shut up," Itachi's voice was slightly raspy. He rolled them over, pinning Naruto beneath him. "Just shut up." Itachi buried his face into Naruto's hair, inhaling his scent. "You left me. You fucking left me."

It was the second time Naruto had heard Itachi swear, and it still sent shivers up his spine. Naruto couldn't stop himself from curling his arms back around Itachi's neck, digging his hands into dark hair.

"I know..." Naruto whispered. "Why are you here? You're not supposed to be here."

"Yes, I am," Itachi pushed his face closer to Naruto's neck, his nose digging into the skin. "Anywhere you are, I'm supposed to be. And anywhere I am, you are supposed to be. You are mine. I've told you before yet you still left me. Not anymore. You're coming with me to the manor. And I might not let you out for the next five years."

"You can't!" Naruto cried, squirming in Itachi's arms. "I... I did something horrible! The only reason I worked for you was-"

"Shut up," Itachi briefly nipped Naruto's neck. "I know. I know about everything. I know about your little Sabaku friends, your virus, everything. And I don't care."

Naruto's eyes widened as he felt Itachi's lips press a soft kiss to his neck. The kiss was followed by another, and another and another. After a moment, teeth joined in, until Itachi was sucking and biting at Naruto's neck with enthusiasm.

"Nngh!" Naruto couldn't stop his back from arching up. "Itachi!"

"Call out my name," the words were a rough growl against his neck. "You are mine. You will call out no name but mine. Think of no one but me."

"Itachi..." Naruto moaned as the man pressed their hips together. "I can't! You- and Gaara- and my parents!"

"Dealt with," Itachi mumbled as his hands dove up under Naruto's shirt. "I spoke to your former associates," Itachi pinched a nipple at that, earning a squeak. "They will vanish as planned, except for the youngest Sabaku, who will remain with my cousin," Itachi ripped the shirt up and over Naruto's head. "And I spoke with your parents. They won't bother you anymore."


"Shut up and hold still."

"Stop that! What the hell are you talking about!"

Itachi growled, glaring up at Naruto from where he was unbuttoning his pants.

"You. Me. Together. I love you, I want you. Your parents said yes. Now shut up and let me fuck you."

Blinking up at the ceiling, Naruto could find no reason to say no.


A couple of hours later, Naruto looked up at Itachi, his head still on that pale shoulder.

"Hey, Itachi," he whispered. Black eyes opened and gazed down at him hazily. Naruto grinned, blushing slightly. "I love you too."

Itachi smirked, running a hand down Naruto's bare thigh.

"I know. Now, since you're awake again..."

"Hey! No!"

"I missed you."

"It's been less than seven hours!"

"Mmm... too long."

"Itachi! Itachiiiiiiiiii!"


When Naruto woke again, he was in a limo, stretched out on the seat. His head was in Itachi's lap, and the man was on the phone, one hand running through Naruto's hair.

"Yes... no. I said no. We'll be fifteen minutes. Tell Sasuke I want Haku to quit his job with Zabuza before he steps foot in Akatsuki Corp. again. No, Kisame. I've been distracted. I'm coming down on this, hard. Haku will quit, make sure those brats are out of the country, tell Neji it's his head if that redhead gets out of control, and schedule a meeting with a contractor. ...I want a bigger building. I want to merge the offices of Akatsuki Corp. with Hyuuga Inc. I need to watch Neji more. Schedule it! I don't care how long it takes. And keep Monday morning free for me – Mr. Namikaze-Kitsune will be contacting you some time to set up a meeting about Yellow Flash joining Akatsuki Corp. Ok. Good."

Itachi snapped the phone shut, dropping it onto the seat. His second hand joined the first in Naruto's hair, and Naruto watched through half-open eyes as Itachi stared out the window. Naruto smiled sleepily as he rolled onto his side, burying his face into Itachi's stomach.


The syllables spoke volumes. Naruto grinned against the fabric, inhaling Itachi's scent. He knew he should be worried about the overall epic failure of their plan, but somehow he couldn't bring himself to care. Lying there, snuggled up close to Itachi, Naruto couldn't really care about much, except the feeling of the man's hands sliding down to his back.

"Take me home..."


Naruto decided that it wasn't so bad, the failure of the plan. He returned to his job as Itachi's Personal Assistant, was barely out of the man's sight for more than five minutes, and got to spend a heap of time doing... well, Itachi.

He was just readjusting to everything, getting used to it and enjoying it, when he was kidnapped.

By a pack of morons.

He'd been out shopping with Haku, who had been in a changing stall, when he was grabbed from behind. He had struggled, kicked and fought, but the man had somehow managed to get a cloth over his face. He smelt the chloroform too late. Everything had gone black.

When he awoke, he was in the back of a van, being stared at by the last three people he wanted to see at that moment.

Chouji, Asuma and Kiba.

"The hell?" he groaned. "What the fuck?"

"You're awake!" Kiba declared unnecessarily. "Good! Sorry about that, by the way. We needed it to look real, in case someone saw."

"You mean, like all the people in the shop?"

"Nope," Chouji settled down beside him and opened a bag of chips. "There was no one in the changing area but you and the girly-boy. We told the other shoppers that you fainted and we were taking you home."

"Great," Naruto groaned as he sat up. "The fuck are you guys doing?"

"Saving you," Asuma grunted as he lit up. Kiba hurried to the driver's seat, starting the van up. "When I was in the war we never left a man behind." Great, one of Asuma's war stories. "So of course we wouldn't leave you in the enemies hands! Only scum do that!"

"Oh God," Naruto thumped his head back against the wall of the vehicle. "Please, God, no."

"What is it?" Chouji asked as he continued to eat. Naruto glared at him.

"What if I didn't want to be rescued?" he demanded. "Itachi isn't going to let me out of the bedroom for weeks!"

"Huh?" Chouji tilted his head to the side. "He's not gonna find you again, Naruto. We got a foolproof plan."

"Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool," Naruto grumbled. "And I see three."

"Actually, there are four of us," Asuma grunted as the car rolled to a stop. Naruto perked up.

"Shikamaru?" he asked. The genius had more sense than these idiots – he would get Naruto out of here. Asuma shook his head. "Damn. Who then?"

"Hello, dickless."

Naruto shrieked as Sai dropped through the open sunroof. Sai smiled creepily at him and advanced for his customary kiss. Naruto flung his leg up, catching Sai in the chest.

"Back off," he warned. "You touch me again, and Itachi will murder you."

"Ahh, true," Sai said as he shook his head. He was always either completely emotionless or overly dramatic. "I will simply have to molest the burly war hero here then."

"Fuck off before I snap you in two."

"Ahh the eager to please puppy. He'll-"

"Kick you where the sun don't shine, freak."

Sai didn't seem fazed. He simply sidled up next to Chouji, wrapping long snake like arms around him.

"Oh well, just me and the teddy bear then."

"Huh?" Chouji blinked as he looked up from his empty bag of chips. He obviously hadn't been paying attention. "What?"

Naruto ignored the idiots and turned to fix Asuma with a glare.

"You have to take me back," he said. "Itachi will castrate all of you. Especially you, Sai!" The last part was directed at the back corner, where protests were heard.

"Get him off me!" Poor Chouji. He really was too mild-tempered and nice to put up much of a fight. Unless Sai called him fat. Then the pale bastard would be punched into next week, where Chouji would be waiting to beat the shit out of him. "He's got his hands- ahh! Not down there!"

"Can't take you back," Asuma said. "Already rescued you. Plan complete. You know, back in my day people were grateful to be rescued."

"I didn't need to be rescued!" Naruto snapped as he reached over absently to grab Sai's top and pull him away from Chouji. "I was fine!"

"Come on, Naruto," Kiba called from the front. "You can stop lying now."

"I'm not lying!" Naruto shouted as he tugged harder on Sai's top as he tried to reach for Chouji again. "I was happy! I was loved! I didn't need to be saved! Sai! Keep it in your pants, for fucks sake!"

"I-It's alright, Naruto," Chouji said shyly. Naruto looked over at him, rolling his eyes at the sight of the rumpled shirt and hickey-marked neck. "I... I don't mind."

Naruto released Sai, who immediately pounced. Naruto and Asuma both clambered up to squish into the passenger seat, preferring to be squashed together rather than back where Sai and Chouji were.

"Look, it doesn't matter anyway," Naruto said tiredly. "Itachi will find me. He found me when the Hyuuga's hid me. He'll send that PI, Kakashi Hatake out."

"Ah, Kakashi!"Asuma grinned at that. "Haven't seen him in a long time! Stationed together for two years we were. Still got that eyepatch? Gave him that myself."

"Great, you can reminisce right before Itachi orders him to beat your brains out."

"Come on, Naruto," Kiba said with a wolfish grin. "We didn't tell anyone about this plan! It'll be fine!"

As soon as the words were out of Kiba's mouth, a familiar black limo pulled into the van's path. Kiba slammed his foot on the break, and Naruto grinned, even as they went flying forward.

The back door of the limo flew open and one pissed off Uchiha stepped out. Asuma sighed as he opened the door, hopping out. Naruto scrambled after him as a number of Itachi's private security surrounded them.

"Itachi!" Naruto chirped as he hurried over to the man, stepping into his embrace instantly. Itachi's arms snapped around him like iron, and Naruto squirmed until his back was pushed against Itachi's chest.

Asuma was chatting with Kakashi, both seeming to look quite pleased to meet again. Kiba was laughing and rubbing the back of his head as he explained himself to Ibiki, head of security, who was holding up a bottle of chloroform. Naruto spotted Genma about to open the back doors of the van and opened his mouth to warn him but it was too late. The man shrieked before slamming the doors shut, turning to face everyone who was now staring at him.

"Nothing of interest there," the man said as he pulled a new toothpick from his pocket, the first one having fallen from his mouth at his scream.

"Clean it up, let's go," Itachi ordered icily. Kakashi and Asuma left together, deep in conversation, and Naruto had a feeling he would know another familiar face on Kakashi's staff now. Kiba was still muttering to Ibiki who didn't look impressed, and Genma was climbing into the van, face pale.

Naruto gave a start as Itachi dragged him back towards the limo. He crawled in, but soon found himself pulled onto Itachi's lap. Itachi was glaring at him.

"Hey!" Naruto glared right back. "They chloroformed me!"

"Hn," Itachi leant down to nuzzle Naruto's neck. "Starting Monday Neji is giving you self-defence lessons."

"Monday?" Naruto repeated. "But today's Tuesday."

"I know. You're not leaving my sight until Monday. If then."



It was slightly odd, sitting across from his parents in the Uchiha mansion. Naruto still wasn't completely comfortable in his new home, and he didn't think he would ever be.

"So..." he mumbled, trying to break the tension. Minato's face seemed to light up. He was clearly pleased Naruto had begun the conversation.

"How are you enjoying your new home?" Minato asked, leaning forward.

"It's... different," Naruto said, looking around the lavish lounge. Kyuubi grunted next to his husband.

"Don't see what's so great about it," he muttered. "Nothing wrong with our hou-"

Minato elbowed Kyuubi in the gut, earning another grunt, his smile becoming strained.

"It's lovely," Minato said. "And we're glad you let us visit."

"It's..." Naruto hesitated, looking back and forth between the two men across from him. "It's good to see you again."

Minato's eyes brightened and Kyuubi looked out the nearby window. Naruto grinned at his parents before settling back in his seat.

It was good to see them again.


Naruto stared out the window at the rain falling down in sheets. He drew his knees up on the large lounge chair he was curled up on and tilted his head to the side. The rain began to slam down harder, thunder and lightning joining the display.

Naruto had discovered his favourite room in the Uchiha mansion. It was a small little box off the library, containing some storage books that Itachi hadn't had unpacked yet. Naruto had shoved them all into the large library before asking if his favourite chair could be moved up there. It was done instantly. The staff really did like him.

Naruto liked to go there to think. He had found a small radio and set it to play, only to come up one day to find a large stereo system replacing it. Naruto had shaken his head at the way Itachi spoiled him before popping in a CD and sitting down to stare at the clouds. It was in moments like that he really missed Shikamaru. But at the same time he didn't miss any of the old gang. He had Itachi now. And Haku. And Gaara. He still had Gaara.

Large hands settled onto his shoulders and Naruto looked up into onyx eyes. He smiled at Itachi before reaching up and resting a hand on his. Itachi leaned in to press a kiss to Naruto's head.

"You're brooding. Just like an Uchiha."

"I am not! I do not brood. I contemplate."

"Big word."

"Shut up!"

"Love you."

Naruto melted into a pile of mush at those words and he smiled sweetly up at Itachi, who pressed a kiss to his lips. Naruto's hands curled up into Itachi's hair and he tugged slightly, causing the long locks to fall forward. They continued to share their long languid kiss until Itachi removed a hand from his shoulder. Naruto didn't notice at first, until the other vanished. Itachi broke away from the kiss before running a hand through is hair and vanishing.

Naruto blinked, his hands falling down onto the arms of the chair. His hand hit something, and he stared down at the small box on the arm. Frowning, Naruto picked it up, turning it over. It was a small wooden box, with a lid that slid away. Curious, Naruto slid the wood along, revealing an interior filled with thin, decorative straw.

But it was what was sitting in that straw that caught Naruto's attention.

Platinum, smooth except for a large diamond framed by two smaller ones on each side, was a beautiful wedding ring. The lid of the box slid from Naruto's fingers as he shakily reached for the ring.

As soon as the piece of jewellery was in his hand he looked it over, taking note of the exquisite craftsmanship. Hands trembling, Naruto slid the ring onto his ring finger, suddenly finding it hard to breath. Rising unsteadily, Naruto managed three careful steps before he broke out into a run, straight through the empty library and out into the hall.

He found Itachi in the lounge, reading casually. But Naruto could see from the way his eyes stayed in one spot on the page that he wasn't reading at all. Naruto didn't hesitate. He crossed straight to Itachi, snatching the book out of his hands and throwing it across the room. By the time Itachi had looked up, Naruto was firmly settled on his lap.

"Yes!" he whispered as he buried his face in Itachi's neck. "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Arms snaked around his back and a relieved sigh ruffled his hair.



Six Months Later


Itachi Uchiha looked up from his desk as the door to his office opened to admit a familiar assistant. The blond man crossed to stand at the end of his desk, resting a hip against it as he smiled at Itachi.

"Hey, boss, un," he greeted, handing him a stack of papers. "Anything else?"

"No thank you, Deidara," Itachi said, taking the papers with a nod and hoping his hands weren't shaking too much. "That's all."

"You alright, un?" Deidara asked, quirking an eyebrow. "You look a bit flushed, yeah."

"Fine," Itachi growled, clutching at the edge of the desk. "You can go."

"You don't look fine, un," Deidara said, peering closely at Itachi. "You look really flushed, and you're sweating, yeah!"

"Deidara!" Itachi snapped. "If you leave right now I'll forget what you and Sasori do in my shower after everyone goes home!"

Deidara's eyes widened and he nodded, turning on his heel and leaving quickly. Itachi collapsed back in his seat, a loud moan flying from his lips. He scooted his chair back until the smirking man sucking his cock could crawl out from under the desk.

"Mmm," Naruto released Itachi, smiling sweetly up at him. "Is something wrong, Mr. Uchiha?"

"You little demon," Itachi rasped, grabbing Naruto's head and shoving it back to his crotch. "Finish what you started!"

Naruto chuckled, leaning in and taking Itachi back into his mouth. Itachi hissed, gripping Naruto's hair as the man sucked harder at his cock. Naruto bobbed his head, his teeth occasionally scraping along the length in his mouth as one of his hands came up to fondle Itachi's balls.

"Fuck, shit, Naruto," Itachi groaned. "Don't stop... even if he comes back in... don't know why Sasori needs a fucking assistant..."

Naruto hummed around Itachi's cock and it sent the man over the edge. With a low growl he exploded in Naruto's mouth, who greedily sucked it all down.

"Fuck..." Itachi panted, petting Naruto's locks as the man absently lapped at his cock. "Fuck..."

"Language, Mr. Uchiha," Naruto reprimanded him, shaking his head as he rose to his feet and tucked Itachi back in.

"Shut up, Mr. Uchiha," Itachi grumbled. Naruto chuckled, leaning in and kissing Itachi softly. He raised a hand, running it the length of Itachi's hair, the ring on his finger glittering in the light.

"Mmm, gotta go," Naruto mumbled into Itachi's mouth. "Gonna meet with Haku and Gaara."

"Hmm... the wives club," Itachi chuckled as he kissed Naruto softly again, despite his protests. "Have fun."

"Shut up," Naruto mumbled moving to straddle Itachi's lap. Itachi caught his hips, pushing him away slightly.

"No," he whispered, leaning back. "if we start this, you won't leave until I say we're finished."

"And when will that be?" Naruto asked with a pout as he straddled Itachi anyway. Itachi's arms wrapped around him instantly. "Hmm?"

Itachi caught his lips in a deep, passionate kiss, causing Naruto to purr lightly as they melted together."Never, love. I'll never be finished with you."

Naruto grinned as Itachi pulled him closer. His hand had played out well, if not the way he expected. While aiming for a straight he had gotten a flush.

A royal flush, of hearts.

The end.