Sonny with a Chance of Camping

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Chapter One

(Sonny's Point of View)

"Kids, please report to the Prop House immediately for a special announcement. Thank you." Marshall's voice boomed over the intercom.

I was in Tawni and my dressing room when I overheard the direction. Tawni was sitting on the chair next to her mirror and vanity, and I was on the couch, watching her talk to herself.

"Oh, you are so pretty today! You look as fabulous as ever!" she exclaimed to her reflection.

I sighed and got up. "Come on Tawni. We need to go to the Prop House." I walked beside the blonde and gently tugged on her arm.

She groaned. "Sonny, why must you be a goody two-shoes do everything everyone always says? This is Tawni Time!" she said, and pulled away.

I rolled my chocolate brown eyes. "Fine, I'm leaving without you…" I told her, taking a step, then smiling slyly. "However, if this announcement is him asking who would like to star in next week's sketches, I could say…" I set the trap. Tawni Hart would never turn down the chance to be a star.

"Come on! Hurry, hurry, hurry!" she got up from her chair faster than I thought was possible, and hurried out of the dressing room. I smiled to myself. Even a goody two-shoes knew how to trick others, and Sonny Munroe was a definite combo of both.

We met up with Nico, Grady and Zora as we walked down the halls that lead to the Prop House. "I wonder what this is all about." Nico questioned as we turned a corner.

"I hope it's something good this time." Zora said, taking all our memories' back to Marshall's last "special announcement".

It was two months ago when he told us we were losing our Prop House to the cast of Mackenzie Falls, and we only had 25 hours to pack up. Luckily, we were quick enough to hatch up a plan to get those jerks out once and for all. I love how much smarter we are than them.

We finally had made it to the Prop House, me in lead, and opened the doors to come face-to-face with… a certain three-named jerkthrob, (overused? I think not!), and his snooty cast of Mackenzie Falls.

"Chad." I said as if he was the most boring thing in the world. *Cough* Cough* Lies.

"Sonny." He matched my tone, and looked over my shoulder to my cast.

"Randoms." My cast-mates rolled their eyes at his lousy nickname.

Suddenly, Marshall and Timothy (the producer of Mackenzie Falls), came trotting into the Prop House.

"Hello, please take a seat." Marshall told us all.

It felt weird having Chad and his jerk friends in our Prop House. It was like they were unwelcome visitors, inviting themselves into our space. But like I said, we know how to deal with them.

I sat on the couch next to Tawni and Chad (much to my dismay and joy).

Timothy looked at everyone. "Okay, so we have called you here due to an effort of team building…" he said, and everyone groaned.

Even I, the queen of peace and harmony, knew that the casts of Mackenzie Falls and So Random! could never work as a team, it just wasn't going to happen.

"Listen! We and Mr. Condor have decided that in an attempt to bring you all closer together, we are going camping!" Timothy finished, waiting for any sort of response.

Camping, that's not so bad. I went camping every month with my friends back in Wisconsin. The food, the tents, the outdoors… and best of all I get to spend it with my cast (and a blonde boy).

Marshall grinned. "You will be leaving tomorrow morning to go to Lake Peppergrass, and shall operate on the buddy system the entire time you are there."

Everyone looked at each other, not with any emotion, they just looked at everybody. Chad and I especially knew what was coming next. The surprise factor isn't there anymore.

"So the buddy pairings will be Tawni and Portlyn, Nico and Steven, Grady and Harris, Zora and Felicia, and Sonny and Chad." Timothy announced.

"I didn't see that one coming!" Chad said sarcastically. For once we agreed about something. Seems whenever the cast have to do something together, Chad and I always get paired up (which in retrospect isn't such a bad thing. But I would never let him know that).

"The jet picks you up in the morning, and for 4 days you will camp out in tents outside. On the final day, you and your buddy will compete with all the other parings to try to win the Peppergrass Games! The prize is… well, you won't find out unless you win. See you bright and early tomorrow!" Marshall finished, and he and Timothy left the Prop House.

Everyone was dead silent, pondering what the adults had just told us. Finally, I decided to break the ice and speak.

"So… who's excited about camping?" I asked, and both casts shrugged. I gasped. "Oh my gosh no one but me has ever gone camping? Gees, I guess I am a lot different than you all." I said, and walked to the center of the room where Marshall and Timothy had just stood.

Chad looked utterly annoyed, but that just motivated me to keep talking. "Okay so camping is amazing! You get to roast marshmallows, sleep in tents…" I got cut off by a blonde diva's high pitched voice.

"Eeeeewww!" Tawni exclaimed, touching her face.

"No Tawni, it's actually really fun! Besides, don't you think it would be nice to break away from all of this." I motioned around the Prop House. "I stepped in all of your shoes by being here and now you are taking a step in mine." I grinned widely.

"You know, Sonny has a point." Grady said, and Nico agreed.

"Good, than it's settled! I am determined to show you how awesome the real world is!" I clapped, super excited.

Chad and his cast just scowled at us, but it didn't make one difference to me, we were going to have fun on this trip whether they liked it or not!

So there you have it! Every chapter has either Sonny or Chad's point of view. Chad's will come in Chapter two, and there will be more Channy in the next chapters. Sorry but I had to launch the plot in this one. Stupid plot. Haha okay well please comment like I said this is my first SWAC FanFic and I have seen every episode of SWAC and can't wait for Season 2. I hope the Disney people are happy with what they have created. I hate cliffhangers (Sonny: So Far). Okay well comment and review. Thanks again!